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We went to a bat mitzvah party in Hollywood tonight. There were way too many kids and the food was rather mediocre. The music was incredibly loud and the evening just dragged on and on. I'm glad that we left before the cake was cut because I don't really eat cake. I knew that when I dropped off my sister that I wouldn't see her again before she left even though she said she would come over in the morning. She left without coming over and for that I am thankful. I won't be seeing her for a while. Yay.
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Back to work today and it was actually kind of busy. That's because I didn't go to work on Thursday or Friday last week so there was a lot of unfinished business waiting for me. I met with two people and set up appointments for a few others. It's a routine job and I'm actually getting used to being there. I wonder how much longer it will last. I just like the idea of getting out of the house for a few hours each morning. I miss watching Kathie Lee and Hoda but that's the breaks. I'm employed again, dammit.
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The days come and the days go. I am sitting here and thinking back to yesterday. It seems so far away. Yet, only last night I was socializing with Linda and Scott after a wonderful chili dinner. I was very adept and made the tacos from leftover chili. Go know. Raoul was smart and told me to fry it to remove some of the liquid. That was a brilliant idea because they came out perfect. I thought that 20 would be too much but we ate all of them! And the stir fried mushrooms onions and peppers added a lot.
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Happy hump day, he thinks to himself and he continues to tap out words on the keyboard. He's typing but thinking, "I want to go downstairs and drink coffee and eat bacon and eggs." That's not so unreasonable. I don't want to work. I just want to bang on the drum all day. I'm very glad that I only work half days. I don't know how I would handle a full day of work. I also checked my social security earnings and I'm ready to start collecting. I just have to wait a few more months and then life begins!
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Who doesn't love a grilled cheese sandwich? Well, I used to love them very very much but now that I'm gluten free and dairy free, it's like the symbol of what I can't eat. I remember in the Navy, we used to get a grilled cheese sandwich they called a sweet dream sandwich. Why? It had sliced tomato in the center. What's better than tomato with grilled cheese? The only thing I can think of is bacon! There is absolutely no substitute for cheese. I've had plenty of decent gluten free bread, but no good cheese substitute. That's a shame.
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I'm so glad it's Friday! Even though I'm only working part time, I'm incredibly happy to have a couple of days off from that horrid job. I need a new routine and I've only been in this one for a little more than a month. I'm tired of dealing with petty bureaucrats and mean officious office workers. What gets into people when they have a little power? It's horrible! I'm so over that bad attitude. That's why I'm grateful for the weekend. I swear next week I'm going to greet every angry passive aggressive person with total love. That's it!
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I went to Linda's to feed her cat this morning. Then I came back home to get the case of cat food I forgot to bring with me for my trip later to Costco and I forgot it a second time. What a freaking airhead. I visited Helen and she was really out to lunch. She was asking me to take her home. Raoul says that means she wants to die. I wish she would already. She's certainly not living! I'm sad over this. When I saw Ricki at Costco she said I looked sad. Is it any wonder? Sheesh.
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Sunday is a fun day. I get to rest. It's a great day for napping. I don't even mind if the weather is less than expected. A rainy Sunday without any plans sounds like bliss to me. I don't have to do anything. I don't want to do anything. I like being a slug all day long. Nowhere to go. No one to see. And no worries. What a lovely day. It's a beautiful feeling to be carefree. Why worry? Tomorrow begins a new week and there's no need to start worrying about that today. It's a great day. Yay.
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Monday is so good to me. I go to work and act like it's just another day. If I don't let it get me down that I'm back to the grind, it is just another day. The four hours at work fly by and next thing I know I'm trying to decide what to have for lunch. I go to the Whole Foods salad bar and think to myself that the next time I have to go to a different store because this one has such a bad salad bar. The choices we make on a daily basis. Oy vey.
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I'm a whole week behind on my 100 words writing tasks. That's not a good thing because what it essentially means is that instead of just popping out a quick hundred words, I'm sitting here writing 700 of those words and segregating them into days. For me to diarize those days, I really need to write at that time. Because although it's only last week, it's gone. I can sit here for a moment and try to remember what happened last Tuesday but for the most part it was just another day. That's how most of them are: very routine.
