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August 1 2015. Saturday. A fine day. Sunny, temperature in the low twenties. I check my two rhubarb crowns, each one in its own pot. One has grown a couple of leaves. I visit the chook supply place. I need to buy the matching run for my coop and then I can get the chooks. A lovely bike ride around the local streets. No alcohol today. No alcohol yesterday either - Friday, unusual in the extreme. Cooking some thing using up leftovers, in the dark because the kitchen light is out. Lots of English crime TV and knitting, tea and biscuits.
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Sunday. Another lovely day but with a few sprinkles of rain. I drive to Mittagong with the nephew for orienteering. The road is very rural, narrow and boggy so I bail and we drive back. I don't think the nephew minds. He plays games on his phone the whole time. We stop for lunch and take a scenic route home. We get home a lot earlier than if we had have done the orienteering. That's a bonus. Do some housework and heat something up for tea. Watch some more TV and send an inquiry off about buying a chicken run.
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Sometimes life is more like hell than at other times. I wonder if no alcohol is making me depressed. I had not expected that. Perhaps I am a happy drunk. Anesthetised. Sometimes things seem hopeless. Pointless. Held captive. No control whatsoever. I have to get out of bed each night to turn off the exhaust fan in the bathroom. You would think the person who turns the fan on could turn it off but that doesn't seem to be an option. Let's use lots of electricity. Leave all the lights on too. Getting up now to turn the fan off.
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Thanks a lot, parents. I hope it worked out for you.

You are not the mother. No, I am not the mother. We are all doomed anyway, so what does it matter who thinks what and who does what. What will be will be. It is what it is. It is here and now. Be kind. Be kind. Be kind.

