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Pansy at first thought she would join the colouring book craze. She had loved colouring in as a child. She was the arty one among her friends at school. The books failed to inspire, however, and she was surprised to not be drawn in (pardon the pun). The craze was several years old when she happened upon a colouring book for adults at the Aldi supermarket. As usual with the specials, it was a quality item. She looked at the two styles available and liked one - a lot! She put it in the trolley. Time enjoyed is not time wasted.
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He found some delightful orchids at the supermarket in tiny pots. He wondered if they were real, they were so perfect. He had a sad specimen on his bathroom shelf at home with only one leaf and no flowers, and thought it would be nice to have a proper flowering plant. He did not buy one in the end. Instead he bought a pot of basil and a pot of parsley. Both together were cheaper than the orchid. Last time he bought basil and parsley they died. This time he would plant them out so they would grow and thrive.
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She woke after only four hours sleep with stomach cramps. She got up and went to the loo and back to bed. The cramps were mild and she was tired so she was able to go back to sleep easily. She awoke again with the alarm to go to work, but turned it off deciding she was not well enough. It could be a virus but she was pretty sure it was the dinner she had the night before of peanuts, maltesers, and a couple of glasses of wine. The old cast-iron stomach wasn't what it used to be.
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Today will be a warm one and that means a change of plans for the dog-walker. She would on a normal day take three walks. Today the walk in the middle of the day will have to be foregone, and more dogs walked in the morning and in the evening. She mentally adds up the options - Bruce would be OK to wait but he strains on the lead. So does Molly, so she would rather not walk them together... she decides eventually to do two shorter evening walks, thus leaving the three groups separate. Time for the first one.
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The furnace-like temperatures today make it hard to not think about the effects of climate change, with the new mad king in the USA making it hard to not think about a possible slide into a cruel totalitarian state. The two together present a future not worth thinking about. It is sad that mankind has not for very long held the keys to the world and we have trashed it already. Will the mad and bad always have their way in the world? Probably, as long as we are not so very far removed from cavemen. Me and mine.
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I had to try to rid the chicken coop of ants today. At least the extreme heat had gone or it would have been unbearable. The ants had not taken up residence under the floor as I feared. The hens joined in to help, as usual. They kicked around and pecked at the wood shavings I'd been shoveling out, and ate the bugs. I left them to it until they'd finished then went back and put the hen house back together with fresh wood shavings. They laid an egg each today, good news. It's healthier for them if they lay.
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The 7pm News is about weather, politics and crime. Tonight's bulletin opened with politics (Australian, but later in the bulletin some Trump!) followed by crime and weather (I forget in which order). The crime story featured an infamous ex-Detective turned convicted murderer. The weather event was deluge in a short period of time collapsing a house and causing a land slip threatening a block of flats. Both reasonably big stories, obviously not as big as the opening political yarn. The presenter and presenter of the next program wore the same colours and lipstick colour. Maybe a coincidence, maybe not.
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I go after work to the pub to meet my friend and to see a movie. Last week I was tired. Today I feel fine. I take some zines to show her but she isn't very impressed, doesn't understand them. I buy a vegan muffin for tea from the health food shop next door and it is very nice. I'll not have peanuts and malteasers like I did last week, and feel sick! I take the train home and get home late but I can handle it. The movie was Hidden Figures. I enjoyed it. It pressed all the buttons.
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It is a hot day but I miss most of it because I am at work. After work I drive to the supermarket to do the weekly grocery shopping. I am loving the grocery shopping. I don't need much so it doesn't take long. I heat up some pizza for tea. I feel glad I have done the shopping and won't have to do it on the weekend, which is going to be a scorcher. A heatwave is coming. I should say another heatwave. I still have a weird cold/virus thing. It's been weeks. It's going around at work.
