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My bag is wet when I get to work and I canít work out how rain got in there, but it is my tuna salad leaking. At work I wash the lunch bag and put up with the smell of tuna on the things I canít yet clean. In spite of that I enjoy work and begin to get organised by prioritising the backlog. I leave early again, this time for a dentistís appointment. I have gum inflammation that might be something serious. The dentist canít tell until she sees the x-rays. I walk the dog and clean my bag.
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I use the new toaster for breakfast and try to limit the butter. I am very busy at work this morning applying bandaids, putting out fires, treading water, whatever Iíd like to call it. I go to a lunch for Marlene at the Agincourt and itís a nice diversion before the afternoon of more of the same. Nick and the dog meet me at the station. I drive them home because Mellow refuses to continue walking without me, then I do the grocery shopping. Mellow has had gunk in his eye and I put some of the catís ointment on.
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I pick up the antibiotics for my gums on the way in to work. I have a good morning at work dealing with the outstanding emails from the last month. I meet Andy at the QVB and we go to a cafť for lunch. I have a toasted sandwich and a cup of tea. The afternoon is quiet. I get a filing cabinet for my office so I can start getting some order in the place. I go to The Rose for farewell drinks then home for the car and drive to Andyís for dinner. I am very tired today.
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I have a coffee with Andy and drive home to pack. I watch a mouse in Nickís room for a while and pay him for his first paid by the hour jobs. I drive to Orange with the usual one stop at Lithgow. I buy a sandwich for lunch and eat it on the way. Heidi tells me whatís been happening with visitors and uni assignments. Angus takes himself for a run around the block. Heidi goes out and I phone Andy and put Angus to bed. I put my watch back an hour for the end of daylight saving.
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I shower and make toast for Angus and myself. We drive across town to pick up Heidi who is in a street I donít recall at all from my time in Orange. I drop them home and drive to Dadís. There is no one home so I leave the three birthday cards under the door. I drive back to Heidiís to say goodbye. I am tired on the drive home and stop many times, including to buy a mouse trap. At home I have a sleep. I drop Nick at a friendís then cook dinner, watch a movie and knit.
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I meet Andy at the station and try to avoid nutella hands and face. I have a very brief panic attack at work and consider walking out. I stay, with my brain swinging between ideas of sense and nonsense, and with paranoia looking over my shoulder. People comment on the filing cabinet and its placement as though it is their office. Some people would not have been more surprised to walk in to find the statue of David. I should laugh. It is my officeÖ? I am waiting until I have a key to lock it before moving files in.
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I wake with the alarm at 5.30 and snooze until 5.50. I walk the dog in the morning for the first time since before the holiday. I catch the train to work. Today I get quite a few things done. I have coffee with Jane at Tobyís Estate at lunch time then eat lunch at my desk. I see both my EPs, a habit I want to continue on a daily basis. I attend John Cameronís farewell afternoon tea then go home. Andy comes over and I cook spaghetti. Itís a bit ordinary even though he says it is good.
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I am up early again to walk Mellow. We walk the opposite way around the loop for a change. The work on the riverbank is almost complete and most of the path has been reopened. I work. I have lunch. I leave work and take the train home. Nick suggests pizza for dinner, as I thought he would. He orders. I log on to the network and work from home. I eat pizza. I wash last nightís dishes. I watch my favourite programs on TV. I speak to Andy on the phone. I go to bed and fall asleep easily.
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I walk Mellow and go to work. I take home the cork board made from actual corks that Ruth made me. I feed the pets, who are very keen to be fed. I realise too late that Nick has already fed them. They eat all of the second helping. I drive to the shops and do the grocery shopping. I meet up with Andy in Aldi as Iím leaving. Nick burns himself by spilling instant noodle soup on his lap. I drive to the chemist for bandages and anaesthetic antiseptic cream. I make him hamburgers and clean up the noodles.
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It is Good Friday. I bum around doing washing and griddlers. I shower and get dressed. I sweep out the back and clean the toilet. I make new beds for the cats in the laundry and find an ant nest on top of the dryer under a cat bed. I sweep most of the eggs up and throw them out. The ants get busy and take away the rest and I wish Iíd let them do the lot and not caused any damage. I go to Andyís then home to walk Mellow then out again. Nick says he is OK.
