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Rabbit. Rabbit. Remember, exactly 100 words. No more. No less. TGIF and that stuff. It's just another day. Today is the first day of the rest of my life. What makes today different from any other day? It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. What a difference a day makes. Day by day, oh dear lord three things I pray - too see thee more clearly, follow thee more nearly, love thee more dearly day by day. I'm in a mood and there's nothing to be done about it but keep calm and carry on. Tomorrow is another day. So there!
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It's Groundhog Day and the groundhog saw its shadow so that means an early spring! Can you say climate change? I think in the past the whole groundhog thing was just so much hu-hah. But for those folks in Punxsutawney it's a big deal. I get up on Saturday and tell myself that I'm going to skip the visit to Helly and the next thing I know I'm sitting there feeding her. The latest thing is that I've turned Saturday lunch time into a challenge. My self-imposed challenge is to feed Helly all of her lunch. Good times.
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Raoul got a wild hair today and decided that he wanted to go to Shark Valley. I didn't mind because it was such a beautiful day. We got up fairly early and drove west on the Tamiami Trail to get to the location. I had no idea how pricey this little trip was going to end up. Well, $100 for a day outing isn't that bad. We had a two hour tour on the tram and saw lots of alligators and birds. The 20 minute break at the halfway point was over too quickly. But it was a wonderful day.
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Monday at the office and an afternoon lunch with former coworkers made me realize just how much I've come to enjoy working half days. I don't think I'm going to be able to go full time. That's the problem. I'm not meant to be a full time worker, but I want the full time benefits. I think I'll be able to rationalize that away because the benefits aren't that great. It's true - you don't know what you've got until it's gone. I miss the good old days of working at the convent even though I was a prick of misery!
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I'm only happy when it rains? Not really, but that sure explains why I'm so miserable lately. Well, not really miserable, just sort of like a ship without a rudder. I'm directionless. I need to point myself in the right direction. The problem is that I don't know which direction to go. I have a garden full of cilantro and a house full of stuff. I have a job that doesn't exist and a bank account that's dwindling. These are all first world problems. I have a pretty good life after all. So keep calm and carry on. Good times.
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It's hump day which for today means some of those darling $1 sandwiches and maybe a couple of beers followed by a few hours of working on a presentation and wishing and hoping that it won't be much longer and that the thing will be ready for Feb. 20. Another dry run next week and then it's show time. Meanwhile, back in the year one, things at the job are status quo. I'm still missing the old jobs but they're dead to me now and this one is on life support so I best tend to this before it dies.
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Today I went to work and made a big deal that I want to start getting paid. I was under the impression that I would be getting paid by January and here we are well into the month of February with no change imminent so I almost demanded that I begin to be paid without even discussing the amount and I was told that I would have to wait for grant money to arrive but the grant hasn't even been applied for so I was told that I could also look for grant money but I was kind of pissed.
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I didn't go to work today because I had planned to work with Mahli on her presentation and when I called her this morning to reconfirm she tried to weasel out of the commitment and I told her that I had called off work for the day so that I could come to her house to try to complete this thing and then she told me to come three hours late and I wasn't happy but I went and we got a little bit done but not as much as I would have liked and we're on again for Monday.
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I'm really pleased with myself at keeping up with the 100 words thing. Today I'm writing before the day even begins just to get it over with and I have nothing to say that would go into a diary except that my intention is to visit Hellen and then go to Ricki's to help her move a piece of furniture and she has promised that in return she would take me for pizza even though she knows that I'm trying to be gluten free. I should look for a place that serves gluten free pizza. Wouldn't that be a hoot!
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Just another Sunday. We went to the ghetto farmer's market and I drove around quickly to shoot some abandoned furniture and Raoul was done very soon because his knee was really bothering him so I came back earlier than usual and he was ready to get back into the car with his purchases and we didn't go visit his brother but came right back home and instead of me making a fancy Sunday breakfast we met our relatives from California for a very early Cuban lunch on S.W. 8th Street followed by ice cream at Azucar. Really good times.
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I stayed home today and did nothing. Those are some of my favorite days ever. What do I like to do? Nothing. When do I like to do it? All the time. I can lie in bed for hours doing nothing and be very happy about that lack of accomplishment. I'm lazy at heart. Give me a day of nothing and I'm a happy camper. There was a lot of television watching involved which makes me even happier. I'm a creature of habit and my habit is to do nothing. I'm glad today was a nothing day. I want more.
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Today I went with Mahli to work on a dry run of the presentation she's making next Wednesday. I was concerned that there would be a lot of complication because she is using a DVD and a VHS. But after awhile of playing with wires and plugs and buttons, the technician and the support person and me were able to figure something out. I'll go there next Wednesday a little early just to make sure that everything works out. I'm a little upset that Mahli isn't more ready but that's the way of the world. It will all work out.
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What a drag it is getting up and old and going to work and eating pizza and getting Raoul angry at me and life goes on so I bought him cannolis and he wasn't impressed. I thought we'd go to Montaditos today but he went to Home Depot and Steve's Pizza with Isora and Gloria while I was still at work. The silent treatment makes me just want to run away. I've thought about it so I visited Danee instead and just forgot about the whole thing. After all, tomorrow is another day. This weekend will be a large one.
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It's Valentine's Day. That means nothing. I miss the good old days when I was young and carefree and I would go to Big Lots and buy lots of children's Valentines and pass them out to my coworkers. Today was just another day as I went to work and did little to nothing. I'm dissatisfied and I don't even have a real job yet. So, I went to Maoz and put on the feed bag and then later went to Art Wynwood on my own. My heart wasn't really into it. Maybe I'll go again. Grove Art Fest this weekend.
