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When the grey gets a little bit darker
and it's not the kind of dark that's warm
When the road get's a little bit tougher
and up ahead you see the storm
When you can't see the sunshine
When you can't feel the rain
You just have to keep on living
Survival insticts in your brain
and they'll tell you
yes they'll tell you
that Time will make it go away
you just have to keep on living
and hoping that's it's true all day

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We went up to my cousins in Chippenham. It was a long drive but I listened to my ipod and the new Regina Spektor album which I downloaded and daydreamed. We went out for dinner, and on the way back we came across a playpark. I was the first one in (I would just like to point out that I am also the oldest) and I ran to the swings.
I love swings. I've always wanted a swing but we never had the right kind of tree. I swung so high that everything was blue and came back down to earth with a kiss for Alyssa.
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We took Phoebe and Alyssa to the steam museum, or rather they took us. The jubilee of the royal cornish express! I love my cousins - we're here visiting them because they're moving to America this summer. We found out a couple of weeks ago. It's all very sudden because my uncle is in the army, and he's been posted out there. I don't want them to take my baby lyssa away. Anyway, we had a lovely day and I enjoyed holding her hand and looking after them. Me and Phoebs played cards too. Fabulous and tippity-top all round.
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We stopped off at Oxford on the way home, courtesy of Dad, to go an look in the musuem. There was an exhibition on about Alexander the Great's dad or something... my memory's rubbish. Anyway, I really enjoyed it and found it really interesting (unlike mum and Alex) but I hope I made it interesting for them too because I talked to mum a lot about the jewellry and told Alex about all the empires and kindgoms and wars and heros... and then we had tea and cake and my feet hurt a bit but I'm really looking forward to Classics now.
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Piano, flute, guitar, saxaphone, bass and now... a drum kit. Alex went off on his residential today (I won't admit it but I'm kind of going to miss him).

I get so breathless, when you call my name,
I've often wondered, do you feel the same?
There's a chemistry, energy, a synchronicity
When we're all alone,
So don't tell me
You can't see
What I'm thinking of.

Breathless by Corinne Bailey Rae
I'm thinking more along the lines of a personalised version...
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Tash's bithday. And now for the (rubbish) personalised verison:

I get so breathless when you call my name
It means that I am in trouble again,
If there's a waterway, rainy day, and even if I say
that there's no need,
you'll always be
there to carry me
across and away...

hehehehe. Left at the top of a climbing wall. Still wiping away the tears from that one. I got the bus home, after going into school for latin. I think. I can't really remember. But Happy Birthday to Tash!
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I went into an exam today and, for the first time ever I might add, knew absolutely nothing.
This is what happens when you don't revise. To make matters worse, I was late to this exam. I just waltzed in 5 minutes late and wandered around looking for my seat, then looked at the questions, scribbled some answers and realise I knew nothing. I remember sitting in exams and looking at people like me and thinking 'what a waste. You're wasting your life, coming in here'. And now its me. Ha.

