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I've gone back and written an entry for the first. Can I even do this? Is it even legal?

Well, what would you like me to do when I join halfway through the month, eh?

Another month, another time, another period, another day. Why is it that the simple things are the ones that spike us the most in the mind? Why is it that the calm and peaceful (and late/early) is when I produce my personal best? Why is it that I care so much about something so little? Why am I being philosophical?

I need five more words.
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Okay, I've got it. For everyday I write an entry, I'm going to go back and write an entry for a day before I joined. Today (when I joined) is the twentieth.

--Never mind. I'll just let this month slide, but I'd rather like to get habituated to the action of writing 100 words a day for a month. Iíve already lost May, so I suppose Juneíll have to do.

I wonder as to why Iím actually writing this, since no one will see it because I wonít complete this month. Do I even care?


Score one for indifference.
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Fickle, you may call me, and also plagued by indecision, as I am going against what I wrote yesterday. Hmm, I suppose itís because I sincerely want to accomplish something--even something as small as this. Who would really care, anyway? Do I expect to receive some amazing award for completing this meager task? Do I so yearn for the feeling of some sort of achievement for the little things I do? Am I so unnoticed by those around me that I would care to do something of this sort?

No, of course not, but some self-appreciation would be nice.
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HTML. How many internet users actually know what it is? Once when I desired to take an online e-Commerce class, I was instructed to take some quizzes to see if I was eligible for the class since I skipped the prerequisites. One I took on internet designing, and what I remember most was how I ranted and raved as the answers were incorrect since they werenít XHTML valid. One question asked, "What does HTML stand for?" I chose the correct answer of "Hypertext Markup Language," whereas the quiz said I was incorrect. Rest assured I ranted and raved even more.
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Rallying followers deep,
Raising our efforts high,
Adventíring mountains so steep--
To search our battle cry.

Sound above the wind of rains
And the roars of passersby,
Marking our distant pains--
Give us our battle cry.

Brought through without a thought
By Him who once did die,
With blood now we are bought--
Listen: our battle cry.

Passions flowing through our veins,
By Love now we will fly
With strength over the plains--
Now this our battle cry.

Sing loud our song of Psalms!
So that you will imply,
ďShine you and thus be calmĒ--
Hear this our battle cry.
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One aspect of 100 Words that really gets to me is the fact that every entry must be a hundred words and a hundred words alone. Without an integrated word counter, how do you know when you've reached or haven't reached the hundred word limit / requirement? As for me, I have to pull up Microsoft Word and utilize their word count tool. It's the simplest way I know and I don't care much for anything else. So technically, thereís no way for anyone to know you havenít reached a hundred words or gone over. Microsoft Word counts smileys too! >:)
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I wonder how much you can learn of a person by reading these things. Do people purposely write about things that youíll have no idea of? I did that once. In eighth and ninth grade, my teacher made us do this journal-like thing where we wrote for seven minutes straight. We were to write down anything and everything that came to ours minds. Of course, we wouldnít always do that, but weíd right whatever we wanted. And that was when I purposely wrote down things that I knew they wouldnít know. Hey, donít look at me like that! Iím awesome!
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Lately Iíve been visiting this website called Gaia Online ( Although a forum-based site, itís highly possible to never visit the forums and have a fun time. Like most sites, youíre given an avatar in which you can dress up with available items. While their clothes donít always match, itís a great place to go and play around. You donít have to interact with anyone unless you want to and thereís many extras for you to do; the forums arenít the only place to go. Recently Iíve dragged all my friends onto it and theyíve dragged theirs. Itís a party!
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Crazy? I was crazy once. So they locked me in a rubber room. I died in that rubber room. So they buried me in the cold, hard ground. There were worms in the cold, hard ground. The worms made me crazy. Crazy? I was crazy once. So they locked me in a rubber room. I died in that rubber room. So they buried me in the cold, hard ground. There were worms in the cold, hard ground. The worms made me crazy. Crazy? I was crazy once. So they locked me in a rubber room. I died in that rubber...
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My friends and I have devised a new way of writing. I suppose you could call it a new language, but it's more of an alteration to the English language, or any language that uses such letters. You basically place a "K" in front of every "N" you type, such as "knever" and "knowhere." But I wanted to be different, so I chose to put a "L" in front of my "Ns." Alnd thus I type like this lnow. Why dolnít you try alnd see if you caln prolnoulnce this "lnew" lalnguage? Gives you a weird accent, doesnít it? Ha!
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In accordance with the "new" language from yesterday, we also switch our Ts and Ls (save for those purposely placed in front of Ks). So instead of "slate," it's "stale." Another rule is that Rs now become Is. When a friend was writing in cursive, her Rs come out as lowercase Is without the dot, so that regulation was added. Now hereís a sample of our language:

