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I'm determined to finish 100 Words for this month

I may have failed August, but this month I am determined to churn out 100 words, some may be interesting, some may be little windows into my life, and most will probably be quite boring . . .

quickly a bit about myself:
- I like most music except the techo pop junk popular today, and released by the likes of Lady Gaga, my favourite Genre being Rock
- I hate internet Explorer (this will probably become evident in my posts)
- I'm a bit of a pessimist (also probably evident in some posts)

Well, here goes
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He stared at the computer screen in disbelief He never thought that this moment would come He'd been lying to himself, telling himself it wouldn't happen and yet here it was, staring him in the face, almost mocking him

How had it come to this, a year ago he never contemplated anything like this happening

What had he done wrong? What had he done to deserve this?

he tried to sort through events in his mind while staring at the screen

He realized why, but he didn't want to accept the reason

So he continued lying to himself, forever oblivious
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She had a certain awe about herself,

She seemed to make people seem stupid just by being in their presence

Forever correcting, forever annoyed, she was never contented unless everything was JUST as it should be, well just as she thought it should be

If you ever miss an apostrophe, forget to carry a zero, or miscalculate, something she'll be there, waiting to correct, she seemed to take some sort of pleasure out of it

Each time you see her you guarantee that you won't say something stupid

And each time you fail, so you decide to just stop speaking
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I've been walking the dog at night recently.

In fact I walked her two nights ago at about 11pm (I know it's quite late but if we walk her much earlier she gets up at 6am)

Anyway, I was walking her at 11pm and thinking out loud (as you do at 11pm when you suspect that no one is around) but unfortunately there was someone across the road from me who heard me talking to myself, only after I'd finished did I notice them giving me a slightly strange look.

Oh well I'll probably never meet here again . . . well hopefully
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She was almost Malevolent,

She seemed to believe everything she said was pure gold, and that her students should worship the ground she walked on

She was blunt, untactful, and thoughtless in the way that she spoke, you felt almost 2 feet tall just by being in her presence

Each time you promised yourself you'd get something right, you'd speak in a confident voice, and not embarrass yourself

And each time you failed

So you decided to stop talking, and just continue in the knowledge that you knew you were right

It's just that no one else did
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I have come to the conclusion that I procrastinate too much;

I never do homework when it is set, often doing it in the last free period I have before it is due in

I always plan to do something and then never do, it gets left until tomorrow and never gets done

I've written down designs for things that I want to make/code, and then only designed half of it, then got bored, or realised that I don't have the technical expertise or knowledge to finish it.

By the end of this month hopefully I won't

we'll see
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I love music, but only some music, not the stupid lady 'gaga' pop of this generation, more like; the beatles, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, U2, Pearl Jam, Clint Mansell, Radiohead, Muse, David Bowie, Fear Salesman, Weezer, Blur, Coldplay (sometimes), Bush, and Nirvana (especially Nirvana and Radiohead at the moment) in fact even as I wrote that list I remembered about 7 other bands that I didn't include because of the 100 word limitation.

Music used to be all about Music, now it's all about image, videos, and Facebook / twitter accounts . . . oh how I hate Facebook.

Twitter is okay though.
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Why do people use Internet explorer ?

It really annoys me.

If your reading this and your using Internet explorer I BEG OF YOU to download Firefox and at least try it out.

- It's much faster than Internet explorer (in a speed test Firefox scored 1000 mili-seconds and Internet Explorer 8 scored around 8000 mili-seconds the lower the time the better)
- Internet Explorer makes web developers lives like mine a PAIN, it doesn't support nearly as many awesome features that Firefox does because Microsoft are lazy.

Type Firefox into Wikipedia, follow the link and don't look back, I didn't.
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"After years of waiting nothing came
As your life flashed before your eyes
You realise

I'm a reasonable man
Get off, get off, get off my case
I'm a reasonable man
Get off my case
Get off my case

After years of waiting
After years of waiting nothing came
And you realize you're looking,
Looking in the wrong place

I'm a reasonable man
get off my case
I'm a reasonable man

get off my case
I'm a reasonable man
get off my case"
- An exert of the lyrics of Packt Like Sardines in a Crushed box (I know it's a very strange title but it's a great song that I'm addicted to)
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I've been watching a BBC drama recently called 'The Deep' and last episode they discovered an awesome Russian submarine bigger than any submarine known to have been in existance.

And it made me wonder what governments do behind their citizens backs without telling them, I then realised this was a very depressing question and that I didn't really want to get into conspiracy theories today, so I did some coding instead.

