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I was supposed to go back to work today but I ended up sleeping all day. I couldn't help it. Plus my foot is killing me. I am glad that HRS picked me up last night. He had joked that I was to take an Uber home, but I couldn't imagine not getting picked up by someone who is near and dear to me. And after all, rabbit rabbit. We have a good thing going. I'm glad to have him. I wish that he would travel with me, but I'm going to continue to go without him if not want.
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I'm almost caught up with my daily expectations. I slept all day today. I could have gone to work and moped around all day but instead, I stayed home and went to sleep. It was restoring. I'm glad I did that. I think it's nice to get $75 but it's not something that I can't live without. Wow, how many double negatives were in that one statement? It's okay. That's the way of the crumbled cookie. I wish to be back in Jerusalem. It's probably the strongest pull I've ever had. I had it for San Francisco and France, too.
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TGIF baby. Did you know that Friday is like a half day in Israel? Or that most people take the entire day off? And forget about Saturday because they close that place tighter than a drum. It's all business as usual Saturday night. And the week starts on Sunday. So, they only have Friday night which is the beginning of the Sabbath. Then they have Saturday night to party and then the week begins the following day! I had no idea and I was shocked off of it. My sister and brother-in-law are threatening to come visit. Oy.
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I just realized that the dark box says "Needs an entry." Ain't that the truth. We need to write. We gotta write. Who is we? Whoever is participating in this social tasking routine. I am blindly going forth. The person who told me about this page has since moved on. Maybe I'll do the same if I ever find a hobby to occupy my time. Meanwhile, I write. That's not so bad. Too bad my thoughts are scattered and they're like all over the place. Oh well, say la vee. That's the way it goes! N'est-ce pas? Get it?
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On week from today, I'm going to have my baby sister in my house. And all I can think of is how much do I have to entertain? I wish the answer was nothing. I would like to get her a place to stay other than here. I wonder if I can talk her into staying at someone else's place. I don't really want them to visit. I suppose they're going to do what they want and just use this place as a hotel. That's good. Just have a great time. I will spend some time. That's a good thing.
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Monday was good to me. I went back to work and found that I'm now making a lot more money. They are really nice and they want me to stay. That's nice. I like that. They're good people. They love that I just went to Israel. They're all wishing to go there. It's not easy. I would love to go stay in Jerusalem for a little time. I should look into that idea. I wonder if I can schnur off the fulanos. That's a great idea. I could stay there while they're gone and move elsewhere when they're in town.
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It's such a relief to write on the day that you are completing the 100 words and you are caught up. It's 0618 so I'm in the writing mood. I have to go over to 750 and write there. I have an amazing streak even though I didn't write one single time while I was in Israel and that is a bad thing. I should have could have would have but I was L-A-Z-Y! Oh well, that's the way of the crumbled cookie. You know what I mean? That's the way the cookie crumbles. It's shortbread, yes?
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It feels so good to be on time. One then can't help but wonder why people are always late to events. That's enough for that subject. It's a very active scene. That's the ticket. It's the way of the crumbled cookie. I know it's a hoot in a holler. I just happen to like hoot and holler. That is Ms. Brumlik's AOL account. It's always easy to remember. I like that. We have had the same phone number for like 30 odd years. No matter how many cell phones we get, the land line never changes. It's totally worth it!
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Wow, I completely forgot about this place for a whole week. I have been going through my days and nights just living the life. What did I do on this day? I was out of work for the third day. I was surprised that bossy lady told me that I had to bring a doctor's note to prove that I was really sick. That's just cray. Oh well, I did it. It was via email. I made an appointment to see the doctor on Monday but since Raoul wanted to go I had to change it to a week later.
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Jeebus, it's already 1040 and I'm just getting around TUIT. Have you ever heard of a round TUIT? I don't want to write anything so I have a feeling that's why I didn't. Get it? I have already brushed, washed, etc. I took a big turd. I walked the dog. I've smoked boo coo pot. Raoul is stuck on his phone. I was working the phone too. Raoul was in here for a few minutes and then he left. I wonder what's going on with him. And now it's 1055 so I have to get ready for work. Toodle oo!
