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Isn't May Day an alarm? I thought when ships get in trouble, they send out a mayday. Happy May Day! It's that time of year. My sinuses are going mental. My eyes are all watery and my nose is dipping and my throat is scratchy. It's fucking seasonal allergy time. Yuck! It's going to get better. I know it. I can feel it! That's the way of the crumbled cookie. It's real. I know it is. Because I feel it in my bones. Anyway, happy May. Rabbit, rabbit time. I wish the best for the merry merry month of May!
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It's the second day of a new month. It's also that time when we're getting into heavy duty spring weather. That only means one thing. It's fucking summertime already. There is just a little coolness left at night. But the days are already getting hotter than the hinges of hell. I don't appreciate the summer time weather. I know people who embrace it, saying they love the warm feeling of being enveloped. I don't go for that. I would much rather try to stay warm in cold weather than try to stay cool in warm weather. Not even close, eh?
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So, I thought about it a lot today but I didn't discuss it. Today was the birthday of Regina Anne Ehling. I can't let it go. She's been gone from this planet since 1974. That's like 43 years. What the what? Gosh, I miss her because those were the days, my friend. I thought they never would end and then the plug was pulled. The world did end. Have I been living in a dead world? It's a bad thing. I have to turn that frown upside down. Regina's death gave me a great outlook on life. Life is beautiful.
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What a week it's been. I don't know why but May marks the beginning of allergy season. My eyes have been watering, my nose is runny, my throat is scratchy. It's a nightmare, Mary. It's because the flowers are everywhere. Spring has sprung. The pollen count is dramatic. I'm doing. I'm trying. I'm trying not to be doing too much. That's never a problem. I just don't want to be a problem. It's all going to be okay. That's the way of the world. It's time to discuss the crumbled cookie. There's a lot of good in the world. Yay!
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I went downstairs to make hamburger with pistachios but instead I finished the package of pastrami. Once that package is opened I think it should be eaten within a couple of days. I just bought it two days ago so right on time. It was delish even though it was processed like to hell. I am writing about Monday on Friday. That's not a good thing. I'm ahead but behind. What a big behind! I'm a large behind. Get behind thee you little shit. I don't know where I'm going with this, but at least I made it 100 words!
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On this Saturday I floated through my existence. I went to the devil's warehouse but not before driving around aimlessly like is my wont. I won't go any further, but that's the way I like it. I remember us talking about converting warehouses to living homes years ago. But Miami was not ready for that. Now it is, and of course, that property is exorbitantly expensive. It was super cheap back in the day. These are the good old days. That's the ticket. I like waking up each day because it beats the alternative. I don't want a dirt nap.
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Sunday with the family is fun. But I can only take it in small doses. That means after an hour, I'm done. Stick a fork in me. It's nothing against you. I just don't do that good for that long. I'll be okay. It's just a matter of addressing the crumbled cookie. I think it's going to be a long long time. They are already living it up. I know I'm trying. That's why I wonder about the part time job. Is it something that I really need? I need to re-think that situation. Mother, what is a situation?
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I don't like Mondays, I wanna shoot the whole day down. It's all going to be okay. Time to get ready. I have to go to work. Is it okay to do this? I'm going to be okay. I swear. It's just a way to finish writing 100 words quickly. That's an honorable goal. How many more birthdays do I get to celebrate? I have an important one coming up but the zero birthday is not for a few more years. The next one is going to be the big seven oh. I'm amazed that I made it this far!
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Isn't it ironic that I began writing here because one of my friends told me about it and that friend quit writing here years ago? Yeah, so ironic. Oh well, say la vee. If you know what I mean. Anyway, I was writing over at 750 words dot com and I just realized that I have a 1700 day streak. How many years is that? I remember going on vacation and writing on my iPhone for long weekend. Everyone on the vacay thought I had gone mental. And I had asked for an excuse not to write but wrote anyway.
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MAy 10th is a good day. May I tell you why? It's a unique day. It's the second Wednesday in May of 2017. This is a day that never shall come again. And it's never been here before. It's a day to do whatever suits my fancy. What do I fancy? Well, since I'm committed to a part time job, it means that at some point during the day, I must fulfill that commitment. I wonder how much longer I can continue with that one. It's not an easy agreement, although it appears that way. We'll see, shall we? Yes.
