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When routine catches you out. Arrive home late and eat late. Eat because if you don't you will be hungry during the night, disturbing your sleep (or so you assume because you are not used to going to bed hungry). Go to bed straight away and find it hard to sleep. Presume it is because of eating late, but it is a hot night and it is hard to sleep on a hot night. Get up on time in the morning because it is easy to start the routine from zero. Later in the day things get out of whack.
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The rainbow lorikeet arched its neck and rotated its head around and around. A second lorikeet perched beside it on the electricity wire. The first lorikeet hopped up and down and bounced to the next wire. Its behaviour suggested it was a young bird. It rotated its head again, as though wanting food, while stretching its beak wide. It was playing - it made no sound. The adult bird kept watch, but ignored the behaviour. Several birds sped by, jet-like, chattering all the while. The two on the wire took off as well, the baby bird identical to the flock.
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I go for a walk in the afternoon but it is still too hot. I am rewarded by the sight of tiny birds playing on the path. I think at first they are grey fantails, or willie wagtails, because of their little upright tail. I can see a willie wagtail ahead and it is at least twice the size. I stop and watch them and see there are young fairy wrens with a touch of blue, and red-browed finches. They fly into the reeds and I get a good look at them before they make their way further in.
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It is a cooler day, but humid. Yesterday I tidied the yard and today I fill the green bin. I see a crow steal an egg but it is not the egg laid by my hen, which is still on the chair (where they lay) from this morning. The egg the crow has is too white. It may have found the plastic egg it stole previously. Or maybe it is a golf ball. There must be a lot of egg-stealing by crows going on, or I must just happen to look out at the right time, almost every time.
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Sleep on the train home from work. Walk to the vet for some dry food, carry it home via the butcher and buy some meat for tea. Stop to get out the umbrella because it has started to rain. Feed the cats, give the hens a treat. Change, cook and eat dinner. Practice the piano. Put the sheets that have been soaking in the washing machine to wash. The rain is good but a shame I have to hang out washing tomorrow. Shut the hens in the coop. Do a spot of work while watching the Monday night TV shows.
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The shopper slowly browsed cards, looking for something for a farewell, or good luck, or just something with knitting. She didn't think she would find just the right card, but when she had walked through the whole shop she found another card stand hidden away. It contained small cards (maybe a bit too small for a farewell card, but there were not many people to sign it) with nice little messages. This might be what she was looking for. Then she saw it, a card with two ducks knitting, joined by yarn, and something about friendship knitting them together. Perfect!
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Wednesday is comedy night on the ABC. Tonight's menu is Mad as Hell, Squinters and The Last Leg. I probably wouldn't watch Squinters only it is after Mad as Hell, and wouldn't watch The Last Leg only it is on after Squinters. I enjoy all three once I start watching. What is wrong with Donald Trump? I can't watch most reality television shows. I can't stand the fake pauses and staged scenarios. How is that "reality"? I'm off to buy my machine gun and practice on the hens. They won't stand a chance. I hope they get thoughts and prayers.
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I make a small animal by tying and cutting a plastic bag. The wind buffets it about. It looks real, the wind filling it's "limbs" and making it come to life. I watch from the window. Then I am outside and the animal walks toward me. As it gets closer I see it is a chicken. It is by now very realistic to look at, but soft like the plastic bag. It tries to jump up onto the bench. I hold my hand out so it can jump there first. I created my own chicken out of a plastic bag.
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I just lost my words. That is sad. I'll not try to type them again because they weren't going anywhere anyway. I was trying a play on words which I often do when I can't think of anything else to write about. A play on the word "mysteries". I normally save my 100 words to avoid disasters like that. I always save them before previewing as I have lost a day's 100 words a few times before. Disaster! I have time to go outside and sit with the chickens so I am going to do that now. It is Friday.
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We can spend out lives cleaning because things get dirty very quickly. I look through the window pane that was not cleaned last year and it is covered in dust, but so is my car, that was washed only a week ago. That being said, I do like a clean environment. I plan to spring-clean this year in autumn, and continue to spring. I need a lot of time. There is a pet-hair problem too. I cleaned the lounge of pet hair last night, and today it is hairy again, not so hairy, but hairy just the same.
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It is bed time and I just want to go to bed and put on the eye mask I made out of a pair of socks. It is the best thing, very comfortable, two long socks pinned together in a headband. I am going to design one for summer when the socks will be too hot. The vet will put a little hood on a chicken before giving it a lethal injection. I guess that calms the hen and makes it seem like night time. That's what my sock-headband does. I might try knitting one out of something soft.