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I wonder who runs this website. How was it started? What other sites are inspired by this one? Isn't this rare? I write 100 words a day and before I know it, years have passed and there are thousands of entries of exactly 100 words. That's so odd. I remember when I first started, I thought it would be really difficult to write exactly 100 words but I soon found out just how easy it really can be. I just write mostly stream of consciousness and it comes out just right. I go back and read old entries and laugh!
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Are we at the dog days of summer? Not yet, my dear. It's not even summer yet! I love that story. We have about another week before the season officially starts. The air conditioner works so hard at this time of year. I'm glad that we just painted the roof again. It's been five years and it was needed. It reflects the heat amazingly. That's one of the joys of living in an old house with a flat roof. They were really cool back when life was really hot. There was no air conditioning when this house was built. Unbelievable.
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I couldn't care less about Friday the 13th. It's worth noting because it happens so seldom but it's queer. That's all I have to say. I own a black cat and I love him all 365 days of the year (and 366 on leap years). But I worry about letting him out of the house on a day like today. He would be a target. The other day he's not allowed to go outside is Halloween. And, of course, the kitties are never allowed to go outside in inclement weather. They sit at the window and dream of going outside.
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Justin and I went to visit Helen and then we went to Costco. I sort of just floated through the day. Justin commented that I was down. I think that Helen is getting to me. She's so far gone that I think it's going to be pretty soon that she will just stop eating and go to sleep. The dirt nap. The big sleep. I can feel it coming. I have been saying that for years but it seems like it's imminent. Sometimes I wish there were a way to hasten her demise, but it will happen when it's time.
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Since the kids were here, they wanted to take us somewhere for Fathers Day so we went to that place on the river that he loves so much and we ate seafood. It was a fun time. We also went to the Cuban bakery and bought a buttload of baked items for Justin to take back to Orlando. It was a quick little visit and it went off without a hitch. There were some moments where it seemed a little tense, but for the most part it went well. I wonder why we walk on eggshells when that woman visits.
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Ugh, I woke up and just did not feel like achieving today. I don't want to do anything. I'm a big slug. It's just one of those days. I don't like having these kinds of days. I call it a mental health day. I just want to lie in bed all day. I went outside and I swear it rained when I was walking in and it hasn't rained since. As a matter of fact, I'm looking out the window right now and it's a beautiful sunny day. What's wrong with me? I just need to get it together now.
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Today is my sister's birthday. With the advent of Facebook, we have devolved to sending birthday wishes via FB. No more paper cards. No more gifts of checks or cash. I like that. I always thought that birthdays should be about Dear Old Mom. She's the one who carried that baby for nine months and then pushed it out of her. That's something worth celebrating. Why celebrate the fact that you were pushed out of a hole? Big deal! Anyway, happy birthday to my baby sister. Next year is a big zero birthday. I'm ready for that one. Party time!
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It's a good morning. Rainy, but good. It's now 8 o'clock and I already have a bad attitude. I don't want to go to work even though it's only for four hours. I have to start getting ready in a few minutes. It's nice that it only takes me about 10 minutes to get to work. So, with about 15 minutes to get ready, I don't have to worry about getting up and getting ready until about 8:15 a.m. It's hump day. And that means something to me. I'm halfway through this hideous week. Come on Friday. Ready!
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Up early. Too bad Mr. Cat is awake too and meowing his fool head off. It's just past 6 a.m. and I'm tapping out words on my trusty laptop while kitty sits in the hallway meowing that he wants breakfast or to be let out or both. He's really getting old although we still think of him as our little kitty. It's amazing how both of our cats suddenly became senior citizen kitties. It just snuck up on us. That's the hardest part about pets - they're around for so little time. We have to enjoy every minute they're here.
