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"Rabbit, rabbit," she said. "But only the months that have an "r" for rabbit. "You bet your sweet ass?" he wondered. "Damn right," she said, "That's the way it goes." So, it looks like we're not supposed to say it today because July doesn't have an "r" and I wonder, "Who made up that rule?" Because, I like the idea of beginning each month with "Rabbit, rabbit." There's something about it. Just another silly superstition, I guess. Are you one? You bet your sweet ass I am. That was Betty. She had a mouth on her even as a teenager.
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Yay for three-day weekends. That extra day of leisure is such a blessing that it makes one contemplate the day when life is just one long three-day weekend. It seems so far away, yet so near. Today was a Saturday much like any other, just abbreviated. I started a little later and cut part of the routine, and shortened another part. Then I helped Raoul put up two tents for tomorrow's yard sale. There's a lot of stuff to put out into the front yard. But, it will be so nice to get the living room back again.
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I never want to have another summer time yard sale. It's the same annoying people. It's that condescending look. It's the attitude. But we made a good chunk of change on pure donations. We processed it one last time before it made its way to the charity shop. It was all given to us by a friend whose Mother had died. She boxed up the stuff that wasn't too emotional and unloaded it here over the course of a couple of months. After awhile, the living room looked like a warehouse. It's nice to have the living room back again.
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I'm glad we had a yard sale. I tried to tell Raoul two things: number one, we should never have another yard sale as long as we live. Number two, if we somehow end up having a yard sale, one day is more than enough. I knew as soon as the day began that we wouldn't have 10 customers. I think at the end of the day, the total was something like six. I am glad that we made a couple hundred bucks, but the price was rather steep. Two whole days we'll never get back. We had fun though.
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Why does ice cream taste so good in the summer? Why do I actually crave ice cream and flavored ices? Because they're so gosh darn cooling! Have you ever made ice cream? It's a lot of work, but so worth the effort. There's nothing like it! It's been years since we had homemade ice cream, and I'm ready to have it again soon. I've been thinking a lot about ice cream as temperatures outside hover around the 90 degree mark every day. It's a summer time pleasure and today on my way home from work I'm stopping to buy some!
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The rain woke me a number of times last night. The first time, I was lying in bed wondering what that sound was when I realized the rain was falling strong and steady. I turned over and fell back to sleep. A couple of hours later, I woke to a soft tinkling sound as the rain had slowed down but was still falling steadily. This morning, the streets were filled with puddles. We've had a horrible drought for months, so this water will all be absorbed by mid-morning unless the rain continues to fall. I love a rainy night.
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Honey. Sugar. Molasses. Agave Syrup. Maple Syrup. There's so much sweetness in this word. Who invented High Fructose Corn Syrup? And what of all the "artificial" sweeteners - saccharine, cyclamate, aspartame, sucralose, xylitol. I don't want none of those chemical delights. But I do have a fondness for all things sweet that come from nature - like watermelon juice. That stuff's super sweet. And pineapple juice. A lot of fruit juice can be really concentrated into a sweet delight of natural deliciousness. Now, I want a vanilla milkshake. Go figure, but I think that vanilla and honey were meant for each other.
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Did you know that cats are taking over? It seems as though cats have replaced dogs as the top pet in America. Go know. Who could have imagined in this day and age that cats would rule? But rule they do, with a firm hand.

You will feed me as soon as I begin meowing in the morning. And don't forget to keep my litter box sparkling clean. And water bowls must always be full with fresh water. One last reminder: No matter what side of the door I'm on, I want to be on the other side.
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Good Shabbat. If I were observant, I wouldn't even be tippy tapping on Shabbat because this is work. The work of creativity is work, nonetheless, and tippy tapping into a trusty laptop is certainly intellectual work.

Rather I should be sleeping instead of being awake in the middle of the night just because I nodded off to early. That's a new routine that I just fell into in the last couple of months. I think it may be a slight form of depression because I am at such a turning point and I can't figure out which direction to turn.
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62 years ago today, Mom and Dad were married. I'm sorry that I don't remember talking to either of them about the back story. The really sad thing is that Dad died so young that I never really got to know him. It seems like we don't really get to know our parents until we have reached legal age. Dad died when I was only 21 and I didn't have a chance to really get to know him. Mom was around for another 30 years, but it wasn't until later that I really got to spend some time with her.
