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The first day of Spring. The blossom tree is in full bloom outside the lounge room window. The fruit never develops enough to tell what type of tree it is, but the seed is like that of a peach. It probably is a peach or nectarine. The supermarket has gardening specials and I buy a mini seed-raising greenhouse and a punnet of violas. I will put the garden bed together soon and get my Spring planting done. It is coming up to two years I have had chickens and they still don't have a greens garden to forage in.
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There have been some wild and windy days lately. I wonder if it is always windy at this time of year. Probably not. Wind is my least-favourite type of weather phenomenon. It plays havoc with my hair and it makes me worry when I hear it whistling around the house at night. I don't know why. There is something unsettling about it. I like to hear rain when I am cosily tucked up at home, but not wind. I have never been in a big wind like a cyclone. Not sure what it is, I just don't like it.
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Third day of Spring, a Sunday and Father's Day. It is very warm, a temperature spike, it will become cooler again for the rest of the week (I sound like a weather reporter). I have lunch at The Winery, where the wine is too expensive to buy! We have pretty cocktail specials instead. No time to plant the violas or set up the seed-raising nursery. The possums will probably eat the violas but I will have to take the chance. Poor possums, they have been hungry I think since the end of summer and the end of the mangoes.
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I practice the piano again today. I have practiced almost every day this week. The week before I did not practice at all. I am much improved this week and can go to the lesson having made progress. I want to buy a full size keyboard and sell my car. I hope to get the keyboard first, while I have the big car to put it in. It may take a while to sell the car because it's not exactly a sought after make of 15-year old vehicle. I want to buy a smaller car, or try going without.
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Tuesday is gardening day at lunchtime at work. I have joined the club to learn more about gardening. I love being out in the fresh air and sunshine, although it may not be as much fun in the heat of summer. Today I watered all the pots after the fertiliser had been sprinkled on. Others thinned out the lettuces which had grown in a bunch where the seeds had all been blown to one side by the wind. There is also a new planter being set up. This is what I want to learn more about, to do at home.
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I am learning to play the piano and it is like learning to read backwards as well as forwards. It is also a bit like tapping your head and rubbing your tummy at the same time. I am getting better, though. Practice helps enormously. I should not skip a day because if I skip a day I invariably skip the next day as well, and before I know it I have skipped three or four days and the next lesson is only a couple of days away! A bit like (ahem) 100 words "a day". Ahem. four three two one
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Daily tasks: water garden, write 100 words, practice piano, walk, let hens out, service their "apartment", feed hens, lock hens up at night, give hens a biscuit each (weekends only), feed cats, nurse cat (the amenable one) on lap, cook dinner, exercise with nephew (plan for the future), eat healthy, go to work, work, do whatever is on the to do list; weekly tasks: fill up green bin, yellow bin, red bin (cull, cull, cull), gardening, housework, menu plan (not really), withdraw cash, grocery shopping, answer emails, read whatever book I am reading, knit whilst watching TV, sit on bum.
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I love the idea of gardening but don't actually garden. I dabble a bit and it is mostly unsuccessful. I have joined a community gardening group to learn more about it. I had no idea that a garden had to be watered every day over winter. Summer, yes, but I had not thought about winter. The person who runs the group will be away and has asked for assistance with watering. I have offered to do it on Mondays. She may have no help normally, which is not right. I will keep going when she is back. I like watering.
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I realised that I don't need to have hugely ambitious gardens to be a gardener. I will start small and look after my gardens well. I checked out the rhubarb today and it is non-existent. Probably died through lack of water. I may be able to save the crown, but if not it is one less plant I need to worry about. I planted the violas today in the pot that had the cat grass that the cats ignored. Next I will plant some leaves in the herb garden for the hens. And I will take it from there.
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I tried to watch my smart TV the night before last but it was not having it. TV worked but nothing else. Yesterday was the same, but a few hours later, it worked. I don't know why it does that. I used to freak out but now I just do something else. It is not being able to use it when it suits me that bothers me, considering how expensive it was. It is the crappy internet service in this country. People from other countries always comment on how crappy it is although I have nothing to compare it to.
