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I do hope that I'm not the only one to do this. The pressure to write something good would be unbearable...

So instead, I will write about my friends. To be more exact, I will write to my friends.
In this week, I will tell them what I truly think of them, offer them the wisdom of my years, and generally patronize.

Be warned, I will be forced to throw open my soul. The contents that you find may not always be pretty or pleasing.

Nevertheless, here is my 100 words dedicated to those around me. Sit back. Enjoy.
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The first. A Mr I.C. You know who you are...

I used to try and measure my achievements against yours. I now realise the futility of this activity. You are a genius. Never forget that.

We all get blips. It's part of life. Get them over and done with now, and then you can stop worrying about them.

We all get sad. It's part of life. Sorry that I could not cheer you up in electronics. Hopefully I can here. I'm much better at writing than speaking.

Don't forget that you exist. It's important. 

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Number two. Mr S.D

You are an inspiration. You never get angry with anyone, no matter how annoying they may be. You never stab someone in the back. You are always polite, considerate and helpful.

If Jesus was on the earth in disguise, you would be the very first person I would suspect. Apart from the fact you have no beard.

It is my aim in life to try and become more like you. I fear it will take a long time.

One day, we will bake a cake big enouh to solve the whole world's problems.  
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For number three, it's a Miss A.D. Soon to be Mrs A.C

Thank you. Thank you for helping me (somewhat) conquer my fear of women. You were the first of said species that I was actually able to have a proper conversation with.

Look after I.C. Please.

I would try and offer practical advice, but you seem to be the most well adjusted of all of us. Therefore, all I can say is, share yourself with the world. It needs to have you.

Never forget, you are intelligent. Work hard. Feel the force. Keep on fighting ect... 
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Fourth is for two people. Mr J.G and Mr T.C.

I've put you together as you always seem to be one entity. It's lovely to behold.

Thanks for putting up with my lack of football knowledge, I'm sure it must be annoying to be constantly asked how the off-side rule works. One day, I'll get it.

J.G, thanks for making the charity walk so enjoyable.

T.C, thanks for making psychology, history, morals and ethics so enjoyable.

I wish both of you the best of luck fo the future. Not that you'll need it. 
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This last one will not be to one person or two people. It will be to the masses. I hope it doesn't start to sound like an award acceptance speech...

Thank you all for helping me through the various subjects. You have no idea how much you have influenced me, made we want to be better, forced me to achieve the best of my abilities.

If I could, I would give you everything you wanted. I can't, so I bless you with wisdom, and the conviction to carry out your intentions.

I am sure you will all succeed in life.
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That's it. Everyone has been thanked.

To fill up the space, I would write something very witty. However, at this moment in time, I have no ideas.


You really should ignore this last one. It has to be one of the worst ever written.


Seriously, go away. Read the other enteries, but not this one.


You really should be doing something more constructive with your time.