ďI dolníl see why card games are so poputar, especiatty Yu-Gi-Oh, where lheir lives apparelnlty depelnd oln dead lrees. Youíd lhilnk lhal lhis scielnlific world woutdlníl be caughl up iln somelhilng so slupid.Ē
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Hands against the cold glass of the window,
Seeing, and feeling, the tears of the sky.
Wandering eyes, can you see the rainbow?
Knowing, he too searches and stands by.
Separated by more than distance,
Beating heart, can you see what lies
In the shadows? Chicane, fraudódecadenceó
To go against the human soul tries.
Tell which is stronger: love or hate?
Will peace engulf our lands, and bring about
Cessation to the vain, endless debate?
Or will we allow scorn to spread throughout?
This ring of mine and that necklace of yours
Shall provide a way, as love restores.
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Dominating walls tower beyond
immaculate windows that display a
serene background to a moonlit world.

From aloft, chandeliers throw out
light that marks the beginning and
seemingly endless perimeter of the room.

The speeches are spoken, the due
words all have been said. Promises
have been fulfilled, favors returned.

They all turn about to enjoy each otherís
company; to mingle and familiarize
themselves with the other participants.

From around the world theyíve come and
from off of it. Today they collaborate here to
celebrate well fought and deserved harmony.

Glasses clink together, laughs are exchanged.
Above her drink, eyes dart...
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...across the wide
expanse in search of the once-departed, now-returned.

Oh, sweet victory, how bitter the taste of
recoil! Lost is the revered emotions of
oneís youth at such a callous charge!

Hands are shaken, congratulations are in
order. In each face he hunts for a certain
glimmer of verve that had once kept him alive.

What has been misplaced, given up, taken away?
Is this what we so desired? Haste, for as it
escapes, our outstretched hands might reach.

Time drags through, still the festivity marches
on. Leaving nothing for naught, she plunges
ahead and nearly meets him, a...
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...handbreadth away.

He moves further, unnoticing. She retreats,
opening an span of innumerable questions
that widens with the oncoming persons they meet.

What is it that you wish for? What is it that you
so fervently seek? Will your love-starved soul
reach those pearly gates in ecstasy?

Catching her eyes has never been harder.
Habitually, her named called was enough
to catch her ever wavering attention.

She couldnít reach him, regardless of the
distance. She took ďso close, so farĒ to heart
as she outlined their relationship from afar.

In the passage of a moment, above the crowd,
their eyes...
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...betray them. What has been left to lie
unspoken is brought forth in the opening of an eyelid.

Ocher has met emerald.

A bona fide smile,
A returned affection,
And the night passes on.

A spark, a bright, a shine; hither to, my friend,
and see the light shining through.


Okay, that may be cheating. But Iíve more than a week to catch up on if I want this published, so Iím desperate. Anyway, the poems from the last few days are fanfictions for the anime Gundam Seed. They arenít my best works, of course, but I needed something.
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Lately, I've been averaging 1:00 am as my bedtime. Why? Well, I've been swamped with projects and long worksheets as a result of the school year end being near. Ahhhh, why do teachers always have to procrastinate and dump a buttload of work on us at the last minute? Iím so tired from all I have to do! I havenít practiced my piano in two days since I donít have time anymore! Iíll be glad when school finally ends and the summer welcomes us with open arms! Hopefully summerís body temperature isnít over 90 degrees. I donít like being hot.
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What Iíve learned from participating in 100 Words:

1) Contractionsíre your best friends.
2) Donít join clubs during the middle of the month.
3) Writing a hundred words and only a hundred words is a sizeable task.
4) Simple topics are easiest to write about without going overboard.
5) Italics and bold font in writing is better than TYPING IN ALL CAPS FOR ACCENTS. I already knew that, yet I wanted to write it anyway for those who havenít figured it out.
6) I havenít learned more than seven things from joining
7) Iíve just written a hundred words.
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"I am ninja, he is ninja, she is ninja too! I am ninja, we are ninja, and I believe that you are ninja too!" Ha, I love that ninja from! He's hilarious, although his running ďkillingĒ gag at the end of his episodes is a little too much. But itís awesome regardless. His voice is very distinctive and idiosyncratic, even if his outfit isnít as distinguished as Narutoís. Try hiding from enemies when youíre in a bright orange suit!

He reminds me lots of Strong Bad from Checks e-mails/messages, talks funny, makes fun of othersóyup, very similar.
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I've just signed up and I can't help but wonder why. God knows I've enough on my plate as it is at such a young age, but why did I not stop and even consider not joining? Why do I love writing communities so? Why do they have such a sophisticated presentation of themselves that just screams, "You can't resist!"

Here I sit, contemplating why I even bothered to bother. Iíve just proved how enticed Iím by written words compared to those spoken, and now I canít even stop the flow of creative juices that only come at 1:46 am.
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I've the house nearly all to myself. It's nice, really, but I can't say I don't miss everyone else. There's something about being young and having no responsibilities that really gets to you. Maybe you feel free, or unbridled. Perhaps some merely enjoy being alone and away from all the distractions others create. And you canít rule out the possibility of running through the house stark naked.