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Day one of the latest heat wave. I miss most of it because I am at work. I leave the office at about 5.30 and the temperature has dropped to 33 degrees. I get off the train at home and the temperature is 10 degrees hotter than in the city. I walk home, slowly. I stop at the supermarket on the way and pick up some watermelon for the chickens. They shelter under the house where it is much cooler. We order fish and chips home delivery for tea and leave the air con on all night. Two firsts.
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Day two of the heatwave. It is an oven out there. I stay in all day apart from putting washing out and bringing it in. I cook an egg dish to use up some eggs. The mangoes are ripening now. They feel hot to touch in the sun. I give the hens some more watermelon. I watch an old favourite, Pulp Fiction, on the new TV. I shut the hen house roof very late when it has finally cooled a bit. Lucky we don't have foxes (touch wood, I hear they are in the area, but they don't come here).
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Today was to be day three of the heatwave but things changed and it is not too hot. It is humid though. The wind comes up in the afternoon and I open the windows and let the cool breeze in. I believe some areas have dropped 20 degrees very quickly. It's not quite that cool here. Today is my son's birthday and I am glad it is not too hot. I call him and arrange to meet for dinner next week. I will give him some eggs, mangoes and maybe lemongrass. I can't think what to cook for dinner tonight.
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There have been beautiful sunsets the past couple of days. Rainbow lorikeets are squawking in the gum tree out the back. They are feeding on gum nuts. I can hear the family in the house over the back fence noisily at dinner (I presume). They must have a tiled house as the noise carries a long way. They are also very loud, shouty people. A car goes past. A dog barks. The fridge hums quietly. The bird noise has grown feint. They must have mostly flown off. I don't think they ever stop chirping. I can hear other birds now.
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Happy Valentine's Day. I went for a walk through the streets of my town, a walk down memory lane, a reacquaintance of the old haunts. There is so much life, there are so many people, so many animals! All squashed in together. On the narrow streets, in tiny front yards. I could live there again, very easily. The food is good. There are many options, for everything. I will be there three nights this week, tonight for dinner, tomorrow for a movie and the next night for a hair colour. Dinner was lovely. I love having a grown-up son.
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Tonight is my second night out of three in a row being out, getting home late, arriving home and going straight to bed, getting up and going straight to work. I am late home not due to work, but it is hard. Thinking of scheduling outings in on the weekend instead. I think about getting a cab home but train it. Cabs are expensive and the cabbie might want to chat and tonight I am not in the mood. Uber is cheaper but I presume the same chat thing might be a problem. I manage it's not too hard tonight.
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Tonight my nephew tells me he has invented a number. It is a big number. Big numbers are his area of interest. He tells me he is bored in maths because it is too easy. He is in high school, almost half way through. I got stuck at primary school maths, four years earlier, and I am in awe. Different brains, I think. He is a mathematician with a sense of humour. I won't write the name of the big number in case it's published one day, but it is amusing. He needs to find some fellow maths nerds asap.
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It feels like autumn now. The air is cool and gentle with a hint of cooler days to come. Fragrances such as frangipani and jasmine subtly waft by as I walk to work. A cardigan is not out of place. It seems the extreme heat masks all these delicate smells. The nose gives way to the brute force of the heat. I wouldn't have thought that would be the case. I am sure we are all glad to have a reprieve from heat waves. Some more hot days ahead but no more extreme heat days on the radar so far.
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It's the brother's birthday today, 50, I hope he has a good day. I finish a knitting project as part of my finish everything before starting something new program. Sound the trumpets. I pull apart another I have no plans to finish (too many problems with the pattern that I could not be bothered solving). I watch The Castle. What a movie. It is almost flawless. It has aged well and is as fresh today as it was ten years ago (I am shocked it is only ten years). Wish my dad was as glass-half-full as Darryl Kerrigan.
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I don't have a huge number of tasks that have to be done today. I manage to cut down some mangoes which is getting to a critical stage because the possums and fruit bats are eating them all. I make a little zine of a knitting pattern. It is an idea I have had to make the pattern easier to follow and also an excuse to make a zine. It's pretty rough but that's OK for a prototype. I don't think it will work as far as copyright goes, if I publish, not that I plan to make multiple copies.
