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Time flies whether you're having fun or not. It's already halfway through the year. Well, not until the end of the month, but symbolically it's like we're in the sixth month of the year. Where did the first half go? Time flies and fruit flies. Lots of flies around this place. Actually, it's mosquito time. If it's hurricane season, then it's also mosquito season. Let's go to the beach. I wanted to go this morning and all I could think of was I'll go on June 21 when it's Day Star Day. It's the longest day of the year. Ready!
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It's the merry month of June and I'm procrastinating like a champ. That's okay. We'll see. I realized that I write that a lot. Not all who wander are lost. Not all who wonder are lost. There's a lot of wondering going on. How do you pay the bills? When the money runs out, then what? It's time to cannibalize the house. It's worth a lot. We gots to get rid of it anyway. It's a burden. It costs too much to maintain and we ain't go it going on any more. Time for some fresh blood in here. Go!
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I haven't looked around here but I wonder how many other people write here and get to the end and there's only one word left? I do it a lot. I did it yesterday when I ended the entry with one word, go. It's a way to finish but I wonder if it's common. It has to be. I type here furiously until I see the counter hit the 90 something mark and then I slow down and most of the time I can make the last sentence work without a stray word. Sometimes that's the way the cookie crumbles.
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Why was I writing about cookies crumbling? That's the real thing that people want - food. There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of new places to eat because people have just stopped making food. It's too easy to just go out and buy it already made. And if you want something fancy, there are specialty stores just for that. It's amazing how many grocery stores are there just to supply fancy foods! We have Fresh Market and Whole Foods. And even Publix is getting in on the deal. I told Scott about coconut milk yogurt. I wonder if he will find it.
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Yay, it's Friday. What does that mean for me? It's going to be a good day to load up the car and take a load of stuff to the thrift shop. That place is going to be filled with my stuff. I wonder how much of it they will actually sell? And what of the stuff that doesn't sell? I bet they donate it to another charity shop. That's the way of the world. This stuff just keeps getting recycled until the day that it finally becomes part of the landfill. It's not easy to deal in trash. It's trashy.
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Costco day it seems whether I really needed it or not. I could have easily skipped this week. The car was only a little more than a quarter tank empty. I think it only took about $20 to fill. I spent way too much at Costco and even went to Publix afterward. Tonight we ate the boneless short ribs I bought. I turned them into tacos. It was inspired, for sure. I took two of the boneless ribs and saved them for leftovers. Food is the driving force in my life. I'm grateful for Costco and the savings I find.
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We went to the ghetto farmer's market. He took forever. I didn't find any abandoned furniture. When we got home, I made hash with last night's leftover boneless short ribs. It was inspired. I know why people don't bother because I swear that I was chopping vegetables for almost an hour! I chopped carrots, celery, peppers, red onions and potatoes and mixed them with a bit of worcestershire sauce and some dry mustard. It was amazingly good. Usually I cook the veggies till they're much softer. There was a bit of a crunch today! It was slap ya mama good!
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Monday is good to me. Except when it's a Monday where nothing gets done. That's been my mantra for months. Why do anything when you can just slug around the place doing nothing? It's not very productive and I hate that I hate myself at the end of the day. I'll do anything to get away from this project. I don't want to do it. That's the bottom line. If I wanted to do something, it would have gotten done long ago. I just have to force myself and get off my dead ass and do something. Ready to go?
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Tuesday follows Monday followed by Wednesday and so on and so on and scooby dooby dooby. Ooh sha sha. We got to live together. I'm in a nonsense mood. I'm in the mood for sponge cake soaked with rum. I want to run away from rum. It's the sugar cane. It whips me. I want to have a cherry on top. How beautiful is that? I want you to know one thing. It's time to go. I have got to go. There's a vegan in your future. I want to shout out for all my home boys. It's the time.
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June 10 sounds auspicious but it's just another day. I went with BR, John and another guy named Mike for all you can eat lobster. The restaurant is called Kitchen 305 and it's evidently very successful. The last time we went was about three years ago. They just raised the price for the first time. The last time we went, it was $40 and it's been raised to $45 because the price of lobster has gone up. Well, we ate five lobsters and I'm so full. It was too much. Maybe three years from now, we'll go back. Yeah, baby.
