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I once worked in a theatre box office. The primary objective was to get bums on seats. That was the whole point, really. I tried to buy concert tickets online tonight but couldn't manage it. I had to register first, which was annoying enough, and then the website links went nowhere. How frustrating. Stupid modern world. That's the 1st of October, a rant about not being able to buy tickets. Maybe there are no seats left, that could account for it. Maybe it is this concert. I tried to buy tickets ages ago but they weren't yet available for sale.
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The wolf invited the three bears to tea. He had fond thoughts of showing them around the cottage, amusing them with his witty repartee and amazing them with his clever household management. Then he saw with a heavy heart all the work he would have to do to have his home ready, unless he left things they way they were and did not worry about it. The bears would probably not care. He then invited Goldilocks and Little Red Riding Hood as well! In for a penny, in for a pound! He put on his apron and set to work.
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In the frozen puddle of water under the tap lay the key to the workshop. A man stood outside the door. Not having found the key, he wrapped his fist in the cloth he had taken from the car in the drive with the dead man at the wheel. He smashed a pane of glass and reached inside but the key was not in the lock. He softly swore and, taking out his embroidery, crouched to wait for whomever would arrive to meet the driver of the car. The light was not good but he wanted to finish the piece.
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Her tummy rumbled, even though she had eaten breakfast and it was still early. She decided to get a coffee and reached into her bag for her wallet... which was not there. She picked up the bag and moved everything aside to see if it was hiding in a corner. Pointless, but that is what you do when something is missing - look in impossible places. She thought about going home but that was also impossible. She thought about where it might be and decided it was most likely at home. She cadged $5 for the coffee and forgot about it.
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The day you tell your new boss you don't do mental arithmetic and he simply nods and understands is a good day. I did not go any further to say I suggested I be allowed to not do maths in high school when I got 7/150 for a test. They listened and let me, bless them. I did an extra unit of English instead. Ah yes, poetry. I wonder if I could do poetry lessons again. I really enjoyed it. I am enjoying the smell and feel of the new novel I bought, instead of borrowing from the library.
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The light fitting in the laundry finally fell apart. It had been broken since they moved in five years ago. The light bulb sat at a slight angle. Bulbs blew more often than they should. They put a lamp in the room because it was also used for the shower and toilet. It is a dark room not well lit by natural light. They have been showering for weeks by lamp light. The electrician is finally coming tomorrow. It was not for some reason a priority so they thought they should have said the room was a bathroom not laundry.
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Tonight, I heard just after dark the sound of a magpie calling mournfully, as though it had its heart broken. It called from the overhead wire and then flew off to a tree for the night. There have been two magpies escorting a young magpie over the past days. The young magpie is too young to be out of the nest. It is not yet able to fly. It is heartbreaking. During the day, the parent birds defend their baby and their patch aggressively. I hope it can sit doggo at night and escape predators, but I fear the worst.
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The huge straight-sided conical shapes in the distance looked man-made. Their purple colour reflected the glow of the sun about to rise. The landing of the spacecraft several hours ago had sent up dust clouds that obscured everything, and now with the dust settling, the two astronauts stood in the ash-like powder covering the ground and looked at the peaks through their oculars. They performed a slow 360 scan of the landscape. They could see no signs of life, other than the cylindrical peaks that did not look like naturally-occurring landforms. The sky was brightening and the peaks glowed purple.
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There are only two days to go until Roster Camp, the training event I am coordinating. I whittle down the tasks and make a list of what to do over the next three days. Everything is shrinking down to finer detail, in a way. I hope it all goes well. It is hard work getting everything ready. I send out a last communication to the participants, a leaflet with things to do and weather information. I contact the caterer for a final check. I go to buy aprons for the BBQ and canít find any. I do in the end.
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It is the day before Roster Camp. My to-do list has shrunk down to a few items. I methodically make my way through the list. I am nervous about tomorrow. I carry in some of the catering supplies I purchased from the supermarket last night. The remainder I will carry in tomorrow. The room has had to be taken apart for work on the audio-visual equipment. What bad timing. We canít test or set up anything until the morning. I feel good though, I have completed everything on the list. I have prepared. I have planned what I will wear.
