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I am happy and in love. I type a smiley face and then delete it because it seems unacceptable for anything other than text messages or emails. I have been in love for a while, but it is now uninhibited and I am free of hangups! And most gloriously, it is reciprocated, which is very nice indeed. I wonder how I will feel reading this in twelve months time! I have eaten a mandarin and want to go wash my hands but I am waiting for a phone call to book accommodation but it won't come now. I will go.
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Hello 2nd September! I have been working so hard today it feels like a Thursday but it is only Wednesday. I weighed myself last night and the news is not good. Nor was it a surprise. Chips are being poured into a bowl in the office and I will simply have to stop eating junk food. Should be simple. Cute kids wander around with some. They must think this is what is like in all offices, a party every afternoon. I have finished all my food except for the apple. I have no idea what I will cook for dinner.
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Why do people try to control who one loves. For example, when one person is forbidden to love another due to being from the wrong class, race, family, whatever. Who does this serve? The tribe? Is it all based, as is everything, on power? It is very disturbing. If love were permitted to prosper, would there be as much conflict? I think it is all due to people wishing to hold power over others. There are a lot of rules in society that serve nothing anymore (perhaps never did) but are followed regardless, otherwise one loses face, control and power.
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I am trying to think of something to write. I am wasting time ticking things off the list but not tackling the real jobs. I have almost an hour and a half, then home to get ready for visitors. I am also hanging on for a work call from the US and I think it will now come tomorrow - on the weekend - or even late this evening. Sadly, I left my mobile number, really I had no choice. Oh well. I appear to be next in line because all the other lackeys are on leave or not here, or something.
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My son is in a rock band. He doesn't yet have a licence to drive a car so I drive him to rehearsals and practices, and gigs, now the band has started having them. My friend and I drive him there, help carry in the gear, and take the gear home afterwards, leaving him to stay on with his mates. Last night the woman on the door called us "mum and dad" which was nice for me and perhaps nice for my son too. My son hasn't seen his own dad for years, and sadly we prefer it that way.
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I did the washing and the usual Sunday things and made lunch out of last night's left overs. The guests left in the afternoon and I let the dog in and headed out to book club. I was tired and didn't wear socks and felt a little cold and not really like going out. I got home early and had a bath and went to bed to read. I fell asleep and was woken by the phone and it was hard to talk then I was wide awake but had no trouble going to sleep again and slept all night.
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I've had a busy day at work and stuffed up and didn't make arrangements for an additional crew for tomorrow until 5.30pm! I am not sure if it has been organised and I am late leaving because I want to check it is in place before I go. I got a lot done today and annoyingly more came in. That's the way it goes! I had the rest of the rice salad I made on Saturday on my sandwich for lunch and it was very yummy. I bought prawns at lunch time to make chicken and prawn laksa tonight.
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I am very excited to be going out for dinner tonight. It is almost time to leave! I am catching a train to the rocks and we are eating at a german restaurant, and of course drinking beers. I had to go out for a snack at around 4 because I wasn't going to last until 7! There is a very jolly atmosphere in work today - the entertainment is on. The nice entertainment, not the kind with loud outbursts of swearing. I attended a training course and it was very good. I mostly think that about training. Might as well.
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At the risk of harping on (I may have mentioned it last year) it is my mother's birthday today. I ignored father's day, and asked the rest of the family what they did because I felt guilty. Only one replied; did nothing either. I had a fantastic evening out last night. It couldn't have been better. Somthing to remember: "I am on the edge," "I love you too." Very funny. I am not using complete sentences. I don't like that. I want to go home now and wallow in memories and cosiness. I'm sure my pets and son miss me.
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I put a chewy, sticky, very sweet lolly in my mouth immediately prior to having a conversation with someone annoyed that an allowance had been paid to her in her pay, and was therefore taxed. I am thirsty now because of the lolly but at least it wasn't me paying the tax. There is nothing I can do of course because I don't write the tax laws and nor did I negotiate the employment agreement. The same payment was made to the same person almost a year ago and so I was surprised about her surprise. It's Thursday, shopping tonight!