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Only 20 days until my birthday. Whoop de fuckin do. Why am I even focused on such a thing? It's patently ridiculous! Oh well, I am going to be 66. I like that idea. It sounds like a good age to be. It's better than just saying I'm 65. It's sorta trite already, this being 65. I'm so over it. I can't wait to be double digits again. I haven't seen that since 55 which was one of those yawn birthdays! Okay, I'm getting a little blase, and that's not a bad thing. Blase is better than nothing honey. Yeah!
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It's really become difficult for me not to watch the Golden Girls. I'm not into binge watching like I was for many years. I can turn it on and off and not even really pay attention, because I've seen every single episode at least three or four times. It's beyond absurd. It's the way of the crumbled cookie, n'est-ce pas? You know what I'm saying. How do you say, I don't know. That's the ticket. Soon it will be Christmas Day. And then what? Another year under the radar. I think we can safely do that. Mind that reader.
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Just another Monday to dread. It's just another day. I still have piles of papers to deal with and I think today is the day. Well, I can dream about you! It's time to think about what I've done. One moment, while I do some thinking. Some stinking. And some drinking. I have to have the rest of my almond milk coffee. I like the coconut milk better. Anything is better than dairy milk, which is meant for baby cows. Oh em gee, that stuff is poisonous. It's just bad form for humans to drink the milk of another animal.
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Well, I made it through Monday, now I just have to make it through Tuesday. Well, Tuesday afternoon, I'm just beginning to see. I'm listening to Jolene by Dolly Parton. What a song! I have a moment to write these words and then I have to get busy. I have a life to live, you know. There's time to write 100 words and I even go to a site called 750 words and write there every single day. I have a 2100+ day streak over there. I don't know what my streak is here because they don't measure that much.
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It's the middle of August and I'm surprisingly calm about the temperature. It is easily going up to 90 and I don't even give a whit. What about hurricanes? I'm not even a little worried. Beware the Ides of August! That's just silly, but I was in the mood to write such a thing. There you go. Everywhere you go, there you are? Have you ever noticed that when you look for something, you always find it in the last place you looked? That's just queer. And it's the way of the crumbled cookie. You know that's true, just kidding.
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Things changed at the office today. My coworker came back and before I knew it, the HR person was there making sure her work was covered before she took off until Sept. 13. Is she coming back? I kind of doubt it. She's taking a month off and then they're paying her to leave. It's a sad day but sort of inevitable. She brought it on herself by labeling the workplace as toxic. It was only toxic for her and I fear that now she is gone. I said if push comes to shove, they're getting rid of you first.
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I love Fridays where I do nothing. Not a damn thing. I just laid around all day. I ate and then napped. Lots of eating and sleeping. That's what marks a good day for me lately. I did nothing. And nothing was expected of me. Those are the best kind of days. I love it when nothing is expected of me and nobody makes any demands on me. I am doing nothing and nothing is plenty for me. I think that's the way of the crumbled cookie. Don't cry for me, Argentina. Or any of those other third world countries!
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Another Saturday of doing absolutely nothing. Raoul tricked me into celebrating Mandy's birthday with Melinda. I had no idea that today was going to be a day of partying. I was not in the mood to party but I had to make myself feel it. I don't like Bob and Mandy and I wish they would just go away. Now they're saying something about February. Bob just keeps pushing the deadline further away. Wow, just retire already. Oh well, I managed to avoid pretty much everything. Tomorrow is going to be another Melinda day. These are memorable weekends with Melinda.
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Another Sunday of doing nothing. I like those kind of days. I didn't even walk the dog. Oh well, I did one time because she looked like she was going to explode. And she did! The next thing I knew I was done with the day and it was time to go to bed. That's what I call a successful day. I finished binge watching OITNB. It left me with a certain sadness. That's what I get for watching a prison show. It makes sense if you think about it. That's the way of the crumbled cookie. Go figure, dude.
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Monday is just another day. I tried as much as I could to get to see the doctor today but they weren't having it at the front desk. They didn't care that I have an open wound on the bottom of my foot. Oh well, that's life. I have an appointment for next Monday and I will last until then, I hope. Meanwhile, I'm just biding my time until the next time. You know what I mean. It's the beginning of the end. Soon it will be Christmas Day. That's what they told me. It's coming before you know it!
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Well, today I'm going to the doctor even though I have no appointment. It's because I sent him a text with a photo attached. He was as alarmed as I am. I am going to give the girl up front the what for because she said she would call me back and she never did! Liar, pants on fire. Then I have to go to work. I'm feeling constipated too. I don't like that either. I am taking a prescription to the doctor and I'm going to have him write a new one so I don't have to pay anything.