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TGIF baby. I don't usually care at all about what day of the week it is, but this was a week when I continuously questioned why I'm working this job. I keep telling myself it's so they will pay for some training but that's only a little more than $500 so how much is that worth. I need to get on the ball and get this training done and then get a decent job but if I get the training then the next job is just going to be another one like this one. And I don't want that. Oy.
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I wrote 100 words for today but my Internet connection ate the entry so here I am doing it over again. That's just lovely. Plus, the fact that now I have an extra day to catch up. I wrote that it was a Saturday much like any other. I put gas in the car at Costco but I didn't go inside the devil's warehouse. I came home and napped and then went to a very odd wedding. I was a fill in for someone who unexpectedly went out of town. It was fun but I was glad to come home.
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We had Chinese food. That was the highlight of the day. Raoul decided that he wanted to invite the old lady over and the other two who always accompany her. I think the next time he tries to do that I'm going to take Linda up on her devious plan to go out to eat somewhere else and let him enjoy his time with his ersatz family. We all have to sit through a dinner of him acting like his rich girlfriend. He drank a whole bottle of wine by himself and just became more obnoxious as the evening progressed.
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Monday is good to me when I'm in the mood. I suppose that the best way to deal with today is to say I'm in a good mood. I was going to go to the beach on Saturday because it was the summer solstice. Maybe I should start today at the beach. There's something about starting the week that way. I could have a nice wake and bake and then go watch the sunrise. What a great idea! Why didn't I think of that sooner? It's now 0040 so I'll just go back to sleep for about six hours. Voila!
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What do I do with my days? I file an entry. What does it say? Not much. Why? Because not much happened. Today was a boring day. The usual things passed by my face and I did the usual things. The only thing different was that I met a friend at a Cuban cafe on Coral Way. Say that five times real fast, eh? I told her about my friend who went to Panama for gum surgery. Among other stories told this morning over Cuban coffee and Cuban type foods. Neither of us is Cuban but they're in our lives.
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What a day. From beginning to end, it was a day to remember! I took Raoul and Isora to Mount Sinai and then ran errands. When I went back to pick them up they told me to go to work. I got to work about an hour late and there was someone from the city waiting to talk to me. That was unusual. Later, Scott and I went to wine tasting we were supposed to go with Linda but she backed out at the last minute. We went to Ruth's Chris Steak House. That was unsurpassed. Oh my. A memory!
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I'm debating about whether to go to work today, but I know I will after all. I'm almost over that job. I don't know what's going on but I'm sort of stuck in the middle trying to rent a building to homeless folks and the city is playing games. I'm just going to keep going in. I'm still full from last night's dinner of a very large steak and all the other things that go in a steak house. I need to eat something this morning just because I ate so much last night. I guess I'm going to Starbucks!
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Time flies whether you're having fun or not. I just realized that Tuesday is the first day of the second half of the year. Half the year is gone, just like that. Poof! Where did it go? We were there but where were we? Were we where we said we would be? And what of it? What's the what for? Why's the why not? When would you wouldn't? What the what? It sounded like something fell down. Are you okay? Why did this turn so cryptic? There's something to be said for vague booking. It's time to book. Gotta run.
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Ah, Sunday. It's my favorite day of the week. It's a totally nothing day. And that's what we did all day. Nothing. We just laid about the house like rather large lumps. Eat, sleep, shit. That's the new title of that Julia Roberts movie. Whatever. I'm out of ideas over here. I'm just going to ramble until I reach the 100 words mark. Then I have about three more days worth to type. It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Won't you be my neighbor? Well, at least in cyberbia. What the hell is that? That's this neighborhood, dummy face!
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June 31st has been canceled. It's funny that today marks the end of the first half of the year 2014 and I don't even feel like we've made a mark. The year is half over and what do we have to show for it? Not a fucking thing. Oh my, I don't usually use that sort of language but I'm in a foul mood. The year is half over and I've done nothing but drink and smoke and smoke and drink. What a hell of a way to mark the year. I'm a smoking drunk. Good for me. You go!