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Hello again after a year off! Today is the hottest day so far this summer, over 40 degrees; 36 in the house. I can only manage to function at up to 30. A hurricane is about to bear down on North Queensland and brave folk have gone to cover this, the latest of the of the Australian summer disasters. Today the boy becomes free of his indentured labour and will get an allowance sans-commitment. I hope he will want to help at home on a voluntary basis. The man and I forgo the evening walk due to the heat.
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After the heat last night I can hardly function! I make several mistakes at work... that I know about. It is not as hot today but still hot in the house (36 degrees). The cat is confused and inside. I put him outside where it is cooler. The boy tidies up ahead of his birthday party which means washing for me. I look forward to a walk tonight. I spend a lot of time sending more people to the storm. I saw my name on the tele last night, as far as I know the first time in a while.
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I wake after a hot night with big gaps in sleep to news of Yasi. Off to work with no breakfast or packed lunch again I go to the canteen and tear up while reading about Anna Bligh's great work as leader of the preparations for the cyclone. I go for a walk at lunch for a change because I have difficulty working. I decide to buy some beer on the way home. I figure I feel awful in the mornings anyway so I'll risk the alcohol. It is a much cooler night and I cook late and watch TV.
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I get up once during the night and go back to sleep easily, resisting the temptation to check the iPhone. Someone wakes me with a Facebook message too early and I sleep until the alarm goes off. I feel crap, and hungry. That will teach me. I eat at work and struggle through the day. I feel betrayed and left out, so another day really. I make more mistakes - I'm tired, what can I do. A big rest this weekend and then a cooler week starting Monday! I feel fine now it is evening and look foreward to Friday night.
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A devilishly hot day follows the hot night. It is the first hot day I fully suffer through as the first without air conditioning. I go home early and intersperse clothes washing with idly being hot. I follow up on a suggestion that I don't drink enough water by drinking a lot of water. I drink all day. It is good. It does the trick. I have a couple of showers and a couple of naps. I cook a nice meal and have one beer and half a bottle of wine. I almost die washing the dishes in hot water.
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I sleep surprisingly well, considering it is the hottest night in Sydney ever. It is still mid-30s inside the house and a little cooler outside at 27 degrees. I wake with some excitement in anticipation of the cool change. It is better than Christmas! The boy and I escape to the cool shopping centre for clothes and groceries then home still in the heat before the southerly arrives. The temperature drops fast. I walk the dog. I cook dinner and wash the dishes with no discomfort at all, although the rubber gloves seem to have melted a bit inside.
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I wake too early and go back to sleep again for an hour or two, have lots of vivid dreams, and wake feeling a little groggy to the alarm. I feel OK with a coffee and breakfast, as usual. I am parched when I wake. It seems I am now addicted to water. I also go to the toilet more often... and I thought I didn't have to go much because I have a strong bladder. I am such a dick head sometimes. I drink all day and continue to feel much better. I keep a clear head all day.
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A fine morning with a hills hoist full of washing, with breakfast and coffee and with the dog chewing a bone and the cat sitting on the grass in the back yard; with the occupants of the house off to work and study. Everything in its place. I have a ball at work. Everything is funny. I can now laugh at myself and let go of grudges (or not hold one in the first place). I get a terrible headache in the afternoon. I have a lie down when I get home and it goes away. Now an early night.
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I wake too early and after a couple of hours go back to sleep for an hour or so. I have a gold day at work where everything goes well. I have coffee with a friend for two hours and when I get back to the desk things are hectic. Someone says I thought you might have gone home and I say I'd never leave my desk like this - if I'm gone for the day and my desk is like this there is something wrong! I go to farewell drinks for a colleague after work then home, walk, eat, bed.
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I listen to music while I work, this time with headphones on. It is easier to adjust the volume that way. They get hot and heavy after a while and I lose the ability to concentrate on what I am doing so I turn it off. Later it is obvious I had a headache coming on and that was the problem. We go to the shops for birthday party supplies and then I walk the dog and drive the boy somewhere then shower and go to bed. I sleep well and have lots of vivid dreams and wake up fine.
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I cannot believe it is Friday. It doesnít feel like it somehow, there is none of that thank God itís Friday relief. Iím not sure if that is a good or a bad thing. I feel generous and email all that I will clean the filthy, neglected fridge next week, probably on Friday. I have another day at work then go home and walk the dog. The cat is not home, as is increasingly his habit. It is time to go straight to the boyfriendís, stopping for beer and a bottle of Prosecco on the way.
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Today my boy turns 20. He is a young man and not a teenager any longer. I come home in the morning and give him a card with a few practical things Ė bus tickets and a phone card and some cash for pizza tonight. I donít need to get much as there was the laptop for Christmas. I get the place ready for the party and then the boyfriend and I go to the pub for a few beers, a Margarita and a Thai dinner and back to the pub for a Sambuca. We should do this more often.
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I arrive home to find two bodies on a lounge each in the lounge room. That is a first. I tidy up after the party. There is some damage to the house. That is also a first. I make breakfast and try to be quiet until they wake up. At least I know them both and we chat and I leave them to do the grocery shopping. The young man is up by then and they leave. I walk the dog and drink some of the keg beer left over from the party. It makes me feel tipsy quite quickly.
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I get up unwillingly and get ready for work. I eat breakfast and make coffee but donít pack lunch, thinking I'll buy it today. It is a surprisingly cool day. I do a lot of puzzles. I wash the dog blankets that I had soaked overnight and hang them on the line. I try to plan dinner but find it too hard and later on just cook something (turns out nice) and then take the dog for a walk. I wash the dishes and do more puzzles and go to bed. I have nearly run out of puzzle books.