Then I got annoyed at Internet Explorer for not displaying my code correctly, unlike every other popular web browser (incase you don't know me this is a common occurrence)
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People are weird

In fact I should rephrase that:

Some people are weird

I had a few people particularly in mind when I wrote that, some are weird in a good way , and others weird in a bad way, (I know that may sound weird but hopefully someone might understand what I'm trying to say)

Actually I really had one person in mind when I wrote that, someone who is being very weird, weird in a way which I can't comprehend, which I can't understand, and it really made me wonder why? Because they never used to act like this.
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I've recently discovered that comedy can be a kind of two edged sword, or marmite, you either love it or you don't, dependent on what mood you're in.

Some thing's seems ridiculously funny when you're hyper or ridiculously happy (for whatever reason) and even dreadful jokes will get a laugh

Yet at other times nothing seems funny, even the most hilarious Comedy TV shows, and at these times people seems to want to try and make things better by telling jokes (well at least some do)

I'm not really sure where I've gone with this entry but it's one more finished.
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I find it interesting that even though identical twins look the same, they sometimes act differently, your personality and mannerisms are affected by what you experience throughout your life.

Sometimes it's hard to understand people, you cannot imagine everything that they have been through, even if they wanted to tell you it would take a lifetime to explain, a lifetime that shouldn't be wasted.

There's always a reason behind everything. Are some people born evil? unlikely, maybe something they experienced on the way changed them.

That's why you should never be judgmental

yet it's always difficult to not be judgmental
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Life is unfair

At least that is the conclusion that I have come to

I've never understood how footballers got paid so much, celebrities too, granted, their jobs must be hard, but not 2000+ a week hard.

And I've never understood how firemen got paid so little for risking their lives for the safety of other people, nurses too, they get pretty pathetic pay for helping save people's lives.

The system seems to be broken, and I doubt the government will fix it. (especially the conservatives)

This makes for quite depressing thinking . . . I think I'm going to eat some chocolate.
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Some people never cease to amaze me,

Especially arrogant people, they're the worst, they believe that they are invincible, the ultimatum, they are never wrong, and in some extreme cases they even believe that everything they say is a pearl of wisdom and in the most extreme cases they believe they are better than other people based on their skin color, or beliefs.

These people annoy me particularly.

In an effort to make this post undepressing I'll write about school;

Some lessons are good and others are great, but I have a lot of homework . . . well . . . that didn't really help
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You walked past someone today, someone you barely know, someone you gave no thought to.

That person had a mind swirling with thought, no way to express it, no one to listen, no one who would understand

just what they had been through.

Sometimes you don't appreciate things until you've been deprived of them for months, simple things, things you give no thought to.

Everything in moderation. If you do something a lot you cease to appreciate it's true worth.

You turn around and see them walk away, the possibilities endless . . . what if.

What if you had done things differently
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Every time you see them you feel the pain.

Old friends, drifted apart,

Third period you sit next to them, a painful silence, all that is left between you are broken memories. Year 7 playing Tennis, Year 8, last minute revision for the history test, you try to forget as you struggle to understand what you're looking at . . . how do Linear inequalities work anyway?

How did it happen? How did it get like this? Did you shun yourself from them, do they deserve it? do you deserve it? So many questions left unanswered.

friendship can be a very complicated thing
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It's surprising how quickly trends change

Early this decade Yahoo was the happening web company to be working for

Now it's Facebook, twitter, or Google

A few years ago everyone was using Myspace, AIM, or MSN

Now Everyone (apart from me it seems) uses facebook, and Myspace, AIM and MSN are the has been's of the last few years

Early this decade every young person had an @yahoo mail address

Now every young person has an @live mail address, although they rarely use it (unfortunately Facebbok has somewhat taken over the mail and live messenger market)

Yet one things stays the same


Oh how I hate WIndowz . . .
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I have come to the realisation that I may not be very good at physics

I mean I got an A at GCSE but struggled slightly in the last year

And now I'm taking it at A level, did I make the right decision?

