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Shaved the prickly hairs that were growing on my handsome face.

The Zen of grooming and caring for every aspect of the body.

Brushing the teeth,
oiling the body,
Q-tips for ear wax in the ears,
and so on.

While proper grooming of the physical body is a good thing, proper grooming of the mind, spirit, and soul are just as important.

I caught some of my thoughts while in a state of awareness, realizing how our thoughts can often lead us on, into doing things we are trying to avoid.

Thoughts are magnetic and attract what we think.
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I'm drawn to foreign languages, and languages, as though they were attractive women, in different shades of brown and ebony.

I stare at my hands momentarily, studying every intricate detail until I am convinced that these hands are not my hands, since I didn't create, shape or mold them.

I don't want to be a mystic anymore, or have cosmic consciousness, since these desires serve as a limitation to my deepest potential, and such ideals relate to words and definitions.

Deep within, I want to go beyond the ideals, beyond the words and definitions, beyond the spoken word.

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A fine day of inspiration, with life as the hallmark.

Walked down 16th Street in downtown Denver actively observing all the people around me, embracing multiple breezes of air, and the sky and clouds above me.

I asked myself, "where there is life how can anything be boring?"
If we were not happy about life deep within, we needed to ask ourselves why.

I've been reading "Writing Down the Bones" by Natalie Goldberg which is an even deeper well of inspiration to not just write creatively but to even possibly consider writing a novel on any subject.

Do it now.
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A river of life was opened in my valleys,
crust began to fall from my heart
urging something new.

Fires burned inside of me,
purging the rebellion inside to eat.
Light filled my body,
like it did for Isa and Muhammad.

Waited for the cherubims to come,
to swiftly take me away,
while the ants continued their journies home;
Suns reflected in the waters.

Zen is about accepting things as they are without judging.
Like the dirty walls in the hallways of the apartment complex, the dirty carpet and smelly diapers, and the uncleaned swimming pool.

Change must be inevitable.
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It seems that people equate their managers to be some type of God, and managers play the roles as though they are Gods and our superiors.

How did this ever come about, that we should fear our managers?

Fear our managers, or fear losing our jobs;
so kiss your managers ass so that you can get on their good side,
and if you don't kiss ass
or bow down to your manager,
you are suddenly viewed as the problem employee
or the spoiled apple out of the bunch.

I know of only one God, and He doesn't need a salary.
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I have not been diagnosed with cancer or a life threatening disease.

No one has threatened to kill me, nor have I contemplated an untimely suicide.
It's against my religion and beliefs.

Despite all these factors, for some odd reason I feel like I will die soon under mysterious circumstances, whatever that means.

We all must think we will live to a ripe old age and see our next birthdays, and even see tomorrow.

How many thought this and didn't live to see it?

We take our lives for granted in a, "Oh I'm alive, oh well," kind of way.
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I reached a point where I thought I was wasting my time, by making the decision to write in my journal everyday, until I reflected on history.

If certain events were not written about during ancient times, would we know about them today?

Doesn't my life play any important part in the web of life?

On an entirely different note, I am 100% convinced that television is the devils toolbox.

When I say devil I'm not referring to some fruitcake in red pantyhose yielding a pitchfork like old Farmer John.

This devil runs your country,
feeds us lies
and propaganda.
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I can't just wake up and go straight to work it seems.
I have to get myself riled up into the mood.

This means taking a walk downtown,
going to a coffeshop to sit down,
write in my journal,
study people,
take another walk,
and maybe browse around the bookstores.
Then I can go to work in a good mood.

Not being prepared for work really pisses me off.

Like not having my shirt ironed,
missing my scheduled bus,
missing vital prayers,
and generally being in a rush,
which throws me into the ebb of chaos,
supposingly so perfect.
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I slept throughout much of the day.
Intended to eat a mango that was okay on the outside,
but ruined on the inside,
so I ate dates with chopped bananas instead.

Then I had a salad with red leaf lettuce,
and some type of garlic salad dressing.

On top of this I enjoyed some Nile River
red lentil soup,
which I made myself.

My latest savory soup that I really enjoy
along with Meditarranean crackers.

Sunflower seed butter
with blueberry jam
and some organic whole milk.

After this,
life felt perfect
and joyfully livable.

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Old friends have all gone their own separate paths and ways,
traces of the past concoctions of my most fond memories
etched in that time
like some well known painting
once esteemed
and talked about abundantly
but now lost forever.

Now I reign in this city with the abandoned cubicles,
pissy alleys
and scattered trash,
searching for the bones.

No longer mesmerized
by the structures of these buildings
destined to crumble.

I look for that wily coyote
on the edge of the city
who knows my destiny
and where my heart waits
by the warm fire patiently.



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He was a Black Samurai,
wandering through the city,
in modernized flip flops,
searching for his sword
and his horse.

