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Looking back at my old works here, I'm almost ashamed of what I've been posting. :/ Just copying letters or words, excusing the lack of effort as if it's an artistic project... well, maybe it is. but it's also been a lazy venture, and not half as inspiring as it's supposed to be to write these things. A hundred words is a bout more than that... and it was about more than that when I started out too. It was about inspiring, venting, and achieving 100 words each day of the month for as long as possible. No more, no less.
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It's been a while since I was here, but from now on I shall try to make each post unique. No more copies of content, no more repetition, no more wasting time in an effort to save time which is... really a waste of doing. Since I dropped off this project during recent years I gave 750 Words a go as well, a different kind of project, one where the ambition was to vent rather than achieve a certain word count, and that felt like a refreshing tactic. However, I dropped off there too, writing each day isn't so easy.
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Nor is writing just a hundred words a piece! Now that I'm hooked on writing 750 again, this all feels so minimal. The plans I have for each post that I begin typing here are bigger than what a hundred words can fit, so the individual batches become continuous entries instead, ones that span a month or... more? Or what, is this a continuous entry or just a ramble? Anyway, I'm happy to be writing again. Happy to shed out some early morning inspiration here in addition to the 750, because over there... I'm aiming for the Night Owl badge.
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I just thought I'd rhyme! Find something in my mind and try combining this thing to other figures which combine. I linger still, in my trials and tribulations, everyday a new day, each day that I be facing gives way... for something much greater than the gray. For true creative work, and I think it's all OK. I'm doing more than normal, I'm being more than formal, I'm letting words escape while I absorb all that I can draw forth. What's that I saw North? It was freedom. Change of plan, change of man, change of season. I'll be sleeping.
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Fifth day now, just the fifth day... and you don't know how tempted I am to just post in one word and repeat it for the rest of this post! And then another one for tomorrow. And so on for the rest of the month. It's so easy.

It's got to be something with this interface. Something that... doesn't motivate enough to let you achieve even 750 Words. What is it? Is it too easy? Is writing post after post, catching up on months even when you miss a day the real culprit?

It's so easy.
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I've probably...
noticed this before.

But did you know?

That BR tags

seem to count
the overall
word count
of each post?

It's true! So, without further ado, I bring to you, almost a hundred....

...line breaks! Yeah.
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I've probably noticed this earlier as well, but it's a bit annoying how the batches of days show up in a so uncalenderized form. For example, I'm writing this on a Sunday (catching up on past days though so this is a day before then), and the latest day of the calender (today) is displayed on a new line! As if it were a Monday.

There are seven days on each line, and all the numbers you would expect of a month, but they are not sorted according to their respective day at all. Just something I notice.
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Did you know this world is pitiful? Wherever you go, whatever you see. They want you to stay, but you want to leave. Escape this place where we're enslaved and jailed, for whatever, society sets the bail.

We can't live our own life, for everything there is a penance. Whatever really happened to our very independence? How did we let the governments take so total control that we can't even blow our nose without being controlled? Whatever you'd like to believe, you'll lose your role if you blow it in your sleeve. Society is no place, for me.
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I'm just... going to write this entry, and then I'm going to watch the latest episode of One Piece! Yeah! It's getting exciting. They're batteling it out along the jagged cliffs of Dressrosa. Don Flamingo is pretty much the only one left, him and the unstoppable mountain which Zoro (at the end of last episode) just came up with a plan to slice and dice... but by the looks of it, that might be enough to keep everyone down. Well, it looked that way for a while, now the place is just crawling with enemies. His enemies. Next episode... time.
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It's just one more day... till all fades.
One more day... no tall tales.
One more day... till all's out.
One more day... no more doubt.

One more day... I'm dining.
One more day... it's fine in.
One more day... aligning.
The moon... and the stars.

One day I'll go far.

