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See these roots in the palms of my hand and the intricate designs, the river flowing in my veins which leads to where.....?

The wind flowing in and out of my nose.

The webs between my hands and feet, and I've heard people say we evolved from fish people.

I wouldn't agree with that statement, but I know that we were once like fish when we lived inside of our mothers womb for nine months.

Swimmers in a sac like tadpoles destined to be like frogs, who will eventually explore outside of the water world, and return again.

So strange......
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I was taking the bus home after work and was close to getting there until the bus driver stopped at a bus stop for some unknown reason. There wasn't anymore people getting on the bus, but I noticed people started to get off.

At first I thought it was a traffic accident, but traffic was running fine when I looked out the window.

More and more people got off the bus, and the bus driver started handing out bus tickets for the bus behind us.

Turns out that an old Indian lady had fainted.

Maybe it was a heart attack.
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I observed the black crow with keen interest as it plumed its feathers as though it was preparing for a sacred ceremony.

I looked around to see how many people even noticed the crow in the tree and no one seemed to notice or even bother with the moment.

Minutes later I saw a man walking swiftly down the sidewalk with a large amount of hair loss on top of his head.

Once he walked underneath the crow, the crow swooped on top of his head without hesitation, cawing as though it was laughing at his frantic and paranoid actions.
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She says she wants to quit her high salary job because of her new boss, which was formerly a good boss; but returned after leaving the company to be a ruthless tyrant and dictator towards her staff.

The new boss had spent some time in the United Snakes and became Americanized in all the worst ways you could think possible.

She was the type who thought that all you had to do to get famous, was just go to Hollywood.

Or whatever Joan Rivers or Martha Stewart said was true, without questioning.

She didn't have a brain of her own.
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I've already unravelled several of the plots orchestrated by men behind closed doors in smoked filled rooms containing the smell of cigars, to destroy Islam.

This so called war against terrorism and the so called axis of evil is in reality a war against Islam and strong righteous religious leaders.

They would like to shut down the madrasahs by implicating they house and breed terroists.

They want women to remove their hijabs because they say it hides their identity, but no one asks the nun to remove her bandeau.

They would love to see Islam, weak, pacified and without power.
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Now that you know everything in this material world is an illusion, what will you do about your realization?

Will you continue to wade in the pools of mass deceptions and lies, or will you forsake the world and live an ascetic life?

Will you continue to indulge in exotic and expensive food that you claim to be necessary for your survival, or feed more off the food that would noursih your mind, spirit and soul?

Will you continue to fret and grieve that you're not a movie star or a millionaire?

The decision is entirely up to you.

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An event that her friend told her about that happened ages ago sparked her ravaging emotions.

What was nice and sunny at home was ruined by stormy emotions of thunder storms and black clouds when she came home.

The incident happened weeks ago and it wasn't worth complaining about.

Emotions are just like the weather.

If you can control your inner nature of emotions within, then you can control the nature of weather without.

Out of all emotions, fear, anger, hatred, jealousy and envy are the worst.

Even racism could be classified as an emotion that is completely warped out.
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It's my personal opinion and belief that learning a foreign language made a person's character more vibrant compared to the person who spoke only one language.

A person who only spoke one language, but was articulate and highly literate would be more distinguished compared to a person who was illiterate and had a vocabuary of only 400 words.

With the acquirement of learning a language also comes the acquirement of learning about the culture and ideas and mind states as well.

Try reading about people who speak more than two or three languages and how they managed to do it.
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Is it necessarily necessary to become Buddhist to learn about loving compassion?

I realized that in its essence, religion is a stepping stone to something else, and that there would be no need for mosques, synagogues, temples or churches if there was nothing wrong with man.

These structures deal mostly with the moral, social and spiritual ills of man.

Beyond the principles of righteousness lies higher principles and principles higher than those principles.

Religion is a stepping stone to something else greater.

Of the highest principle I can think of has to be love.

Love that is unconditional and unbinding.
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She had pissed me off beyond the limits. She had pushed all my wrong buttons.

I was angry because of her senseless reasons to anger and her uncompassionate heart to human beings; making people feel low about themselves.

I was in the kitchen and threw my box of chocolate chip cookies against the wall furiously, which became sawdust crumbs.

Then I punched the bathroom door which fell off its hinges and began punching the door like I was Rocky Balboa.

I punched the door so many times without feeling pain, until I saw the skin peeling off of my knuckles.
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She called me at work asking me if I could pick up the Hong Kong tickets at the travel agency, once I got off work. I began wondering if she really still wanted to go after saying she wanted a divorce last night. Did she forget?

