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Even though it was just another routine Monday at the factory, today was the day I became firm in my resolve to be out of that place by year end. I've become thoroughly disgusted with the corporate culture. Actually, I've despised it for nine of the 10 years I've stayed there. I'm at that tender age where finding a job is virtually impossible, so I'm going to create my own position. It's a scary proposition, but I'm feeling more confident each day. I have a concept. I just need to bring it to fruition. I am waiting for some serendipity!
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Things that go bump in the night. I'm not sure what woke me at 0300 - the cat licking himself next to my head, the uncomfortable temperature of the AC, or just my unquieted mind telling me to get up for awhile and do some laptop tippy tapping. It's now 0341 and I can feel that pill making me yawn, signaling that it's time to turn off this computer and get back into a horizontal position. Plus, I have to get up in about three hours, so I hope that will be enough sleep so I don't feel a pill hangover.
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Weather got me worrying. It's that time of year. Hurricane season brings a great deal of anxiety because there's so much time to ponder the possibilities. Today, I heard there was a tornado nearby accompanied by softball sized hail. That's a direct consequence of approaching Tropical Storm Emily. There seems to be a certain complacency about this approaching storm because the predictions are that it will remain a tropical storm. Meanwhile, news reports are that 20 inches of rain have fallen on Santo Domingo. That much rain is not a good thing even after months of drought. C'est la vie.
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I've always said that it feels like time keeps on slipping into the future faster as one ages. It's because each day of life is a smaller and smaller percentage of one's entire life. I've lived a good life. Today is a good day to die. I hope to live many more years, but I'm ready. I have nothing to fear. Death is like birth. It's totally random. We're all born. We will all die. That's pretty simple. And I agree 100%. But as time passes, it passes more quickly and the days become ever more precious. Carpe diem, baby.
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TGIF. Yeah, baby. The highlight of today was having lunch with my work old lady at Chili's in Cocowalk. At first, we were both ready to blow it off, but at the last minute, she said, "Let's go." So we went because we had a coupon for a free appetizer ($5.99 value) and it was really pedestrian but fun. And then we had lunch, which was also pedestrian but fun. Eating at chain restaurants is just a step above going to a place like McDonald's. It's presented on a plate and a 15% tip is added to the bill.
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I thought it was going to be a routine day, but as my friend Rae likes to say, "We make plans and G-d laughs." Well, I started the car and rinsed it off and when I got inside there was a big warning that said, "Check brake system." So I went to the corner store and when I came back the car was all dingy dingy dingy, so I drove to the mechanic in West Jesus and ended up waiting almost four hours to have a part replaced that "exploded." After all, it's eight years old. It was time.
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Routine Sundays are best. Of course, the mind is punishing all the time reminding that there are so many things that need "doing" instead of us just lolling about doing nothing. But, it is the Sabbath after all. Or was that yesterday? I'm totally in favor of a two-day Sabbath, where we get to do absolutely nothing but lie about and read and nap and nibble and play games and think and talk and just enjoy the present. I wish we would honor the present time more often. I think we're always running from the past to the future.
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Good morning! Up in the middle of the night, meaning we're already four hours into the day. Twenty more to go. Whoopie. I'm having an anxiety insomnia attack. Wrong number on the cell phone at 1230 started this chain of events that has led me to be tippy tapping at my trusty MacBook Pro 17 in the middle of the night. And, of course, that brings up the eternal question, "When is the middle of the night?" But, I'm feeling that sleeping pill start to kick in so I'm getting back into a horizontal position for a few more hours.
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Today was an ordinary day. Nothing much happened. I went to the bank at lunch time and made a deposit. I worked on a couple of projects at the factory. It was a pretty quiet kind of day. I made a couple of people laugh. That always makes me happy. I helped a couple of people get through difficult projects. That made me feel good. When I got home, dinner was already prepared so I went upstairs and changed clothes. Raoul had a moment with Isora during dinner which made for a little tension, but otherwise just a good day.
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Today was one of those days. When I was lying in bed before going to sleep, I was thinking, "Wow, what a routine day." Dr. Wayne Dyer says you're not supposed to think about negative things before going to bed. So, I turned it around and thought, "You know, a routine day ain't so bad." It was a regular kind of day. I got up, got ready, drove to work and worked for eight hours. I drove home, ate dinner, did a little schmying on the Internet and went to sleep. That's what I call routine, but not so bad.