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It's amazing how powerful one's mind can be. Today, I made a conscious decision to have a good day. Mondays can be so dreadful, but just waking up with a good attitude made the day go by so much smoother. Meanwhile, I know that my attitude has a lot to do with the way things go, but it's not always so easy to simply make a decision and stick with it. Monday, Monday, so good to me. I liked the results so much that I decided to repeat this little exercise for the rest of the week. Life is good!
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The beat goes on. The pace quickens. Life in the 21st century ain't no bed of roses. I say that I need a new routine, but the truth is that routines can become deadly dull. I don't want a routine life. I want excitement. I like when things get shaken up. I'm looking for a good time. I have so many projects that need to be completed. It's time to make a list. I have many things for which I am grateful. I just need to be more conscious of those things. It's time to wake up. Smell the coffee!
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Imagine how excited I was today when I came home from work and a box had arrived in the mail for me. I ordered shoes online. I had a moment and there was a special money saving offer so I went for it. I haven't tried them on yet, because I'm going to wait until tomorrow morning when I'm getting ready for work. I did take them out of the box and they look good, but I'm very very picky about the way shoes fit and I've been leery in the past about ordering things online. We shall see tomorrow.
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Why do I procrastinate about every little thing? Why can't I just make a decision and stick with it? Why do I waffle so much? When will I get my act together? Who else has this problem? Where can I find an answer? How much longer can this go on?

There must be a way! I want to move forward and I've been stuck for so long that I just feel like I'm never going to accomplish even the simplest of things. The days, they pass. The time keeps ticking. And I still am in the same place after all.
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Yay Friday. I have the weekend to look forward to. This should be a rather large one! Beginning with tonight when we go see Sade in concert. Then tomorrow, I have a regular Saturday routine. Sunday, we'll take a road trip down to the country and get away from the routine of city life. I'm very thankful for the weekend when I can just do whatever I want and not be bossed around like I am Monday through Friday. I want a new routine. And the only way I'm going to make that wish come true is to get busy!
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As part of my usual Saturday routine, I went to visit my dear friend Helen in the nursing home. Once again, she was in a foul mood and I know it all had to do with timing. If I arrive early enough, she's still in bed and in a happy mood. If I get there later, they've already made her get out of bed and dressed her and cleaned her up. After all these years, it still puts her in such a foul mood, because although her mind is mostly gone from the dementia, she is aware of being handled.
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Today we went to the country for a little day trip. It takes about an hour to drive south to where all the farms are. We visited my good friend and picked longans from the grove. Honestly, we must have picked about 20 lbs. We went to an orchid show and then had a really good lunch at a Mexican restaurant in Homestead. It's so much fun to get away from the city and take in a little of the country scenery. When we got back home, we were so wiped out that I took a good two hour nap!
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Monday is the day I realize how much I don't like my job. Why must I be so dissatisfied? It's because my boss is an idiot and I resent having to take directions from such a person. I used to love doing the work, but since that person took over the supervisory role, the work has evolved into true drudgery. I'm trying to remember what it was about this job that originally brought me joy and I honestly don't think I ever liked it. It was a challenge at one time but it's become pure hell. I need a change!
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The relentless march of time wears me out. Today I tried to get into the 100 words website and got a big fat error code. It's amazing how we take certain things for granted - like the fact that this site would always be here. I guess it was just a temporary glitch because, obviously, it's back. I manage to make it day to day, but I lie in bed at night and wonder, "Is that all there is?" Maybe this is what it means to get older: There is no point anymore. You just live each day and give thanks.
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Fatigue is simply mind over matter - if you don't mind, it don't matter. I know that mental fatigue can be very debilitating and that's what the result of living day to day and not having a list to cross things off from or long-term goals. If I am just living each day, it's no wonder that I feel sorta dead inside. There's not a lot of joy in simply existing. I am alive. I should act it. Mentally bringing myself down day after day just ain't worth it. Life is short. I intend to live it to the fullest!
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We went to dinner to celebrate Raoul's 60th birthday. And then I listened to Elton John's song, "60 Years On." I remember when I was in my 20s, 60 seemed positively ancient. Now that I'm approaching that milestone, it seems so youthful to me! I want to live another good 20 years, but who knows what the quality of life will be in the waning years? If I don't lose some weight soon, I may not have another 20 years to live. I wonder what my expiration date is. That's so morbid but I can't help think about the end.