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I go home and put Blackie in the cage and take him to the vet. The vet gave him a cortisone injection and a different antibiotic for home. He is back to 5 kgs. I take him home and Mellow hides in the kennel, I think because he knows something unpleasant went down and he might be next. He loves going to the vet so he has nothing to fear. I do some housework and phone Aaron about tomorrow. Andy brings me a Lindt gold bunny. We walk Mellow. I cook dinner and have a bath and go to bed.
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I have a cup of tea and Andyís Lindt bunny for breakfast. I rename and file new photos from the camera and phone and upload holiday photos on Facebook. I shower and dress and vacuum and wash towels. It is Aaronís birthday. I give him a set of DVDs about world events. We swap music from our MP3s. Nick goes out to see a movie and Aaron and I go to the Old Thahn Huong on Illawarra Road for dinner. We stop at a chemist for more bandages for Nick then back to my place for a couple of beers.
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I wake early and finish the photo filing. I check Nickís burns and they look OK. I drop him at Chinís as they plan to rehearse. I walk Mellow. I drive to the pet warehouse for food and to Bunningís for a whipper snipper, potting mix and a pot. Andy arrives. We plan to ride the bikes but it is too wet so snooze. I take the car to pick up Nick and Andy rides home in the rain. I cook steak for dinner and drop Nick back at Chinís, then drive on to Andyís to watch Harold & Maud.
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I drive home early and get ready for work. I have breakfast but donít make lunch. We get out of the queue and miss the train. I get off at Central instead of going around the loop and arrive at work earlier than usual. The key to the filing cabinet arrives and I put the personnel files in it, but I forget to take the key out at the end of the day. The writing group is disbanded so I go straight home and have a boiled egg and toast for tea. Andy visits for a while. Nick comes home.
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I walk Mellow, put plants in the new pot and put it at the front of the house. I hang the washing. I log on to the Internet and see I am featured on the 100 words front page. At work I start to feel as though I am in control again. It is probably an illusion. I go home, cook dinner and watch TV. I speak to Andy on the phone I have borrowed from work to test, and come to the conclusion I need to replace my phone. I read Bobís story again and email him some comments.
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I wake at 3am and lie awake for an hour. I get up and do some washing and some work that I have brought home until it is time to walk the dog. I have a structured, ordered day at work and it is a lovely change. I go home at 6pm, get the washing in, feed the pets and go to the shops. Andy and I shop at Aldi together and I drive straight in to Central to pick up Heidi and Angus. We eat party pies for dinner at 10pm and I go to bed at 11.30 exhausted.
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I walk the dog and make breakfast. Nick loads some more songs onto my Walkman and I listen to some old favourites while I walk to the station. I listen to it at my desk and it drowns out the chatter. It is a quiet day and I do some easy tasks because I am still quite tired. I meet Andy for lunch in the park and feel very relaxed when I get back at work. I donít feel like doing much and end up chatting too. At home I have some beers and cook bangers and mash for tea.
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While everyone is sleeping in I update my Ravelry page. I hang out clothes, bring the bins in, make bacon and eggs for breakfast and wash the dishes. I pack a picnic and we drive to Yeo Park where Angus plays on the slippery dip, I knit and Heidi studies. Andy cycles over, we walk Mellow and he cycles home again. Aaron comes over. We have butter chicken, dhal and rice for dinner and watch a bit of TV. Nick goes out. I finish the mini circular scarf and cast on a beret. Heidi chooses the wool for her cardigan.
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We have a little sleep in and pancakes for breakfast before going to the show. Aaron picks us up and we drive to Ashfield and catch the train to Homebush. Angus has fun on the Thomas train ride, caterpillar roller coaster and dodgem cars. I donít buy anything for myself this year, except food. I buy showbags for Nick. We all ride the ferris wheel just before it rains hard. We have wet seats to watch the True Blue show which features a stumpy tail cattle dog just like Mellow! We get home at 9.30pm and we are all exhausted.
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I am tired from yesterday and not in the mood for work. It is quiet and so I am able to get a lot done. I decide to leave early today to have the x-ray I need to have for the dentist appointment on Friday. It doesnít take long then I go home and move the old fridge out to the garage, scratching the new one as I move it past. Nick wants hamburgers for tea, which I donít feel like, but make them anyway. His burns are healing fast and he gets back into the chores and walks Mellow.
