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Who's Lando?

I say Landoís on first, Chewieís on second, Hanís on third.
Are you the manager?
You gonna be the coach too?
And you don't know the fellows' names?
Well I should.
Well then Landoís on first?
I mean the fellow's name.
The guy on first.
The first baseman.
The guy playing...
Lando is on first!
I'm asking YOU Landoís on first.
That's the man's name.
That's Lando's name?
Well go ahead and tell me.
That's it.
That's Lando?


Look, you gotta first baseman?
Landoís playing first?
That's right.
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I sat in the yard with my dog, to kill time before my next excruciating shift at my soul-crushing job. I thought about all the ways I would love to quit, about all the jobs Iíd rather have, about all the reasons Iíd never have them. The sun was shrieking overhead and even my shadow didnít want to come from out from under my ass. I wiped the sweat from my brow and pondered why I bother with anything? It all seems so pointless. ďI just donít get it,Ē I sighed. My dog looked up, panting, and said, ďMe neither.Ē
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Yahi was a Japanese pilot turned business man from Michigan on vacation in Walt Disney World with his wife and children. We sat next to each other on the ferry cruising around the Beach Resort. He loves America and Americans. The only part of America he doesnít like is President Bush. I told him nobody does. He doesnít understand how people in America cannot appreciate everything that the country has to offer. I agreed with him. He was particularly impressed with the landscaping around Disney World. I agreed itís fantastic. We shook hands, exchanged names, and wished each other well.
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ďGod has seen you struggling (with something), God says it's over. A blessing is coming your way. If you believe in God send to ten people, please don't ignore, you are being tested.Ē

This is the forwarded gem that landed in my inbox this morning.

1) The struggle is never fucking over. Thatís life. When the struggle is over, youíre dead.

2) God has toned down his tests.Ē Didnít he used to make people almost sacrifice their own sons? Now all I have to do is forward a trite email from weak minded morons? Heís really lowering his standards.
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I saw E.T. on television tonight. What is it about movies made in the 80ís that make them so much more magical than movies today? Is it just that theyíre attached to my childhood and I remember them more fondly? I donít think so. Special effects werenít as out of control as they are now. Everything in movies now exists only in computers as CGI pixels. You can only see them. In the 80ís everything was real, tangible. E.T. is a fictional character but I knew I could touch him. He existed even if only as a prop. Thatís magical.
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Driftwood souls
tumble and turn
half submerged

gnarled knots
the color of nothing
sea soaked and slime
just light enough to float
but just
only just

and I come to the beach
compelled to build
ethereal sculptures
that claim the
sky and the sand
like noble
drunk on the promise
of immortality
planting themselves in earth
like tattered Spanish flags


working feverishly
on my masterpiece
a salty monument to loss
and childhood afternoons


foamy sea edges retreat
and creep back
and forth
to caress
and seduce
my pretty pile
of driftwood souls
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Jonathon couldnít even count the times his roommate Greg playfully called him a bookworm.

Every Saturday night he would beg him to come out and be social, but Jonathon always politely refused, citing an impending exam or report.

The truth was Jonathon just loved books.

So imagine his delight when he woke one Sunday morning to find himself actually transformed into a bookworm.

He relished the Kafka-esque irony of it all.

He inched into the common room to tell Greg, who was always up and around first.


Imagine Jonathonís horror when he realized Greg was indeed, an early bird.
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The two soiled
leather-clad bikers
stared each other down
across the pool table
like beer-soaked
grizzly bears

It had been
twenty years
since either of these
had crossed paths

The last time
was in this very bar
and that meeting
is the stuff of
in the Badlands

This meeting
the last for at least
one of them
would be

One cracked
his neck
and rubbed his
greasy grey stubble

The other popped
his knuckles
skull rings
that looked like they were
forged in the fires of



ďDance off!!!!Ē
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Capitalizing on the popularity of the Weekend at Bernieís franchise as well as movies like The Passion and The Nativity, coming to theaterís near you this Christmas holiday seasonÖ Weekend at Bernieís III: Easter Sunday. Itís a historical comedy following the misadventures of the apostles Bartholomew and Thaddeus, the wackiest of the twelve, after discovering that on the third day after Jesusí crucifixion, the tomb wasnít at all empty and He wasnít really coming back. But as they say in Jerusalem, ďThe show must go on!Ē So they strap him to a mule and the greatest story never told begins!Ē
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Sweltering under the August sun, in a 1977 pale yellow Chevette, tailgating a brand new minivan with one of those gay family stickers with two stick people adults standing next to their two stick people children, Jesus Christ wiped His brow on His shirt sleeve. He took out his Sabbath Paranoid cassette tape, tossed it into the backseat, and replaced it with Blood, Sweat, and Tearsí Greatest Hits . As "Lucretia McEvil" began to wail from His fuzzy, horrible speakers He noticed the WWJD sticker lovingly placed on the minivanís bumper and yelled, ĒIíd put my foot on the fucking gas!Ē
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Yes Jesse Jackson
cut Barack Obamaís nuts off
for telling
men to be fathers
for telling
them what it means to be a man
for trying
to improve a culture
that America
associates with
ignorant athletes
violent rappers