To be fair it's not an exam I actually needed to do, but I enjoyed the experience.
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Rory is going away.
We were at cubs (just doing some casual chin-ups, as you do... in fact, right now my stomach is killing me and I only did about three, but shhh) and Julie was asking about some new job of his. Which, as it turns out, requires and 8 month training scheme in some place near Newcastle which is hours away. 8 whole months?! Which will result in his pylon-training being completed (he gets to walk on the pylons which is pretty cool) but also means that I won't see him.
Which is sad.
I'm sad Godsdammit!
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The first latin exam today. Typically, Tristram was late... I say late, he arrived with about twenty seconds to spare (and then just walzed in and gave everyone a nod like 'yeah?'). It wasn't great. Stuff that, it wasn't even good. I forgot what one of the many words meaning 'to kill' was (the latins have a lot of words that mean 'to kill' - they did a lot of it) and ended up putting together some random piece of garbled rubbish about marrying someone's great-granddaughter. And I could't even tell anyone afterwards because they'd all look at me like I'm a freak.
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Went to work with mum again. It means I get the tiniest bit more of a lie-in in the mornings... not much, but enough to make a difference. It was just filing invoices and stuff and I read an email from Rory about doing something called the Essex Way (not to be confused with The Only Way is Essex) where he's going to walk 82 miles in four days for McMillan. Actually, I think I've already mentioned this, but David told me if I don't finish June the plane will explode. I'm sure it's not an empty threat :@ use your mind powers for good not evil!!!
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I have my ball shoes.
Oh. My. Gods.
They are fantasticle and fabulous and completely insane because I got them in the original section in Schuh and they were quite expensive but the dress was quite cheap, so they kind of balance each other out. I can't really walk in them, but I'm sure with practise we'll look great! They're really high and they've got a big chunky purple plastic heel. They're very purple, and there's this big extravagent flower on the front.
I'm so excited about the ball and I hope it's as good as I'm imagining.
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Anyone see the Grand Pre today? Nice overtake at the last minute, Lewis off quite early on considering, after a run-in with team mate Jenson. The rain wore them all down I think, but it was a good race once it actually got started. When I say eventually... the rain held it off for, what, an hour or two? I thought it was funny the way the presenters kept talking through it all. It got to the stage where they were filming random people - like some poor guys who was trying to eat his cake in peace and instead had it broadcast around the globe.
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I went into school because there was meant to be a latin revision thing, but an hour beforehand I went to see Miss MS and she sat with me in the library and went over a whole passage with me. She really is so lovely.
Piano was fabulous... me and Martin (sorry - Mr Wilson) go so mad with it! He says it brings a whole new meaning to the term 'non-contact teaching' because we're always pushing each others' hands off the notes we want. We went through our dance again in ballet. It's a pity I'm not around for the show.
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Today was Zsofia's birthday - there are so many birthday's at the moment it's unreal. Anyways, I didn't actually see her but I text her and I've got her a present which I'll give to her at the Latin exam on Thursday. Anyways, I spent the whole day at work, which was good because I got paid but bad because...well... I had to work. It's pretty dull stuff, just filing, but someone has to do it and my uncle says it might as well be me. And then I had the dentist and the orthodentist which was (how can I put this?) bloody painful.
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I went into school first thing to do my biology exam. It wasn't so bad, and afterwards I went down to music block and listened to Tristram play piano for a while. Then we went to the canteen and just sat and chatted about latin and stuff. Miss Martin-Smith came and talked through our traslations with us and then left us to it. I waited with Tristram until his music lesson, and then got picked up and went home. It was nice, just sitting and talking, and he taught me to remeber puto...
I don't know, put?
I am thinking!
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I made a note of today so that I could recall it accurately on here. The note says 'explorers with Tom!'. Very helpful. I know we tied him to a tree later and we were talking about him and the walking and the DofE and stuff, but really! I have no idea what it was that Tom! was doing at explorers. I actually wrote 'explores' which is a little embarassing. Oh, and 'Zachary Levi' in big letters. I think he's the guy who played Rider in Tangled. Love that film. So if I remember what happened to Tom I'll be sure to tell.
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I went to work with mum all day but there wasn't much for me to do because it was all a bit tense there and I had no revision left because all my exams are over. So I just sat and listened to my ipod and text people and then got uncle Ian to send me some of his funny emails (which are really funny but a bit racist... but then they're racist about everyone, inlcuding the English, so I don't know if it counts as racism... and anyways he didn't write them they're chain emails) but it was ok.
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Me and Mat rescued a bee. We were at drama, and were just sitting off stage, chatting. The rain had stopped for a breif moment and the sunlight was pouring through the window in great swathes of golden warmth. Mat was sitting on the window ledge, legs dangling as I lent beside him on the radiator. The bee was buzzing against the window, frantic in its desperation for escape. Mat tried to grasp it, but it was almost impossible to catch. Laughing, we tried to corner it and I clasped it in my hands and ran to the door, and we stood and watched it fly away into the sunlight sky.
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Can you hear me listening at the walls of a soul, waiting for a chance to catch a breath?
Can you see me watching at the windows of a mind, wondering if I'll get a chance to rest?
Can you begin to believe what I am saying
Can you begin to try to understand?
It's not possible to live forever running with my feet always slipping on the burning sand
There is a fire
Blackened by the continual ash
There is a liar
Bleeding against all the burning sand...

