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January the first is one of the strangest days of the year. I don't know how it became an actual holiday, but I sure miss the good old days of getting paid for not working this day. Now I just never get paid anymore, because I expect that check every month from the government. I wonder if I will ever get back what I paid into that system. I kind of doubt it. Even if I live to be 100, they still won't have paid me what I gave them. I guess that's why they call it a pyramid scheme.
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The days come and the days go. It's day two of the new year. So much potential and so many more days to go. Will we all make it through this year? Or will some of us die by fire? Or will some of us die by water? May you be inscribed in the Book of Life. I know we declared that months ago, but isn't it time to make the two synchronize or something. Put it all together. I remember for many years, Jewish holidays meant that the school was virtually empty. Then they made them teacher workdays. Brilliant!
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It's the first Saturday. It makes the holiday stretch even more. It still seems like we are celebrating the new year. Here's to 2015! It can't be any worse than 2014. We lost a couple more of our little old ladies. There aren't many more around. I hope we don't lose too many people in 2015. That's two days in a row that I'm writing about potential end of life issues. That's what happens when one reaches a certain stage in life. Each day is a true gift. Yesterday is the past. Tomorrow is the future. Today is a present.
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Four days into the new year and it still feels like we're celebrating. It's been one long celebration of the new year. I hope the year 2015 is worthy of all this celebration. I feel that a good year is ahead. I feel like a big change is imminent. I'm gunning for it. I need a new routine more than ever! And this is the year that I'm going to find that new routine and love every minute of it. That's the ticket. I'm upbeat. Nice way to write 100 words. Much better than morose. It's a beauty day. Yay.
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Monday, good to me. I go with the flow. In the good old days, Monday would mean that I would have to get up and get ready for work. And then I would drive 40 minutes to sit at a desk for eight hours and try to look busy. It was a beautiful place and I pissed it away. I had the opportunity to be beautiful in a beautiful place but instead I came to work with a sour face and a worse attitude. It's no wonder they said please don't come back here. We're much too beautiful for you.
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The weeks, they fly. The days go ever so slowly. But once they accumulate, suddenly you've had an epiphany. Today would have been Helen's 98th birthday. I sort of deep down hoped that she would last until her 100th, but also deep down I'm sort of glad that she's gone. She wasn't living for the last decade, having been relegated to a home. It was her greatest fear, ending up in a home. And she did. Go family! That's what they did to her. She had enough money to stay at home and be taken care of, but no. Thieves!
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So, today marks a whole week of the new year. We've already gone through an entire week and what do we have to show for it? Nothing. It's all artificial anyway. The inexorable march of time must be marked somehow. What are we doing? Oh yeah, soon it will be time to begin awfulizing over income taxes. It's that time of year again. I supposed I should be happy that this is the year that I get to file jointly finally after all these years. I was thinking that this may be the trigger that sets off an audit. Whoopsie!
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Thursday is as good a day as any other. It's a day where I can do as I please. It was a good day to go to the garden. Too bad things were planted a little late. They're showing signs of taking off, but ever so slowly. Better late than never? I don't know. It may be proof that if you don't get started on time, it's not going to happen. I think that I just have to be a little more patient. Sometimes I get very impatient with my gardening. It always takes longer than I think it should.
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TGIF baby. Today I never left the house. I love when that happens. I feel like I should have watched Mass for Shut-Ins. I used to love that show when I was little. I think the idea of being a shut-in was fascinating for me. And here I was today, playing the part. Tomorrow, I shall be out and about. A trip to the community garden is called for. I remember when I signed up, we said that we would go at least three times per week. I used to go on a daily basis. Go figure. Truth.
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I just sat here and wrote a whole week's worth of 100 words at once. I like that about this website. It will pretty much let you write a whole month at a time if that's what you wish. The best thing is to come here daily and write. It's like that one word website I just remembered yesterday. The difference there is that you're limited to what you can write about one word in one minute. This website and the other one at 750 words dot com don't have a time limit. That other one requires a daily entry.
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I avoid writing until I can't ignore it any more. I did that with some important things in life and then I had to beg because the deadline had passed. Why am I like that? I think it's human nature, but I'm studious having done it for decades. I'm shirking my responsibility. I'm a total gold brick. It's a gold brick! That's a good thing, no? Is Fidel dead? I don't know but I'm ready to go to Cuba. Let's go! I need a vacation. House guest coming this week for a whole week. That's about four days too much.
