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Hello there again everybody (infact I shouldn't everybody, it should be either 0 or 1, to truly reflect the number of people likely to read this)

As normal my life is progressing in the usual boring way it does

Sean gets homework Sean puts off homework Sean hands in homework late and gets a bad mark

It's a bad habit, and I can't seem to break it

As for 100 words I hope to post each entry each day, so as not to get behind (seems to happen everytime)

Hopefully if I accomplish this I will be one step close to conquering procrastination
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I have to confess I have stopped viewing Techcrunch

infact no, it should be a celebration not a confession, there are far better tech blogs out there

let's face it, every other blog post was becoming either an ode to how awesome (apparently) apple or Facebook or Groupon are (these usually come from MG Siegler) or how pathetic (apparently) Yahoo and Google are becoming (these usually seem to come from Michael Arrington, who may I add is an idiot as well as being increadibly full of himself and annoying)

However the last straw was when they decided to switch from Disqus to Facebook comments . . . oh dear
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Dog walking at night can be a slightly enlightening experience

I used to talk to the dog occasionally when walking her at night, but I doubt she understood me and I got a lot of strange looks from the few people I'd meet whilst walking her, so now instead I think about things that I otherwise wouldn't think about

I wouldn't get the time to do this at home because I'd either be:
- Rushing to get homework done
- Playing on the Xbox
- Mucking about on the computer

but instead I think . . .

I just hope that the dog doesn't mind
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I had so much to write about last month, there were at least four times that I recall I though "You know what, I wish I was doing 100 words this month because I could really write about x" and in each case I can't remember what x was

And this month, I've had exactly 0 such occurances (and I wrote this on the 16th not the 4th, otherwise that would sound slightly stupid)

Am I being boring or is this month being boring?

Possibly the latter, I have exam preperation, especially when it involves maths
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People don't give Twitter a chance

I talked to a few people at school about it and they were like "Nah Twitters rubbish" so I said "What is twitter" and their reply? "Some social Networking thing I don't really know"

How can you judge if you don't know what it is, and if you likely don't use it

For those who don't know, it's basically like status updates from Facebook, except you can follow people who wouldn't normal friend you (e.g. celebrities) although it's slightly more complicated

And I can say I enjoy my timely tweets from Aza Raskin about Web Development!
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Internet memes are funny, not only because they actually spawn from something itself which is quite funny but because people use them to reply to things rather unexpectedly e.g.

"is [i]x[/i] possible?" "no der but possible, not really though"

It's also strange how rather obscure things can spread so rapidly through the Internet, just simply posting a picture and asking "Do I have potential" can result in the photo spreading through the Internet and being continually reproduced in different ways

It's also weird how they effect the people who the memes originate from, they get immediate celebrity status (usually)
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You know I haven't coded any HTMl / CSS in a while, partially because there's nothing I'm working on, partially because school work is keeping me really busy and partially because I'm being really Lazy at the moment

I pledge today to make a website at the weekend to ensure my website making skills do not deteriorate! (for reference this was written on the 21/03/2011)

I'm going to hold myself to that pledge

On another note it's getting late, and unfortunately I don't have the privilege of walking the dog tonight, maybe tomorrow Goodnight 100 words
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You can't take it with you
Dancing for pleasure

You are not to blame for
Bittersweet distractor
Dare not speak it's name
Dedicated to all you
All human beings

Because we seperate like
Ripples on a blank shore
Because we seperate like
Ripples on a blank shore

Take me with you
Dedicated to all you
All human beings
- Reckoner, Radiohead

I have no idea what those lyrics mean, and I have a feeling I've quoted them before (I feel slightly guilty for re-using them) but it's just such awesome song that I can't get out of my head

I need to look up it's meaning
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The opticians have this really stupid new rule

If you're not over 16 you can't pick up your glasses on your own, even if your parent has paid for them and consented to you picking them up

Oh and don't forget you now have to have an optician there to adjust the frames for you, even if they're the same frames as last time, only with new lenses

And the optician would only be there the days my mum works, which means I have to go with my sister to pick them up . . .

