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All she did this morning was just bicker as I showed her the shortcut to my daughter's school.

Her words were like the caws of a crow, or a music concert gone bad.

My heart cringed, like sprinkles of salt thrown on a slimy slug.

Stay back, stay back, I say.

Do you gave at least one ounce of positivity in your soul?

At least one good thing to say?

But I know that it is this world.

The pressure from work, monthly bills, your boss, our marriage, your worries and imagined anxieties and the mean wrinkles impressing your face.
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I managed to do a 100 breath meditation. It was exactly what my soul needed. "You need to do this more often," said the soul.

As I continued to breathe I asked myself who was the I that claimed to be breathing or possessing a breath.

This is not my breath.
There is no I, me, my or myself.
I did not create myself.
I don't own the things I supposingly possess.

I hear people say, "this is my life! I can do with it whatever I want!"

But where did they purchase their life?

How much did it cost?
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Once again I was privileged to eat mak's grand cooking. It was dalcha, a sort of curry with chopped vegetables like eggplant, carrots, potatoes, and chilis, and small pieces of mutton inside.

I'm 100% certain that if she opened a restaurant she would be very successful.

Later on I read through some of my old journals as far back as 1995. If I burned my journals or shredded them like I planned, I would be obliterating that part of recorded history in time forever.

I would never remember those written words and the ancients would never forget their burned libraries.
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I dug up more of my past by pulling out some of my old photo albums from the past and wondered where did all the time go, which I felt that it was still standing still.

Am I the same person now that I was then?

Some things will never change, while others will never be the same again.

I will never get back together with my first wife, but her daughter will always be her daughter rather she helps to support her or not. That is just a genetic truth that cannot be escaped.

In the meantime.....move on.
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I remember seeing in some movie once, where a family is sitting at the table and they each shared what their highs and lows were for the day.

My low today was being relieved thirty minutes late by G girl and her funky attitude along with being late.

Don't even apologize, I don't want to hear it.

My high of the day was that my wife read one of my 100 word entries from 2006, which I never expected. She claims that I called her a b!#*h, and we were both able to laugh about it.

Truth has its reasons.
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I was on cloud nine today. Cloud nine is an expression which denotes a certain level of consciousness which is beyond what we experience on our day to day level of consciousness.

Don't ask me how I got to cloud nine, but do know that drugs were not involved.

Did the term cloud nine come from some mythology or religious text?

If you study some paintings depicting religious figures, oftentimes clouds are depicted.

There is around ten clouds identified with different name types.

Cloud nine depicts the cumulus clouds which are big and fluffy in appearance looking like cotton candy.
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I took my daughter downstairs to take her passport sized photo for her new school I never wanted her to go to, but eventually had no choice. She had to wear her school uniform which is required for the photograph.

I noticed how some people were looking at her like she was an alien, mainly because of her naturally curly afro styled hair.

Others admired her hair, like they had seen a rainbow with a pot of gold at the end of it.

I soon began to realize how some people were still infant babies when it came to culture.
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Lucifer is alive and well thriving in most homes, erected places of worship, in key positions of government, and your friendly neighborhood.

He's on television telling you how to dress, showing your shame without feeling shame.

All the prohibited and poisonous foods and intoxicants you should take despite the Surgeon General's warning.

And who is this Surgeon General?

The same person smoking the product he says you should not smoke.

Women have been attributed to being the devil.

She is the perfect agent for the arch deceiver, because like a black widow, she can lure you into her poisonous trap.
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Isabella has laid down a dark wooden brown floor at my job, in place of the dirty grey trampled carpet ruined by years of neglect.

It's part of her power.

How can a wooden floor be her power?

If you understand anything about the basic elements, then you would know.

She is my enemy. I know that she wants to control me, and dislikes my displays of fearlessness and desires for independence, like the Lion of Judah.

Isabella has allies which I am also aware of.

She does not realize that she has underestimated my power which lies dormantly untapped....
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I could smell the smoke from an unknown distance. The smell of paper burning and something else quite unfamiliar.

I know that the Chinese burn paper for their prayers, but this smell was different and ominous.

