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She hoped to buy an apartment by the sea for her retirement. She would have a fruit bowl always stocked with tropical fruits. She would swim in the shimmering sea and the sun would shine. She would recline on the beach with a big shady hat, a towel and a book. She would share this with others as she was not rich enough to buy a private island. She would watch her neighbours and wonder at their lives - why is she alone today when yesterday she was with him, is that child on his own? Who owns that scrawny dog.
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The monkey playfully frolicked across the backs of chairs and table tops. It swung up onto a large antique vase causing its owner's heart to skip a beat. His aunt was out of town and if the vase were damaged he would be in terrible trouble. The monkey completed a back flip and swung toward the floor holding the lip of the vase.

The vase slid as if in slow motion and he heard the tinkling crash as if through water. He frantically cast around for a deceit he could employ to furnish his aunt with an excuse.
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The rough-looking gent slipped in the back of the bottle shop and came out clutching a couple of long necks to his chest. He fled down the lane with a wide-legged gait. After many glances back over his shoulder he flopped down on the grass, deciding he had removed himself sufficiently from the scene of the crime. He looked up and found he was eye to eye with a sheep grazing on the vacant block. "Cheers to you," he said, flicking open a bottle cap and taking a long draw. "Cheers to the both of us, friend sheep."
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The butterfly saw the spider emerge with jerky steps from her curled-leaf safe haven as he settled among the leaves of his own tree after the annual Butterfly Ball. The butterflies held the dance floor with their splendid and rich wings of all the colours of all the precious stones of the world.

The spider came out at night. She was not pretty, but the butterfly was enchanted to watch her determined and beautiful dance as she spun her web in the early evening light. The butterfly watched in wonder, not aware his own day was done.
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The young man walked up the stairs that led to the attic. He pushed open the door and walked into the dusty space. He could see his childhood toys and games poking out the top of hastily stacked boxes. He looked out the little window in the side of the roof and remembered seeing the fox creep across the yard and enter the hen house, the hens screeching and flapping in panic. He had not been able to raise the alarm in time and they had lost the lot. He turned back the boxes and sighed. Time to move on.
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She went to the toilet and on her way back, opened the wrong door. She stepped through and tumbled down a flight of stairs, landing hard on the floor. Checking for damage, she rose to her feet, too surprised to comprehend what had happened. The door swung closed. She could see the outline of the stairs, a chair and what looked like a stack of household odds and ends in the light from a tiny window high on the wall. She didn't know the house had a cellar! She started toward the stairs when she heard a noise behind her.
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His beauty was famed throughout the land and the lands beyond. He had been born twenty one years ago to King Myrtle and Queen Humphrey. Prince Flick was about to marry his beloved, the brave Lady Lobster. The Lady had, many years ago, first traveled from the land of the Lobster Tree, hoping to win his hand. Now, the time had come, and the King and Queen were the happiest of parents. They fussed and flurried to complete the preparations for the wedding, ensuring accommodations were grand enough and food and drink elaborately delicious enough for their two hundred guests.
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She was beginning to realise how far down in her memory she'd buried her teenage years. Oh yes, a long way down. And why not? Who wants to remember the excruciating embarrassments, the debilitating insecurities, the situations from which there was simply no recovering. Then again sometimes the smell of newly mown grass or walking on the footpath past a house with dinner on the stove, the feel of a summer breeze on her shoulders, sometimes these things took her back to her younger skin; to more simple times.

She smiled and looked ahead, better to move on.
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The little boy's idea of heaven was a swim at the pool followed by an ice block. The little boy's idea of heaven was playing minecraft for hours. The little boy's idea of heaven was pizza for dinner. The little boy's idea of heaven was riding his bicycle all afternoon. The little boy's idea of heaven was the show bag pavilion at the Royal Easter Show. The little boy's idea of heaven was the hours after school and before homework. The little boy's idea of heaven was a story before bedtime. The little boy's idea of heaven was chocolate cake.
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The fire was getting closer. He would have to leave now or stay and see it through. He radioed, "I'm stayin' put, over" and received no answer other than a crackle over the airwaves. The wind flared up with a banshee howl and he could feel the heat of the fire on the westerly. He checked the hoses and purveyed the well-watered front of the house. The livestock sheltered beyond. He prayed the winds would change and send the fire away. He was not sure if the fire reached the ridge he could save his home, his animals, himself.
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She knelt on the carpet in her new living-room, a big cardboard box in front of her, unwrapping ornaments. I certainly do have some crap, she thought to herself. It would be nice to start again, with exactly the things I want. She cast a wry look at the perfectly decorated room illustrated on the wrapping paper in her hand.