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I am going to have a hair cut and colour this afternoon. It is almost time to go and I am winding down. I woke at 4.30am today and got up and did washing and looked at knitting patterns. I had so much time I made a cooked breakfast of sausages, tomatoes and eggs. The woman in front of me on the train this morning was knitting. A woman on the platform yesterday was knitting. I saw another public knitter, a day or so before, but can't recall where. I've started knitting a fruit cosy. I am getting tired!
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Today is unseasonably hot and I had fun dressing up in a summer skirt and top to go Knitting on Norton, carrying my things in a little basket. I finished knitting the apple fruit cosy I started yesterday. it is very cute. Later I walked the dog with Andy, put some beers in the freezer and cooked a nice chicken and rice dish. We watched an odd movie on DVD, shot through a mini-cam. I told Nick he can have a beer or two but to leave me two for tomorrow. He did. We had wine too, as usual.
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I finished knitting the pieces for the cardigan today, now to sew up and knit on the band. I watched To Kill a Mockingbird as I have just finished the book again. I sprayed my new shoes with leather stretcher and wore them around. I washed clothes, changed sheets, vacuumed and mowed and walked the dog. I had two beers left as requested and they were absolutely delicious. It was hot again today - low thirties - hot for this time of year. I knitted again later and watched TV. Watched another DVD and folded clothes and went to bed quite late.
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I am tired today. I meant to leave work early and I still might. If I leave now I am an hour early. I intended buying a salad sandwich for lunch but bought a rissole and fat-laden baked vegetables. That could be worse. I washed my suits yesterday to put away for the summer (drip dry so as not to wreck them!) and today am in summery skirt and top. It feels a bit weird actually because I am so roly-poly. The suits kind of keep you in. I need to hunt out some more skirts and tops.
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I've been healthy today in an effort to not feel so tired and sluggish. It might have worked. I have been wearing my new shoes around the office and could tolerate them for a lot longer today. They are very comfortable and when the pinching is over it will be good. I bought a knitting magazine and am ITCHING to start something else. I have to find something for dinner tonight because I am seeing my love tonight and we are eating out tomorrow night, and I thought that would replace tonight but gradually the nights together each week increase.
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It is cold outside and I should wear a wrap home or I will freeze. I scored some vintage knitting needles today. And a half-knitted jumper and scarf to finish, if I want. I joined some job-hunting websites for Nick today. I actually found some jobs he could have applied for if I looked sooner. That's hopeful. I am going out to dinner tonight with Andy to a Swiss restaurant in Petersham. On the way we will stop at the chemist for a prescription and return some DVDs. We were up late last night watching one of them.
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Nick and I went to the video shop last night to return the DVDs and discussed his looking for work and learning to drive. He said it's like doing an assignment, you just have to get started. After that I had a lovely dinner at the Swiss restaurant, and enjoyed hearing for the first time Andy speak in his native tongue. I have been busy at work today with meetings, and out to lunch at a Japanese restaurant. I ordered vegetarian. I have packed up and am waiting to leave to go shopping. It is not worth starting anything else.
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I am woken by 5 by the dog walker and dog leaving the house. The bird in the tree outside my window ensures I don't go back to sleep. I get up at 6 and do the chores and have breakfast. I go to work and wonder where everyone is. At 10.30 I go to coffee with the knitting group to give Helen her engagement present. I do some more work and then meet Andy for lunch. I ask him to tomorrow's party and he says no. I go back to work and leave early and walk the dog.
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I wake at Andy's and leave at around lunch time. On the way home I buy a pie and a sausage roll for lunch thinking I might as well. I have a lie down because I am tired and get up and shower and dress and take the train to the engagement party. I meet some new people and have a good time. I catch the train home and make a toasted tomato and cheese sandwich. I go straight to bed and let the cat stay inside. Nick comes in at around 5am. He has had a night out too.
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The day is over. Sunday goes too quickly. I walked the dog after the rain. I did some knitting. I washed many loads of clothes and towels and folded them up. I skipped the ironing. I had an afternoon nap. I cooked lunch and balanced it out with vegetables. I watched some TV and a disappointing DVD. I cooked smaller portions that usual for dinner. Palm-size protein, fist-sized carbs, and two-hands-full of vegetables. That was one lamb chop! I made chips with the fist-sized potato. I do believe portion-reduction is the key. Good night.
