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100 words can really get away from you if you don't keep on top of it. Today is Oct. 3 so I have three days to write at once. I like the fact that this website, unlike, lets you go back and fill in the days. At, you must complete your words on that day or lose your writing streak. So, I've been much more diligent about writing there and ignoring this little exercise. I can hardly even remember two days ago except that I was surprised that it was already the first of the month!
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Living large! I think I'm finally going to start receiving an unemployment check from the state. It really takes awhile to get started even though it's all done on the Internet now. At the same time, I feel like the new job is finally taking shape. I'm not very excited about doing pro bono work but if that's what it's going to take to prove myself, then so be it. Today was the true meeting that will start me working on Thursday, albeit part time and for free. Raoul and I have been gallivanting around town having fun. That's over.
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Today is the first day of the rest of my life! I'm actually starting my first day of free work today to see if I'm going to get paid for doing this work and if they really like me. Of course, they're going to like me, but the wonder is, "Will I really be able to do this job?" Of course I can do it. That's the easy part. None of the negotiations have begun in earnest for how I would be paid. I sat next to the COO at last night's meeting. That wasn't as wonderful as I hoped.
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Going to work and not getting paid isn't a lot of fun, but I'm hoping that it will lead to a paid position. I'm still dreaming of my own shop but in the meantime I'm going to keep plugging away at this project. I'm already getting into the whole Friday thing of wishing it was Friday already so I can enjoy the weekend. I'm already awfulizing about next Monday! Go figure. Who knew? In the meantime, I still have a houseguest to deal with and that's taking up a lot of time. I gotta make some more casseroles, that's it!
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Yay for Friday. Went for a walk on Lincoln Road with my cousin. That was a culture shock. It's amazing how quickly things change sometimes. Places come. Places go. And the mall becomes more and more just like any other mall in America. No wonder people are depressed. There's no there there anymore. Every place is becoming homogenized. The only thing that makes Lincoln Road different from any other outdoor mall is the heat and the humidity. At least there have been no hurricanes this year. I guess that means we paid insurance another year for no good reason. Scheisse!
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I went to Mahli's house this morning. On the way I stopped at Coral Bagels and brought a couple of bagels for breakfast. After chatting for awhile, we got down to business and I photographed her mother's artwork for about an hour. Then it was time to go. I got to Helen's place just in time to see her pour her entire carton of milk all over everything. She was in an unbelievably foul mood, so bad that I've decided to skip next week. I was going to see Ricki but she was mental on the phone. Went to Costco.
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The highlight of today was the road trip to Alabama Jack's. I forgot what a fried food festival that place is. And we also forgot that we're supposed to arrive there after 2 p.m. so that we can see the square dancers and hear the live music. It was a rainy day except for while we were there. It rained slightly on the trip down but rained a lot on the trip back. Why does the trip home always seem so much quicker than the one there? We all came home and slept through the afternoon. A successful day.
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Monday is good to me especially when it's a holiday. Columbus Day is a schizophrenic holiday because although some government offices are closed, schools are open! The private school where I used to work is closed. Go figure. So, since it was such a dreadful morning weather wise, I just blew off going to the office today. Besides, I'm not even getting paid so it's not really a real job yet. I'm itching for the day when I actually get paid for doing this work, but until then I'm just going to have to be satisfied with the unemployment check.
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It's just another day. Thanks for that meme, Mr. McCartney. I went to work today and I really did a whole lot of nothing. The person who I share the office with is out yesterday, today and tomorrow so I spent most of the day at work just schmying around the Internets. It was pretty much a waste of time when I could have been doing some investigative work, I just wasn't in the mood for anything constructive. I'll buck up tomorrow and make up for it. I only have one assignment, and it can completed in just one day.
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I completely forgot that His Royal Smallness wanted me to take him to a doctor appointment in Coral Gables this morning. I was getting ready to be at work at 0900 but he reminded me at 0830 that I was taking him to Coral Gables. So, I took him. In the old days when I was working in Coconut Grove, I would drop him off at the office and go on to work. Now that I'm working on the beach, I dropped him off, went to Starbucks and drank way too much coffee and then I brought him back home.