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Drinking wine. That's the theme for to-day. I went to a cocktail party tonight, and they had the nerve to charge $17 for a glass of red wine. So, I gave the bartender the remaining $3 and paid $20 for one glass of wine. I was upset and didn't buy another one, but instead came home and drank two more! But the point is: how dare they charge such a price?! It's nice that they offered little nibbly things gratis, but to charge that much for a glass of fermented grape juice is really highway robbery, no?
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Yay, how I love Fridays!

Last Saturday as I was leaving to visit Helly in the nursing home, I got in the car and bells were ding ding dinging and lights were blazing red that I needed to check the brakes immediately. So, I drove to the mechanic and spent the whole day there.

Since I left so late, I only stopped at Costco for gas and a few things and I skipped the visit to Helly. So, I'm already thinking about tomorrow. Will she be noticeably worse? What will the mood be? I have to hope for the best.
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Although Raoul did give me a hard time for my 2-hour nap, it was worth it. As a matter of fact, it was the highlight of my day. That was what bridged the morning and evening events together. It was a Ricki day. I met her after a very quick visit with Helly and we had lunch together. Afterward, I drove home and had a lovely nap. Next thing I knew, Ricki and I were walking around looking at art 'n' stuff. I came home and drank a couple more beers and passed out early. No watching SNL tonight.
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Michelle Bachman is dangerous. She harps about being married for 33 years. Everyone can see that her husband is gay. They run a business that transforms gay people into straight people. She and her husband belong to the group of people who have been opposed to people like my partner and me who have been together for 33 years but we haven't been able to enjoy the benefits because she believes that the gay lifestyle is personal bondage. Gay Americans have a sexual identity disorder. Marriage is between a man and a woman. That's so honorable and dignified, Mrs. Bachman.
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Quince de Agosto, el cumpleaños de Isora. Que divertido. Cuando yo empecé de salir el trabajo, estaba buscando algo para regalarle. Encontré con un osito rosado. Ella fue fascinada con esa. Esta noche, fuimos a un restaurante, Carrabbas, con la vieja Ruth. Raoul ya estaba poco tomado antes de salir, y ordenemos dos jarras de vino blanca de la casa. Yo no puedo creer que ellos tienen la nervia de cargar $28 por una jarra de vino de la casa. Que "highway robbery." Oh well, c'est la vie. Fue un buen fiesta para Isora y todos nosotros estuvimos encantados.
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Heat. I'm not a fan. I had a friend who moved to Miami from England and she used to relish in the summer heat. She liked to say it felt like a warm blanket enveloping her. It's like a hot wooly blanket itching to be thrown off! I praise the air conditioner many times during the day. Somehow at the office, it's become so much cooler and the times when I walk outside during the day, I literally feel like I am defrosting. It's mid-August and the heat will only get worse for the next month. I'll make it.
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The number 17 seems to have a great deal of significance in the lives of those living in this little compound on Prairie. Today was no exception. I never saw Isora because she was whisked away by her nurse, Gloria, to Hialeah. Raoul was dealing with a situation with his brother, Ernesto. And I was beavering away at the Factory of Mind, making Pretty Things. I came home to a quiet house and fed the kitties and watered myself and watched TV for awhile. Raoul came storming into the house around 2000 and wondered why there was no dinner waiting.
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This is about intentions. They are important. But the most important thing about creating intentions is following through. That's why I like the idea of new intentions every day. What are your intentions for today? They're almost always pretty much the same, unless there's some sort of drama going down.

I just want things to be good, better, best. There's nothing wrong in that, is there? But in order to create that reality, I must have good intentions and not the kind that will pave the road to hell. I have only the best intentions. I need to be mindful.
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Sometimes technology can be so cruel. After three years of trusty service, my darling iPhone crapped out on me today and I had to go to the AT&T store to buy a new one. I was holding out for the iPhone 5 which is supposed to be released very soon, but the gods had other plans for my smart phone. So, now for only $49 plus $18 upgrade fee, I've upgraded from a 3G to a 3GS. It's smooth. It's shiny. And it takes video! So, I've had to spent hours to get it just like I want it.
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Lather. Rinse. Repeat. I was in such a funk today and I don't know why. I'm stuck, that's it. The Saturday routine was dull and boring today. I didn't even visit with Helen because just being there made me so depressed. I said hello and goodbye and she didn't even know the difference. Besides, she was ready for lunch and there was a new nurse that I wasn't in the mood to get to know. I met Ricki at Costco and that was also dull and boring, so I came home and slept the afternoon away. Slept all evening, too.