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Practicing the piano makes me very tired. I ate a mini ice-cream just now and gave the cat some. I had a lovely sleep on the train home. I got the best spot, the individual seat at the back of the carriage. I wish I could sleep that easily when I go to bed. I pretend I am on the train but it doesn't work. Bed is minus the rocking motion and discomfort of sitting in a tight corner with my head bumping against the wall. Don't know what it is about the train that is so sleep-inducing.
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The Internet is so slow these days. We wait and wait. First world problems (although I hate that saying). I was at a medical centre earlier where they had to wait ages for something to load. Maybe something is going on in this area. Luckily Google Chrome will load… or is that suspicious? Why Chrome and nothing else? Hmmm. It was slow but it got there. I will restart my laptop when I finish this and if that doesn’t work I guess I will read a book, or knit something. I have two packages waiting for me from Book Depository!
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One of my favourite places when I was a kid was my grandparent's house at night at the end of a family visit. We would have eaten walnuts from their tree during the day. I would be tired and falling asleep, the lounge room warm, with interesting and familiar objects around. The lounge was hard, scratchy and uncomfortable, but that didn't matter. The sound of the adult voices would lull me to sleep. When I was still young enough I would be carried out to the car and remember nothing until I woke in my own bed the next day.
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I am managing this month to write every day, on the day. This is the first time I have been so consistent for years. It is part of my new trial with responsibility, along with practicing the piano every day, eating and drinking in moderation and taking a consistent approach with exercise. I decided to have the year off 100 words a day, but after two months I missed it. I notice that doing the task every day makes time seem a bit slower. Leaving it and doing a bulk lot means I ask "Where did all that time go?"
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I need to clean my house. It is an ongoing task and I need to get serious about doing it on an ongoing basis. I had a plan to work my way through the house from one end to the other consistently, the theory being that it would be clean all the time. It needs a lot of work to get to that point. Hard to decide whether to stick with that idea initially or to do a massive move-type clean in the first place then go to the work-my-way-through method ongoing. I could just move.
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Rainbows are round I read somewhere, and we only see part of them. That is cool and makes perfect sense. The hens' eggs are oval-shaped. Some are quite round, some long and pointy. I wonder if the pointy end comes out first. Pointy is not quite the right word, as it implies a sharpness. It will be eggs for dinner tonight. I have almost two full cartons. I find the cycle of fifths easier to understand then the circle of fifths. I must put more effort into memorising the bass clef scale. I am off to save a moth.
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Grand Designs is surely that tonight. The house tonight cost four years of the couple's life. That is not huge, but they are not young. Young kids, I presume. It's just been described as a "crafty house" and that it is. It makes me think of the Forsythe Saga house, built in the early part of the 20th century. Both are inspired by Japan. It is not the usual Japanese-inspired design, it has quite a lot of surprises. It would be great to own one's own home to do whatever you want but a renter I will always be.
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I had a struggle at work wrestling with documents, but I got there in the end. I produced a satisfactory example for review, and have a plan to go forward. You can't hope for more than that really. I also managed to have an hour for lunch for a gardening demonstration. I learned a lot from that as well. Such as, plants like consistency, which is common sense really. I didn't know you should water seedling punnets well before separating and planting out. The days are becoming shorter. It is very dark in the morning and dark earlier each night.
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Headlines of the day: World's last male northern white rhino euthanased aged 45. Devastating. Weird weather continues. Frightening. Ex-Auburn mayor declared bankrupt over $200,000 debt. Marble staircase. The new human headline. Flood warning issued as heavy rainfall forecast for NSW coastal regions. Death in the ski fields: Australian's body found after four months. Facebook loses $US35b after massive data breach, tech stocks lead Wall Street sell-off. Sixth person dies from listeria outbreak. Rockmelons! Used to be so innocent! Uber driverless car crash fails to deter early adopters because 'humans are inferior'. Agreed. I guess. Courtesy ABC News.
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Well then, it has been an interesting day. Ha ha ha ha ha! Onward... this is my 21st day of writing 100 words a day without catching up. In the early days I did this, and I have done this on and off over the years, but I have not done it for a long time! I am also practicing the piano daily but for less days in a row. Ha ha! It has been a day, when all you can do is laugh. The stakes are so high, I should not laugh, but ha ha ha ha ha ha!