Face beaming like the former enlightnened warriors
from the Imperial Palace
and some other holy lands.

He enjoyed watching the Geisha;
also modernized,
in her tight white shorts,
swaying her ass
from side to side
like pantomime,
while her mother stared at him piercingly
with Buddhist eyes,
standing erectly
and sternly,
like some ancient pagoda.

"You see," said the traditional mother. "I told you that you were better off wearing your robe, and your kimono."

The daughter felt no shame.
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I think I'm ready to fight the damn devil
with my bare hands,
even if he is wearing red pantyhose
and using a pitchfork as a weapon.

I'll become like the mad man from hell,
which would be like a ferocious samurai,
or the Original Man from the beginning of time,
with black beard
and eyes possessing the greatest mystery.

Everyone excepts that Allah created light, but no one asks why.

What would the world and Universe be without stars and Suns in the night sky?

Peraphs the purpose of Allah's creation was to manifest the greatest beauty within Himself.
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It would be appropiate to say that within every fear lies a unique spark of light.

It would be appropiate to say, that fear is an element of darkness.

Fear is not an emotion that brings us peace of mind.

Fear will give us numerous anxieties, and fear will bring chaos into our lives.

So how can fear contain an element of light, peace or truth?

This becomes true when we confront our fears and discover the root cause of our fears.

At the root of every fear find the truth.

At the end of every tunnel is the Light.
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What exactly is culture?

Is culture about what you wear, or is culture what you wear based off traditions?

What the majority of us wear today is called modern, but what we wear is based off of whose concepts?

Is it the commercials that say Levis jeans are cool so we must wear them to fit into societies tight little niche?

Is it funny to see the Indian from India in their sari or the Buddhist monks in their orange robes, or is it that the majority of us in this modern world are becoming more ignorant and less intelligent?
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It's all around us.

From the food chain on Earth,
to the position of stars and planets
within the cosmos.

Underneath structure
you will find numbers.
Some hibernating,
and some making love.
Sevens making love with nines,
producing millions,
making numbers infinite.
Numbers will never die.
They are eternal.

In structure there is always a leader or some math involved.

In a home,
the father is the leader,
the mother is the assistant,
and the children are the subordinates.

Neigborhoods are blocked off into sections and zones,
ants that function as a military,
planets rotating at 1037 plus miles.
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He was born in 1938, which to me seems like it was a very long time ago.

The manager of the bar said that he was served two drinks and was dancing on the dance floor;
except for one thing, he had urinated on himself.

Do you need housekeepers to clean up any mess?

Did he leave large puddles on the floor?

Later he was taken to a back room and told to sit down.

He thouhgt he was being tortured by simply having to wait.

People are dying all over the world and he thought he was being tortured.
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The things that we do requires energy,
so we should be more wise in how we use our energy
and life force.

Is it truly money that we want,
purely for the purchase
and the accumulation of things?

We should want children
purely for the purpose
of raising up Gods
and Goddesses
and nothing more.

In regards to the question about what is culture,
I realized that my culture
could be found in the stars.

You will know when you have found your life's purpose,
because when you do,
it will bring about tears of joy
and the sudden realizations.......
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I've been reading more books about publishing a novel
and its process
and the beauty of plain creative writing.

The urge is getting more irresistible, but I have no access to a home computer, or a laptop.

All my computer usage has been at the local libraries which offer only two hour sessions per day
and nothing more.

So now I find myself being desperately desperate to purchase a laptop, but not having the funds.

Money in a bag falling from the sky would be very useful right around this time.

Or any type of donation for an aspiring writer.
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I had my Monday and Tuesday planned out and was really looking forward to my two days off, until I realized that I was scheduled to work Tuesday as overtime due to some International Soccer League.

Initially I was angry because no one asked if I could work on my day off or not.
Later on after simmering down a bit
I realized that I could not be angry about the inevitable
or the unexpected
as life makes its twists and turns.

Even if the odds seem as though they are against us, we should take it in good will.
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A river of life was opened in my valleys,
crust began to fall from my heart,
urging something new,
fires burned inside of me,
purging the rebellion,
Light filled my body
in the same manner that it filled
the bodies of Isa and Muhammad.
I waited patiently
for the chariots to take me away.

Later in the day when I bought my spices such as curry, cumin, and ginger, I wrote the spice names and numbers in Arabic.

I had no idea spice girl would have a hard time reading them,
who appeared to have possessed some Arabic love.
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I know that animals are rather territorial by nature,
but as humans,
is being territorial also acting on a animalistic and beast level?

This is my territory.

How does an area or part of land become ours?

Is it because we paid for it?

What about the Native American Indians who were here before Columbus?

Were they,
and still presently entitled to territorial rights?