This should explain tommorow, I write in a weird order
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Actually yesterdays entry doesn't explain today, it explains the 31st entry . . . I write in such a weird order even I forget what I've written about each day

Anyway, I know it seems really early on in the month to say this (although it isn't because I wrote this on the 31st) but I doubt I'll do next months 100 words

Mainly because I have nothing to write about Also because I'm not organised enough, hence the paragraph at the top of this entry And also because I always worry I'll post something too personal

I prefer to keep myself to myself
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Nobody is ever on MSN anymore except me
I'm not even sure why I bother logging in anymore
Occasionally one person will be online, maybe even two if people are bored, although I don't usually talk to them
I only really use it to talk to one person anymore, and they're usually on Yahoo Chat, which is integrated in my mail box, which is now an app tab in FF4, which I have permenantely open
Maybe it's because I want to support Pidgin
Or retain my power user status by having multiple windows open

Or maybe I'm just living in the past
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You can't take it with you
Dancing for your pleasure

You are not to blame for
Bittersweet distracter
Dare not speak its name
Dedicated to all human beings

Because we separate like ripples on a blank shore
In rainbows
Because we separate like ripples on a blank shore

Take me with you
Dedicated to all human beings

"Open your mouth wide
The universal sigh
And while the ocean blooms
It's what keeps me alive
So I lose and start over
Don't blow your mind with why

I'm moving out of orbit
Turning in somersaults
I dive into those eyes
Jellyfish swim by
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I'm not looking forward to tomorrow for many reasons . . .

- There's likely maths homework due in that I haven't done (although I'm not entirely sure what the homework even is as it appears I haven't written it down)
- There's likely computing homework that I haven't done
- I've had a shorter haircut that I would have liked (see 12) and I'm sure people will have a lot to say about it

And for once not doing the homework isn't 100% my fault, this weekend has been very manic . . .

I also have a feeling that I'm overusing ". . . " in my posts

. . .
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I'm bad at putting ideas to paper

You see I have this idea for a book / story, and I even have a sequel planned for it, I think the general ideas are quite good and I've talked to people who have helped me improve on the ideas and said that it sounds quite interesting

Then I started writing it . . . and it didn't come out how I wanted to

Then I tried again, and it was a bit better

Then I tried again and it got a little bit better

but not where I wanted it to be
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"For the second time that day Andrew woke with a throbbing head, disoriented he dragged himself to the table but immediately fell back when he saw the projection of the AI

It was fractured, the shapes that had made it up were breaking apart, and all of them were different colours, some red, some blue, the occasional green too. The screen went briefly black before displaying static, Andrew sat there for a few seconds, stunned into silence before the projection of the AI appeared as it has before he went to sleep.
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I'm REALLY REALLY annoyed that the BBC aren't going to make a second series of Outcasts

I know a few people had their complaints about the series, but I genuinely loved every moment of it

It was one of those rare Programmes that makes you realise things about yourself and the world about you that other programmes don't

It had good characters, which it developed well, a great long term story line, and each individual short term plot was well though through and executed

The music was also great

Although the first episode did let it down a little bit
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Total number of Bytes = Total number of Bits/8
Total number of Bytes = Total number of Bits/8
Total number of Bytes = Total number of Bits/8
Total number of Bytes = Total number of Bits/8
Total number of Bytes = Total number of Bits/8
Total number of Bytes = Total number of Bits/8
Total number of Bytes = Total number of Bits/8
Total number of Bytes = Total number of Bits/8
Total number of Bytes = Total number of Bits/8
Total number of Bytes = Total number of Bits/8
Total number of Bytes = Total number of Bits/8
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I finally got that invite for Mashable share that I was hoping for! (Although it took about 3 months after my request)

I have to say it's quite good, although I'm tempted not to use it fully simply because I might miss out on a story that I might want to read, although on the other hand it might be worth sifting out all the things I probably don't want to read, just to save time

Although I'm sure what I'll do with the five invites I've got for it, nobody I know views Mashable . . . or maybe they do, and I've just never asked them
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"Come on and let it out
Come on and let it out
Come on and let it out

Before you run away from me Before you're lost between the notes
Just as you take the mic
Just as you dance, dance, dance

Jigsaw falling into place
There is nothing to explain
Regard each other as you pass
She looks back and you look back
Not just once
Not just twice
Wish away the nightmare
Wish away the nightmare
You've got a light you can feel it on your back
You've got a light you can feel it on your back
Jigsaw falling into place
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I feel bad again for using lyrics to a song as my 100 words for yesterday, although I've run out of things to write

As is the per I have left about 10 days till the 31st of March to write, it looks like I'm even less organised / motivated than at the start of this month

If there is anyone still reading my 100 words then I don't know why, it consists of only: -My rambles about tech related things -Occasionaly comments about my (boring) life -Lyrics to the odd Radiohead song -Very occasional creative writing
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[i]This is one of those rare opportunities when I will share something meaningful about myself that most people don't know[i/]

Ok so I play a game called Redwall Warlords

I know it sounds stupid but it's really not, me and my brother were really into the series when we were younger