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It is raining again and I skip the dog walk. I pack lunch and take all my things to work, in case Ė book, knitting (beret), walkman. Work is easy again and I plough through the backlog. I receive an invite for Zoeís farewell on Friday but decline because I have a dentist appointment. I cook chicken for tea and Andy comes over. I am still hungry and we have ice cream for dessert. Nick takes Mellow for a walk. Andy goes home. Nick is in the shower and I go to bed. I donít get up to clean my teeth.
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I get up early and make a cup of tea. Pieter is at the window and I let him in. I write out and mail the wool order for Heidiís cardigan. I take my knitting again and go to knitting circle at lunch time. I tidy my electronic files into a new set of folders and delete all redundant files and folders. It is Andyís birthday today. I see him on the train in the morning and talk on the phone tonight. His family will contact him this evening. I watch TV, wash clothes, wash dishes and go to bed.
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I get the clothes out of the dryer, make a salad for lunch and porridge and coffee for breakfast. It is quiet at work and I do more catching up. I leave at the usual time, feed the pets and drive to the shops. I meet Andy and we do some shop in Aldi together. I take the shopping home and pack it away and make dumpling soup for dinner. I have a beer and it is so good I have another. It is late when I go to bed. I look through the latest Womenís Day before falling asleep.
04/24 Direct Link
Pieter spills out of the dog kennel from behind the mat I use as a door flap against the cold. I hang clothes on the line and wash dishes. I have a short day at work and leave early to go to the dentist. The assistant rubs my shoulder while the needle goes in and dentist fills three teeth. I go home and meet the tradesmen who fix the kitchen window, replace the letterbox and try to fix the leaks in the roof. I go to Andyís for dinner. I ask if he minds if I knit while he cooks.
04/25 Direct Link
We stay in bed all day except to eat breakfast at lunch time. We drive our cars to my place and take Mellow for a walk at the usual time but it is dark when we get back. I boil potatoes to make smashed potatoes. Andy drives home. I put the whole pack of chicken kebabs in the oven because I canít separate them when frozen. Nick doesnít mind. I open the last beer. Nick has had all his and some of mine. I open the chest of family mementos and find the soles of his baby shoes have disintegrated.
04/26 Direct Link
I hang out some washing and Nick and I go to Broadway. I have a haircut and colour and we buy clothes for Nick and PJ pants for me. We go to Allenís for some guitar strings, a tuner and a strap. After lunch I have a headache and take some paracetamol and try to ignore it. Heidi arrives and then Aaron. I cook spaghetti bolognaise for tea. I finish knitting the beret. It is disappointingly a little small. I go to bed and lie awake during the night with the headache back and blocked sinuses. I finish reading Tobruk.
04/27 Direct Link
I wake after a little sleep with a thumping headache. I drive Heidi and Angus to the station at 6.30am to catch the Orange XPT. I drive home and get back into my pyjamas. I phone Andy, SMS work that I am sick, take some more paracetamol and go back to bed. I get up at lunch time and make some toast. Nick goes out for band practice. The headache comes back in the cold evening air and I put on the beret to keep my forehead warm. I put the heater on and cook some chicken soup for dinner.
04/28 Direct Link
I go to work with Mondayitis, in winter clothes even though it is a bit warm. I make porridge for breakfast and salad for lunch, but at lunch time I go out and buy a book (The Boat by Nam Lee) and a seafood pie. I go to a park and eat the pie and start to read the book. Andy comes over for dinner and I cook meat and three and veg because I canít think of anything else. It is the first time he stays the night. Heidi sends a siblings SMS that Nanna has had a stroke.
04/29 Direct Link
Andy leaves early to go home to wait for the plumber. I catch the train in to the city without him for the first time in a long while. I buy pear and raspberry bread and coffee for breakfast on the way in. It has gone up to $5.50. I eat the lunch I packed yesterday and some Greek sweets in the afternoon. I buy milk and a bottle of wine on the way home. I cook something a bit creative and wash the dishes and do a load of washing, put it in the dryer and go to bed.
04/30 Direct Link
I pack lunch and go to work. I leave work early to take Nick to the specialist who we incorrectly went to on 30th March. He has a hereditary dermatitis which is a type of dandruff. It is treatable and not serious. Pieter hides from me behind Nicholasís bedroom door. Nicholas is in there and tells me. Aaron goes to Orange to see Nanna. I grocery shop and buy my first ever case of wine. I spin the dog blankets and dry them in the dryer. The filter is full of dog hair and dirt. I cook dumplings for tea.