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Rabbit, rabbit. Except I swear that the person who told me about that superstition said that it didn't apply in months without an 'R.' Whatever it still applies as today is the first day of the best month of the year. I've always been partial to August because at the end of the month it's the celebration of my day of birth. I was borned 64 years ago. Mom, it was nice of you to carry me around inside of you during the hot month of August in South Florida. And back then, there were no air conditioners! Go figure.
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Is it beautiful? Everything is beautiful! This is a work of beauty. It's so beautiful, I can hardly stand it. Let me have some of that cauliflower. That's a good white vegetable. Which one is red? Tomato is a fruit. Go know. Bananas and oranges go together. What is purple besides the rain that guy sang about? What is going on here? When did this little rant go off the track? It's all going to work out. I believe this in my soul. I have a cash advance and then it's all over. Spend as much as you can, dude.
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It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Won't you be my neighbor? It's a great day today. Hotter than the hinges of hell is an expression that my dear friend Helen used to say about a day like today. It's so hot, but why even complain? We live in a hot area of the world. That's the way it is. There's no use in hurrying or worrying. What's the use of worrying? What's the use of hurrying? What's the use of anything? That's the way I like it. It's not going to be that long any day now. Oh yeah!
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I was already a week ahead of myself and wondering how time was passing so quickly. I think I need to get ahold of myself and calm down. Why was I rushing time? I don't know. Maybe it's my excitement about this month being my month. But my day isn't until the final day of August. I used to try to get Mom to talk about August 1952 but she was unwilling and always protested by pretending not to remember. That's why I say she was such a witch with a capital B! Dear Old Mom, rest in peace darling.
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Ah, the Olympics. They come around so often it seems, but in reality it's a long time between them. It's just that there's a summer and a winter version so they seem rather close together. This year, the games are taking place in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. The opening ceremonies were fantastic even though they went on and on and on and on and on and on. I fell asleep during the procession of the countries. And I never figured out why there was a person in all the contingents with a little plant. I could look it up.
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As I drove across, I saw a little plane spraying in the Edgewater and Wynwood area. They are trying to eradicate the mosquitoes, especially the ones that are transmitting the Zika virus. I wonder about that whole virus scare. There was one person who suggested that it affected the area with the highest real estate prices. I was just reading about about a sale that was double a previous sale only four years earlier. There was a missed investment opportunity. I wonder if it's still a good time to put some money into real estate. They're not making any more!
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I just saw Jane Lynch talking about the good old days of going to a gay bar. There were all sorts of anxieties like would anyone see you in there or going in there. That's why they were always in discrete places. I had forgotten that feeling of being bad! I also had those butterflies in the stomach feeling. That's so gay. I loved going to the gay bar. It was such a feeling of togetherness in that place. It was like I knew everyone in that place. I can remember some of those early places quite vividly now. Dude.
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Another Monday comes and goes. The days, they come and go. Have you ever done that? Oh yes. You too can become the fixer. I have it in for you. Please fix that. It's time to produce a podcast. What's the difference between a broadcast and a podcast? It's a matter of who receives it (and when). When something is broadcast, it's typically done at one time. When a podcast is created, you can listen to it at any time. It's there for your convenience. Would you be the one to rescue me? Please let me know in 100 words.
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Oh my, but this month continues to just fly by. It's okay. That means that life is good, no? Whatever, it's a good life. I like being alive at this time. I know that I won't be around for much longer and that's probably good. I hope that when I'm gone someone will read these words and wonder what kind of person I was. I'm a good man. That's what I think. And I'm going with that. I try to do good and be good. That's what we're supposed to do. At least that's what I think. I believe that.
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There comes a time when you must tell the truth. No, it's always a good time to tell the truth. The truth shall set you free. I am trying to live in the present but it's very easy to look back and see where I've been. It's very hard to look into the future and see anything that is possible. Today was a good day. I did a lot of things. I wasn't bored. It wasn't boring. Tomorrow is another day. Lather, rinse and repeat. I need a good drink! That's the ticket. Then we dance. I like that idea.
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I love that scene in "Shawshank Redemption" where Tim Robbins plays opera for the entire prison. It was such a tender scene. I'm watching that movie for like the 10th time. There are some movies that keep getting shown on television and there are movies that I watch over and over again. This is one of them. I love this movie. Something about the way that Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman work together in this movie that is so endearing. It's a really feel good movie! I also like The Blue Mile, so there's definitely something about these prison movies.