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Today I went to lunch at Shorty's with Amy. Afterward, I went across the street and dropped $32 in Trader Joe's. That place is dangerous. I just realized today that it's all prepared food! They do have a meat, vegetable and dairy section. But the rest of it is prepared food, snacks, desserts and a very large wine selection. I didn't buy any wine. I was kind of turned off last time by the flavor of the three buck Chuck. It wasn't really that good. I need to find someone to recommend what wine is good. There are many bargains.
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Why do I ignore this site? Am I giving up? I don't have the get up and go I once had. My get up and go has got up and went. I'm in the mood to travel. There would be a great excuse not to write. If I'm having adventures, I can't write while I'm experiencing. Of course, if I'm doing fun things, I would want to chronicle them. That's the ticket. I can do this 100 words thing one day at a time while I'm on my worldwide adventure. It's time to take off. I must do this. Yes.
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Saturday the 13th is not mentioned as a lucky day or an unlucky day, but it was the day that the oven died. I was not happy and I'm not going to go easy into that good night. I wish that it were easy to just fix but the thing is 30 years old. It really is time to change it. A new one only cost around $1000, so what's the big deal. I didn't realize how much we love our oven until we were unable to use it. It's amazing how resourceful you can really be without an oven!
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If it's Sunday, then let's go to the ghetto farmer's market. We originally went there because Raoul thought that he was getting such a good deal on miniature bananas and we thought the grocery store didn't get them. Well, it turned out that the prices were pretty comparable and we stopped going to the market for awhile. I don't know when it returned. But there was always an extra component and that was the visit to his brother's house. It's so sad that his brother died and that is no longer part of our Sunday routine. The beat goes on.
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Beware Ides of June. That's a good one. I don't know why I'm lying in bed doing nothing day after day. There are plenty of projects that need attention but it's rather overwhelming and it's much easier to lie in bed and watch daytime TV all the livelong day. I've been working on the railroad just to pass the time away. Can't you hear the whistle blowing? Rise up early in the morn. Can't you hear the captain shouting, "Dinah, blow your horn?" Dinah, won't you blow your horn. Someone's in the kitchen with Dinah strumming on the old banjo.
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Do you want a whole lot of love? Where does the time go? I wonder and I wander. The door will always be open. There comes a time to mark the date. How did you do it? I wonder as I wander. I admit that I had to do it. There's no point in not telling the truth. Please turn right up ahead. What's for lunch? It's 1212. Time to eat. Do you want me to continue being oblique? That's the theme of this entry. There is no point. What's the use in worrying? What's the use of hurrying? What?
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Mother and Father would want it that way. Today is the day that we celebrate Mom pushing baby sister from out of her. Get out and go have a life! Who knew that she would become such a redneck? It's how you say: trash white? That's what he would say. Meanwhile, the beat goes on and I don't care. I love it. The heat and humidity make me want to just lie in bed and do nothing until darkness falls. And even then it's too darn hot. You got to keep moving to keep the breeze going. Mosquitos be gone.
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The days just flow into one another. It's a crazy month of June. It seems hotter than ever and sooner than ever. It came on with a vengeance this year. Suddenly at the end of May, it was hot. And the humidity and temperature continue to rise. If you think June is bad, just wait for July and August. That's when we just gotta get out of this place. I'm praying for no hurricane activity. No tornados either. They're always possible. We get a little bit of notification of hurricanes with some hysterical warnings from the media, whipping everyone wild.
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What's the deal about Friday? It's just another day. The days, they come and the days, they go. What's for lunch? Am I making a Shabbat dinner. Shabbat Shalom, baby. Are you Shomer Shabbos? I'm not. I'm not even Bar Mitzvah. What's that all about? It was totally lazy. I'm a lazy person at heart. I have always been and always will be. I don't want to do anything but lie in bed and watch TV. I just binged on another Netflix series. I'm ready to watch the next one but first I have my usual afternoon shows to watch.