She walked around the flat placing her ornaments on bookshelves, windowsills and ledges. They were her things and they made the new place look like home. She shouldn't have used the Ikea catalogue to wrap them in!
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He stared hard at the table as he tried to recall his attacker, and began describing him. He was short, stocky, wearing dark clothes... he wore a hoody like from K-Mart, with some sort of logo, a white crest. I heard footsteps behind me but took no notice. He could have followed me from the bar. He shouldered me and asked for my wallet. I took off but he was faster and knocked me down. My phone fell out of my pocket and he grabbed it and ran. He was alone, I don't think I had seen him before.
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"We have a warrant. We could break it down..." Reluctantly, he handed over the key. The superintendent took it from him and handed it to his sergeant. "Thank you, Anders, let's see what we have here."

The superintendent did not expect to find what he was after, but he had to look. The uniformed police spent a good hour overturning everything not nailed down. "Nothing, sir."

He watched the process with smug indifference. He knew what they wanted, and he knew it was not in this house, it was not anywhere they would think to look.
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I bought a chicken coop and bought some hens and food and water bowls and a feed bowl and food and shell grit and wood shavings for the floor. I bought some mesh panels and made a larger run. These chickens are the new loves of my life. They are great pets. Today I took twenty eggs to work and set up a little honesty box and a price list. I sold all the eggs and made ten dollars. I can buy a lot of chicken food with that. People love the idea of buying eggs from free range hens.
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When I get home from work I rush out to check on my hens. They are always roaming about as they are let out when school finishes. They cluck over to see what I am doing. It is all about the food but it seems they are inquisitive and friendly. They are getting a lot more free time than I envisaged, and it is wonderful. I water the garden and tidy up after them, clean their house, check water and top up their food. I have started to compost and become quite the handy woman building and maintaining chicken paraphernalia.
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I see myself as a kind of McGyver of the chicken world. Life hacks they are called now. I bought a roll of wire and it has been amazingly useful to fashion little hooks and clasps. I hang the food and water dishes on old coat hangers. I used an old roll of chicken wire I bought with me to this house from the last one. For the house, I put a car windscreen visor under the skylight to keep out the vicious summer heat. I am recycling like never before. I am making cakes from scratch. The good life!
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Enough of the chickens and back to the first line generator. I found them exciting at first, perhaps I am not in the mood. Let's have a go.

The victim had tried to write something as he was dying. The words were scrawled in the the thick layer of dust on the floor, and were unfortunately all but unreadable where the body had been dragged across the room and out the door. The killer did not try to erase the writing, or did not have time to. The words that were discernible looked like part of a list.
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The pen hadn't been worth stealing, the PI thought, as he reached for paper and jotted down what he could from the words on the floor. He thought pensively of the brunette behind the reception counter at the motel, wondering if she had meant to tell him where she would be later, or if he was reading more into it.

He applied himself to the task at hand. What is this? A shopping list? He read BREAD LETTE APLE JBF. It's not good, too much of the writing the victim had scrawled onto the floor had been ruined.
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Meanwhile, Clarise fancied gaining her freedom for the afternoon. She shut up the reception counter, locked the door and pocketed the key. She gave that PI the eye earlier but he was probably too thick to take the bait. He fingered her locket and wondered why for the hundredth time she kept the photo of Wayne in it, Wayne who had been gone with no word for six months. She hurried to her car and drove to pick up her daughter from flute practice. The flute! Seriously. Where did Annabelle get these ideas from. Not from her, that's for sure.
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Renewals and endings. My license is up for renewal after five years. I can't believe it's been five years since the photo was taken where I look like Ma Baker, that is a middle aged criminal. I was not allowed to wear my glasses or smile. I wore a shirt for the photo as I thought the colour suited me but the shirt wasn't a great idea. Thank goodness I coloured my hair or I'd have the white top look for five years. It doesn't bear thinking about. This is not a true story. I am making it all up.
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He had kept their mother alive in their thoughts. Too alive, perhaps. "You had time to call the police. Why didn't you?" were the last words she had spoken. His ego would not allow him to acknowledge he had made a mistake. They walked toward the castle, each caught up in their own thoughts. The clock in the entry hall ticked ominously. He wanted to forget this place but there was one last thing they had to do before they could leave and never come back. They dragged the body to the back garden and threw it in the hole.
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The text message simply said 'very clever'. She had hoped for something more helpful. 'thanks' she responded. 'so, will you help me?' she tried again, thinking of the body crumpled inelegantly in the back garden. She had to get him to come over! She followed with 'please?' He responded 'couldn't you keep a spare key somewhere like everyone else??????????' 'i will i promise but right now i am locked out!' 'ok'