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hello here i am again, insert a comma, always a comma, rarely a full stop. walking again, (see, it's a habit) to and from again, instead of driving. it's hard, especially up that hill. walking the shortest distance at first, will increase later. catching an earlier train, why not, if can't sleep might as well get on with the day. missed piano practice again and tonight is the lesson. one more before two week's break. implementing further strategies to get things done and am determined to do my daily tasks on a daily basis. so good to be caught up.
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The temperature will rise suddenly today by a large amount. It will dip again tomorrow. It is time to switch to summer bag and summer clothes, with scarves and layers. This is my favourite type of dress. Soon it will be too hot for anything. I am determined to ride with it this year and to not care about the heat and humidity. Let's see how that goes. For now I will enjoy the perfect weather while it lasts and try to get lots done, as the hot weather is always an excuse to not be able to do anything.
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I said it is almost Christmas and I couldn't believe I had said it. I am in some kind of dream world where I believe it is still the beginning of the year, and yet, it is nearly Christmas. I think I feel it is still early in the year because I planned to do a lot and have not achieved much. I am currently trying to leave Weight Watchers where my year's indenture is up, and it is like trying to leave Scientology (I imagine, never having joined that). Joining is easy, to leave you must jump through hoops.
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Feeling nauseous, the interviewee entered the room, the door closing behind him. He felt the blue walls closing in as he sat on one of the black chairs positioned in the centre of the room. He faced the empty chair, too nervous to recall the words he had rehearsed. He looked up with a start as the door opened and the woman walked in. She walked briskly across the floor and sat in the chair opposite. Hello, mother, he said. She stared at him, lips pursed. He hoped this would not take long. His accomplice waited outside in the car.
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The frightened young man fled the angry voices and fires. His grandfather's hand grabbed his arm and drew him back. He wanted his grandson to see the books burning. Book he had read. The flames reached up to the sky. Ash fell. He saw men throw armful after armful of books. A picture frame among the books broke, the glass breaking and cutting a hand. Ha, he thought, the books fight back. That emboldened him. He threw a few books when his grandfather looked toward him, but did not take part in the shouting. He backed away toward the dark.
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Tony and Bob always take care to stand in front of the mirror together before they go out, since the time they turned up to a party looking like a Christmas card. No outrageous colour clashes (or worse, matches) today, and we look gorgeous. They look at each other and snicker, let's go. Their little dogs bound out the door ahead of them, impeccably dressed like their owners, with dyed ears and matching bows. The four stop at the cafe on the corner before the journey to their ex-wives who have an access visit with the dogs. Bow wow.
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Beryl had come into army life by accident after seeing a recruitment poster in a bus shelter. Being at a loose end she thought she would go along to the interview for fun. She was used to hard work on the farm and passed the physical tests easily. Before she was totally sure she wanted to, she was enlisted. Her family came to see her marching out parade. They were proud if a little bemused. She always was the one to do the thing least expected. Her uncle had been in the forces and so it wasn't totally a shock.
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Beryl spent long days drilling and parading, enjoying the monotony and routine of army life. It was better than the farm because things were more predictable. There were rules. Boy, were there rules. She saw her parents about once a month on her day off. Her brothers and sisters kept things going on the farm so they didn't mind too much that she had done this weird unexpected thing in joining up. Her ex-boyfriend came by to see her in uniform. He often hung around the farm. She asked him, "Why don't you join up, you waste of space?"
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Beryl found new friends in the army. They were stuck with each other and it was easier to get along than not. They were from all over. She was lucky she got to be close to home, she thought. It would be hard to never see your friends and relatives except for the Holidays. The others didn't seem to mind, though. They wrote letters and planned yearly visits to their folks. They all waited for news of a deployment. Apparently more troops were to be sent to Afghanistan, but so far they were not to be a part of it.
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The platoon had a mascot, a small dog called Jax. Beryl liked to hang out with Jax when she could, throwing a ball and playing chase. He reminded her of the old dog she had back on the farm. Some said when they deployed Jax would come too but she was not so sure. He was a mascot, not a trained land mine detecting dog, or anything like that. He would stay here, his home. No one knew where he came from, he just wandered in one day, thin and dusty. They fed him and he stayed on, who wouldn't.