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I can't believe it's almost the end of August. Where did the summer evaporate? Does all this silence mean that we're in for some exciting times with the hurricane season? It's that time of year. I remember 26 years ago on the 24th when Hurricane Andrew blew through. First, it was a dry hurricane, second it moved quickly and third it was quite far south. That meant that we got a mild hit. Mild meant that we could milk the insurance company. And we did. We got new windows and a new roof. That's the last time we did those.
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It's almost one week until my birthday and I couldn't care less. It means absolutely nothing. I guess it's a big deal that I'm hitting a double digit age. I have been 11, 22, 33, 44, and 55. Now, I'll turn a gigantic 66. Will I make it to 77 and 88 or even 99? I doubt any of those. But life it is quite unusual. I could live to be 100. I hope not, but it could happen. That's unlikely but it could happen. It could happen is the phrase that pays. Do you know the phrase that pays?
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It's just a rainy day. Just a rainy, rainy day. It's okay because I intend to stay inside all day. I can't stop thinking about the work that I have to do at work. It's on my mind all the time. I'm upset that I can't take a dump although right now I am feeling sort of an urge. I have been having a real problem in that department. I don't know what's going on, but I am not happy. I used to be the most regular person in the world and now I'm totally irregular. That's a big problem.
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What a mistake! I went to Costco with HRS. That's the last time I do that. He didn't let me buy anything that I wanted. We still ended up spending $250. Don't ask me how considering we didn't buy any of the produce that I wanted. And, of course, it's all organic! Oh well, I'm out of marijuana and I'm going to stop smoking for a while. Let's see if there is any improvement in my attitude. I have been lethargic and not wanting to do anything. Hopefully, I will have new vim and vigor. Yeah, that's the ticket! Go.
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Is it a rainy day? I don't know. It rained like hell last night so maybe it's all done. I am awake in the middle of the night writing this. Wasn't that funny? I love the way things turn out. It's all meant to be. How much longer will I be in this life? I haven't a clue, but it seems that the longer I live, the longer I want to live. Does that make sense? I turned on the TV, but I intend to ignore it. That's easy enough. It's when I'm writing 750 words that it gets tricky.
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I called in because I didn't want to work. Is that a bad thing? I don't think so. It's all about a mental health day. That's what I needed. I went to the doctor this morning to get lab work done. They're doing it all within a week yet my next appointment isn't for two weeks. It's always that way. I have an appointment for a foot doctor tomorrow. I've been waiting for a week. It's okay. I will live. I don't think that I have anything life threatening. All my conditions will shorten my life, but not by much.
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I was just thinking about my life. I'm going to be 66 years old and what have I done? I have had like four, maybe five, jobs. No biggie there. I didn't do much in between either. I just got up each day and went to work. I'm still doing that, pretty much! But now, it's only part time. I have traveled, but looking back, it could have been a lot more. I was very much a homebody. I didn't shine and I didn't excel. I was just ordinary. I loved a lot and I lived a lot. That's it.
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It seems that as you get older, you find yourself thinking about the past a lot. That's because I have a birthday coming up on Friday and I'm going to be a double digit age - 66. I like to think about being 22, 33, 44 and 55. I remember hitting the speed limit! That was my last double digit age. I don't have many memories of 33 and 44, but I remember 22 like it was yesterday. I think I was just going through the motions in my 30s and 40s. That must be the reason it's not very outstanding.
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I'm doing the catch up routine now. It's really Saturday and I'm writing about the past. That's okay because I feel like these entries are all timeless. Some day I won't be here any more but my words will live on. Go me. I hope that as long as these fine people keep this website going, I'm online. I wonder how much longer this can go on. It doesn't have any visible means of support except for the tip jar, which I tried to use one time and I swear that the email address was invalid. What to do dude?
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Happy birthday to me. I'm old. Well, I'm older. I can't be old because that's when you hit your 80s or 90s and I'm a young 66. I did plenty for my birthday. We went to Chipotle together. That was groovy. Then we put gas in the car at Costco. On the way back we hit the Sally and he made a quick transaction. We were back home and eating potato and macaroni salad. That's what I get for buying two 32 oz. containers. The potato salad was exactly swimming in mayo. It was really way too much. Oh well.