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Everyone has a dream. You know what I mean. Everyone wants to see what they've never seen. You know what I mean. If you want me tonight, I'm yours. But as long as I can be. Everyone becomes invisible. Is this our turn? Everyone has got a dream. You know what I mean. Get zero percent now through August 31. I will be 64 on August 31. What does that mean? It's time to go gaily forward. You know what I mean. There's a need for that. What? I don't know where I'm going. I only know where I've been.
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Go for it, dude. I'm going. I'm going. What is it that you're trying to get? Happy now? I think it's time to get happy. Give me a moment. Come on along, it's time to get happy. There's a paper trail that you have to cover. What are we doing in here? There's got to be a better way. I don't know what you want any more. There's not going to be anything better. You have your way and I have mine. Never the two shall meet. It's all going to be okay. I know that this is going too.
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Once upon a time there was a boy. He was a good boy. He grew up to be a good teen and eventually a good man. He lived a good life. And then one day he died. The end. Now what do I do for the rest of the 100 words? I guess I could flesh out the story a bit! Well, you see this boy who grew to be a teen and eventually a man, was a regular kind of guy. He did good things and tried to be a good person. That's all there is to the story.
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Quice Agosoto es el cumple de Isora. Fuimos a Duffy's for pina coladas and lunch. We had a gay old time. And then we came home and had cake and gave her presents. She was a happy person! That was a good day. There are more stories to tell but I'm not in the mood to tell them. Supposedly, there was a different story but there wasn't time to tell. That was the ticket. It's going to be all right. There is another time that we could meet. We didn't have to go but we wanted to. Happy birthday, sis!
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Today was a boring day. Nothing much happened. That's a good one. It was a day just like any other. It started with morning nothingness and eventually changed to afternoon nothingness and eventually went into evening nothingness. That's why it was a boring day. Nothing much happened. It was just another day. But it was a good day. That's all there is to it. I'm just writing gibberish. That's all there is. It's okay. It's all going to be all right. I wouldn't mind if you didn't notice. There's another way to end this, but I'm not going there, okay?
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The number 17 is supposed to be HRS' lucky number. The day passed without a mention of the date. That's the way, uh huh, I like it! I have a lot to do but I don't feel like doing any of it. That's typical nasty weather. Tickle your ass with a feather? I know not where this is going. When I just start typing without a meme in mind I get 100 words of gibberish. That's the way of the world. I don't know what I'm going to do but I've got to do it. Soon it will become clear.
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Found a journal. Here's the entry from Friday, May 17, 1985: Left at 9 - Dorothy smashed. Candy met us at the airport (probably to get a check from Mom!). Cramped for nine hours on LTV. Arrived Dusseldorf 1:30 (1530 Miami time) two hours late. Met by Manfred who invited us to stay at his place. Toured with him and his wife. Going to bed exhausted. Amsterdam tomorrow. Had so much fun in Dusseldort, Schlossberg and Wupperthal. Arrived at 7 pm west!!! Rice table/red lights. May 20: Another rainy day. Bought boozy chocolates. Boat trip on canals thru Amsterdam.
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I'm not in the mood to write. I'm itching all over. I've been bitten by mosquitos. Why should I be worried about Zika virus? It's not even on my radar. I thought only pregnant women were to be concerned. But I'm rather itchy right now. Oh well, that's what I get for sitting outside. She even came up to me and said that the mosquitos were swarming So I eventually came in and now I'm watching TV. That's typical nasty weather, eh? Tickle your ass with a feather! That was one of my brother's favorite jokes. The good old days!
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Oy, the days they march past! Another week gone and I feel like nothing has changed and yet everything is different. I don't want to do this any more. I need a new routine. That's the ticket. Why do I lather and rinse and repeat? I wish there were better choices. Well, that's not really true because there are too many choices. I make choices based on sound principles. That's the ticket. I believe therefore I am. I am therefore I believe. Which came first, the chicken or the egg. Suddenly, I'm in the mood for a fried egg sandwich!
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How many times do I have to get the same annoying phone call from different people before they realize that I am scam proof? They are so persistent. I feel like they have an attitude of keep trying to wear them down. That's the ticket. They will just continue to call until one day we just scream uncle. I don't think that day will come. I know not to answer calls that are from unknown sources but I still have the urge. I think that's part of the problem. As soon as they realize it's a working number, it's on.