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I wake early and not tired. I get up and am ready in time to try a bit of grafting on the cardigan. It is messy so I undo it and knit a couple of rows of something. I practice holding the needles in a more elegant fashion and it is easier to knit when I get the hang of it. I wash the dishes and go to work. I walk to the shop for a roll at lunch time. I buy half a wrap in the afternoon from the cafe. I am still hungry and want to go home.
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I wake with the dog walker and the dog but go back to sleep again easily until the alarm wakes me at 7am. I have cereal for breakfast and go straight to a course when I arrive for work. There are fourteen trainees - four women and ten men. I notice at least eight of the men are wearing wedding rings and one of the women. I also got quite a bit out of the course, I think. It is good to meet people from all around the country who do a similar job. Lunch was provided and it was excellent.
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I woke to a red dawn, along with the rest of Sydney. I heard last night about the dust storm on the way, and so when I woke up and saw the red glow through the curtain I knew what it was. I opened the curtains and breathed in the dust and unlike most people I have spoken to today, didn't think it was the end of the world. Last night was very hot and the rain started when I was walking home and I got soaked. Cool winds followed bringing in the dust. It has all cleared away now.
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I buy a salad roll and sushi roll on the way in to work to have for lunch. I was very bad last night and had KFC and a beer, and I must admit some wine. Wednesday is my letting go day. I tackle one of the big tasks on my to-do list and finish it by lunch time. This afternoon I do the little things that I normally do in the morning, and that normally prevent me starting anything big. I broke one of the new knitting needles yesterday which broke the knitting spell and now it's griddlers.
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It is dark outside. I don't see much daylight during the week, except today. I had a long lunch and one large beer and one small beer. I went to the library on the way back and so will not have to buy either of the books for my next book clubs. I continue to increase my popularity, or perhaps I mean the opposite. It is time to go home but there is a lot more I want to finish before I go. I cleaned out the fridge today. There was a lot of off food in there. Better go.
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It is cold today. Cold and windy. Cold and windy and dusty. Dusty from the dust storm and there was another little one this morning, but it cleared very early. I went home and relaxed around the place, planning to do all the work tomorrow. Andy and I walked the dog as usual and I cooked mulligatawny for tea and dropped Nick at a friend's. We watched TV and I let the cat stay in because he is losing lots of fur in patches and I thought he might be a bit sick. Perhaps the dust storms caused him stress.
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It is even colder and windier today. I do some house work inside and do a lot of washing but don't do the yard. Pieter is inside again. He walks on the computer keyboard and shuts down the computer with a few elegant steps. I wear my winter coat and beanie to walk Mellow. I pick up Nick later and he orders pizza for tea. I fold the clothes and watch TV and knit. Andy phones and is doing his tax. I haven't done mine yet. I usually have it done before the end of July. Pieter sleeps outside tonight.
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I catch an elevator with someone who hates me. It is pretty weird that she is like that and I have no idea what I have done to her. She doesn't speak to me even though we go out the same door to get to the lift and get out at the same floor and go to the same place. Strange. She's a freak anyway and I am so glad I am not her. A snooty bitch. I should be kinder to her because I believe she is under the gun a lot here, possibly at least once a fortnight.
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I feel like I am wearing a nappy. I'll be going home soon. I avoided bitch-woman today. She gave me a bitchy bitch of a look as she swanned past. I think she had some work to do and that is always a bit hard. My family have some heavy-duty emails flying because one of us is wondering what has happened to our inheritance. As the eldest I feel I should follow up, so I've made a phone call (never easy for me) and left a message. I have been working so hard today I have a headache.
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I went on a shoot today (The Mikado!) and things got stuffed up back at the office due to my neglect. I had a massive headache coming and going all day. Nick bought a case of James Squire Sundown, a lovely beer. I had a two-hour phone conversation with my dad. I told him about my man after almost a year. I though it about time. Many strange and disturbing emails among the family over the last couple of days. An hilarious series of SMSs from my brother in an attempt to show we are all a bit strange.