Humans will kill another human if they intrude on their property
in the same manner that an animal will kill.

Would you allow a stranger to walk freely into your home without challenging him or her?
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Today's dish was Indonesian curried vegetables,
which I made from scratch.

Non psychadellic mushrooms chopped;
red cabbage,
a green bell pepper.

I had no idea about the big mess that would be involved,
as vegetables flew in every direction
as I chopped
and shredded them.

All this was done to Putamayo's World Music: Afro Latin Party music,
which had music from
Latin America,
Puerto Rico,
and the Congo.

I did not like the fact that I had to rush,
to prepare this meal
so I could get sleep
for my night shift job.
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I remember when I was in the fifth grade,
I made the effort to learn all 26 alphabets in sign language.

Recently I learned how to say "thank you" from an old lady who is death.

I realized that sign language is probably the only universal language,
because to say thank you in sign language, would be the same rather you were Russian, Japanese, or even a communist.

I wonder how long it would take to learn sign language and be considered fluent. promises that you can learn any language fast,
especially if you're a diplomat
or CIA agent.
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It is definitely a strange world where mooncakes patrol the night sky.
Motorcycles communicate with hot wet pussy willows.
Floors write about dirty water.
Coffee dispatches more caffeine to the illiterates.
Walls report to the silence.
Books apprehend non worthy authors.
Lamps interrogate moths about their true purpose.
Trees relieve themselves of the bushy rat squirrels.
Umbrellas change positions in their sleep.
Paintings escort pastels to Vangogh.
Flowers witness the night sky full of stars.
Coffee retrieves the distant memories.
Alley cats sign their autographs.
Ants arrest cockroaches on the run.
Spiders assist their webs in the final captured end.
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I felt like a sitting duck amongst vultures, hunters, scavengers, and wolves, as I walked down Colorado Boulevard in the summer sun, beating down on me, and a newly purchased laptop in a box.

I was happy and apprehensive at the same time.

No one was to be trusted, and everyone was watching for the right moment to rob me for what was rightfully mine.

I was ready to fight, even if a gun was pointed to my head or even if my teeth were knocked out.

Fortunately none of these things happened, but I am sure that they do.
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Thoughts and thought patterns.

What are thoughts?

Is it the mind stuff going on in our brains, also called thinking, or is thoughts and thinking two different things?

I think you are very pretty.

Thinking does not necessarily make it so.

The divine mystic was in deep thought.

Does this mean that he was in a deep state of mind, consciousness, or contemplation?

You are what you think.

What do you often tell yourself that you are?

Whatever you tell yourself becomes a engraved pattern which in turn becomes habitual.

Some people sadly think that they can't stop smoking cigaretttes.
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You have never heard of a superhero, militant, gangster, or even a warrior,
that did not work out, or exercise.

If no one ever told you, you would still know by the physique of their bodies or by the shape that they were in.

What would you think if Batman didn't work out or Spiderman?

On a more realistic level, how about a typical military of any country?

Could you imagine a military that did not workout?

It's almost universal that the pushup would be involved.

Weakness is attributed to the man who is afraid to stand up for justice.
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The psychology of whoever you wanted to write about. You get into their psyche by learning every single thing about them.
Learn as much as you can.

What type of foods do they like?

What makes them angry?

Sometimes one individual can represent an entire group of people.

People like snobby imbeciles who think they are better than you because of something they got and think you don't have.

People like this grew up in families that did not contain love.

So the only love they know is the love of material things.

They are far moved from basic reality.
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If you have never seen the movie Curse of the Golden Flower, I highly recommend that you see it.

You never know what people are capable of conceiving and plotting in their minds and the efforts that they will make to bring these things into reality.

Sometimes the plots have good intentions, while at other times the plots can have ill will and intentions.

Ancient kingdoms will always continue to amaze me in comparison to our so called modern world of today that lacks so much substance and quality.

I would say that our prized modern world is suffocating.....dying.
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Old Coyote Man sacred music; then the fly lands on the computer screen.
The first reaction is to kill it, because that's the way we've been trained.

Kill flies because they carry bacteria and diseases.

I don't know how much of this is actually verifiable, but I do know that the fly is just about as sacred as any ceremony, and that as long as it contains life, it deserves to live.

Thus in the Buddhist temples you will find that they will not kill insects, not even a roach.

This is probably the highest level of respect for life.
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I chose to walk down 15th Street instead of 16th Street, in order to avoid the busy crowd, and to search for the Zen Mind.

Let's see, where did I last drop my mind?

Is it here where shiny quarters were layed across the sidewalk like naked women laying in the Sun to get suntanned?

How could anyone miss these shiny quarters on the sidewalk right under their noses?

Were they high on drugs or low on awareness?

Or was I surrounded by Masters in disguise, who had no need for shiny quarters?

I will use these for washing clothes.