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It is another autumnal lovely. The walk to the station is a delight. I think I should plant a frangipani. I think you just plant them straight into the ground from a cutting, the same as geraniums. I leave work a bit early because I am tired. Sometimes weekends are not restful enough. The hens have dirty faces from digging in the wet soil. They look very funny. Story on the TV about a suicide but without saying so. We did not used to report them at all now we do but without saying what happened, reading between the lines.
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The limes shone greenly in the pewter bowl, the only colour in the sleek but small kitchen, all grey steel and white tile. On the patio the lime tree flashed leafy limbs and seemed to say, come outside, it is warmer out here. The boy walked toward the patio, opened the door and stepped outside. His foot brushed against the towel he had discarded earlier after his swim. He leaned over, picked it up and threw it over a chair. Best not provoke them. He hoped to stay longer and take advantage of the pool, at least. He dove in.
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It was chilly this time of year. In a few more months there would be snow. The animals in the zoo would be cold. Some of them should not be in this climate at all, but were brought from abroad by adventurers. He longed to be an adventurer but his father had his future mapped out. The plans did not include long voyages to distant lands and victorious arrivals home with exotica to thrill the ladies and gents. His father had his sights set on robbery from those ladies and gents. They were thieves of a particular sort, con men.
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His hands were dry. His skin snagged the delicate fabric of the ladies bed jacket he held, feeling for the pocket holding the key. He finally found the opening and extricated the key with two fingers, dropping the garment on the floor. He opened the dresser and withdrew the trinket box, hoping his employer would not return from breakfast too soon. He sat on the bed, hesitated a moment, turned the key in the lock and opened the box. Looking at the wad of cash he was momentarily blinded by the freedom it represented. He took the money and ran.
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Every Saturday and Sunday morning (so it seemed) the little boy played in his front yard with a broom handle. His game involved walking about chatting to himself and occasionally banging the stick on the concrete of the drive or on the bricks of the fence. It was a mystery why he always played in his front yard, and indeed why he banged the stick. Sometimes, mercifully, the family would go out in the car and the stick-banging would stop for a while. I think the little boy is around six years old. Bang, bang... bang. Bang. Bang bang.
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I find myself wondering why forks have four tines and not three. I guess four make the fork more stable. Two was the original number, makes sense as it would have been easy to make a two-pronged fork. Apparently people found it easy to stab themselves with the two-pronged fork. More tines were added with four being the most comfortable. The splayd is a cross between a spoon and a fork with the flat part slightly concave and the tines short. It is an Australian innovation of the 1940's. Go straya! It is even spelled in strayan. Silly.
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Rain fell for most of the day but there is hope it will dry a bit, with the rain stopping mid-afternoon. The line has swung under a tree so won't dry as well as it would were it out in the open. The tree will have helped keep the rain off though. The wind has come up a little leaving her glad she left the washing out after all. With three hours of daylight left there is a good chance it will dry out. She has a cup of coffee and a little cake while sitting with the cat.
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A tower appeared suddenly on the horizon. Bare hills stretched as far as the eye could see. They slowed to a stop and looked around, but there was no sign of life other than a thin line of smoke rising from the vicinity of the tower. All was quiet. They set off hoping for an encounter with friend not foe. As they drew closer they could see the walls of the fort and could hear the muffled crowd-noise of men and animals. They heard a shout and looked up to the top of the tower - they had been seen.
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Today is the last day of February 2017. Two months down already. I have not begun any of my new year's plans. My excuse has been the weather which has been too hot and humid, and it makes me lethargic. I completely abandoned exercise plans. I look forward to March and beyond to progress with my plans for this year. In 1967 WWII had been over 22 years. This year it has been 22 years since 1995 which doesn't seem like very long ago at all. The Internet as we know it today was embryonic and now look at us.