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I've been neglecting 100 words in favor of 750 words. I discovered a website where I write 750 words each morning as soon as I wake up. As a result, I've neglected this site. Luckily, this site allows for make up writing so here I sit on Oct. 23 writing 100 words for Oct. 11. These next 13 entries will be less diary like and more like stream of consciousness. It's not easy to write 850 words each day! I can do this. I can do this. I can do this. But what was happening almost two weeks ago. Remember?
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Friday. It means something to working folk because it's the end of another week. Good shabbos, eh? I am not Shomer Shabbos but I do like to wish folks a good Sabbath. It comes around each week and it means a lot to some, and to others it's just another day. I'm ready for the weekend, but lately those two days are a lot like the rest of the week. It's just another day. I'm living in the here and now so each day is a gift. That's why they call it the present. Be here now, baby. I'm trying!
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For the past few years, I've used the excuse of visiting Helly to give Saturday some structure. I think that I'm going to stop going because she is so far gone mentally and it's been working my nerve for some time. She's in such a bad place mentally with her cursing and general bad mood. It's no fun anymore like the old days. I can't even have a little chat about anything because her mind is so gone. The only comfort I can bring to her is some cookies and hope that she's agreeable. The last couple of times not.
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If it's Sunday then we must be going to the ghetto farmer's market. We've been going for a couple of years already and I'm sure we've saved hundreds of dollars. It began a few years ago as an excuse to buy platano manzano. And before we knew it we were buying the majority of our produce there. We know that certain restaurant chefs go there and buy whole boxes of fruit and vegetables. Every once in awhile there is something truly special there and it feels wonderful to buy something for less than 1/3 the cost of Publix produce.
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Dave's been visiting and it's been nice but we'll be glad when we have the house back to ourselves and we don't have to concern ourselves with entertaining. Candy and Scott will be here in three weeks for Lily's Bat Mitzvah. Even though they'll only be here for three days, I'm already awfulizing about the whole experience. House guests just don't fill me with a sense of excitement. It's more like a sense of dread. As soon as they leave, Janet is threatening to stay for a week mid-November. That will be fun for about two days and then.
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I'm not happy about writing all these words at once, but I made the commitment for 100 words a day and I'm thankful that I can keep it up even when I've neglected it for almost two full weeks. Here I am on day five of 13 days and I'm over it already. I just don't know what to write about if I don't do it on a daily basis and make it into a diary entry. I've even neglected my online diary because of these two websites. I'm okay with writing and I could even do it every day.
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Wednesday is usually Montaditos day since everything on the menu is $1 but we're not going today. Today is the first day we have our house back to ourselves now that cousin Dave is gone. He was here for two full weeks. Now that the time is past, it seems to have flown by but while he was here it was like the days were dragging. Oh yeah, I've been working part time for the past couple of weeks. Unpaid, but at least I'm going to work each day. I need to change that into a real paid job soon.
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Thursday. I can't remember what I was doing last Thursday and that's kind of sad. I have total no recall. I need a nap. I just yawned. It's getting boring already. I've written a whole weeks' worth of 100 words in one sitting and I still have almost another whole week to go. Scheisse. This is the last time I let this thing fall so far behind. That's why it's easy to do a little bit at a time but trying to write two week's worth in one sitting is a chore. Writing should be such a pleasure, nest paw?
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Yay, it's Friday. And it's also Mom's birthday. Today's highlight is going to Shabbos dinner at the Ross family. Mom would have been 89 years old today and she's been gone eight years. Wow, life sure has changed in these past few years. I guess looking back, life changes a lot every few years. That's the relentless march of time. I'm trying not to be too emotional but it's not easy looking back on a whole life and thinking about how little of the future is left. I wonder how much longer I'll be here. And what will it be?
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Another Saturday and another chance to do the right thing. But no, I'll just sit here and schmy around the Internet and take a nap and maybe prepare something yummy for dinner. It's easy to be green, but it's not easy to be a good chef. I used to dream about having a restaurant but I never did. I used to think I could be a professional cook but I never became one. I used to think I could work as a teacher, but I didn't. I was a graphic designer forever and that was my career. I'm over it.
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If I weren't so preoccupied with money I could probably deal better with the whole not working situation. Somehow the money keeps coming in and the bills keep getting paid. I know that it's all a matter of making a budget and sticking with it. That's why I get so upset about all the talk about the government's balanced budget. The money will continue to flow in and the money will continue to flow out. It's just that at some point there was more going out than coming in and now we have a deficit. Big whoop. The beat goes.