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Today is Monday? Oh yeah, means absolutely nothing to me now that I'm officially retired. It's hard to believe that it's really here but I'm not working and I'm not looking. Well, I look for something but there's nothing for old folks. I'm not even really old. It's just that I crossed over to some sort of invisible place where people go after they pass a certain age. I knew that when I left that last job, there would never be another. That's a fact of life. I'm glad that I saved for a rainy day because it's pouring now.
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Walked to the main street and met my BIL for coffee. We drove back to my house and smoked a little before he left for work. I'm sorry that he still has to work, but if that weren't the case he wouldn't be here since they moved up north. We were going to move there but we stayed instead. I still think this is the year to move. I don't know why I feel that. Maybe it's because in November, we'll celebrate 30 years in this house. That's amazing to me. It's the longest I've ever lived in one place!
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Hump day indeed. House guest arriving from NYC. It's going to be a bumpy ride for the next week. I already have my riding saddle ready. Giddy up big guy. It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. What is with this January rain? Usually January is a totally dry month. And where is winter? Not much cold weather this year, but that's also okay. This is, after all, the sun and fun capital of the world. Haven't heard that much lately, but I never forgot it. It's Miami It's my Miami and Miami's for me! That's if for today. Adios!
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The relentless march of time means that already half this month is gone. Time is so much more precious when there's less of it to waste. What's my favorite waste of time? I sure do love to lie in bed and watch TV for hours. I binge watched Orange is the New Black in one weekend. I saw two entire seasons. And then when it ended, I wanted more! And now I have to wait a couple of years for that to happen. Oh well, Jenna say what? You know, I don't know. It's like a certain I don't know.
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TGIF! Janet is trying to get me to go with her to the PAL but I just want to go to the Art Deco festival. I already decided that if Gloria doesn't come by today that I'm going to take Isora just to get her out of the house. I know that it will only take a couple of hours to stroll through the place. I got an emergency call from Ricki this morning asking about a sofa. What the what? I'm still wondering what was the emergency. I just think she wanted to talk. That's okay. I'm done. Adios.
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His Royal Smallness has declared for decades that 17 is his lucky number, yet so many bad things have happened on the 17th, I have to wonder if he shouldn't revise his theory of a lucky number. I still think of 17 as special because of the way he spoke of it for so long, but I realized that he doesn't go on about it the way he used to. Maybe it's because of all those bad things that happened on the 17th that made him realize it's just another number. What's so special about 17? Not much, I'd say.
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I am fully aware that this site is here. I am committed to writing 100 words every day. I've become accustomed to writing here. It's therapeutic. But why do I ignore it so much? I haven't been here for 10 days. That means that I'm going to sit here and write 1000 words. And break them up into 10 different segments. I'm not even going to try to remember what I did last Sunday. I know it was filled with the usual things visiting friends, smoking and drinking and just having a gay old time. That's what life is like.
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Hang nails are an enigma. Why do I suddenly have them on both hands? Sometimes I get just the one and it goes away in a couple of days. Then there are times like right now when I look at my hands and they're a wreck. I think it's because I've had three manicures in the past four months. I think that manicures cause your hands to require that sort of attentive pampering. I like getting a manicure. It makes me feel rather royal. But I don't like the way my hands look when it's time to do it again..
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I'm not very good with the beginning of the year. January is a difficult month for me. And this year, it's been especially difficult. I started the year with the whole new year celebration thing that seemed never ending. And now that the month is fully in gear, I'm still losing track of the days. That's why a job is a good thing. That rhythm that we get from the Monday through Friday routine where we assign a feeling or a mood to each day helps make it through the week. Without that, every day is a holiday. Me likey.
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Another day, another dollar. Is it still the same? I like to say, "Another day, another $1.50." That's inflation for you. It should be more like $5. Another day, another fin. What's a sawbuck? Is that a dollar? Another day, another sawbuck. This is pure rambling. I need to distill something. What is the process of distillation? Doesn't it involve some boiling? Or heating? Or something of the sort? Now, I want to make perfume. Or soap. Just the urge to make something. Maybe I'll attack that pile of papers. Now there's a good idea. Get busy, dude, go.