Well, maybe not the last one.

But thatís besides the point. All I know is that I donít have junk to deal with and Iím taking it easy this week.

Party on Thursday.
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Ugh! Studying is my worst subject. Be proud, as Iíve just finished thirty minutes of studying for a major test tomorrow. What are five things that states cannot do according to Article IV? They cannot create foreign treaties, impose taxes on imports, print money, declare war, and keep an army during peaceful times. Whatís a council? An elected group of officials that help run city and town government. What can a state regulate? Education, elections, marriage and divorce laws.

And all of that I spewed out off the top of my head.

Crap, Iíve a current event due tomorrow. Darn.
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Recently I've been reading letters, articles, novel excerpts, etc. on human rights. It'd be a lie to say that I haven't learned something, but itíd also be a lie to say that some of my views have changed. I'm all for negotiations, but there comes a time when words aren't enough to get the job done. When others become incompetent, you must stand and do things for yourself. Not to say that forcefulness is a must at the beginning of every conflict! Give nonviolence a try; not a crappy "job," but a deliberate chance before force even becomes an option.
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Weíve a new MP3 player and no, itís not an iPod. Those things are a ripe-off and arenít anywhere as awesome as theyíre jacked up to be. The Sansa e200 Lilí Monstaís complete with two through eight gigabytes of memory, twenty+ hours of battery life, built-in recorder, 1.8 inch color screen, FM radio capabilities, and a microSD expansion slot for additional memory. The iPod Nano has only two to eight gigabytes of memory, twenty-four hours of battery life, and the privilege to flaunt Appleís name. The 8GB Lilí Monsta is $199, whereas the 8GB Nano is $249. Take your pick.
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I started a blog again. This must be the millionth one Iíve made! It's hosted on my site and powered by WordPress. Since I'm not necessarily on the level to make adequate themes, I've downloaded one which features fishes! Anyway, I plan on actually blogging seriously when my site's hiatus is over.

Oh, yes, the hiatus. Wasn't it supposed to only last a month? It's been two weeks longer than that and by the looks of it, Sprinkle Starr is no where near being opened. I should really buckle down, get my lazy butt into a chair, and start working.
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I spent the majority of the day at the house of a friend. We were originally supposed to study for an upcoming exam, but hey, who wants to study for a science exam? Thus we ended up talking and drawing most of the time. My friend's drawings were chibi anime style and were the cutest ones I had seen since I ventured onto the internet and understood what chibi was! I loved coloring those pictures! Our coloring styles are so different, but nonetheless equal in quality and creativity. Iím going back on Monday andólike a childóI canít wait.
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You know what annoys me? The fact that I have to log in everyday to write a new entry. Doesnít 100Words have a feature that remembers your log in? I mean, itís not too much to type in my twenty-seven character e-mail and password but why canít I just skip that step and go straight to writing my entry? Itíd be a lot easier.

And now I sound like those idiots at school who complain about every single little thing that annoys them. Ugh, never mind. That feature would be awesome, but I suppose Iím alright. For now, that is.
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I installed WordPress a few days ago on my site. Iíve been planning on serious blogging for a while now, but now itís finally come about. I know, Iím lazy, but writing about my deep thoughts and innermost feelings isnít something Iím very good at--no, not that Iím unskilled at it, Iím just not very keen on doing so. I mean, hey, my thoughts are very confusing and hard to explain! Youíd get lost if you traveled through my brain. Now, I canít say that for some people I know, but everyoneís complicated in how we function and react.
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Ahhh! Iíve still have a little more than a week to catch up in entries. I donít suggest joining in the middle of the month, especially if a good portion of itís already passed by. (Now, how can a good portion of the month pass if you join during the middle of it?) Hmm, I guess Iíll have a lot of writing to do tomorrow. Wait, Iíve a project to work on and many other activities to complete. Why do I set myself up for all these duties to work on when Iíve no time for them all? Ingenious, no?
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I'm much to do on my personal site, Sprinkle Starr. Aside from finalizing the layout, I still need to add more content and tweak the existing files. I've taken off many scripts and whatnot from the directory, but I'm still running out of space. It's awful to be hosted on a free server. Hopefully one day I'll actually be able to buy a domain and hosting. As I said yesterday, I've got the updates blog up and running, so thatís a plus. Iíve also have to work on the graphics addition, but I can take my time on that. Whew!
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I did it. I wrote 100 word entries for 31 days in only 11 days. Congratulations, you've just saved the world! It's not true, I know, but it's my equivalent. Geez, just let me revel in my small accomplishment for at least few moments! Today has been a veryÖunique day. After being stranded at school for three hours with a friend, my family left for our newly bought church as soon as I got home. We didnít return until 10:30 and I had loads of homework to do. Iíve just finished it, and here Iíve completed 31 100 word entries.