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I sit here tippy tapping on the keyboard and I wonder, "Why do I sit here tippy tapping when I could be outside soaking up some of that excessive humidity?" It's summer time, but the only thing that makes me think of summer is that the air conditioner is working overtime and I see the electric bill getting larger each month. I sit at work with the fan blowing directly on me and I think, "Why is it so hot?" Well, it's summer! At least I don't have to work outside because I'm pretty sure I couldn't really do it!
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Automobile maintenance is expensive. Although we haven't made car payments in years, whenever we have to take the car in for service, it's never less than $1,000. I don't mind paying to keep the car in good running condition but the cost of labor has gotten ridiculous. Today's charge was $1,000 with $400 more for labor. Scheisse. At least the car runs nice and smooth, but I'm just so over being raked over. That's one of the costs of having a car at one's beck and call, I guess. At least I'm not paying for crappy mass transit.
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Since yesterday was a lost day, I'd hoped to have today to do pretty much of nothing, but that was not in the plans of Mr. R who was ready bright and early to whip me into shape. We started the day with our usual routine, and soon we were at the Bagel Bar having breakfast and lunch. We haven't gone there in awhile and it's always good to go back to a favorite restaurant. I had a Reuben and shocked the waitress that I was ordering a lunch item so early in the morning. It was a good day!
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Monday again. At least I now have Spotify to make me happy on a gloomy day. I woke up today determined to have a good day, but one hour into the routine at the factory and I found myself feeling bitter, hateful, and angry. It's inevitable. I'm just not happy there anymore and I'm not really doing anything to alleviate the situation. It really isn't that hard, I'm just such a slug. I'd rather complain about my lot in life than do something about it. I am determined to make a major change by the end of the year 2011.
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The Electric Light Orchestra music makes me very happy. I don't think I realized just what an impact it made on me. It inevitably reminds me of a certain era in the mid-'70s. I've been listening to all the old hits on Spotify. I even did a little bit of Internet searching to find some history. Who knew they wanted to be the new Beatles? I never had a clue. Listening to the songs some 40 years later, it's amazing how they all sound so similar. That group may have been hitmakers, but they were no match for the Beatles.
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Today was an egg day. Go know. After I had my usual bowl of oatmeal, I realized that His Royal Smallness had left a hard boiled egg in my happy bag. I put it aside to have for mid-morning snack and ate it 10 minutes later. Midday a friend met me for lunch and we went to Whole Foods. I love their salad bar. She always orders a custom sandwich because she says she eats lots of salads at home. I had a big spoon of egg salad from the salad bar. And tonight, Mr. R made scotch eggs.
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Today was a big day for Raoul - the big six oh. That happens for me next year. Isn't it funny as the years go by, that birthdays become less important? We have a funny and strange relationship with our mortality. We all know we're going to die, but really - who wants to think about it? But as the numbers get bigger, it's inevitable to think, "How much longer?" That's when you realize that the only thing that really matters is today. I'm trying to be more present. It's not easy. The past is always there. Can't stop thinking about tomorrow.
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Livin' large is when there are two events on the same day and you want to go to the one for which you didn't RSVP. Tonight was Viernes Culturales, the monthly scene on Calle Ocho. It's really just a bunch of folks walking in and out of galleries on S.W. 8th Street. I did it a couple of times back in the day. But tonight, we were invited to dinner in Fort Lauderdale given by a friend who has a darling restaurant. It was worth the drive, but next month were going to 8th Street on the last Friday.
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When I walked into the nursing home this morning, the head nurse warned me that Helen was in a bad mood. She's always cranky after they've worked her over - getting her out of bed, washing her up and putting on a clean diaper. So I walked into the great room and there she sat, with her companion, just hurling epithets to the world. As soon as I walked in and she heard my voice, her mood changed. It was nice to visit with the sweet version of Helen that I remember. She relapsed momentarily, but she returned to sweetness eventually.
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Today was the perfect Sunday. We went through our usual Sunday morning routine of buying produce, visiting Raoul's brother and coming back home to a hearty breakfast of fancy french toast. Later, we had visitors for awhile and then in the evening Raoul and his sister went to a family party. I was content to have my little nap in the afternoon, followed by some schmying around the Internets for awhile. Later while Raoul and Isora were at the party, I attacked the mountain of paper that has accumulated for the last month. Paid bills and did a bunch o'shredding.