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I don't want to think about hurricane season. It was like 20 years ago that Hurricane Andrew terrorized us in late August. The last couple of years have been relatively easy, with little hurricane activity. It's all so weather related. Here comes Irene again, so now what? We wait and wonder. Is this going to be a big one? Will it pass us by and terrorize other parts of the land? The worst part of riding out a hurricane is the preparation - bringing all the yard crap into the house and maybe even putting up plywood. Then, the waiting game.
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I remember when we bought a computer that had a 1 GB hard drive. We really thought we had reached a limit. I just saw a commercial for a laptop with a 500 GB hard drive. And now they're putting gigabytes of storage space on jump drives. Who'd've thunk it? Anyway, what's the point? I'm getting tired of the whole Internet experience. I'm ready for the next big thing. I'm tired of reading random articles and typing random words. I need a new routine. It's time to get out from behind this illuminated screen and start to live life again!
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Tuesday afternoon, I'm just beginning to see. Now I'm on my way. Okay, Tuesday is just another day. And today was just that. Just another day. Nothing much happened. I'm going through the motions. I need to shake things up. I want some excitement in my life and things are just going so routinely and one day is pretty much the same as the next. It ain't ever gonna happen if I don't make it happen. I don't like feeling stuck and right now, I'm glued to the ground. I need to get some Goo Gone and get outta here!
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19 years ago today we experienced the worst hurricane ever to hit this area. Luckily, we evacuated the area and went to my sister's house some 50 miles north. It was far enough that we only felt a little extra wind and rain. Little did we know that further down south, they were being pounded and slammed mercilessly. It took years to recover and some places still are devastated after all these years. I recently went to New Orleans and saw the leftovers from Katrina. They have a couple of decades before things return to the way they were before.
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I made a fresh fig cake. It is so moist and delicious and so easy to make with simple ingredients and easy preparation. The best part is that the figs were on sale at the grocery store. That's what inspired me to make this recipe with the only spice of cinnamon. A container of yogurt, a stick of butter, a couple of eggs, flour and baking powder. Slice the figs in half, arrange and pour the batter. Bake for 40 minutes and then enjoy one of the most wonderful creations. I'm going to make another one this week, yes sir.
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Shabbat dinner is always a fun time. I like the way everyone is so relaxed with all the kids running around. All the food is so wonderful and the company is charming. This is my sister's family and I enjoy spending time with them. It's a blessing to be able to celebrate the beginning of the Sabbath with this family. Twenty people at the dinner table is a usual Friday night in this house. Afterward, there was a game of poker. I wanted to play Monopoly but we did that last time. Hopefully, we'll play again next time I go.
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Ricki was so funny today. I think she was worried that if I was going to take pictures of her that I would want her to pay for lunch. So she ate lunch instead of waiting for me. I ended up going to the Chinese restaurant where Weezie and I recently went. I ordered three plates of dim sum. They weren't very good and I had to remind myself that I don't want to go back there again. Why is it so hard to find a decent dim sum restaurant that isn't so gosh darn expensive? I like dim sum!
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It's birthday week! Today was the first day of my week of celebration. I tried to weasel out of going to the ghetto farmer's market with Raoul and his sister, but he insisted that I go. We visited with his brother afterward. When we came back home, I made a rather delicious frittata and used up a lot of the vegetables in the fridge. I took a little nap and then went shopping with Isora. Raoul spent the afternoon at his brother's house and Isora and I ate dinner together. It was a really laid back day and I'm happy.
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It was another lather, rinse, repeat kind of day. I wanted to just lie in bed for awhile longer but I knew that there was a meeting at the factory this morning so I got up, got ready and was at work on time. That was a miracle! The meeting was rather routine and the rest of the day I spent at my desk while the weather outside was inclement. It was a rainy day and I was thankful that I spent the entire day inside although I drove home in pouring rain which stopped as soon as I arrived!
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Enough of the networking already. I just want a new job! I'm so bitter hateful and angry over the current state of affairs. It's hard to believe I've let another 10 years pass at a less than satisfying job. And before that, I was at a different factory for 15 years! What is wrong with me? It's just lazy, I guess. But I know it's time for a cool change. It's all I think about. I even had a dream the other night! So, I'm mentally prepared. I just need to get the wheels in motion so I begin anew.
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So, it's my birthday. I'm a firm believer that birthdays are all about Mom. She's the one who did all the work. I just plopped out 59 years ago today. Thanks Mom and Dad, for the fun you had nine months earlier. Today we celebrated the fact that I made another trip around the sun. As the Arrogant Worms sing, "At least I didn't die this year. I guess that's good enough. It was really just another day as I went to work. My coworkers did get a little cake and sing to me. And then later again at home.