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Here we are, another Thursday. It's a good day to try to do something appropriately appropriate. I shall do whatever I please which means very little, because that's what pleases me. I am pleased to do as little as possible. That's the kind of person I am. It's okay. I don't mind being that way. It will soon pass and I will be but a memory to certain people. Others will never know of my existence. That is, of course, unless they stumble upon these random words on the Internet. Wouldn't that be a hoot in a holler? You bet.
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All the world's a stage. Do you know what I mean? What role do you play? I'm in this large drama that just goes on and on. I need a full body pair of spanks. That's a good one. I'm working on it. I swear. Am I getting lumpy? No, I already am. I need to moisturize. That's one of life's priorities. At least there are periods of comedy. It's a dramedy! That's the ticket. Life just goes on and on. And the memories just pile up. Can I remember them all? Some are so distant, they've become rather fuzzy.
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Pick a memory and write about it. Why am I thinking about going over to Jenny's apartment? I guess it has something to do with looking at that iconic photo? It's a large 8x10 black and white and Jenny shot it using an automatic shutter as she jumped into the photo. I love it a lot. It reminds me of a different time and place. We were young and so in love. I remember those days like it was yesterday. I don't have details but that's okay. The devil is in the details. Just remembering the feeling is good enough!
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Why? That's the question for to day. Today is another day but why ask why? I don't know but I'm going to type 100 words, no more and no less about why there should be a question of why to no one in particular. If you ask why enough, people will begin to wonder what the hell you are asking. Well, I for one, need to know what the answer to the question of why. First of all, why ask why? There's no need to wonder. It shall all work out. That's the way of the crumbled cookie. You know.
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It's like we are already halfway through this fucking year. What the fucking fuck? It's a fucking fuck entry. Do not read this if you are under the age of being able to read the word fuck without being offended. Mainly, because as soon as I started typing this thing called 100 words (no more, no less) I just had an urge to write the word fuck. It's rather cathartic, don't you fucking know? What the fuck is wrong with you? You fucking wanker! It's fucking about time you came to terms with the word fuck. It's fucking time, fucker.
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I'm sitting in my bedroom and I've finished drinking my coffee and it's time to start drinking water. I can drink water for a few hours and then it's time to start drinking beer or wine, or if I am feeling really cray, I can start drinking some hard liquor. That's the sequence of liquids ingested during the day. Sometimes, if I get really cray, I drink 12 ounces of sugary soda. That's what I really like. But other than coffee, water and booze, I'm pretty much a regular kind of guy. That's the way it goes. I drink it.
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May 17 means that in one month my baby sister will have her birthday. It's not on Fathers Day this year since the 17th is on Saturday and Fathers Day is on the 18th. Time flies however. Time keeps on slipping into the future. I think it's important to mark certain dates. This year, baby sis starts collecting the old Social Security checks. HRS and I have been collecting them for three years already. She and her husband will collect significantly more than HRS and I. That's based on years of salary negotiations. The check is not enough to live.
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I have genitals. They are functional and aesthetically pleasing. I'm feeling a little trampy and I haven't even drank any booze. I did drink a significant amount the other night and it led to deep sleep. I was watching the Big Bang Theory and that's where the original line from today's entry came from. It's enough to make things go a little further. It doesn't mean a thing. It's just a way for me to fill up the 100 words. No more. No less. I am just being reflexive. Or is the word reflective? It doesn't matter. That's the way.
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It's just another day that includes a trip to Costco. I went with my BIL, Scott, who is visiting for a few days. It's ironic that he's visiting his step daughter in law and she's not even here. I find that extremely odd. But things have been odd there for years. It's time for him to get back to his own life and here he is, back here again. He is already retired and he can't stay away. I think it's sweet but he needs to learn to live up there with his wife. He married her. And now stay.
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I did nothing all day except stay in bed. The weird part is that I didn't really sleep. I thought about it more than once but I ended up schmying around the Internet, and binge watching TV shows on Netflix. I've been getting my money's worth. I need to ask the cable company if they're including it or it's on there because I subscribe. If it's included, I need to stop paying them separately. That just doesn't make sense. It's the same with the home phone. We don't use it any more. It needs to be put out to pasture!
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I was talking to my sister and chewing at the same time and she asked me when I was eating and I told her it was my oatmeal she said oh you eat that every day of your life I said yeah I hate it she said no you don't you read it every single day so you must love it and then I thought to myself why do I told myself that I don't like it and you and I eat it every single day so you tell me. It's a conundrum within an enigma. You bet you, huh?