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Soon it will be Christmas Day! That's the ticket. I know what I'm talking about. It's only about four months away. It's like what the hell? Time flies whether you're having fun or not. I feel like I'm going to explode. Splode bitch. That's a good one. It's kind of like die female dog. Is there such a thing as real heart ache. I'm feeling pain in my heart area. Is that a bad thing? It can't be good. Why would there be any sensation there? It's a benign area. That's not supposed to happen. Go away, little pain. Yeah!
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The days, the come. The days, they go. There's a certain thing about the way they come and go. It's all too beautiful. I don't know what to do. I'm going to write new year cards for a couple of hours today. That's the ticket! I like that. That's que sweet. I have to write them but then hold them. At least I'm getting ready. It's very scout like of me to do this. It's the way of the world. It will be here before you know it! It's actually about a month away. Happy Jewish New Year, I say.
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It was a Saturday when Hurricane Andrew hit. Wasn't it? I'm not so sure now. It seems like we went to work the day after landfall. I guess it hit Saturday night and we had Sunday to get over the shock. And Monday we were back on the horse putting out a newspaper. There was electricity so the show went on! That's the way we deal with hurricanes and other forces of nature. You just go on as though nothing happened. Of course, I hope they don't drop a bomb on your street. That would be very different, I'd say.
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I was born under a wand'ring star. That song is emotional, sort of like that Vincent song that I was reading the lyrics to today on the internet. I have been working at the same place for a year already. How did that happen? Time flies whether you're having fun or not. I don't know how the passage of time became a subject of a wandering star. We have to move to another country. But that country is part of the United States. And there's a hurricane passing by right now. Go figure. The rest of the world is catching.
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TGIFriday baby. That's it, I have to get over to that place. I haven't been there in such a long time. It's decades, I swear. I think the last time I was there was with Dear Old Mom and she's been gone for like 12 years already and we went there years before so it's probably closer to 15 years that I haven't been there. It's time to go and be disappointed. It's the same with KFC. It's dreadful and horrible and then you don't go for months and suddenly the commercial gets you. That's the ticket. You know it.
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I'm watching TV and typing. That's the ticket. It's time to get busy. I watch TV and try not to type about what's on TV. There's a good reasons to try what they say is not on the TV. I don't know what I'm doing and I certainly don't know where I'm going. What do you think happens after we're dead? Is that all there is? If that's all there is my friend, then let's keep dancing. Let's break out the booze and have a ball. If that's all there is. Oh well, we shall never know. That's kinda cool.
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Sunday again. We've had a lot of these days since the beginning of the year. That's a real thing. There's no way to treat me. I want to be with you. There's only one thing to prove. And I only want to be with you. Love is love. Good luck when you go to Tokyo. And then there were too many. Please come back soon. I want to go there soon. Soon is not a pejorative term. Put on that suite jacket and let's get moving. It's soon to be your day. Can you believe me? It's going to be.
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Now that summer's over, we can resume our normal lives. Those kids are back in school where they belong. The traffic may be messed up in the early morning and late afternoon, but at midnight, it's never too soon. Go get dat ass! That's what? I know not of what you speak. It's too bad because I only have eyes for you. It's going to be a good time but legally speaking, I know not of what you speak. I must harvest the green goods tomorrow. That's the ticket. I can do that. It's all going to be okay, dude.
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Soon it will be Labor Day. I never used to associate my birthday with Labor Day, but they're seemingly tied together these days. I remember in the good old days that school almost always started on the day after Labor Day. Do you have any excuses to make? It's not a good thing. That's alright, it will soon pass. Do you remember? I don't know what to think. It's reserved, that's the ticket. I am writing exponentially. It's all about the sugar, not the cholesterol. That's okay. I'm going to eat whole food plant based real soon. I mean it.
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Happy birthday me. I like to think about Dear Old Mom walking around Miami back in the early '50s before the advent of air conditioning with me inside her. She was a brave soul to carry me around inside her. Thanks, Mom. I still think that birthdays should be more of a celebration of Mom. What the hell did I do on my birthday except be pushed out her hole? That's not a good reason to celebrate! It's a good day to be alive. So are the other days. An apple a day (this year) is 366 apples a year.