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I ordered a box from Hello Fresh. It was well packed. There sure is a lot of packaging. I like the idea and when they give me the discount, it seems a reasonable price. But the actual price is like having food at a restaurant but with all the prep and clean up. Not like. There should be two ways to eat food. Go to the grocery store to buy it and come home to fix it or go to a restaurant and order something. Those are the two choices. And everyone knows that one is economical and one costs.
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November 2 is an auspicious day. Why? No reason. I just felt like proclaiming that fact. It's just another day. I'm writing just another 100 words. There will be no narrative here, simply 100 words. There is a reason for this. I have nothing to say. And try to say nothing in 100 words. It's not that easy. Well, actually, it's rather easy. Just write words until you're at the goal. I have about 30 more words to go. Over and out, I'm gone. That was easy. Just snap to it. There's nothing to it. Just write, dude. It's easy.
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Here we are at the beginning of the month that means the end of 2015 is nigh. It's that annual slide I always think about. Once Halloween is over, the year slides into the new one with incredible speed. Time flies whether you're having fun or not. I just go through the motions until Thanksgiving arrives. It's over in the blink of an eye. And before you know it, we're sitting by a tree with family and friends and it's time for a party to celebrate the new year, and then things get back to normal. That's a good one!
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i wish to enter this date. It's a good date, this November 4, 2015. It's the one day that I am going to enter text about this date and that's the truth. It's humpty. Oh, you knew that. There's no point in running. You must face the truth. It's a good thing that I know where you're coming from. I know who you are and I saw what you did. Rain, rain, go away, come again another day. There are parts of this country that are having a serious drought. Why? I cannot explain the weather patterns. That's the truth.
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November 5 is a good day to write 100 words. Today is a Thursday. That comes every seven days. It's amazing. Just like clock work, the days of the week march on by. And after they're done doing their thing for a few weeks, a month passes. And next thing you know, we've gone through 12 months and it's time to mark a new year. The passage of time is so orderly. I'm praying for the end of time so I can spend some time with you. That's a good line. And what's the point? There is no point, Edith.
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Hooray for Hollywood and thank goodness it's Friday. That means that we have two days coming up where we can do whatever we please. I have mostly reserved the weekends for maintenance. It's a good time to get busy around the house. Though it's unclear why I've espoused that idea, because the honest to goodness truth is that I eff off most of the weekend. Saturday is a great day to take a nap. I miss taking naps. That's what retirement was great for. I loved my daily nap. I miss that now that I'm working afternoons again. Oh well.
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I wonder as I wander. Is that okay? I was wandering. I like to smoke while I'm driving. That's a bad thing. So I was driving today without a cigarette. I don't like that. I like to smoke. The trailer park was finally closed. That means that everything in there is up for grabs. Time to go grab. But who do I talk to to get in there and start grabbing. I wonder if anything is booby trapped. I'd love to see some of the shit that's left behind. I bet there's very little worth saving. It would be fun.
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Sunday is a beautiful day to do nothing. That's what I'm going to do today. I'm just going to lie in bed all day and do nothing. I like that. That's the way it should be. Okay, I'll go to the grocery store for a few minutes to get some groceries for today's dinner. That's it! The rest of the day I'm going to rest. I deserve it. After all, next weekend I'll be at a rally and I won't be able to relax. Today is a good day to do nothing. That's what I'm going to do today. Yeah!
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Here we go again. Lather, rise and repeat. I think I can do it. I'm a little choo choo train. I know I can do it. I just have to have the right attitude. It's time to put on the batteries and get 'er done. I'm in the mood for loving. It's time to love. I'm in the mood for doing something. It's time to get something done. I'm down for getting things done. I need to get out and get something accomplished. I need a sense of accomplishment. It's a good thing to eat the food on your plate!
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11-10-15 is a good day because it's one of a kind. This day will never be here again. This is a good day because it's the day that Gd has made. There, I wrote it. It's a good day. It's a Gd day. Gd bless this day. I go to work. I come home and make dinner and that's the day. I watch TV all morning because I can't watch in the afternoon because I'm at work. What's on the agenda today? Whatever they want me to do! I like that. I'm ready. It's a good day today.
