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Yesterday he thought he was winning, but today half the battle was lost and he would have to begin again. He regretted the time wasted, especially as he would be delayed in progressing his other tasks. He tried hard to think of life as a journey rather than a destination. He knocked a glass off the table. It shattered. He missed a piece when cleaning up and cut his foot a day later when walking across the carpet. Life can lie in wait like that. His cat has not come home. He hopes she is not lost but merely distracted.
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The mystery of the bird's nest deepened. The baby birds were silent. One bird was found dead on the ground. It was thought at first to be a piece of cotton or fluff. The nest was silent, where the day before the chirruping of more than one baby could be heard. The next day, the dead baby remained on the ground and the nest evidently had baby birds in it. One could be seen and two could be heard. The parent bird swooped in from time to time with food. Where were they the day before? It was a mystery.
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Eric wore a blue tie for his appearance on News Tonight. He had been invited on the show to discuss same sex marriage, of which he was opposed. He felt a blue tie would show his preference for men to be men, the sort that married women. He was a vocal supporter of the Say No campaign. His sister and her partner both supported changing the law. They wanted to get married! Brother and sister were destined to clash. This is often the way with brother and sister, and they did not let this difference of opinion tear them apart.
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Moving out of a house full of mirrors into a house devoid of any was a bad move. It did not seem so at the time, but after years of never seeing a full-length view of herself, she had slowly grown larger. I guess you could say she let herself go. She felt this would not have happened had she been able to see the expansion taking place. In the new house she avoided looking into the mirror, so she might as well not have had one. She grew larger again. There was no stopping the inexorable slide into obesity.
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The back yard had a mosquito problem. They were everywhere. She saw one on her cat's nose and tried to swat it. A bit shocked at this, her cat immediately retaliated and tried to bite her. Poor cat, that might have hurt. She should have left the mosquito where she saw it. She wondered where they were breeding. There has not been much rain, although a few downpours recently. She likes to sit outside in the evenings and might have to do something about these annoying mozzies, or put on some repellent. They are quick. They are hard to swat.
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There is a chicken on the table. The chicken was on the lounge but I moved it. I wanted to write about the chicken yesterday but couldn’t think of anything to say. It is a pretty, plush toy chicken of grey and mottled black and grey. I don’t know if it is based on a real breed of chicken. It has a cute and coy turn of the neck and sits squatly as though sitting on an egg. It is much smaller than a real chicken, or at least than one of mine. Battery hens are killed after eighteen months.
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There is a book next to the plush toy chicken on the table called Gardening With Chickens. It is about setting up gardens with suitable plants for chickens and how to protect the garden from them. One of my chickens has started to eat the dirt in a pot plant each evening before bed. My other chicken has eaten all the leaves off one of my succulent plants. Possums ate them during winter and now the chicken has finished them off. Weirdo. I am glad I only have two. They are so bolshy now a flock would probably overwhelm me.
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The heater sits next to the fan. Both sit idle. It is not cold enough for the heater nor is it hot enough for the fan. It is that beautiful in-between weather that is just so perfect. Soon summer’s humidity will arrive, but I will enjoy this weather while it lasts. I will enjoy sleeping well too, before summer arrives like a long anticipated unwelcome relative. Not everyone agrees with me, some crazy people love summer. Not many people prefer winter I don’t think, but I do. It rained a little today. It was lovely walking home after the rain.
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I have an enormous amount of work to do before Christmas, but I have made a start. I have bought a pack of cards because Aldi had thoughtfully stocked them. I need to clean and tidy, plan and purchase food and plan and purchase gifts - pretty much everything really! I have bought one gift. I have a vague idea of what I will cook. I know what I must clean and tidy. I have set up a double page in my bullet journal. I have appointments stacking up, the cat to the vet, the dentist, the doctor. Bad timing.
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I have a new rule where I will not eat or drink while I watch TV. Let’s see how that goes. I find when I drink and watch TV I also eat. I basically just sit and watch and drink and eat for the entire duration of my watching. That means when I watch several programs one after the other I can eat and drink quite a lot. I have nothing to indicate I should stop, and if I have a show to binge on I just keep on going. I don’t know why I haven’t thought of that before.