OK, she thought, step one complete; now to figure out how to tell him about the accident - and to get him to help dispose of the body.
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It was the trip of a lifetime, yet he could not enjoy it knowing he was leaving a fortune unguarded at home. True, not a living soul knew, but still... it was worrying to be unable to do anything should something happen. His mother would not be a problem. She was dead. Buried under the floorboards. It was his pesky sister he was worried about, she was sure to come snooping. For the first time it occurred to him - she could find mother. He shakily stood up and went to the ticket office to see about an early passage home.
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There was a legend about the well in the garden that went back over a hundred years, to the time the Mayfair family owned the homestead. The legend went that young Amy lost her balance as she sat on the edge, swinging back and forth and chatting with Master Wilson from the White Bone ranch. He tried to save her but she was gone in the wink of an eye, with nary a peep, indicating she had hit her head as she fell. She can sometimes be heard calling, but some say it is only the wind in the eaves.
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Who would have poisoned the old man's dog? He was heartbroken. His dog had been his constant and loyal companion for thirteen years. He looked around the street for a guilty party but the street was deserted. Gutless wonders, couldn't front up and discuss whatever the problem was.

The dog whimpered and shook, startling him - he is alive?

Man and dog arrived home from the vet and climbed out of the utility. The man was pleased as punch. The dog is a tough old bugger, as right as rain he'll last another year or two yet.
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"It's all bills, bills, bills. That's my only answer now," he said, pointing to the whiskey still she had discovered in the garage that afternoon. "I can make it, I can sell it, I can drink it," he said. "It solves a plethora of problems."

"No one has a whiskey still these days," she said. "That is so 1888. A meth lab - that is more like it. We could make some real money." She pursed her lips and looked around, "Dope? If we let some more light in... You have no imagination!"
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Why shouldn't they help themselves, after the way they'd been treated? They had been about to leave the house, tired of being treated like slaves, when they saw a black bag poking out from behind a curtain. The bag was stuffed full of wads of one hundred dollar bills. They quickly grabbed handfuls and stuffed them in their backpacks. They couldn't believe their luck. It would be hard on their own, but now they had money they could go where ever they wanted. They slipped out the door as they heard the car brake out the front of the house.
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More and more people were refusing to obey the laws of the land. As the fires ravaged, the population sheltered where they could, mostly in caves in the bare hills. It looked impossible to survive. Food was scarce. There was no Internet. People took what they needed to survive the day to day existence.

Smoke from the fires blanketed everything and they had to come down from the hills if it grew too thick. No one knew who was in control and people did as they pleased, leaders coming forward who were naturally cruel or naturally forward thinking.
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More and more people were refusing to obey the laws of the land. As the fires ravaged, the population sheltered where they could, mostly in caves in the bare hills. It looked impossible to survive. Food was scarce. There was no Internet. People took what they needed to survive the day to day existence.

Smoke from the fires blanketed everything and they had to come down from the hills if it grew too thick. No one knew who was in control and people did as they pleased, leaders coming forward who were naturally cruel or naturally forward thinking.
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The whole family had been cursed since Gino threw his lot in with the mafia. The family tried to support its own, but money was short. The glamorous life appealed to young Gino. It started with Gino being a bag man for the local syndicate and ended in his death some thirty years later, and the ruination of his son and daughter, Antonio and Gina. The loss of the old family business was too much for Tony, who fell under a train in the fall of '72. No one thought it was an accident. Gina held on until the move
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As she searched, her movements were frantic. Where could it be? She went back to the closet and methodically searched from one end to the other. Nothing! Where could it be? She left the room, spun on her heel, raced back to the bed, dropped to her knees and looked underneath. There it was, tucked between a wooden slat and the mattress.

She pulled out the envelope and looked at the address on front. It seemed so long ago. She sucked in her breath and, opening the envelope, took out the letter she had hidden so long ago.