Possibly not

I understand about 60% of what we're taught, meaning that I need to do a lot of personal study, which I often don't do as I'm incredibly lazy (Note to self, stop playing video games)

I hate life sometimes, it's all decision this and decision that

Hopefully I can make something of physics

I guess I'll see in time
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I was in school today and I looked at the clock in music (music always drags on quite a lot), and realised that it actually told the right time! (This was a big deal as the day before the clocks had gone back an hour, every other clock told the wrong time)

Then I realised that every clock in school told the right time, Then I thought about how difficult it would be to go around school changing around 100+ clocks to the right time

I thank whoever did so for labouriously changing every clock in the school to the right time
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"I've just realised that the rich text editor for 100 words doesn't work properly (or at least the buttons don't display properly)

When you hover over any of the 'text style' buttons they have a blue background on hover, UNLESS, you hover over the very bottom of the button, I'm not 100% sure but I don't think they're meant to look like that"

At that point in my train of though I used firebug to find out why they display like that then devised a way of fixing it

If that doesn't make me a computer geek I don't know what does
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I can't believe the town council is letting tesco's expand, and likely letting sainsbury's not build here

Tesco have a monopoly here, they are one of only two petrol stations (I'm not even sure if the other can be properly classed as a petrol station), they also have a monopoly over food, their only competitors being over priced but lovely waitrose, and Majorely over priced / delusional town center.

People keep saying it will kill the town center, but the thing is there is nothing to kill, a couple of expensive shops selling jewelery and maybe couple of other interesting shops . . .
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Wh@t is l1fe ?? ?

@ Question WhIch has PlAgued many people

M@ny peop/e haVe wriTten songs about it, writt3n books About iT and talk3d aBout it 4 hours on end, and yet no. 1 has drawn @ definite c0nc1Us1on ;

I don't have, an, answer, either, well not [really], 1 have :some: ideas, but whenever 1 come close to a conc1us1on 1t gets blown away by som3thing Els3 # - \ \| / / -

Although one conclusion keeps coming b@ck to me . . .

Down is the new up

Sorry for the strange editing, I was in a cryptic mood
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The lecture at school was strange today

They started by saying "Through your GCSE's we've had to teach you that global warming is true and real, but now your in the sixth form we don't have to any more"

Then they showed us an inconvenient truth, featuring Al Gore, which was just proving again and again, that CO2 emissions are directly linked to global temperature, thus proving global warming right

then at the end they said "Does anyone not believe in global warming, it's okay not to believe"

Nobody put their hands up

Although it seemed they thought we would . . .
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Anybody wondering about my entry for the 23rd of this month (I doubt there will be many, if any at all) it was a reference to a RadioHead song called 'just'

Back to matters at hand

I have nothing to write about

I really wonder how some people write 100 words every day of every month month after month, I've already run out of things to write about after 24 days (and I used song lyrics that I didn't write for one day which was cheating)

I think that this might mean I'm a very boring person, hopefully it doesn't
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It's that time of the year again

Snow everybody!

everybody's hoping it'll snow enough so that we'll get the day off (I won't conceal that I hope this too)

I want to miss my maths lesson tomorrow, my brother wants to miss mr Hartely's boring speeches (doesn't everyone ?)

Although if we miss school (which I doubt we will, Mr Hartely would keep it open if meteors were raining from the sky) I'd be just that bit more behind on physics and maths

There we go you just witnessed me realise why me dream of snow shouldn't be fulfiled . . . oh well
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I've changed my 100 words thumbnail

It's better than my original 'Something Philisophical should be written here" thumbnail, and a lot better than the stupid coloured one (that took me ages to do) which I had for only two days

The new one is completed using different shades of gray (my favorite colour)

It looks pretty boring but meh, maybe I'll change it again in a few days / weeks / months

On another note wiki leaks released something big today (I wrote thing on the 29th of november) I'm still torn between whether it's good or not, I'm sure time will tell
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I don't like Windows

Not windows as in windows that you see through, windows as in the operating system that 90% of people use, although I don't know why 90% of people use it, it's admittedly rubbish in some ways, and there are free alternatives out there (Ubuntu anyone?) that are far better

In fact I know why people use it

1 ) People hate change
2 ) People follow the crowd

These two reasons have held back some technological advances in the last few decades although sometimes I'll admit our wariness has protected us

Honestly I could rant about this forever
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I think people are being a bit harsh to Nick Clegg

I know a lot of people will probably hate me for writing that but hear me out

- Too many people go to university and raising tuition fees is a solution to this (albeit a very bad one)
- If he said no to David Cameroon's proposed rise in tuition fee's it may result in the government disbanding (is that the right word?), which is the last thing this country needs
- Every politician breaks promises, he had to make compromises to make a coalition (Which I remember everyone seemed to love)
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I've done it David

I've finished a month of 100 words (although not all of them are 100 interesting good words)

Looking back I can say I regret writing some but (especially the boring ones) hopefully I'll get better at this next month

On another note it snowed today, quite badly, but as I predicted the school was open ,although I didn't find out till nearly 8 o'clock as the school website crashed, which also happened last year when it snowed, everyone tried to visit it and it crashed because instead of the 2 page views it normally gets a day, it was getting 2000 . . .