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I love 100 words at a time. It's a good exercise. It makes me focus on something particular for a few minutes and then move on. It's a very short story. It's a little more than 140 characters in a tweet, and a lot less than a FB post. Life has become so odd. I am very fond of my Chromebook. It is perfect for web surfing because that's all I'm using it for. I don't have to worry about being Windows based because I ain't. And this ain't no Mac either. Go figure. Who knew? It's a conundrum, dude.
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It's already the 23rd of May. Go figure. Who knew? Where does the time go? My goodness, it's flying! That's the way of the world. Well, my BIL finally left today after almost 10 years of being here. There were a couple of intermittent years when he didn't stay here but for the most part, he was staying with us and then at D's House of Magic. I wonder if I will be going there any more. I doubt it. It's okay. That's the end of an era. It's all over. Goodbye to all that. Is that all there is?
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It's the day of the hump. Except for me, it's like Thursday because tomorrow I feel all TGIF. I'm working part time and it's only four days but I'm starting to wonder if I really need to continue working or if I'm doing this for the wrong reasons. People assume that I know a lot about computers but I know little more than the next person. I've had little to no training and I have figured out things on my own. That's all there is to it. And lately, if you don't know something, you just ask the Internet, right?
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Whoopsie, I forgot to write here yesterday. Please forgive me. I wonder who will read these words. Do you know that I was here on May 26, 2017? That's when I wrote these 100 words. I was going to type the word "penned" but that is far from the truth. I didn't write these words. They were all produced with the keyboard of the MacBook Plus. Some days I type this in with my Chromebook. I can't recall typing these words on a Windows based computer. That's what they're calling them these days what with all the choices consumers have.
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Today is a good day. The weather person is telling us that it's going to be warm because summer comes quickly. Plenty of light winds but the feels like temperature will be hovering around the 100 mark. Go figure. We will make it through. It's not even June! I still remember Helen's poem. June soon. July nigh. August must. September remember. October over. Too bad it's not over when October comes because of climate change. Those hurricanes were marching through until late in November. And I remember when we had a hurricane come through in late May. Weather is unpredictable!
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Getting behind. The hurrier I go, the behinder I get. Ignoring the basics of daily life is not a good way to navigate through the vicissitudes of life. It's not easy. You know it don't come easy. Got to pay your dues if you want to sing the blues and you know it don't come easy. It's like trying to live in the past and thinking about the future makes you forget about the present. It's right here in front of you! Get busy. And live. Do what you got to do. It's a daily maintenance thing. It's all ok.
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It's the last Sunday of the month. That means that time flies. Time flies whether you're having fun or not. It's a good thing. I don't mean to imply that times a-changing. The times, they are a-changing. It's that old saying that inside every old person is a young person wondering what the hell happened. That's a good one. I wander as I wonder. I wonder as I wander. I'm about to take a wander. That's a good thing. There's a thing. That's a thing. Thing thing thing. Ten more words and I'm no more or no less.
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The beat goes on and the pace quickens. It's yet another Monday. That's the problem with writing 100 words many days in a row rather than one at a time. It brings out the routine much more. Lather, rinse and repeat. It's all going to be okay. I know this to be a fact. The beat goes on. The pace quickens. I wrote that already, but I really mean it. The beat goes on and on and on. It's going to smell good. It sounds good. And it feels like paradise. Let it shine. I'm gonna do it. Please do.
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I remember when May 30 or May 31, I forget which, but one of those days was the original Memorial Day. Those were the days before the government decided that we needed a series of three day weekends. Those are good things. It's nice that the government did that for us. It won't be long now before the government does something else good. That's the nature of government. It's a good thing. I have to say that things are going well. Can you imagine that they wanted to do things a certain way? I can understand. It makes no sense.
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Tomorrow is the beginning of hurricane season. I'm trying to reason with it. There's no reason for the season. It's just not right. We go through this every year. The anxiety of waiting and wondering. Is this the year? We had a big one back when Hurricane Andrew struck in August 1992. It's been 25 years. The anniversary is a week before my birthday. I was 40 years old that year and it was momentous. We always speak in terms of before or after Andrew. My over riding memory is the sound of chain saws for weeks afterward. So sad.