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Monday and the beat goes on. I went to work today for half a day and came home and laid in bed and then got up at the last possible minute and made stuffed shells for dinner. I had a wild hair at Publix yesterday and bought pasta shells and ricotta cheese. It was a fluke and I hadn't made it for years and for some reason I just wanted it! After eating it later, I realized just how close it is to lasagna. It's just a different shape. I forgot to buy mozzarella cheese but substituted. It was good.
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Today I had to go to the unemployment office to grovel so that I could continue to receive $275 a week. I should just get over it already and get back to work. I got a call last night asking if I wanted to come work for a PR agency. I said yes, but I wasn't feeling it. It requires a great deal of writing and I feel less than optimistic about the ability to write for a living. I guess I could do it. But do I want to drive a half hour each way five days a week?
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It's happening again. Here I sit at 0311 tapping out the 100 words entries for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I'm not so sure about this commitment to write 850 words a day - 750 elsewhere and the 100 here. I seem to have the 750 part down pat. I've become sort of obsessed with that site as I write there almost immediately every morning when I awaken. But I'm neglecting this site. Here I sit in the middle of the night on Friday and I can hardly remember what happened on Wednesday. We were probably awfulizing about the arrival of Sandy.
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I stayed in most of the day today because outside there was a tropical storm. It's amazing that the world carried on today as though it was just another simple little weather event, yet tomorrow everyone is all freaked out. It's the middle of the night and the wind and rain woke me even though I took a pill so I could sleep through it all. As I sit here tapping away on the keyboard, the rain is pounding on the windows. A few minutes ago the wind was howling like a MFer. A weather event makes everyone go weird.
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The theme for this week was blown off. First, Ricki blew me off early in the week because I wouldn't feed into her paranoia. That may have been a blessing in disguise because I haven't heard from her in days. I blew off going to "work" a couple days this week, once because I had to go grovel to continue receiving unemployment compensation and the other time just because I didn't feel it. We bought a new lawnmower and it sits unassembled in the kitchen because the weather has been horrendous. It's just another day. This too shall pass, eh?
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I'm happy to be up to date with my 100 words project. It's nice to be writing the October 27th entry on October 27th. I went to the beach this morning to photograph the sunrise and was totally taken aback at the effects from Hurricane Sandy. The beach has been totally eroded and the tide was insane. And the storm has already passed us. I'm supposed to go do some volunteer work for the Obama campaign and then Raoul wants to go vote early later on. Today is the first day of early voting so we'll see if that works.
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Yesterday turned out to be a whopper of a day! It's good to get out of the house and do things. It's good to just be, but it's better to do. So, I did so much stuff that at one point in the afternoon I began to question whether it was still Saturday or if, in fact, I was suddenly living in Sunday. But here it is Sunday and since it's only 0732, I have no idea what this day will bring. I have a message from Ricki that there's a funeral at 1 p.m. Is that today? Wondering.
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Ugh, it's Monday. And today's the day of the funeral for Ricki's mom. At least they're only doing a graveside service and then we'll go to her mom's apartment afterward and schmooze a little. Ricki is definitely going mental. She must have called me 10 times last night and once even left a message that she called by mistake. It's going to be an interesting day. Plus Hurricane Sandy is top of the mind as it barrels toward New England. New York is hunkering down. I'm hunkering down too but for a different reason. Make it a great day dude.
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I fell behind again. I keep up with the 750 words a day but I neglect the 100 words a day. I know it's because this site allows me to come back and fill in missing days. The problem is that, sitting here on Saturday I can barely remember what I was doing last Tuesday. I think I was having a bad day because it was the day after Hurricane Sandy hit the northeast and watching it on TV made me very depressed. I even stayed home for the day and did nothing and just lolled about the entire day.
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It's Halloween. I couldn't care less. It means absolutely nothing to me. What did it mean to me in the past? When I was younger, there were parties to attend and alcohol to be consumed. When I was much younger, there was the excitement of picking out a costume and going around the neighborhood with my brother and sister begging for candies. I even remember some of the houses would give us homemade treats. That would be egregious today. No one should ever accept anything that isn't commercially sealed. And those should be inspected for any signs of tampering, too.