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Latin Prose. I actually enjoyed the exam - I know Germanicus and Piso off by heart, along with Pythius and Clodia, so I was well set. The questions where okay, the Clodia one was almost nice. Bit of a panoc when I opened the paper though - something about poetry, but of course there are two sections. We were practially skipping when we came out. Now I just have to learn the Aeneid by heart. Easy.
Aargh! Not easy! It'll be fine I'm sure... please let it be fine please let it be fine please let it be fine please please!!!!
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Spent the day memorising the Aeneid. Also got a phone contract (finally). 10 a month , unlimited texts, 300 minutes. Not bad. "Now, servents, turn your minds to what I am about to say; as you leave the city (Troy) there is a low hill and an ancient temple to abandoned Ceres. Nearby stands an ancient cypress tree, looked after for many years by the religious devotion of our forefathers. From different directions we will make our way to this place to meet". Bam. And the Aeneus goes off and loses Creusa and it all goes uphill from there :)
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Latin Verse. We sat around before hand, laughing a lot and laughing even more when we sent Tricia to the wrong room twice and then we all wandered up to the exam and I got nervous because I hadn't revised enough... and then the paper was really good. I knew it all, it tested us on all the bits I knew really well - even though there were loads of mistakes on the paper! We were on the news (when I say we...) because it was so shockingly bad. I wrote a note to the examiner about typos in the actual paper.
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I had a saxaphone lesson first thing in the morning and then mum picked me up on her way through to work and then I had nothing to do because all my exams are over! It's a weird feeling because I feel like I should be doing something all the time and there's nothing to do and I can just sit and read a book all day and it doesn't matter. I've only got two days of this I guess, but I did a lot of filing for mum to day so it didn't really feel like a day off.
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Zsofia and Emma cycled over and we went up to the airfield. I haven't been on a bike since I was about 12, but (surprisingly) I thoroughly enjoyed myself and didn't fall off (not even once...). We went round twice and then cycled back to my house, and then they cycled home and I crashed on the sofa. I'm reading a really good book at the moment, it's what that programm Case Histories was based on. Kate Atkinson is a really fantastic writer. If I could write, I would want to write like her. No more teen fiction for me.
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Alex's birthday. He had his friends over in the morning for a quick hotdog brunch and then they went off to the cinema and I cleaned up and then they got back and we went up to the moses' for dinner and a swim which was really nice, and then I went to Llewellyn's which was really nice because he'd put tealights in jamjars all around the garden and we skyped Georgie and carried her around and I wore his sunglasses a lot and we had another barbecue while Alex was at the pub with Verity and Alan... bit of a busy day really.
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We had a parade down the highstreet and it was really really hot. We were all baking - Isaac even looked a bit faint. Then we sat in the shade under the trees and played with the grass and then we I was talking to Julie and she was trying to convince me to do something called Essex Way which is 82 miles in four days and raises money for McMillan. So I might do it. And then we went back to Emma's and then helped take down tents from jazz-in-the-park and I walked home with Anna and it was nice.
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First day of Induction. Sixth form is going to be so much fun! I had really good lessons and my form tutor is really nice and my form is really nice and I met up with Alice and Georgie and Katie who I haven't seen for ages because they're 'externals' (sounds like some kind of science experiment) but they might be coming to school with me now. And it was lovely and sunny but a little too hot to be in stuffy classrooms and everyone's really excited and chattery and it's all festival-themed and it's gong to be so much fun!
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Ally's birthday. I wished him as we stood in the pouring rain with my hair clinging to my face and shirt soaked through to my skin. Shorts were not such a good idea. But I was gald for the rain - my headache has fianlly gone. Sometimes in the heat and the pressure I get a headache that only lifts when the storm breaks. I also had my first latin lesson (Miss kept telling us that the thunder was a good omen) and double classics. I have a feeling I'm going to enjoy all my subjects, and I'm looking forward to it.
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Latin, history, classics, English... I also had my tutorial with my tutor who is very nice. Now we're just waiting to get my grades (although I don't think they'll change much, unless I did really really bad). Latin and Classics is a lot of the Illiad and Cicero, history is Italian unification and medieval stuff and English is poetry and a novel, as per usual. It's so weird and kinda nice having frees to just sit and chat. Also used the study center for the first time. Bought a sandwhich. Hyeah. It's going to be good, please oh please oh please.
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Last day of Induction. We had a kind of festival thing, which was good fun - I wore my wellies! I'll tell you what was really funny though, and that was later in the evening when we tied Tom to a tree. James lashed his ankles and wrists together and then we threaded a large wooded pole through them so that he hung from it like Jack Sparrow when he's going to be burnt at the stake... and then watched him try to escape. It was funny and Tom didn't mind (I think). Slightly sadistic and LotF, but very very funny.