''Are you sure you still want to go?'' I asked her. ''Did you mean what you said last night?'' I asked.

''Yes,'' she said to both questions.

I myself did not want to go, but knew the tickets were paid for and that we couldn't get a refund.

Now I don't have a choice.
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She held the blue donkey in her arms tenderly as though it was her own baby. Her gaze searched the floor for meaning and it was her only way to avoid his eyes.

This is all my fault she thought in her head.

In a different segment of the day I was expected to go to some Night Safari and a restaurant called Ulu Ulu arranged by my so called manager for all the employees.

But why would I want to be with a bunch of people who spoke flowery words to my face but sharpened their knives in secret.
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Today I was assigned to learn how to do housekeeping for emergency purposes I assumed. As I worked throughout the day, all kinds of thoughts and concepts came to my mind.

I thought about CSI when I found so many pubic hairs in the showers and mattresses, and cyanide in packs of sugar in the room where the Israeli's stayed in.

I saw how some guest kept their rooms organized while others were just plain slobs.

As I looked out windows, I reflected on architecture and the people who designed them, and how I didn't want to do housekeeping again.
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Her skin was like clay.

The scriptures were right when they said He created man (and where you see man the woman cannot be to far behind) from mud.

The mud of the Earth has so many shades of brown, black and reds.

There is enough colors for any artist to dream about.

My hands were destined to touch her skin and lather her body, to feel her vessel against mine and mine against hers.

It was the master recipe for passion, and if this was not real, then it was definitely a dream.

I can never forget these moments.
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The truth was standing.

When I embraced her, she was warm like Saturn warmed by the galactic Sun. Her skin was smooth like rose petals and tasted like milk and cinnamon.

Flames of love and passion were increasing until it was nearly out of control.

I was just about to insert my comet into her Milky Way, but for some reason we both shook like frightened deers who were suddenly startled by the presence of GOD.

She covered herself with a blanket made of snow, and closed her eyes and drifted off into space, while I was in a trance.
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There has been more and more talk recently about global warming, and the effects it is having on our planet.

They, meaning scientist speculate the Earth is warming up due to greenhouse gases.

Greenhouse gases are said to be carbon dioxcide which is the air we exhale out of our system.

Greenhouse gases are said to also be caused by burning fossil fuels.

Fossil fuel can be coal or natural gas formed from decayed plants and animals.

Global warming is the blame for the increase of floods, droughts, tidal waves and so on.

But take another look at the times.
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We arrived at Changi Airport which always brings me mixed memories whenever I come here.

The strongest being when I first arrived and met my soon to be wife for the first time.

The worst being when I had to send my daughter back to Babylon because her Social Visit Pass could not be extended, plus I was still not married, so the case could of easily looked like an international kidnapping, even though she was of my flesh and blood.

Every airport has its own character. From the worst to the so called best, I never forget my experiences.
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We went to Disneyland in Hong Kong which is nothing like the Disneyland in Anaheim, California.

Hong Kong Disneyland only brought back to me slight memories when I first went as a child.

We didn't get the chance to see all of Disneyland in HK, despite its small size, due to some prior day tour that we didn't know was part of the package. We thought it was supposed to be on our last day.

We were shown where Jackie Chan lives, shown a few Chinese temples, a few islands here and there which took up mostly our entire day.
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It was our last day in Hong Kong, which was quite unfortunate because I didn't get the chance to do at least half the things I wanted.

Things like ride the MTR, see the biggest seated Buddhist statue, pray at the Kowloon Mosque or take a ferry across the sea to go to the high up mountains, to get a better view of Hong Kong.

I did enjoy the Turkish fast food we ate at our hotel and visiting the Hong Kong Art Museum.

However it wasn't enough time since we had a flight to catch.

Welcome to Singapore Airlines.
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Returned to Singapore past midnight and as odd as it seems, I am already missing Hong Kong.

I say odd, because from the very beginning I never wanted to go there. Hong Kong was not on my list of places I desired to go within my lifetime.

Once we reached home I would discover that the cockroaches were having a live ball with music and everything.

Cinderella you better run, because I have something lethal for your ass.

Within minutes the dancers were on their backs kicking their legs vigorously, unable to go from A to Z.

Is this home?
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Since I've returned, I've been receiving this galactic message.

By the way, while we were in Hong Kong, there was heavy rain that flooded various parts of Singapore. That's suprising being that while we were in Hong Kong everything seemed perfectly normal.

In the meantime, the new galactic message is this.

Burn all my journals or shred them into tiny pieces, give up writing for good, including the 100 word website and all my blogs.