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Marketing is an amazing thing. I like it when they take an idea that is just not palatable and they try to make it delicious by focusing on one thing. You are still getting a huge screw. There's a reason for that. That's the way it is. Did you know that half and half is more like 75 and 25? That's a rip! I know better. Believe half of what you read. And none of what you hear. The story is a lie. It started out that way and just got more embellishments. That's the way of the world. Yeah!
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Everybody knows this is nowhere. Where are you going Billy? Is that all there is? I want to know. I need to know. I gotta know! I wanna know what love is. I know you can show me. I want to feel what love is. I know you can show me. Let's talk about love. I don't always write this way but when I do, it's lovely. There's got to be a better way. I need a Reuben, but kosher style. That's okay. No cheese. I also wish you could make it on gluten free bread. Cheese and wheat bad.
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Oh em gee, it's Friday the 13th. I don't care. I don't think about. But I acknowledged it. We have a black cat. On days like today, I love him more than ever. How much longer can that black cat go? His little brother left us earlier this year and things were very sad around here for a couple of months. Things are more or less back to usual, but it will never be the same without that gray tabby. Pets come and go. And there have been so many of them! I think it's time to call it quits!
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Saturday, and it's a rainy one. Rain, rain go away. I just stay in and vegetate. There's a time for everything. I feel like going for a walk in the rain. I bet it's cold. It's falling really hard right now. I just sit here and watch. That's how to pass the day. Well, I'm feeling that it's about time for a nap. Something warm in a cup first and then I'll just lie down for a few minutes. What's better than napping in a warm bed on a drizzly day. Except this is not drizzly! This is full fledged!
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Today is the day of the rally. I know it's not until the afternoon but it's going to be the top of the mind for the entire day. It's all I can think about. And I woke up to pounding rain. It's not a good day for rain. This event is billed as rain or shine. I can't imagine them having anything in the rain. Although there is no thunder and lightning, but sitting in the rain? It's not going to happen. I hope the rain quits. Then we rally and then we go home and then it can rain!
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I'm going to the dentist so he can remove a tooth implant that he put in about five years ago. I was very skeptical about the entire thing but here we go. It's like I'm going to leave there today with a large hole in my mouth. I'm so unhappy. It's like I just wanted to go in there and say just fucking pull them all out. I'm so over teeth. And why am I making you a rich man because I have such horrible teeth. It was like the hygienist and dentist were having a fight in my mouth!
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I'm walking around with an ice pack on my face. The hygienist told me five minutes on an five minutes off. I'm also taking antibiotics. I didn't want to take them, but they told me that I have an infection in my head. No wonder I've been a puss ball lately. So, I'm acting like nothing has happened when I have a large hole in my head and I can't eat anything and I can only have soup or jello. What the hell is going on here? I'm not happy. It will soon be all over. Or will it? Harrumpf!
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It's hump day, but I like to say that it's not for me. I only work four days so my hump day is some time between Tuesday and Wednesday. I like Wednesday because it means that I only have one more day to work. I work on Thursday and it's like TGIF all day. It's weird. I don't even like to think about how little I'm making. I have to do something about that. If I'm going to work, I should be making some kind of money. I like that I'm working even though I'm technically retired. I like it.
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It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. I wonder if the auto correct feature is a product of the program or if it's on my computer. I just started using a different laptop and suddenly it's appearing, so it's making me think that it's on the computer. It's a feature I love to hate. Oh well, that's the way the wind blows. Doesn't really matter to me. That's what I tell myself. It's easy to say that it doesn't matter if you don't mind. It's mind over matter. I don't care. I love it. That's the way of the world.
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Soon it will be Thanksgiving. There's about a week to prepare. Well, that's not true because, in reality, we've been planning this year's feast since we cleaned the table after last year's! I'm going to have a turkey TV dinner this year on my own. That's a great way to give thanks. I'm thankful for being on my own. I have nobody. That's the way of the world. It's a good thing. I can make anything bad turn good. Maybe I should just have a cup of coffee. Drinking a warm beverage fills me with its warmness and I'm fine.