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Today is the day I have been working toward for weeks. The bunting was put up this morning. The equipment did not work but the team got things to work. People were late to the opening, or missing altogether, a for one reason or another, but we get through. The day is a success. The organising team go out afterwards and have a few beers and dinner. I get home very late. I prepare before leaving for dinner, though, so tomorrow I can get straight into it. We have a lovely night by the water before catching the train home.
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And it is day two of the roster training extravaganza. It seems to me it goes very well, but I may be biased. People seem to enjoy themselves and learn something. The BBQ is brilliantly executed thanks to advice I have received from a BBQ expert. Everyone leaves by mid-afternoon to fly home. The day ends with we organisers going home exhausted. I wonít be able to think of next steps until early next week. I have neglected almost everything else lately. I feel free. There will be a lot of work to do preparing and executing follow up work.
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I go out after work to a farewell. I sit there after the initial conversation ends. I get out my phone. I donít care that they arenít talking to me. I hate these things. The man of the moment and a buddy join my end of the table at some stage and I now have a couple of people to talk to. I chew oneís ear off. He seems interested in my strange banter. I leave the pub late and get home very late, very tired. At least I have parked at the station and donít have to walk home.
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I have my first Saturday piano lesson. I am tired because of the late night last night, and fall asleep in the chair waiting my turn. I learn a new trick on the piano, using a lead sheet, which is more like my guitar days, using chords. All I want to do in the afternoon is sleep. This means I donít get much preparation done for tomorrowís party. I will have to do all the cleaning tomorrow morning. The best laid plans, and all that. I talk to a guy about a car and plan to go looking next weekend.
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The friends come over for my party, for book club and my birthday (not for two weeks). I enjoy getting things ready and do not regret it at all. I talk myself into it. We have a grand time and I get nice presents, mostly wine. So, it comes to this, the time in my life when people canít think of anything to get but alcohol. A friend made me a lovely travel roll for jewelry, make up and the like. It is so beautiful I canít imagine using it. She chose the fabric and made it especially for me.
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I wake up and know I cannot go to work today. I need an extra day off. I turn off the alarm and go back to sleep. Later I get up and message work. I take the day off to compensate for the public holiday I worked two weeks ago. I chill out all day. I am very tired. I need to do something about my energy levels. I wonder if with eating less meat my iron levels are low. I donít check emails at all. I turn my phone down but it doesnít ring anyway. I sleep a lot.
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Having the extra day off yesterday makes me extremely anxious about going back to work today. It is still not my favourite place. I go in early because I canít help it, being the early riser that I am. It is not as bad as I fear. I make some progress. I receive notification of a meeting tomorrow with the big boss and an HR representative. That is not at all ominous. My, manager tells me the blood pressure can stay down, which is sweet, because I wasnít fussed anyway. He is new. He seems to be a lovely man.
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Scary times for people. It is my areaís turn to undergo a restructure. I am in a pool of staff pending undergoing a selection process for redundancy. Apparently, I will be staying, but time will tell. At least now if I go I will go with some money. If I want to go I may not be able to though. I donít plan to go now, but if I do have to go I will be OK about it. So, I guess I can chill. There are two pools and the effected senior executives have already been shown the door.
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We had cake for the October birthdays yesterday afternoon at work, after being told about the redundancies, mine among them (my birthday and my potential redundancy). Thatís a funny coincidence. It is not my birthday for two weeks so I was not even thinking the cake was for me. This morning the announcement was out and I was asked by several people if I am affected. I couldnít say No, so I said Maybe, in a fashion. I hope it turns out OK. It can hardly get any worse, so it should be OK when things are finalised and settled.
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Tomorrow I plan to visit a car dealership, with the intention of purchasing a car. I must dig out the brochures. Now it is coming to the pointy end (ie I have finally made an appointment) I should be aware of what I want instead of just (kind of I think) wanting a yellow one. I may have to go the sport model to get the colour I want, yellow or not, which is more $. That's OK. It's not every day you buy a new car. I know the make, itís a cute car. Not sure of the model.
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I signed up for the new car. I decided on the white, which I knew I would! It is stylish. It wonít be available until the end of next month. At least it is now done and I can move onto other things, like my tax, due at the end of this month. Buying a yellow car would have been too mid-life-crisis. Now I will have less money and will have to start saving again. I hope I get to keep my job or I will have even less money, but a car to drive around in seeking another job.