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I am working on a big event. It is a big training session over two days with about thirty staff from around the country. It should be an exciting and happy thing to work on. At the same time I have other time-consuming projects to do and my everyday work is not being done. This is the story of my life right now. It is a badge of honour to do two jobs, and if you complain, no one cares. It is hard to be satisfied with anything at work right now. It is a shitty place to be.
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I am a leader and a motivator at work. Who is it who will lead and motivate me? That is missing. I have taken to confiding in a junior colleague. That is not right. Junior in role but not in anything else (also in age but not in maturity). I am resigned to working this weekend, which is a long weekend to boot. I seem to recall doing the same thing last year. There is a new manager but I can't tell yet what he is like. Seems a nice guy but will probably turn out to be Patrick Bateman.
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I am so lazy on weekends. Happily piano lessons will be on Saturdays in the new term, which will get me up and about. I do actually get up and moving today and shop for clothes and shoes for summer. The start of daylight saving is coming up next weekend and I am looking forward to that. The flowers look good now they have gotten over the shock of planting. The lettuce seedlings did not fare well and have died. Poor little babies. I water this weekend for the first time since last summer. Here is my cute little cat.
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It is a very hot weekend. I note the bronze orange bugs are missing this season. They are completely missing, none of them at all. Considering they are normally at plague proportions by now this is a shock. I can only assume the dry winter killed them all off, or at least the past couple of wet winters allowed them to proliferate. I can smell the fragrance of the citrus blossoms instead of the pungent stink bugs. There are a lot of flowers too as they have not been destroyed. I hope they don't come later if the rains come.
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Another week begins, tentatively, what will it be like. Follow the same path and end up at the same destination, the same desk. When I feel cold I get up and walk instead of putting something warm on. I am asked to water the garden at work and it is very dry after the hot weekend. If I had known earlier I would have watered it in the morning. I enjoy watering but today I am anxious, I have too much else to do. I notice a head of broccoli going to seed. It is a shame it wasn't eaten.
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A colleague is in town for collaboration on a project. It will be a busy couple of days. We have a lot to do to get the training ready for presentation in two week's time. We go out after work and continue on the planning at the pub. I continue on the train and then at home. I did not get much sleep last night and won't tonight. I am too hyped up to sleep. It is a fun project to work on. I hope the participants appreciate the hard work that has gone into it and learn from it.
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So, I have made a very big decision, to leave my job. I hate it and have done for some time. It is not getting any better. I think in the new year if I have not found another job I will leave anyway. I want to buy a car first while I have money. I will probably lose many thousands of dollars when I leave the defined benefit super fund, but I can't let money stop me. Sadly, I don't think I will get a redundancy. The though of spending the rest of my life there is morbidly depressing.
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I accidentally invited a few people over for my birthday, forgetting I hate entertaining. That is something to look forward to in a few week's time. I need to think about catering. I have decided to chill with it because what else is there to do. It will be OK. That is 50 words. I need to clean. The house is filthy. It is time for spring cleaning. I have a few pots of spring flowers about outside. They are very pretty. I would like to do some more gardening but I am basically very lazy. Oh to be lively.
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There is a property for lease over the road. We were the only renters nearby until now. I wonder what they will be like. They will probably have little kids. Most houses around here do. The kids are noisy on the weekends. We are surrounded by them. I'd rather than than teenagers who play loud music at night. Ha, that will happen I guess in ten years' time. It is quiet today. They must all be out. I am going out in a minute to the shops to buy groceries. To do the weekly shop. In the car. With bags.
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I am eating a salad for lunch with a lot of olives. I put all the olives in because there were not many left, and they needed to be used soon. Then I tipped the brine down the sink and saw more olives stuck to the bottom of they jar. I had to eat them too rather than waste them. There are too many olives, and with the feta cheese it is a very salty salad. I put Greek dressing on but I can't taste it through the salt. I should have used balsamic vinegar. And less olives. Never mind.