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Saturday used to be a day to visit Helen. I did that for many years. She's been gone for a year and I've been lost. It's a good day to observe Shabbat. But that means reading the Bible and doing nothing. I realized that folks sleep a lot on Shabbat. If you're not doing anything, what else is there to do but take to your bed. It's a good place to think. It's a great place to be quiet. I like being quiet and thinking. Sometimes, you just have to do that. I'm working on a new routine for Saturday.
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November 22 is fraught with meaning. For many years, it was the day that President Kennedy was assassinated. Then, it was the day that Mom died. I miss my Mommy a lot. More some days than others and always on November 22. She was a witch but I loved her. She was the only Mother I ever had. Not much in the Mother department, but she was a hell of a lady. I'm glad that she was my Mother. We don't get to choose our parents, but some of us just get lucky. She made me who I am. Thanks.
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I love to cook. I love to eat. I'm always thinking of food. Is that so wrong? I think I should have a restaurant where I could express myself on a daily basis? Why don't I have one? Fear is the only answer I can muster. It's not easy to start a restaurant. I wish I had done it 30 years ago. Nowadays, people eat at restaurants at the drop of a pin. I think I read a statistic recently that said Americans are eating more meals away from the home than at home. Now is the time. Gotta go!
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I made oatmeal this morning because Raoul arrived with only coffee. It's not bad, but I made it super sweet! It's now 0739 and Raoul has an appointment at 0830 so I haven't had any pipes yet. I slept pretty good except that I got up about three times to pee. I'm not in the mood to write, but what else is new? I have a lot to say and no urge to write it down. Just yesterday when I just sat here and let the words flow. I ended up doing the 750 words in 11 minutes. Go know.
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Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. It's a day where we think about the things that we have that make us grateful. I'm grateful that I was a victim of birth. I was lucky enough to have been born in a moderately affluent family. We were far from rich, but just the fact that we lived in America made a big difference. There are so many opportunities. It's hard not to be grateful. There is so much just given. It's handed to me. I've been very fortunate. There's a good reason to be thankful. I like turkey too. I would eat tofu turkey!
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Happy day of celebrating the Pilgrims pillaging the Indians. Yay for us. We rock. There's a certain attitude that's changing slowly and I predict that within the next decade, we will no longer celebrate Thanksgiving as we know it today but rather we will celebrate Native Americans who deserve the celebration, not the victors. It's ugly. We fought 'em, we beat 'em, let's eat. Let's celebrate the fact that these people were here. They were a gentle people and we massacred them along with the bison. What kind of animals are we? We need to re-evaluate the holiday please.
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Well, after the eating orgy that is the Thanksgiving dinner, there's only one thing to do today and that's to lie about the house and eat now and then. There comes a time when you have to eat some of the food from the day before. Then it's back to sleep. Then get up and eat some jello with fruit cocktail. Then a little soup. Then some more leftovers. Then go to sleep. And maybe tomorrow can be a normal day. Well, sort of normal. But that's the plan. We can get back to the regularly scheduled programming, get it?
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Saturday and there's a certain rhythm to it. Too bad that I went to the gas station without considering that my urge to pee would be so urgent and I peed in my pants. I was able to stop it almost immediately but too much had wet my pants. So I had to stop getting gas and pull into a faraway spot and finish peeing. Then I had to drive around for awhile to let my pants air dry with the air conditioning vents pointed directly at them. I went back to Costco and finished shopping. Now, I go sleep.
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Another day of just lying around the house. I did my housesitting duties and came back home to just be a layabout. There's something very satisfying about lying in bed all day doing nothing. It can bring you down, but if you do it judiciously, it can help! So, I'm just sitting here tapping words into my trusty computer and then I think I'll take another nap. No more turkey sandwiches! I didn't make turkey croquettes this year. What a shame. I still could. just buy a turkey breast and go at it. Maybe that's the trick. It couldn't hurt!
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Hey November, bye bye bye. Today is another cloudy day. That's okay. I did my house sitting duties and not much else. In about an hour, I'll head back to the house for some more rest and relaxation. I have done little to nothing at work today, but that's the case on most days. I'm just writing here to get it done. Tomorrow is a rabbit rabbit day. Soon it will be New Year's Day! Time flies whether you're having fun or not. I'm doing the best I can. Take your time. You'll get there. It's a cinch. No way.