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After I do the washing and hang it out I do nothing, and then more of the same. A storm threatens and I take the washing in. We have a hail storm. It is loud. Heavy rain follows. The ground gets a good drenching. I put the washing away and change the sheets on the bed because I have to. The cat vomited on the cover during the week. I canít be bothered cooking dinner and order pizza again. I will begin my 12 weeks to the gym program tomorrow. Day one is a Monday so that is not procrastination.
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The woman in the corner has bushy hair growing out her nose. Each time she turns my way I check it out. It is very odd that she has not done something about it. She turns further toward me and I can see through her long straight hair she has a beard. She is a he! He should do something about that nose hair. It is revolting. He has fine features for a man. I wake up. That is an example of one of my weird mini-dreams when I go back to sleep at about 4 after waking at 2am.
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One fish swam in the pond. It felt good to have the water all to itself because the pond was sometimes too crowded to swim in a straight line. The pond had been emptied by a diligent fisherman. The fisherman came the day before and caught all the other fish in the pond. The fisherman liked to catch one fish a day, but sometimes could not visit the pond every day and had to catch up. When this happened, the fish stock grew. It was magical. The fisherman always had fish to catch and his family need not go hungry.
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The old man drove his truck along the road, headlights piercing the darkness ahead. His thoughts were on the warm hearth and drink waiting for him at home. He was becoming sleepy and his eyes closed. Suddenly he blinked them open and threw his hand in front of his face to shield his eyes from the bright light shining at him from the crest of the hill ahead. He drove his truck off the road and skidded to a stop. The light moved toward him, and as it got closer he could see it surrounded the figure of a man.
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The ATM spit out a wad of redbacks. She had requested $500, more than she usually withdrew, and that made a lot of 20ís. She stuffed them in her wallet, thinking if she knew it wouldnít be in 50ís she would have taken less out. She bought a coffee. At least she would feel less guilty about taking all their change. She planned a trip on the weekend and thought the extra cash may be handy. She should go cashless. So many people do. Tap the card. It seems it would be harder to keep to a budget that way.
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The plane sat on the tarmac. It was a hot day. The passengers were finally allowed to board after a delay of over ten minutes. It was a small plane, with one of the cabin crew telling a passenger with whom she was acquainted she had yet to work on a jet. The plane had propellers. The take-off was unremarkable. The crew served a drink and a snack, and being a small plane, the wait was not as long as on the larger aircraft. The plane landed smoothly at the small airport. The passengers disembarked and went on their way.
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What is the end and what is the beginning. What came first, the chicken or the egg. Why are there so many spiders living in the bathroom? Are they related to one another? Did they breed in there or did they move in? How did things get this messy. Why do we have crap Internet in this country? The cat is at the door (meow). He wants to come in. The other cat sits on my lap. To let one in the other will be let go. I am hungry. I can get food if I get up. Catís in.
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I am the watcher. I have been watching forever. Chances are, if you have a question, I can answer it. I know where you left that hairbrush. I know where your glasses were found. I know where you left your car keys. I look and I listen, and I know. I am rarely asked. I am unseen. I know that even if I explain where it was left, where it was found, no one wants to know. By the time the situation resolves the details do not matter, it is all water under the bridge. It is my birthday tomorrow.
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Things I can hear right now: the cats eating their dinner, the hens digging in dry leaves under the mango tree, the wind blowing through the leaves, the wind making the tin roof squeak and the wind blowing twigs against the windows, the fridge humming, my fingers tapping on the keyboard, the cat jumping onto the sofa, the cat licking her paw and cleaning her face, a ringing in my ears, a house noise (twice), a dog barking, a cat meowing outside, a car stopping, a car driving by, two more cars driving by, another dog bark, two more cars.
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The Colonel considered the maps in his head as he strode toward the war room. He plotted the steps required to see the several missions underway to completion. Upon arriving, he laid out the various plans, maps and paraphernalia, and began to consider the most urgent mission, which was, paradoxically, at the stage of writing the report. He must have it to the General without delay. He set to work, handing the written report to his Lieutenant to obtain the required signatures. He turned his attention to an intelligence request, sending a missive to his source requesting the required information.