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Thinking about my brother since today is his birthday. Of course, I'm also thinking about Mom because I always say that birthdays are more about the Mom than the child. But I can't help but think of all the things my brother taught me both directly and indirectly. I think the indirect lessons were the hardest to learn. Those happened just observing his behavior and telling myself that I wouldn't be that way. I have a lot of him in me and I honestly miss him. It's hard to believe he's been gone for 13 years. Happy birthday in heaven.
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Not going to the Coconut Grove Arts Festival is sort of a big deal. We haven't gone together in years. I've gone for the past few years with Candy and/or others. I thought Ricki would go with me this year but she decided that she didn't want to spend the $10. So, instead I went to Coconut Grove to Mahli's house to work on her presentation. I'd say we're pretty close considering there's only one more day to work on it. That will be Monday when we put the finishing touches on it and then Wednesday is show time.
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February 17 should have some significance but it's just another day. I'm kind of angry with Raoul that he gave away my Mom's lamps last night to Mary without even asking me. And I wonder why he thinks he has the right to give away things that don't even belong to him. I guess I should be happy that he is helping to de-clutter the house but deep down inside I wished that we could have gotten some money for those things. At least now we can ask her to take care of the cats when we go away.
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Hooray for dead presidents because we got a free day thanks to them. When one is unemployed, federal holidays simply mean no mail delivery. When one is employed, it is a blessed day of not working and receiving pay for that. When one is unemployed, things change. There's no income yet the money continues to flow outward. How does that happen? I just keep watching the balance on the savings account go down down down. Soon it will reach the bottom and then things will get really weird. Let's party like it's 1999 even though that was 14 years ago.
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Starting the day rather early at sometime around 0400 because I had to get up to pee and the wind coming through the window had me thinking someone was rustling around the bedroom. So, up I went to the toilet and came back to bed and tossed and turned for about five minutes before I got out my trusty laptop and started schmying around the Internet. Here it is about a half hour later and I'm running out of things to do. I didn't even take a middle of the night pill. I'm just going back to sleep. Good night.
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I went to work but it was all for naught. The computers were down and I wasn't happy because I realized just how much I'm dependent on the computer to get my job done. I'm also disenchanted because it's late February and I've been doing volunteer work since October. I think it's way past time to start getting paid but it doesn't look promising for the near future. I tried the Starbucks blonde roast yesterday and it tasted like squaw piss. What's the point? The whole reason to drink Starbucks is for that bitter burnt coffee taste. Have a nice.
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Oy, it's 0800 I have no desire to get up and get going but as soon as I'm done tapping out these 100 words, I'm outta here. I gotta get up, shite shower and shave and head out. I'm going to kick ass at the job today so that I can hopefully start getting paid sooner rather than later. When I come back home this afternoon, I swear I'm going to take a nap. I don't know why I'm so gosh darn tired today but I swear I feel like I've been run over by a truck. Have a nice.
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The "Do Not Call Registry" has become a joke. Telemarketers have found a way to fake their calling numbers and as a result I am being bombarded by these annoying phone calls. I get them on a daily basis. When I try to call them back, they are out of service or probably logging my number as a valid number to just keep calling over and over again. It's so annoying. I wish there were some way they could actually put an end to these calls. They were gone for awhile but they've come back with a vengeance. Oy vey.
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Ricki wanted to get together today but I'm in a mood. She thinks that I should go to her house and do something from there and I've asked repeatedly that she come to my house but she just won't do it. I lost another friendship that way because I insisted another friend come to my house and she just wouldn't do it. I'm so tired of one way friendships. I don't consider someone a friend who always expects me to come see them or won't even meet me halfway. I have less and less friends as I get older. Oy.
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What a totally blah day! After the morning routine, I came home and just laid about the house all day. We went to Bob's in the late afternoon for a pastrami party where I made a fresh Caesar salad. It was a good time, considering it was at Bob's house. He and his daughter are such blobs and I usually dread going over there and this time was no exception. But there was a lively crowd and we ended up having a pretty good time. Even though we ducked out at 2000 so we could get home to watch Oscars.
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Today was a productive day in the morning and then in the late afternoon. The rest of the day I spent lying in bed doing nothing. I've got to stop doing that. I don't know what gives. I suppose I'm in a horrible rut and I've got to snap out of it. It's not a good thing, this lying about doing nothing. Especially when I'm lying there thinking of all the things that need to be done. I have a to-do list that's a mile long so why I insist on lying in bed doing nothing is not good.
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It's almost 0900 and I'm still sitting in bed not having done any of the morning routine except for drinking coffee and schmying around the Internet for about an hour. I woke up determined to go to work late today. I'm in a mood over that "job." Last night was a board meeting and I don't feel like I furthered my agenda at all. As a matter of fact, I think I finally realized that the person I had been hoping would help me get a position has actually been working against me. I feel like I'm spinning my wheels!
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Just another day. I called off. Instead of doing something, it was a day of lolling about. So many good intentions and the road led straight to hell. Oh well, at least I went to lunch with an old friend to a place I've wanted to go to since December. It was worth the wait. A truly lovely place filled with rustic touches and just a neat place to eat. Kind of fusion Thai food and really spicy sweet. I cam eback home and laid around some more. What a nice day off. I'm going to do it again tomorrow!
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The last day of February, bye Pope. Another day off. I'm going to do something constructive today instead of just lolling about the house being a lump. I want to do something with Mr. R, but he's unsure about what his plans are for the day. He's sitting next to me right now tapping into his trusty iPad. I think he's sending an email to Canada to tell of his exploits last night. I cooked cod filets with rice flour. I need to remember that style because it made a nice crispy coat. Could have cooke a little more though.