T - Is it True

H - Is it Helpful

I - Is it Inspiring

N - Is it Necessary

K - Is it Kind

think think think think think think
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Well, things have been a tad stressful at home of late. It's a shame as life is too short for such stress. Why do it to ourselves? Although in life we do strive. Always striving. Doing things we do not really need to do. Setting goals, setting tasks, striving. We had our kitchen light fixed. We have been cooking in the dark for weeks. Thank goodness for the light on the range hood. Now we have light it seems somehow very exciting. We are also waiting for a new oven. No oven for three years. Not much striving there! Ha!
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Spring is coming - the smell of freshly mown grass, the soft scent of blossoms on the air, a warm breeze softly wafting through the last vestiges of the day's heat. The garden is slowly coming to life. It is not so warm yet. The mornings and evenings are still cool, but the days are lovely when the sun is shining. The heater is still on through the night but the feather quilt will soon need to come off the bed. It is too cool yet for sandals. It is perfect weather, really. I would be happy for this weather always.
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Cooking with herbs and spices: ginger, garlic, paprika, basil, coriander, mint, lemon grass, curry leaves, chillies. Coconut milk, cabbage, shallots, mushrooms. Then there is fish and chips with lemon wedges. Our suburb has an excellent fish and chip shop. King prawns, fish fingers. Mashed potato, spaghetti, rice and polenta cooked with chicken stock, butter and oil. (Not all at once.) A light lunch of crackers, cottage cheese and tomato slices. Carrot and celery sticks as a snack. Mozarella chips and jelly doughnuts (again, not all at once). Craft beers, beers with wedges of lemon, icy cold Carlton Draught. Pork crackling.
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Yellow buttercup daffodil bright happy welcoming. Purple deep receding mysterious unknown. Pale blue calming pretty easy. White fresh open blank clean pure. A friend of blue. Blue and white nautical, crisp, clean. Ash in hair colour offsets reds and oranges. If only I had known this years ago, before I decided to go natural. My natural hair colour seems to have a lot of ash these days. Also a lot of white. Silver and gold. Glittering reminds me of Christmas as a kid. Tree ornaments with glitter. Pretty sparkling happy days and hot summer nights waiting for Santa. Silver tree.
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Popped into Revesby Workers today to check it out in preparation for the Angels concert next week. Some helpful person at the counter was telling me it is not on until next week. "I know" I, said. "I know" I said again as he persevered in enlightening me. I joined up. It is a pretty good club. I wonder what the other close club, the Picnic Point bowlo is like. It has poker machines apparently so must be a reasonable size. Then there is the Panania Diggers which I have also joined. Not much of a club person I'm not.
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Life is short. People. Are short. Martin short. Short sport cohort. Horticulture. Culture . Foreboding. Acupuncture. Acca dacca. Brave new world. The sky the sky. I think I am squashing the fruit in my ba. The floor meets me. Can unco mean unconventional as well as uncoordinated. To not be a property owner in a city obsessed with property and the homeless population is growing. Life is short. The planet is getting older and we are trashing it. We are stupid stupid idiots. That's easy for me to say as I am comfortable. What about the others. What about them. what
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overheard on the train: I trick my mind into eating badly. that's funny because "I" and "my mind" should be the same thing. the young lady concerned knew a thing or two about world events such as major terrorist bombings. said events were unfair as they made planned overseas trips a worry. young people can be selfish. so can anyone. I heard way more than I needed to about what was thrown under her bed - clothes, food (unopened packets, mercifully). I'd say her mum is not too sorry she is moving out! hopefully they sort out the shared blender situation.
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What I know and don't know after season one episode six of Glitch. I love this show and hope there will be a second series. It has to come back - so many unanswered questions! So many dead people walking around! The doctor is dead but says the pharmaceutical company works for her. Can she leave the town? The bridge didn't seem to affect her. Were they all murdered. Why are they back. How are they back. Who took over Vic when he died. Has this person taken over the wife, something has! What is the pharmaceutical company link. Must wait...
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The shower water this morning was not as hot as usual and the hot water turned up all the way. I left a note to say it might be broke and to let me know. It was broke and the relevant authorities called. They'll be out tomorrow with a new one. In the mean time, no hot water for us. I once leased a flat with no hot water tap in the kitchen. It wasn't something I thought to check when inspecting the property. It was a watering can of hot water from the bathroom for four years or so.
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New hot water heater today, but the installers failed to turn the fuse back on so it did not heat! I am the last person to have showered in this house. How's that. I heated up pots of water on the stove for baths for myself and the nephew. Managed to make a quite satisfactory bath. The others will wait for tomorrow for the water tank to heat. It's Friday so we can handle anything. The new stove has also been approved. That's a big whack for the landlord. Almost three years without an full size oven. One can manage.
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Tonight, The Angels at Revesby Workers Club. Can there be a more authentic Australian experience. Probably yes, but this was very much on the authentic Aussie side. I had a good time. It was not too loud, I was surprised to note. The beer was nice and cold and not spoiled by the plastic glasses. The nephew went to sleep, poor thing, the concert lasted quite some time. They sang 26 songs with an interval and a support band. We had pizza for dinner first, yum. Walked there and back. Played mean trick on the sister although it was unintentional.
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I have had a busy week. Tuesday I had a nice sleep at the theatre. I do not know if I can continue to go the theatre at night. I have not been to this theatre before. the seats were too high so my feet swung unless I put them on a little bar under the seat. The seat part was a little short. the play was good, I think. some opera singing, that was my favourite part. no hot water for a few days but all fixed now. long walk by the river today. wonderful. must walk every day.
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Part of my job that I am enjoying is training and mentoring people. it is such satisfying work. I seem to have a bit of a talent for it. I feel lucky to have ended up where I am. today I had two people from other states visit my workplace to partake in a training program devised by me. I was also lucky enough to have a friend and colleague visit as part of the training program. we all four went to the city to have lunch by the water. you can't come to Sydney and not visit the harbour.