Yes Jesse Jackson
cut Barack Obamaís nuts off
because he has
a chance to win
an office
you will


come close to even dream of getting
because you sensationalize problems
while he tries to fix them
because he wants


and you want

TV time

and because heís


much better
than you will ever be
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Machines clank rhythm,
he whistles melody--in
a Kessel spice mine

He lost everything,
gambled it all away but
Tatooineís twin suns

A dianoga
waits hungrily for the next
chute of rebel spies

The Hutts can settle
any dispute, except which
jetpack handles best

Sandy womp rats sleep
the day away in the shade
of a bantha skull

A hooded shadow
awaits the midnight shuttle--
blaster still warm

Zam fired every
sabredart at her estranged
father--she missed him

A sand-worn probe droid
rusts, half buried in a dark
Mos Eisley alley
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Trying to read a heady science fiction novel at the pool today I heard the following phrase, ďYou just done came down to the pool andÖĒ Holy shit. My ears started to bleed and my novel actually spontaneously combusted. ďYou just done came.Ē And the guy who spoke this eloquent turn of phrase looked exactly as I thought he would. Some scrawny, haphazardly-bearded, albino white trash waste, whose voice sounded like he was kicked in the head by a mule. Which may have been the case. How I wished for an really long extension cord and an electric toaster. Books!
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Go to your neighbors home, destroy everything inside, burn it to the ground, alienate their friends, and get them fired whether they ask for it or do not, especially if they do not. Then force upon them new shelter, new belongings, new associates, and new employment. This is essentially the aim of religion. To destroy the life and cultures of those who are not like you. Catholics, as only one example, would gladly see Islam eradicated. Or Buddhism. Or Judaism. Or Hinduism. Because all religions, at their cores, believe they are the one and only true culture. Outright cultural Imperialism.
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Upon rewtaching Batman Begins:

It was even worse the second time. There are parts that are fantastic; Batman being scary again, Michael Caine, Liam Neeson. But thatís it. The plot is absolutely ridiculous even by comic standards. The movie aimed to make Batman real and less cartoony, like he could actually exist. And it works, except the plot. They turned gas, that only works when inhaled, into a liquid so they could use a microwave to turn it back into a gas by evaporating the water its in. Humans are 95% water. No effect? Really? Physics? Immutable Laws? BAD writing.
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A new poemÖ

A skinny old man
in huge old man sunglasses
places his bet
with a bleach blonde cashier

He lights a shaky cigarette
from the grandstands
and whispers a prayer
for lucky number 7

because itís been a long hard life
and he deserves at least one

Some haiku (trying for one a day)Ö

Night rain falls heavy--
reading poems on the floor
the lamplight flickers

Friends, television
coffee, beer, ice cream drumsticksó
twenty something bliss

Nicotine smiles
desperate prayers and cigar smoke--
number six to win

A red dragonfly
drowning, struggles for lifeó
a quiet blue pool
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Dear Splash joke,

Erik and I have been trying to remember you for over a week now. Where did you go? Surely you havenít forgotten about us. Remember? Erik and I were sitting on the couches at that really cool coffee shop listening to that horrible music. We were talking about movies and laughing and then we made you up! And you were great; really funny. And I know we should have written you down, but we thought weíd remember. Look weíre sorry. Please come back to us. Weíd love to have you back. Again, weíre really sorry.

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I am distraught at the recent revelation that I cannot remember who the first girl I kissed was. Now I remember my first kiss kiss. But not my very first middle school peck kiss, and to me, that is the important one. How old and decrepit and tragic am I if I canít even recall the first time my lips landed on a member of the fairer sex. I have it narrowed down to threeÖor four. It was either a girl in fourth grade, or one of three in a game of spin the bottle in eighth grade. Aging! Bastard!
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Iíve discovered that people who are really into their ethnicity, and I donít mean actual genealogy, but their nation of origin, are people who donít have anything else to be proud of. Itís the lowest common denominator. Anyone can claim their Italian pride, because it requires absolutely no effort. But you can have no more pride in your ethnicity than you can in being born with 10 fingers or two ears. How can you be proud of something you had no hand in? Pride in happening to fall out of a personís ethnic vagina? Maybe you should try accomplishing something.
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Iíve taken a summer mistress and her name is Chlorinia. She is wonderful. Always there for me in my hour of need or sweat. Always offering respite from a hot summer day. Always ready with a cool wet kiss. Sometimes she shows me her blue side, her naughty tendencies. And even on occasion, dare I say it; she lets me urinate on her. She loves it. We make sweet green liquid love. On my deck chair she clings to me, tickling my neck with her splashy caresses. But on stormy days she can be one femme fatale.