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I wake early and start a killer Sudoku. The alarm goes off and I finish the puzzle before I get up. It is raining. I would like to stay in bed for the day and listen to the rain. I pack my lunch and a new book for the train. The cat is not there for breakfast but he is there when I get home and has eaten what I left him. He is on the roof as usual and he lets me lift him down. I cook shepherdís pie from last nightís leftovers and walk the dog.
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I wake with the cat on my head. He purrs and I don't mind really. I find work hard to deal with today. I research super and find it depressing to be at the stage of life when retirement is just ahead and the options and choices start to run out. Where the hell was I looking when all these horses came in? (thanks PJ Harvey.) The young man wants KFC for dinner. Coincidentally I have been feeling like some fat so I drive out for it. I walk the dog and have a shower and go to bed early.
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It is a hot day and the house has warmed up. It is 30 degrees inside when I get home. I cook the curry of left over roast beef I had planned last night. I cut up some branches and load up the green bin until it is chockers. I wash two days worth of dishes, have a shower and go to bed early. I have trouble sleeping because it is so warm and the boy being up late playing computer games due to no TAFE tomorrow. I read instead of doing puzzles. A breeze at 3am cools things down.
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I have a break from packing lunch. I go to lunch with a friend. I don't clean out the work fridge as promised because it is surprisingly full. Perhaps Friday is not the best day to do it. I meet the boyfried's mother and brother for the first time via some internet web cam thing. It never occured to me they don't speak English or German (not that I speak German either). The boyfriend is planning a trip to visit them but I am not going. I should be going. But I am not. It is not a good omen.
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I wake strangely depressed with the futility of it all. I read for a while and go back to sleep on the plank. I arrive home later than usual. I wash clothes and then finally mow the grass. It is still 32 degrees at 5pm and even hotter in the house. Crazy. Crazy me for living here. I plot telling both of them I am going to move somewhere that is not too hot in summer and freezing in winter, and with a smaller yard. I mowed F U up the back for when the neighbours look over my fence.
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Today is unbearably hot and it stays so all day and into the evening. I go to the shops. I wait for the change to walk the dog but figure it isn't coming any time soon and take him anyway. We sit on the cool grass on the oval and I throw the ball. Back home I cook sausage sandwiches because that is all I can manage to think of. I wash the dishes, get rid of ants and have a shower and go to bed. The temperature is still 35 degrees in the house but going down slowly outside.
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Today dawns cold and cloudy. The ants are still in the kitchen running around all over the only bench space. I use the stove top to get breakfast and to pack lunch. Work today is that thing I do to earn money. It could be worse. I go out at lunch time and buy a couple of cheap biographies from the bargain bookstore. I go out again later to buy some work things. I go home on time and cook something simple for dinner, walk the dog and do the dishes. The ants have gone except for a few stragglers.
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It was a dark and stormy night... no, actually, it was a dull and overcast day in Sydney, with everyone busy at a master class in story telling. A quiet one, I thought. And then an earthquake struck Christchurch. The media circus packed its tents and animal trucks and headed out to the scene. Book club happened (I was late) and everyone else seemed normal. They talked home renovations (I rent). I think I am not sure I can do this anymore. Then I think I can. Perhaps I need to talk to someone about how work makes me feel.
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I wake inexplicably bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, after an hour or so awake during the night, an early morning cup of tea and back to sleep for an hour until the alarm goes off. I have a much better day. Is it all about mood (happy, sad, depressed), physical well-being (ill, not enough sleep) and attitude (positive or negative). Can attitude be contolled if mood cannot be? I go to work determined to be thinking my head off. No stupid mistakes allowed today. No brain marching out the door today. I leave late again. Order pizza for dinner.
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I wake after a disrupted sleep and feel like crap. I have a headache that hangs around all day. I am too exhausted to do much other than what needs to be done at work. I go for a walk to buy supplies for work now that my credit card has been topped up. I feel worse as the afternoon progresses. I think I'll relax in the bath at home but drink beer instead while I accomplish an enourmous number of tasks. I heat up unhealthy frozen food for dinner. I play with the cat. He stays in all night.
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I go to work, go out for lunch, go out again to the shops, wait for some last minute travel plan changes to be decided and eventually go home. There are ticket inspectors at my station. The usual suspects try to hide and then to talk their way around not having a ticket (someone stole my purse). I buy a bottle of wine and walk home. I take the dog on an abbreviated walk, shower and drive to the bf's for the night. He has beer too. We watch a few episodes of The IT Crowd. We go to bed.
02/26 Direct Link
I am tired as hell today. I manage to do the washing and some housework including a thorough vacuum. I have a lie down. It is very hot. I plan to go to the city for a drink but don't hear anything and then it's late and I decide to not go. Then I hear. Too late as the BF is on the way over to walk the dog. I manage to cook something for dinner and to help drink a bottle of wine. I leave the mountain of dishes, shower and go to bed. The boy has gone out.
02/27 Direct Link
I wake pleased that I have done housework yesterday. I look online for a recipe to cook tonight. I decide to go to the knitting cafe. I find something to take to knit. I enjoy myself there. I go to the shops to buy groceries and it is not so much fun. I help dye the boy's hair. I walk the dog. I cook and wash the dishes. The cat needs attention so I watch TV so he can sit on my lap. I do some more knitting. He springs off and I fold up the washing. Then to bed.
02/28 Direct Link
The last day of Summer, but I feel the summer might drag on a bit longer. The first day of the working week. Today I saw that doing my job can be like having half a dozen conversations simultaneously. I now have three bosses, it seems. Perhaps that is why they pay me the big bucks. The first day I wore jeans to work with the thought I might go casual from now on. (My) boy's jeans. Very comfortable. The bf's mother told him I am nice, again. Perhaps she is right, although certainly not all would agree.