I'll go far like a politician! Enrichen!
The world with the words I spit in! My vision!
Grave like our view depraved of color, cool in shade.
In a hundred years you will fade.
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Let's see... how fast I can really write one of these entries if I just keep going without stopping to think about what I'm writing at all and just skipping punctuation entirely and just going and going and flowing and keeping my brain open and just letting everything go right into this textbox without censoring my thoughts at all though I feel like I'm keeping certain thoughts out of my thoughts write now just so I won't write them here and post them for the whole world to see would've been a different thing if it was private! One minute.
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So many days each month! So much to write for. I'm not sure I have time for staying aboard, but I strive to much and more and find lore. That tells me the ultimate wisdoms of existence, till then it's all a journey, it's a search, it's a mine for new mindful findings. Sights and signs and maybe someday I'll find something divine and bind it... to my current time. Just climb out of the current line of times and strive to bind my time to mind and find I like to at least smile... when I freak and freestyle.
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The thirteenth... a Friday to boot! I spent this particular day watching a very particular movie: The Orphanage. We were expecting a great amount of scares on it, but received none of those. We did however receive great disturbances; many memorable moments. It's one of those movies you really won't want to watch again, but you're glad you watched it, because it really gave you something to... feel. And to think about. The ending's clear as day, but the whole movie is like one long dark night, and it's a puzzle too. Fit together the pieces, and savor the result.
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Once upon a time, there was a day, and it dawned on me. The day dawned on me, and then night fell on me, and I just couldn't bare it's weight. And it's at times like this when inspiration strikes that I wonder... if I shouldn't save such inspiration for a better form. Like a book. Should I really post this at 100 Words? I mean, what if someone browses through my posts and... steals my idea? Well, time's a steal! If you don't use it to its fullest, you're not getting as much out of it as you could.
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I dedicate this entry to Henry.

I have no idea who that is. I know one Henry, come to think of it, but I'm not sure this is dedicated to him (if you're reading this, for sure it is!) but whomever it's dedicated to, I'm sure he could use the dedication. We all need some dedication sometimes. It's motivations like that that keep us going through the dark times. When light is in sparse quantities and hard to find... let us dedicate it to the greatest future we have in mind! So, here's a dedication, you random stranger.
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I dedicate this entry to Bob.

Yeah! Thanks! That's me! We could all use some dedication some times. To get us through the dark times. To light our lights and let us stars find, in the sky even when the streetlights glow so the dark looks so dark and gives me a dark mind.

But it's not a dark world! Everyday is a new day, and night is when we're meant to sleep. I come here to vent the week, it doesn't need to be deep, just needs to be well-meant and free. That's me.
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So another day. So, another day? So another. Day rises and I look at a surprise at the sunrise it's... beautiful!

So, another day huh. Another day? HAH! I laugh in your face! HAH! Here's a wrath you can taste! HAH! I write a hundred words and rinse away all my pain! All my agony and shame! All that weighs me down so that I can rise again!! HAH!

It's a new day. A new day yo. Yeah. Uh huh. A new day of divine flow when I climb those mountains of try-to-find prose.
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I turned on the oven, and then I ran upstairs to write something while it heats up. So, here's to you, oven! To all the warmth you spread! To these dark winter times you heat up with joyful fragrance, warming up food for us to savor and eat! That energizes us through these dark weeks. To all your loving, oven, here's to you...

And on that note, I better get downstairs again and prepare my casserole. Lunch is closing in. Yes, that's all folks. It begins. I'll bask in... whatever things I eat. Till next time we meet.
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Thought I'd do a follow-up on yesterday's short oven-related entry. since it just so happens that my lunch for the day is in the oven right now! Heating up! My taste buds are getting ready to taste. My stomach's getting ready to devour. Thanks to this post, my body's all in pre-lunch mode, though just a minute ago I was focused only on getting up here and writing. So, what do you write when you don't really have anything to write about? You write about lunch. Just a hunch, I'ma fight my doubt and munch a bunch.
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It's bananas, the world we live in. People killing each other. People killing each others mothers and sisters and fathers and brothers. Bombing arenas. Bombs are for demons. People have always killed others... but there is no honor in this. Whatever cause you might see in it... it's just propaganda. Take a different side, and you're perspective will switch side with you. Maybe you'll realize that it's all for naught. It's all for nothing right? What if they're all bluffing about the afterlife? What if you are all pawns in a war of terror, that doesn't make anything better forever?
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I thought I'd try one more of those pure brainstorming typing sessions where I just keep going and type whatever s on my mind in a rush of words and if it's all bananas then I don't mind because I like bananas too and peaces and plums and pears and all types of fruits and I wonder if I could type even faster than I can type right now which is pretty damn fast if my mind would be able to keep up with my fingers and just keep shedding thoughts without needing breaks to contemplate. I'm sure I could.
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I just took a walk. Sunshine. Icy ground. Pathways frozen over... but no snow yet! Feels like winter's just around the bend, creeping up on us real soon, but it's not really here just yet.