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Remember: Exactly 100 words, no more, no less. Okay, I can do this. Most of the time, I end with a three word exclamation. Or I go back and delete extraneous words. This is a fun time. I'm turning into drudgery, but it's something that I really like! I'm just going to write. It's all about the writing. It takes a village to raise a writing idiot. And for that, I thank the village of Miami. And I'm proud to claim the title of village idiot. I don't write about anything. I just write. And what's wrong with that? Yeah.
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So I was thinking about the significance of January 23 to me. The most significant time that date occurred in my life was in 1976 when I was released from the U.S. Navy. I had just spent four years of my life practically in a prison. It wasn't the best way to spend four years of my life. And they almost got their claws in me for another six years. They didn't want two or even four, they were already talking about six more years. My life would have been so different if I had accepted those six years.
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The month it has flown. The time flies. Fruit flies. I'm flying. This is but a fling. I find the time to frilly the fun. It's silly but that's okay. I'm serious too and that's not so cool. There's a time and place for everything. I shall let those who feel serious and superior to continue to feel that way. I'm totally content with my station in life. And my position in the station. It's not easy to maintain. But the beat goes on. And the pace quickens. Time to slow down. Today is going to be a good day.
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Do you tweet? Are you on Facebook? Is life totally social. I like to watch people on their "smart" phones. It's funny how the phones have become more smart while the users have been totally dumbed down. People walking into things because they're so engrossed in their phones, it's tragicomedy. What in the world? It's like Tommy being asked about his mother's toilet paper and he knows the answer. That's absurd. The world is a ghetto. It's becoming and more absurd. It's bad. It's sad. It's okay. We're all going to be okay. I feel that things will work out.
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I had a moment when I realized how old I am. How did I get past six decades? Inside every old person is a young person wondering how it happened. Where does the time go? Time flies whether you're having fun or not. If I go a couple of days without a shower, I am a dirty old man. I'm not old, just as pretty as I feel. Feeling so pretty. So, when the time comes and the rubber hits the road, it's a good thing to be mature. I'm glad to be here. I do not envy today's youth.
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Many lifetimes ago, I was married on this date. The year was 1973. I married my college sweetheart. It was a beautiful thing. I was needy and I needed someone to take care of me. She was someone who needed someone to take care of and we were the perfect fit. We met on a road trip from college back to south Florida. As time has passed, so many details have become fuzzy. All I remember are the beautiful things. There was no arguing and we never disagreed about anything. That was when life was more simple and so beautiful.
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I have become more sedentary than ever before and it's totally from laziness. My laziness has come creeping up on me. I have to motivate myself. I am totally demotivated. As soon as I'm done here, I'm going for a walk. Maybe I'll walk to Starbucks. I'm so excited that a new Starbucks is being built only a few blocks from the house. I woke up to life on Mars. Every little thing is possible now. Drinking more than two alcoholic beverages can raise the risk of stroke. Strumpet stroke me. Having a Starbucks nearby makes your home more valuable.
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There goes the first month of the new year. It's like that end of the year slide that started back in October is just now reaching its bitter end. It's amazing how time flies whether you're having fun or not. I have to get a new routine. This one is not working. I need to be more productive or creative or useful or something. Sitting here tapping into the laptop isn't cutting it any more. It's anti everything. I'm not socializing and I'm running myself into the ground. I look at others and wonder why they don't do something. Hmmm.
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Soon it will be Christmas Day. Isn't that a good one? How many days until Christmas? It's something like 330, no? I don't know. Why am I focused on such a ridiculous concept. It's a bad situation. It's time to get busy making this a great day. There will never ever be another January 30 2015. The year is 2015. How did that happen? I could understand Y2K, but I'm having a hard time thinking about 15 years on. Time keeps on slipping into the future. It's like that. I have been writing a lot about the passage of time.
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Goodbye to January. It's all done. First month of the year and it's historical. There will never be another January 31, 2015. This is an odd year. We're already well into the 21st century. Fifteen years worth, and I'm wondering how long I'll be here for the 21st century. It's amazing that we don't know our own expiration date. I think that life would be a lot different if we each knew our last day. We all know our first day, but we weren't aware enough to celebrate. That's why we do it every year. It's a celebration of Mom.