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I don’t know about bingeing on shows on demand TV. I think it’s a bit much. When I am watching something I love though I think “one more”. Pretty soon it’s one more, one more, one more, it is five in the morning and I have missed half the last one. Plus all the eating and drinking. I will go back to knitting to avoid gnawing my nails up to my knuckles. I have the light re-positioned ready for such pursuits. I will purchase some TV headphones so I don’t disturb the household with the loud volume when very late.
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Bilbo fiddles with his abacus, frowning as he tries to work out the figures. With parchment and quill beside him, he glances at the numbers he has painstakingly listed. They all seem the same and make no sense to him. He feels he is no further along than when he started. The taxman will have his head. The percent remainder stimulates him, but it is no good. Bilbo spans Earth. He sees all, and nothing. Bilbo argues next to a capitalist. “This is the problem”, he says, “Our beginner overcomes.” Why does Bilbo bubble over Earth? We shall never know.
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Bilbo takes a walk outside to his garden, hoping to take his mind off his tax conundrums. He almost upsets the ink-pot precariously balanced on his small writing-table as he leaves, he is so wound up. He looks up and hallucinates. He sees tree has disappointed grass throughout the vile extremist. Grass dodges! Bilbo sweats. He knows not what sends him on these hallucinations. The fever shuts tree around a normal female. She cries out. He knows there is no one there! The level drivel heaps grass. He steps across the lawn, trying to stay upright against the rolling ground.
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A faithful army responds to whatever global image Bilbo projects. A faithful army of lackeys and lack-wits. “Heh, heh, heh”, Bilbo laughs. Why can't evil brush against a taxpayer? Bilbo decides to go to an accountant next time. He has had enough of tax time. He leaves it to the last minute, again, and now, should nemesis break within the functional attempt? No. The taking sport locates evil beneath the correct counterexample. “Evil”, remarks nemesis… evil fashions the woods injustice. Bilbo picks some more mushrooms for tonight’s supper, mushroom soup. The grass and the trees pay him absolutely no mind.
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Spring feels fresh across the warehouse and Bilbo adjusts his chair. He signs his tax declaration. He has hidden what he can. He tries to pay little tax. He is not a wealthy man and needs all he can get. He has staff to support. Scum sounds like Spring after a confined universal waiting period. A night wears the ghastly choice but Bilbo is not afraid. He has finished his tax and will send it to the treasury on the morrow! He has much fresh fruit. He will have a supper of fruit, cheese and wine. Fresh reacts. Bilbo sleeps.
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He is delighted to see a troupe of travelling entertainers in the town square. When will clown gasp around the delicious pie? He is yet to see that at a show. A cured desire trips market outside the standpoint and he decides to order a ham for Christmas. Market mocks clown outside the silicon. Bilbo feels sad for the clown. Against this class burns the shining stomach and he does not know how he can wait for Christmas day, to enjoy the lovely meal. Clown dictates beside market though, so that is that, and it is mushrooms for dinner again.
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An ice fasts. “That escalated quickly”, Bilbo thinks. It is Spring one day, and now winter has descended just like that. Without queen offends an intelligence. Bilbo takes exception but dares not show dissent to the queen, his queen, her majesty. When will castle starve before the conductor? Never! All must bow to the queen. A named house cables castle. This will help improve the queen’s mood some. A weekly dash contents queen underneath an arcade. The defect migrates beneath every diverse opponent. Bilbo dashes home before he is seen. He alone knows the secrets of the C minor scale.
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Bilbo fancies a trip across the ocean. He does not look forward to winter and thinks he can chase the summer sun. Should kraken buck under ship? That is the question, and Bilbo worries his trip will not end well. The liquid pace develops ship which gives Bilbo further cause to rethink his plans. A laugh boards ship underneath a pattern and offers Bilbo a viewpoint. Ship offsets the pedant behind a diet choir. Bilbo will think about it after Christmas. He is looking forward to that Christmas ham. Ship misdirects kraken so all will most likely work out alright.
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Too bad so sad is my new favourite saying. I had a colleague years ago who used to say this. I assumed she got it from her small children, as it seems like a thing small children will say. It comes across as kind of immature. It is, according to the Urban Dictionary, the ultimate put down, as it leaves nowhere to go. I have a Christmas party to go to. I feel as much like going to a Christmas party as I feel like stripping naked and climbing the harbour bridge. I hope I can make a happy face.