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Day two of the training program. the two trainees are forming a bond and will continue to be a support to each other. it is great to aid people's progression in their careers. we had lunch at the Pumphouse Tavern with a delicious cold beer. Darling Harbour is nothing to see right now with all the building going on. the new work is taller than the old, although not quite high rise. wonder if the old was always considered temporary. Chinatown was as drab as I have ever seen it. perhaps Tuesday is a quiet day for a walk through.
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ok so I officially got the job I've been doing for ages. that's good, tidied up. trying to catch up a bit now over the next three days after monday and tuesday's training. home to cook and it ended up a late meal. I feel like celebrating the new job but not sure how. I'm the only one with a real job in my house so I don't want to crow about it too much. the chicken run has arrived so I can set that up on the weekend and should be able to get the chickens the weekend after.
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I had been looking forward to the Laneway Learning Make and Publish Your Own Zine night for weeks. It did not disappoint. We all made our own mini zine about our life. Our teacher Shirley provided a marvellous experience. I may have taken the wrong bus to the venue. I got off and trekked across to where I was supposed to be. The city is small. I had half and hour to get there and it took twenty minutes. Buses. You never know where those suckers will go. I like tracks. Except in creative areas of course. My first zine!
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today's highlight was feeling quite content with my new job and my zine. Not too many people know about the job yet, or the zine. the other highlight was the young man's cooking. he is a talented cook. his first whole chicken needed some mum-assistance as it was under cooked (a common first-timer mistake). i read one of my Sticky Institute zines before going to sleep. I love zines so much. i can't believe I have been ignorant of them until recently. i was making zines back in the 90s too, i didn't realise it was a 'thing'.
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Zine pop up chill out space zine making hang out stocked with lots of magazines, books, papers, bits and pieces typewriters, a PC. Would be a great thing to set up at work. There is currently no lunch time art group/writing group. Hard to believe really. Completely fascinated by zines at the moment. Cannot wait to buy some more. Cannot wait to make some more! First things first tho. Enough on the plate at the mo. I have three zine ideas milling about the brain now. Three, a veritable glut! Hee hee. Good thing about zines is that they
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can be whatever you want. There is absolutely no pressure to fit any mold. They can be any size or shape, any format, there are no rules. It is very liberating. I am interested to buy many different types and explore them all. Even the ones that did not at first appeal, because you just don't know what you may find when you commit to reading them. A quick glance through may not be enough to tell. Looking forward to my next visit to the zine distro. Ha ha, love the lingo. What is a zine library known as? dunno
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Melbourne. Catch a later flight than usual after I have finished up the Monday morning tasks. Get to the office at almost four thirty and settle in before a 5pm phone meeting, then to the hotel to check in and the supermarket for supplies. Back to work for a bit then heat dinner in the microwave and back to the hotel for an hour or so of TV and bed. Huge TV in the room, with a small panel with the menu and channel options visible, the small panel the size of my actual TV at home. A quiet night.
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Melbourne day 2. Up later than usual but I still make it to work before anyone else. It still looks as though I have been there all night. I hot foot it to Sticky at lunch time, forgetting to check the opening hours and forgetting they are closed on Tuesdays, and Sundays and Mondays. I stood at the door for a few moments collecting my thoughts and walked away. I doubt I will go back tomorrow. Tomorrow I fly out. There is always next time. I have Zines I have not read from the last visit! Perused, but not read.
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crispy brown hot burnt mouth butter delicious ham and cheese croissant the fly bar peroni everything always works out in the end don't worry. a woman gives me a look my empty beer bottle on the table and the second beer bottle in my hand I smile/smirk at her she may wish she were me. first time I have had second drink at the fly and it is going to my head it is delicious tho add eye drops to packing list make big to do list at home lots to do I love my life I am lucky
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I have a new time management system. I divide the working day into one hour blocks. I divide my tasks into categories. Each day I allocate tasks, one from each category, into the one-hour blocks. It works brilliantly. No more faffing around trying to work out what to do next. I simply follow the program I work out each morning. This new system means I don't neglect one category as each category is covered every day. Some days I can't follow it but that doesn't matter as on the whole the workload is kept in check and is manageable.
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Chickens and Christmas. Chicken for tea and chickens for pets. Seems doable. Chicken wire. Need to fence off the plants. Looking forward to seeing how the chickens go about yard destruction! Will they go for tasty weeds along the fences or will they peck progressively across the lawn like locusts? Looking forward to seeing their personalities develop. The little house is ready and their little yard. Three little chickens to come. Hens. No roosters allowed by Council ordinance. Christmas is just around the corner! Blink and it will be here. Time just goes and goes and goes. No point worrying.
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No chickens yet. Logistical problems. Two nights on the town though! Nothing to be sneezed at! Friday night dance performance and Saturday night play starring Kate Blanchett and Richard Roxburgh. The Present. Wasn't it just? I managed to mostly stay awake through the dance (forty minutes tops!) and the play. The dance due to the short duration, and the play due to lollies. The same method I use to stay awake during long distance drives - I eat. Carrot, celery, apple and crackers during drives, far too noisy for the theatre! It worked I must say. I wonder if anyone noticed.
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lazy start to the day with long sleep in. no chickens to care for yet. instead a little housework, some washing, gardening, and a long walk by the river. some soft focus Spring-inspired photos of trees and blossoms on Instagram. caught up with some shows on i-view. my weekly photograph of the growing rhubarb - a gift for later in the year. the second plant to sprout is going the strongest. at home by myself for an hour or so. I seem to have lost my favourite warm socks. I hope I didn't leave them in a hotel room.
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Making friends if you are a person who doesn't do chat

Learn the script. Learn to be polite. Ask questions.

People who chat instinctively spot an outsider and can block their attempts to join the group. The most genuine people are those who individually welcome and encourage the outsider.

People who don't do chat are better in one-on-one situations, although the conversations can be unbalanced. They can be "hard work" - all talking or all listening. They can be tiresome. Everyone can be like this sometimes. Know what are acceptable topics of conversation and avoid over-sharing.