My brother found the game and soon afterwards I joined

Believe it or not it's actually an incredibly complex strategy game, interesting to play, and with a great community, I've been hooked to it for about 4 years now

I'm not sure if I can do this but hey, it's found at: (you probably could have guessed that)
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I managed to yet again make a website that wasn't gray! Maybe this is a habit that I'm finally breaking

It's got an awesome blue gradient header made using CSS3, and whilst this means that it doesn't working in older (rubbish) browser like IE8 and below, I didn't design this with the view that it will be used commercially

I'm glad I did this because like I said in an earlier post my HTML / CSS skills were a bit rusty, I just couldn't wait till the weekend to try and make another website and it actually turned out quite well
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Looking back in my 100 words posts I've just realised I'm too used to using BBCode

instead of using the proper tags for italics I've used [i] and [/i] how annoying . . .

And I was right about using the Reckoner lyrics twice, although I posted that I thought I'd used them twice before I posted it first (I finish my 100 words in a strange order and forget which ones I've written when)

This month is turning out to be a bit of a train wreck for my 100 words, although nobody reads them except me (and possibly David) so that's ok :-)
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Michael Crichton was an amazing writer

Prey has to be my favourite book of all time, with Jurassic Park and it's sequel also making it into the top 5

Next was also very good (albeit a bit rude in places)

And they were all VERY interesting

I can definitely say I have learnt something new from each of these books, they have also changed my viewpoint on certain matters and helped me to learn things about myself, in my opinion only very powerfuly, very well written books have the ability to do such things, I have yet to read a book that has the same impact on me
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DiDA is such a rubbish qualification

You learn pretty much nothing from it

I swear I spent 10 hours on a plan that was meant to help save time, simply because it was worth so many marks

They also taught us how to make hideous websites with tables and with Framesets (Which are so rubbish they were dropped for the HTML5 spec . . .)

They didn't teach us to do anything really

They just said "Do this" and most people did it very badly because they had little idea how to do it

They should have taught us HTML and CSS, instead of how to use Dreamweaver *shudders*
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My jaw is a bit worse than it was two months ago

It doesn't seem to want to stay popped in, again it's not painful, unless I chew something (then it can be quite annoying)

It feel slightly weird though, just like it's out of place, although my jaw doesn't seem lower on the right than on the left, or higher, it looks perfectly normal when i look in a mirror

This is very strange

Maybe I will see a doctor about it, I think i might give it another month or two first though
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I felt really stupid today (for reference this was written on the 29th) for multiple reasons

Yesterday was bad enough I somehow got 5 by adding numbers that actually made 10 (thanks for pointing that out David) and today I made a suitably bad mistake involving maths, I was trying to solve a question using brute force (I was tired and uninterested) and mr Rawlinson came over and I babbled something about how I should probably use another formula and he babbled something about ok, then I realised the other formula was completely irrelevant to the question . . . awkward

I need more sleep
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C++ is a very difficult language to learn, annoyingly it's also the fastest, and (probably) the most powerful, most games are developed with it

Again, one of its few criticisms is that it's very difficult to learn, I remember as a joke someone made a blog and set their name to the name of the person that created C++, they then wrote a blog post about how the created C++ to weed out all the bad programmers and ensure only the toughest and best programmers survived

Of course it was all a joke, but personally I found it quite funny
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People always seem to be over the top on Facebook

Or at least they were when I was on there (about a year ago) I don't know if it's changed much since then

but back then people would quite usually post "Oh life is so terrible" (Often using a ruder set of words) seemingly for attention, people would flock to reply to their posts saying "Ah what's wrong" to which they would reply "NVM" if it's important enough for you to post, and to put us all in suspense, at least tell us . . .

I think they were usually just attention seeking
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Looking back my 100 words for this month are pretty shocking

I've made multiple spelling mistakes, and things sound strange because of the order I've written them in, I've also used Reckoners lyrics twice . . .

Not much has happened this month either . . . actually a lot has happened, but not enough to post in 100 words

I'm not doing next month, because I think it will be of similar quality to this months, and I don't want to inflict that on any people that might stumble across my 100 words by accident

maybe after my exams though, we'll see
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I had a great day today

- I failed a maths test period four
- Some year 8 kid made fun of me on the way home because I'm a Jehovah's witness, he seemed to find it funny poking me with a stick, and professing his hatred of my religion to his friend, he also simply called me "Oi Jehovah's Witness" . . . I have a name
- My sister forgot to meet me at the optitians (long story) so I ended up walking all the way through town for no reason
- My brother raged at me because I beat him at a video game . . .