Analogies are fun.
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The tragedy of the planning of the city of St. Petersburg is that normal Joe Average has no real indoor access to the downtown waterfront. Itís all parks, and the Pier, and parks, and multimillion dollar condos. Now parks are nice but it does warm up here in the summer a tad. Thereís really no place with a view, that you can sit comfortably indoors and just enjoy. The USF library has a great one, but itís just one. Why arenít their coffee shops or bookstores or cafes? Why hoard the cityís most beautiful asset for millionaires? Viva la revolucion!
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Iím sorry
Öfor everything.

that every time I see you I imagine you having bowel cancer, a root-deep cavity and a fairly severe paper cut right on your pointer finger.

other women avoid you like leprosy in 14th century European villages.

I think youíve had more dicks in you than the third-stall glory hole at Studio 54 circa 1978.

you have nervous breakdowns like ten-time All-Pro NFL wide receiver Jerry Rice has receiving yards.

you have more gum than a Big League Chew factory on Planet BubbleYum in the Chewzar quadrant of the Wrigley galaxy.
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Even one of the holiest of educational holies, the center for independent learning, the public library is no longer safe from the wandering zombie-like hordes of retards currently plaguing everywhere. Once the place for readers and learners to gather and explore the wonderful universe of books seeking knowledge and answers, it has now devolved into the place where degenerates and unemployables flock for free internet access so they can watch hip hop videos, update their myspace profiles, and otherwise find various ways to not contribute to society. Canít we make computers look like books so these mongoloids will avoid them?
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I declare that the pinnacle of vapid American consumerism lies in the Apple Store. Literally a hundred people crowded around postage stamp size screens watching MTV videos, uploading Fergieís latest single to the rest of their 2 million songs, watching a presentation on how to make home movies, buying iPod socks, and chatting with the storeís 200 employees. This is what we are now? Weíre not even trying to hide it anymore? By show of hand, Rashomon? Paradise Lost? Zach Galifianakis? Poetry? Art? Books? Anybody? Anybody? Bueller? Sorry everyone, my mistake. Please continue adding nothing. I apologize for the interruption.
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I am currently in the middle of the most creative period in my entire life. And itís fantastic! Iíve written a ton of poetry, more than everything else Iíve ever written combined. Iíve read close to twenty books this summer. Iím studying the craft of haiku. Iíve been talking and sharing with artistic friends. Iím surrounded with creativity! Iím worried that when work starts again in a couple of weeks my creative renaissance will start to slow down. I just wonít have the free time to dedicate to just being creative. Iím really going to have to work against weariness.
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You know how when you get water in your ear you do that weird bent over sideways head shaking thing? Wouldnít it be great if you could do that with all of the stuff youíd really like to forget. All those embarrassing moments, all those rejections, all those epic failures. Just a few shakes and out theyíd tumble into the sand to be washed back out to sea. I donít need that stuff up in there. Itís painful and itís taking up room that could be better occupied by Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode names or Star Wars character names.
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I saw a commercial on the television machine today for a new phone. The intense narrator guy said that this phone has a ďfearless design.Ē And all I can say to that isÖfinally! Itís about time someone had the guts to stand up to those other frightened phone designers. Someone had to show them that there is indeed a new way. They need not be afraid anymore! This ainít like those other phones, all cowering in the dark and hiding under the covers. No longer is receiving a call a terrifying ordeal! It is a new day everyone! Join us.
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My job as a teacher is to try and get children to be better than they are now. To learn, to grow, to achieve. Why do parents constantly try to fight this? My favorite bitch-mom with diagnosed mental illnesses married to an abusive alcoholic with the intelligence of a housefly is always the first one to email with challenges to anything I assign. Her kids are all learning disabled and she really doesnít try to help them beyond using that as an excuse. Does she really want her kids to grow up and be as disgustingly stupid as her? Parenting!
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Attention all parents:
I am smarter than you.
I am better than you.
I have read more books.
I understand things.
Iím objective.
I can see your kids realistically.
I know what they can do.
Iím not an alcoholic.
I donít abuse children.
I donít neglect them.
I am their best shot at convincing them can can be somebody.
You are trash.
You donít read.
You canít read.
You donít understand.
Youíre lazy.
You donít want your kids to be better than you.
You send your kids to private school but thatís not enough.
You have to be a parent.
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How do you know what it is you want out of life? Everyone seems to know but me, and apparently thatís tragic. Where do I see myself in 10 years? Marriage? Children? A house? Wealth? Traveling? I have no idea. None. And not knowing seems ok to me. Iím happy with where I am right now, but Iíve learned thatís not good enough. I need to know and have every detail mapped out to the day. First Iíll do this and that will get me this and then Iíll get that. I do not know so please stop asking me.
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I can be fired from my job for living with my girlfriend. In a school system that pays way below what public schools do, that expects me to spend all sorts of time going to night meetings, coaching sports, making yearbooks, all without any kind of extra pay, and I can be fired for living with my completely monogamous girlfriend who Iíve been with for seven years. Now I have previously worked with a person who was quite promiscuous, having sex with many girls on many occasions, but that is deemed completely ok. Why is there a teacher shortage? Fantasyland!