Then I heard a strange bird shrieking non stop which is not normal during the middle of the night or even in the day.
Birds don't shriek.

Was it a bat?

I'm not superstitious, but I do believe in the probability of shape shifters.

Nothing is beyond strange in this Universe.
Things said to be legends has proven to be true in some cases.
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I was sitting at the comapny's computer chewing on a candy bar I should not have been eating and suddenly the chicken murtabak with curry regurgitated from my stomach to the back of my mouth and back down again.

This time the curry was mixed with my own stomach acid, which had the combination taste of throw up and stagnated sea water. Maybe even worst than this.

I gulped down sweetened green tea as fast as I could and a carbonated peach drink, but the taste was still there.

My face looked like shriveled prunes and raisins. It was disgusting.
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I'm starting to take cold showers now. Not because my hot water is not working, but because I have chose to do so.

It's different from my normal routine.
I purposefully want to change my routines.

If we get so used to things we eventually stagnate.

It's like walking to the supermarket and expecting milk, eggs, and bread to be there.

But what do we do if all the cows die, chickens become sterile, and the wheat stops growing?
In many ways it's happening now.

The things we take so for granted, will soon be worth more than precious gold.
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She was a soldier from a different era, from a sacred time where sacred things were gathered, adhered to, and respected.

She didn't have to speak verbal words, as the words were inscribed deep in the wrinkles of her Islamic face.

A face that had been through and seen many tribulations.

She walked with certainty, and her strong hands had reaped many harvests, her blessings were too many to count and I admired her.

She had fought many spiritual battles and now she was very knowing and perceptive.

She had a distinct gift unlike any other.

A true Jihadist Muslimah.....
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Buy chocolate, give flowers, dress up real nice and go out to dinner with the one you love.

So pathetic.
As though this is the only day that two people can really love each other.

Valentine was actually a Roman priest in history. His name was Saint Valentine and he was crucified by the king for continuing the practice of marrying couples in secret on this auspicious day where women were chosen like random lottery tickets.

Before there was a Saint Valentine, a certain Queen would celebrate her gods and godesses on this day.

February 14 Valentine died.
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His smile beamed with brightness and joy.
In most peoples minds on the bus, this man had to be crazy.
It never crossed anyones' mind that maybe he had reached self realization or enlightment.

And besides, smiling people like this can only be found in a mental hospital, strapped in a stray jacket.

It's more natural to frown and fill yourself with bitterness, because that is what we are told, and that is what we buy.

Bitterness and misery in a jar sealed tightly.

We never try the jar that says happiness, because the shelf is to high to reach.
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She said that women were slaves because they were led to believe that sex was good for them when in truth it deprived them of their integrity, and depleted them, and a bunch of other reasons.

As I thought about what she said more deeply I realized that we were all slaves.

How many things have we been led to believe?

Beliefs which effect the decisions we make in life.

How many of us really make our own decisions in life without being influenced by someone elses?

It would benefit us greatly if we reexamined our lives and our beliefs.
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I was attempting to do a fast which would last 432,000 mechanical seconds, 7,200 mechanical minutes, and 120 mechanical hours and I don't know how many mechanical nanoseconds. One billionth of a second.......?

What time is it man?

Time is not real, time is an illusion.

I was near to the 24th hour and my stomach cried out in mercy, "feed me please."

My spirit said no, my stomach said yes, my higher self said, "you must discipline yourself!"

In truth the stomach is an extension of mind, just like everything else we encounter in the figments of the Mind.
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I can't believe that out of all the years of my life, biology classes, and sex education included that I finally learn about ovulation. I learned this after reading about the process of conception and how conception cannot happen unless an egg is present in the fallopian tube.

After the woman completes her menses the egg takes about 14 days to develop.

I assume that if you have sex after the woman completes her menses that she cannot get pregnant because the egg has still not developed.

So a man could enjoy sex with his wife without using a condom......
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It's true that words have power, but I fail to understand this ofttimes.

The only power words have is the power that we give them.

The essence of any word is vibrations.
It would be true to say that we give meaning to vibrations backed by our conditioned ingrained beliefs.

So hearing the word 'work' oftentimes makes us cringe, because we know this deals with the jobs we hate.