Feels good though! Each time winter starts closing it it feels depressing at first, the dark and cold, but when it really arrives it washes away all that darkness. Still cold, but it's also cool and beautiful, still, time frozen, a moment you can live in and enjoy. It doesn't rain; you don't get wet. Just hope the sleep doth jet.
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One thing that annoys me just a little about this place is how I have to choose a batch before I can start writing my daily entry. It'd be so easy if you just click that link and start writing right away! No stalling. Another thing is how the word counter counts tags (like the line break) as a word. Yet another is how the focus is on writing a certain amount, rather than exceeding a certain amount; focusing on creative output rather than the number. But maybe I'm getting too influenced by some of the competition, It's all good.
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Another day, another hundred words! I didn't get quite as good a start on this one as I expected. Went to bed early. Woke up late. Took a walk. Started working. All of a sudden it's 3 PM and I've just been skipping between projects all evening... nothing's done! It's one of those days where I'd probably be more efficient if I just took a break. Didn't do anything. But I'm too stuck in the moment to really get away from it. I don't want to quit. I don't really want to do anything either. You know how it is.
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A new day, a new hundred! Did I start yesterday post the same way? Seems kinda... familiar. Well, it's been a good day. I've been working at work, then I came home and worked some more, then I wrote a few blogs, then I wrote some words for the counts, then I wrote a few emails, then I responded to a few PMs, now I'm just about to hop off to bed and write my diary entry of the day, but before that I thought I'd write this. A whole lot of writing lately! And that's it for today. Night.
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I remember recently I wrote about things I was annoyed with on this site; I thought I'd take up the things I love about it today. I like the batches: being able to fill out words for rows of days through the sample, simple interface. I like the 'remember me' feature; not having to log in each day I write something! That's something 750 words does NOT have. I love the public showcases, the direct links, and last but not least the format. A hundred words isn't too tasking a task for a bit of text. That's all for now.
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So I'm waiting. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting for what, you may wonder? Well, I can't tell you! Or you might start waiting for the same thing... and then my efforts might end up futile. I'll post a blog about it tonight though, or tomorrow... whenever the wait is over. Sometimes time just goes too slow. Sometimes people just do too little. Sometimes things just aren't as active as I wish they were. Sometimes I'm not sure if I have time to watch a movie though, because I have to keep an eye out for... what I'm waiting for. I'll be waiting.
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The wait paid off! A day spent checking the portal, a night spent checking the portal with increasing frequency until finally I was checking the portal every minute... and I managed to snatch the 666,666th upload! Not bad! Though it didn't take much time per say, it took a lot of patience. Too much patience. I spent pretty much the whole day thinking about, doing other things, thinking about it... but it's done now! It's accomplished, and I am free to move onto the next task at hand. Next step, the 700,000th ID... in a few months more.
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Almost done with my first month of writing a hundred words in a looong time! Writing all custom content each day too. It feels good. Feels like... I'm not really saying anything important here, but just writing is alright innit? It's all write. No thinking. Just writing. All night in. A frenzy.

And then I wake up and get back to NG.

Well, maybe I'll try one of those sequential story projects another month, or poetry, lyricism, something a little bit more creative... at least I started something here again right? Feels good to be back.
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Last day of the month! It's been a blast it has. The days they passed so fast. Now I'm sitting here in my room, eating breakfast with a tune... in my mind. I don't play DooM, I play Castle Wolfenstein I, find at times sublime, at others a bit old and lined but. I woke up today in all but a rut. Sat up quick, drank honey water and spat up silk. Opened the windows, turned on windows, closed the window so no wind goes in and: begin flow! This day will be something dope! I promise. December's on us.