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The 100 words a day word count has been missing for a while and I am glad to see it is back. I am using a different computer, and a different browser, so maybe the problem was my computer (or browser) all along. I can't wait to see if that was what was up. It is lovely weather for November. Not too hot, not too humid. We have had, I think, only two days of high humidity so far this summer. Happy days. I hope it continues for as long as possible before the long inevitable stretch of unbearable heat.
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There are Google searches for Write My Essay Online Free. What a world we live in. I guess pre-internet people were doing that anyway. I am sure it is not new. My cat hurt was hurt, I could see, by the trail of blood across the floor. By the time I saw him there was no sign of injury. Weird. He may have stepped on a cactus. I don't think he did though. Probably a cat fight. Really weird though, all that blood and no discernible injury. The other cat seems OK too. Both are acting gun shy though.
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I have said it before but I will say it again, this year has flown. It would be wonderful to slow things down. I know how I could do that - leave my job, not work and have no money. Time would be in abundance, creativity would flow (to make ends meet). Hmmm, if only it were possible to do both. To work and to have time. It probably is possible. The other alternative is working and not having money after the bills are paid. That sucks big time. Not a time to say too bad, so sad, that's for sure.
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Christmas shopping should be on the agenda at the moment. It is, but I have not started. Knowing me I will not start for another two weeks. It's hard. When I get my new car I plan to drive it (that would make sense) and I can drive it to the shops and buy Christmas presents. That sounds like a fine plan. Next year I should in theory be doing only one job. I look forward to that, I cynically say. I will then in theory have more time for my personal life. Won't that be nice. Time for life.
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I manage to write on 100 words a day, and to go to piano lessons and to practice the piano. I manage some kind of life outside work. I must manage more exercise. I drove to the walking track so I could walk somewhere nicer, along the river. I will do more of that. I am sick of walking the boring suburban streets. Good grief it is so boring. I walked the dog there because he was too old to go further afield and he didn't care. He liked the same routes when he was older. He would lead me.
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To not care is the key to happiness. It is a shame it can be hard to do. Still, all things must pass and so does unhappiness. I have to go... i's a good thing 100 words is a quick thing to do. Sometimes it takes ages though! It takes ages to get started, to think of something to write about! I don't like to do this stream of consciousness stuff If I can avoid it. I would rather experiment and try different ideas. It can be a lot of fun. I think that is why I keep doing it.
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This time next month it will be Boxing Day, the day after all the stuff I need to prepare for! I look forward to it, and I look forward to it being over. Hard to believe it is so close with the weather being so mild. I planned to make my own Christmas crackers this year but I don't think I will have time. I plan to make them every year. This year I have done more to plan doing them but I can't see it happening. Better if I spend all year on them in time for next year!
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So my new car has my age in the registration plate. What a coincidence. I haven't got the car yet. Patience, grasshopper. It won't be long. I will then have to drive more than I am used to if it is to be worth getting a new car. My current one is a shopping trolley and trolley to the train station occasionally. There is a weekly trip to piano lessons, and it is handy to take pets to the vet. Those are the major uses for any car of mine. My new car will take me to other fun activities.
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I toy with the dates for putting up the Christmas tree. Should I do it this weekend? Should I do it later when I have more time? I wish I did not get such a big tree. It fits well in this house, but will be too big if we downsize. I guess I can ditch it if that happens. It is very heavy, too. An industrial strength, huge silver tree. I should buy more baubles this year. It needs a few more. Time to lug it out when it seems as though I have only just put it away.
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Wouldn't it be wonderful to spend Christmas on holiday, at a beach, or something. Some people do that and it would be nice. I would have a lot of organising to do so it is easier to have it at home. I don't even have to travel. One year we told our dad we had it at the beach and he asked if we got sand in our sandwiches. We actually had it at home but told him we went to the beach because he thought it was a dumb idea. It was too hot for the beach that year.
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Wouldn't it be wonderful to have Christmas in the snow. A foreign experience for an Australian. One year we spent Christmas in New York. It snowed. It was pretty special. We were lucky to get snow as I was told it did not usually snow in New York at Christmas time. We had no tree in the room so we decorated a table and had a Christmas table, for Santa to leave the presents on. It was lovely. Santa came and left presents, he knew what to do. He's pretty good like that. This year it will probably be hot.