We equate work with whatever salaries we bring home, and rarely equate work with the things we love to do.

Perhaps it would be worth our time to reexamine our vocabulary.
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Our dreams are as the world should be.

In our dreams nothing has a name, and we have the power to change or transform the scene, or ourselves.

In the dreamworld we can fly or walk on water.

The world we call the real world is full of illusions and invented limitations that we make and agree upon.

In the dreamworld there is no ruler or politics involved.

The dreamworld reflects ourselves in regards to our fears, our fantasies, and yearning desires.

In the so called real world we are asleep because we do not exercise full awareness.

Keep trying....
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Besides reading the Quran in Arabic I was reading it in French as well, not 100% sure if some of the French pronunciations were correct or not.

It was evident that some of the 'Franšais' I learned in college was rusty and that I was in great need of putting oil on my forgotten memorized lessons.

This Quran is a French translation of the Arabic Quran and I noticed that this French Quran is thicker than the English Quran written by the same author as far as translations and footonotes are concerned.

Is it that French is more in depth?
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It was three a.m. in the morning when I received a call on my handphone which awakened me from my deep sleep.

Usually I wouldn't answer the call, but I thought it was the new colleague calling me from work because he was doing the night shift for the first time. Turned out to be my ex wife.

Do you know what time it is?

No I don't.

It's three in the morning.

Oh I didn't know that.

She was wondering about some pictures and if I sent them.

''I'll call you later,'' I said feeling angry for being disturbed.
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I and we are the father of creation.
Father of the Asiactic people, because we ourselves are Asiactic, on this beautiful planet called Asia revolving around our beautiful star Al Shams.

They may have tried to bury this history, with their lies and painted pictures, but one thing about the Truth is that it will eventually resurface.

Of course there is times that Truth seems to be losing the battle with falsehood, but in the end, it outshines the darkness.

In the beginning was triple darkness, a Black Mind, who manifested the first spark of light called Sun and Life.
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I was trying to find information online regarding access to a live satellite broadcast airing on 26th February from Detroit, Michigan. It's supposed to be a speech entilted One Nation Under God: The Confusion, The Guidance, The Warning, which will be televised all over the world. The content is Islamic in general and I am sure that it will deal with the present time we are in. I say we because we are all a part of the whole rather we realize it or not. What happens to one happens to all. One effects another like the ripples in water.
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A Visual History of the World is a book offered by National Geographic for a price of course.

I have always been fascinated with History and the origin of things, but don't know why History seemed so boring when I went to the Government school in the United Snakes.

Maybe it's because they left out the parts we were not supposed to know.

I realize that some aspects of History can't be found in an English book and maybe not even in an English library where the main language spoken is English.

Who knows how to access the Akashic records?
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It was someones' website about Islam or at least what they felt was their best interpretation of it.

I only read a few lines and read the first mistake.

He stated that the author of Islam was Prophet Muhammad {p.b.u.h}.

What about Ibrahim who came before Muhammad {p.b.u.h}?

Wasn't Ibrahim also a Muslim according to the Quran?

But in getting to the root of Islam and author of Islam, then you need to ask yourself who was the One who sent the Prophets to humanity?

Islam goes back so far that it didn't have a name.

It was always here.
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One step to mind reading can be done by looking into the eyes.
When someone speaks, look them in their eyes with an open mind and in a state of calm relaxation.
Listen intuitively within yourself and you will see and hear the truth beyond the words in whether or not they are sincere, or if there is a hidden agenda.

The eyes which act as agents for the soul cannot lie.

Secondly watch for body language.

Is the person fidgeting as they speak or do they exercise poise and confidence.

On advanced levels you can hear thoughts without trying.
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"Where are you from?"

It was another irritating question by a Singaporean who was showing his French and Mexican friends around Singapore.

When I said East Asia he seemed to be tongue tied and his brain appeared deadlocked on trying to figure out where East Asia was.

Today it's called Africa I told him, but I don't call it Africa because it was discovered by a man named Africanus and named after him.

But he could not possibly discover what was already inhabited.

Just as Columbus never discovered America when aboriginal people were already living there.

Where are you from?