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The internet is so bad I don't have on demand television, I have in the mood television. It hasn't worked for ages until recently when I turned everything off and on again. It didn't fix it at the time, but then one night last week I checked, and both favourite channels worked! However, I couldn't watch it because it was late and a school night. Tonight there is nothing on scheduled TV I want to watch, so I check and one works! Now I don't know if it is the internet or the channel with the problem. First world problems.
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What to do this weekend? Maybe some exercise, some relaxation, some housework, some gardening. Some piano. Shopping. Cooking. Spend time with the cat. She is beside me now, wanting to sit on my lap, but the laptop sits on my lap. Pizza for dinner tonight because I got home too late to buy anything to cook on the way and too late to cook anything anyway. Or anything acceptable to the family. Next weekend is Easter. Looking forward to that. I think I am going blind from working on spreadsheets. Driving in the dark was challenging even wearing my glasses.
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My secret life of recurrent tasks. The house is a tip. I keep part of the house clean and/or tidy religiously, and the rest I ignore. One of the biggest mistakes is to think something is quite clean and doesn't need cleaning yet. A week later it is like it has never been cleaned. Of the two camps, I really don't know in which I feel most comfortable. At least the weather has cooled a lot and my "it's too hot" procrastination can end. Today I had a big afternoon nap. Too big, now I feel a bit shattered.
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I tidied the yard today and removed the chicken run which they don't use. It took quite a while. I cut the long grass with shears so as to not leave it all to the guy who mows. I took care because I thought there may be funnel web spiders under the ground cover, although I'm not sure they live around here. The hens had fun rifling through the grass and caught a skink which they fought over. The bully won as usual. Those beaks are vicious. One of them broke the skin recently when pecking food from my hand.
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Work is atrocious right now. Mondays are usually full of malaise for me but I think the malaise was kept at bay today due to being replaced by pure dread. Now I have a lot of work to do in a short amount of time and I am still not certain I am providing what is needed, or what my role is. It is very weird. Or maybe I am weird. You never know. It might all be me. So, when I finish this, I need to log on and plow through some of it. No TV tonight for me.
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Home late but no use complainin'. No point stayin' any longer no more. The day's work is done. I'm gonna wash that man right outta my hair. I got those can't log into Windows Explorer blues 'cause may password don't work. OMG I just remembered it. Switching now. Ah, now I can use the word counter which doesn't work in Google Chrome. It's the best password eva, and I have never had to change it. Glad I remembered it. I have considered using it for everything, it is so good. 'Cause it's been "remembered" I don't have to type it!
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I read in an article that people don't act because of facts, they act because of hope and fear (credit to Jane Caro). Perhaps the reason mankind doesn't act on big scary things that could effect us enormously for many, many years, but gets really excited about minor things. Eg extinction of a species - death of the last white rhino (meh)/ cheating at cricket (major talking point given much airtime). Also may have something to do with why there is so much made of local tragedies but not of tragedies that are much worse, but more distant. And reality TV!
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It is 19:10 and getting dark quickly. Daylight saving will end this weekend and it will be like this sometimes when I am arriving home from work, even when I am not home too late. Hard to fathom with the weather still quite warm, for the end of March. I hardly saw the hens this week because I left in the dark and got home in the dark a couple of days. Their coop water was pretty manky although they are mostly out and about so that doesn't matter too much. Easter weekend is upon us. Four whole days.
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I have made it to day 30 writing every except once when I left it a day. It is much more fun than catching up. I went for the first ride on my bike in about eighteen months today. The tyres were flat and it was a little dusty. I was out for almost two hours. I visited Voyager Point and saw a pair of mallard ducks, an eastern spinebill, lots of fairy wrens, a grey fantail, Australian wood ducks, pacific black ducks, white ducks, a family of three purple swamphens, dusky moorhens and a small bird I couldn't identify.
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I have a plan to rearrange and tidy the house. I will begin my plan tonight. I hope we can stay in this house for a while, at least enough time to appreciate the culmination of the plan. It is Easter and our Greek neighbours are playing ethnic music loudly. I don't enjoy it. Especially at this volume. As soon as I finish this I will begin the furniture move. This time next week the house will be unrecognisable. I might hang out with the hens a bit first. They are hooting at the back door. Bwaaaaawk Bwa bwa bwak