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It's hard to believe that three weeks of this month have flown by. At the end of the month, half the year will be done. That's cray. Time seems to have sped up suddenly when I'm in retirement. This isn't at all what I thought it was going to be. I'm liking that I'm selling little crap on ebay and getting rid of things. I wish that I were de-cluttering a bit faster but it took decades to build up so it's not going to be gone in a matter of months. I'm patient. Time will tell. Change good.
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It's almost the longest day of the year. It's hotter than the hinges of hell. I spend a lot of time thinking about food, food prep and new ways to make food and eating some new things. There really aren't that many things to eat. I think I'm going to have a can of exotic fish. After a short break, I'm back. I ate a can of smoked oysters. That was after a can of smoked clams. I was on a tear. I won't eat again for the rest of the day. That's plenty of protein. I'm taking a nap!
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Monday means time to move. Some days I forget what day it is. For me, every day is the weekend. But I still go through the motions with the rest of them. It's been a long time coming. It's going to be a long time gone. And it appears to be a long time before the dawn. I lie in bed most days and just watch four hours of the Today Show followed by hours of beavers talking and a cooking show interspersed with the day's news. It's a lovely way to pass the day. Then it's time to cook.
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There's a kind of hush all over the world tonight. All over the world, people just like us are falling in love. Do you know what I mean? Just the two of us and nobody else in sight. There's nobody else and I'm feeling good just holding you tight. So listen very carefully. Closer now and you will see what I mean. It isn't a dream. The only sound that you will hear is when I whisper in your ear I love you forever and ever. There's a kind of hush all over the world tonight. All over the world.
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It's been a week of acting as a chauffeur. Taking the family to doctor's appointments. I went to Starbucks and paid $5 for a coffee. That's just cray. I don't even care that they're bribing me with bonus stars. The stars are a scam too. You have to get 12 of them before you can get something free and the best free thing they have for sale is something like $7. That's a burn. I fell for it. I'm a sucker for freebies. Even if I had to spend an awful lot of money to get that free thing. Worry.
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It's hard to believe that next week will be July. After the fourth of July, it's the summertime blast. The heat will endure and so will we. Soon it will be Christmas day! There's an Aldi up the street that's having a grand opening and I'm crazy to go there even though I pretty much think the store is a bust, there's something about it. Plus, I'm looking forward to the meat and produce. They're supposed to be super cheap and there's a lot to be said about cheap meat and produce. I'm ready. Is it open yet? Gotta go!
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I get the joy of rediscovering. It's been a lot hot summer and it's just the beginning. Summer began about a month ago when the temperatures began to rise. Of course, the days seem like they couldn't be much hotter, but I say just wait until August, the cruelest month. That was the month that Hurricane Andrew hit in 1992. We will never be the same. It's the reason we think of leaving Miami after all these years. We will never leave. It has too strong of a hold on us. We're Miami people. Always have been. Always will be.
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Sundays are meant to be long, lush and lazy. We just laid around all day listening to the intermittent rain. It didn't rain here like other parts of the county, so we got lucky. One of these days, we're going to get it just like everyone else. I hope there are no hurricanes. That's my fervent desire. This is the first year we are without "windstorm insurance" as they like to call it. It's such a total ripoff. They actually had the nerve to quote us $12K for premiums with a $40K deductible. That's just plain silly. We didn't bite.
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No more Mondays in the month of June. June is slip sliding away. It's just another day. I sold some pieces of crap on ebay so I have to go to the post office to mail them. That's going to be my large event of the day. His sister went away for the week, so we went to lunch. That was fun. It was short and sweet. Maybe tomorrow, we'll do dinner out. The hard part is finding a restaurant in this town that doesn't charge an arm and a leg. Everything is out of reach. Maybe we eat tacos!
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Goodbye to all that. It's hard to believe that half the year is gone. It's like tomorrow is the second new year's day. It's six months gone. It's going to be a long time gone. And it appears to be a long. Appears to be a long. Appears to be a long time before the dawn. I'm quoting lyrics lately because it's a lot easier to fill 100 words with drivel than trying to come up with my own stream of consciousness. I think 100 words at a time is like a small assignment. I can do this. It's easy.