Get rid of all my dream journals and lose my identity as to who or whatever I think I am and take a long vacation.
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I read that they were introducing a new type of eye scanner at the Jakarta International Airport where you just put your eye into the machine instead of your passport, which will have all of your personal information.

This is supposed to be designed for the business class people so they don't have to wait in line like everyone else.

They say that everyone's eye is like a fingerprint.

There is no two irises that are identical. So I guess what you see in movies has some truth.

Do you remember the movie Minority Report?

With some fiction, there's truth.
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I was supposed to work 10:00 til 18:00 today, but had absolutely no desire to do any work after my trip from Hong Kong, plus I was quite sure that they were going to throw me with the housekeepers to clean rooms, so I called off.

I spent my day lazing around reading back issues of newspapers I never had the chance to read. Then I started thinking about how I didn't like work.

Work in the sense of punching a clock and making a few bread crumbs by the hour, while the fat man reaps in the real dough.
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I was laying down briefly before going off to work and thinking what it would be like to have a black cat in the house.

Why not black? I said this to myself because of the bad stigma attached to the black cat and how we should not cross its path.

More fairytales for whoever is gullible.

Once I did get the chance to go outside, I was walking past a parking lot where a black cat was resting. It raised its head and looked into my eyes with his green eyes and meowed.

Suddenly I felt mystified and knowing.
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While she was in the north I was close to making love in the south.

''Keep dreaming lover boy,'' a jazzy sophisticated woman would tell me.

''I will,'' would be my response, because good dreams do become true.

The tree branches would cast their silhouettes against the outside of my window dancing to the tunes that only the winds could play.

The room I was in would be warmed by the Sun and her elegant body and my mind would transcend beyond Timbuktu and the Cydonia region of Mars.

Truth would take me to a point beyond life and death.
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The godfather of soul is dead?!

Who would ever think that James Brown would die so soon? Especially being so close to the Gregorian New Year.

Now who will sing 'Sex Machine,' or 'This Is A Man's World,' or 'Say It Loud, I'm Black and I'm Proud' songs?

Despite some of his run ins with the so called law, I'm sure most people will remember him for his funky styled music.

Be prepared to see all types of items featuring James Brown.

The same types of souvenirs attributed to Jimi Hendrix, Jim Kelly, and countless others who passed away.
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She called me on the phone and stated that a chicken had chased her down the stairwell from the 7th floor.

''Are you sure it was a chicken?'' I asked her. ''The chicken can't do anything to you.''

Later on I would learn that she was saying kitten instead of chicken.

Once I got to our front door I was delighted to see this pale orange and creme white cat at our doorstep. Turns out that she was quite thirsty after offering her some fresh wholesome milk.

I was on a borderline decision on rather or not to keep her.
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New Year's is on my mind, but I must ask the question what is a year and a "New Year" to be more specific?

We say New Year like it's some new car model, a new job or a brand new contract.

Things will be different this year we say.

I will be new and improved, but the majority of us stay the same and stagnate like a piece of stale bread left on the kitchen table to turn mouldy and green or crispy and distasteful to the taste buds.

Then there is Muharram, Chinese New Year's and the Wavespell.
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The U.S wants to sanction Iran about their nuclear ambitions, but not quick to start another Iraq situation. I think that is rather wise.

I wonder why the decision to drop bombs on Iraq was a quick decision made without much thought, but a big think tank is involved when bombing North Korea.

Is it because North Korea has a capable military that could probably put in some kick ass work on their arch enemy, and peraphs launch some war heads on Japan maybe?

In the case with Iran, maybe they could launch some missles to Israel and scare everybody.
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Saddam Hussein was hung slightly before sunrise and the Fajr prayers.

They showed news clippings of people rejoicing and celebrating, but they did not show the news clippings where people were angry in his hometown for killing him. They didn't show the clippings of his family crying and mourning his death.

So the media showed us exactly what they wanted us to see. To give us the impression that Saddam was dead and eveyone was happy for it.

Let's not forget that it was initially the U.S. who armed Saddam to fight Iran in the past.

Such hypocrites they are.
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It's New Year's Eve today and Id al Adzha. This is the day that Ibrahim was going to sacrifice his son in the name of Allah until he was stopped by the voice of Allah.

In truth, God never commanded Ibrahim to kill his only son. Ibrahim had a dream that was connived by shaitan, which Ibrahim thought was by God.

Anyone with common sense should know that Allah would never ask us to do something that is contradictory to His law.

There would have been no justifications in killing Ishmael and we are reminded that this was a trial.