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With all terrorists claims put aside, into a jar on a shelf labelled as the biggest lie told; Islam is not a terrorist religion despite the claims the media and the Disunited Snakes Government has claimed.

I would challenge anyone who believes this to read the Holy Quran or the biography of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.).

From what I know and experienced, Islam is a journey that never ends.

It is the seed and root of Creation, the one path of many paths that teaches true love and brotherhood, that inspires the Divine, dwelves deep into the heart and quenches thirst.
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I purchased some small scissors which are used for trimming facial hairs and could possibly cut nose hairs too.

"Can I talk to you for 2 minutes?," my manager asked.

She took me out the back door where the warm sun was shining on me.

"Can I ask you why you have a beard?" she asked.

Can I ask you why you are fat I wanted to say.

She gave me this compassionate lecture about how bushy my beard was and how I should trim it down.

Maybe I look too much like a terrorists to her.

Oh! So frightening....
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I finally got my results, from my MRI done a few months ago.

"Well," the doctor said, "your disc is slightly worn out but there is no compression on your nerves."

If any part of your spine is pressing on your sacral nerves it can cause numbness in your leg and difficulty in walking.

I saw all kind of people in wheel chairs, crutches, people walking with canes, and I'm sure somewhere in some ward in the hospital on the brink of death.

"Well we will schedule you for another appointment," the doctor said, "to check your nerves of steel."
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As much as I enjoy reading, I also find it refreshing to put all my books and newspapers down for a few days and see the world with my own eyes with no interpretation.

Kind of like being a virgin, but not so extreme.

When I get off work on weekdays and go home in the morning, the one thing I enjoy is having the home to myself.

For a few hours I can experience peace of mind with no distractions, meditate, take a shower with open doors, walk around the house naked(which is illegal in Singapore).

Who's looking?
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"All men are dogs," some women say; but still can't seem to live without them. She says this because of her many bad experiences with men.

The truth is that all men are not dogs.

Some are like rats. When you go to their homes you can tell by all the junk they seem to collect.

One mans junk is another mans treasure.

On the other hand, some men are like birds, by their strict diet of foods partaked and the easy going spiritual life they live.

Men like this are the inspiration to us living on lower animalistic levels.
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There is something in the darkness and the deep recesses of our minds that scares us.

But how could this be when during our process of birth in the womb of triple darkness we felt so secure?

Is it because of all the monster stories we hear as children and all the scary movies watched, that we have come to fear the darkness unconsciously or even consciously?

Most people would not be willing to do a nature hike in the mountains at night by themselves for fear of ravaging wolves, menacing bears or some mad axe killer roaming the forests.
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She told him about the type of art she enjoyed and continued talking and talking. Once she stopped he said, "we are dreaming."

"What?" she said gigling feeling a bit uneasy.

He gazed deeper into her eyes until they began to twinkle and said, "this is all a dream."

Her consciousness began to shift and she began to understand in a language spoken without words.

He smiled at her and slowly walked away and she was to entranced to say anything else or to even move.

Her girlfreind came minutes later from upstairs asking her if she was daydreaming.

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In what ways do people continue to live, even after they have died physically and buried in the depths of the Earth?

We carry dead people in our memories of how life was when they were around and reflect on how life was when they were in our presence.

Some people live on by what they leave behind; rather it be photographs, property, or written letters and so on.

On a higher level people live on because of art works they may have produced, like Picasso or Van Gogh or the autobiography of a person will always keep them alive.
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In order for me to watch the FIFA World Cup, I had to stay up to around 4 am mechanical time. I was neither going for Italy or for France.

I know that people will lose money from betting on this game, some people will cry and be sad like it is the end of the world.

At least that's the look that the Korean fans had on their faces when they realized they wouldn't be going into the FIFA World Cup.

But it's only a game people. Life does go on after the soccer ball stops rolling its rolls.
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"Rebuff a question by answering indirectly,"the master said.

So where are you from?

I am from the womb of triple darkness.

What do you mean?

I come from my mother's womb.

Of course we do, I already know that, but where were you born?

I was born on Earth.

I know that but what part of Earth?

Since when did Earth have a part? Earth is Earth no matter what part of the land you walk on. I am a temporary inhabitant of the Earth.

Where I go after this is another story.

The questionaire walked away feeling perplexed.
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It was a crime against humanity when the savages in recorded history burned down the ancient libraries that were so full of vital information that we no longer have access to today.

It was a crime against humanity when the savages burned all the religious books of the abroginal people they did not understand.

Today Atlantis or Mu would not have been a mystery or extraterrestial contact we may have had.

Thanks to the savages and their new found weapon called fire. But maybe it was better that it was burned so that the knowledge wasn't used for evil purposes.
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I sat at the park across the street from my job before clocking in to have my lunch. It was fish curry from the Banana Leaf stall.

The area I chose wasn't so great, because the mosquitoes were eager to bite the hell out of me.

Towards the end of mois completing my food, I noticed the broken fragments of an egg from a wild bird, which had tints of blue and grey in it.

It's not just people that die.

Birds die too, and their young, stars die in our Universe, and who would think the Sun will expire?
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Love is not something that you can prearrange like some meeting.

Movie at 8, dinner at 10, and make love at midnight.

Arranging love is like trying to rearrange the planets, It's either you love or you do not love.

People often ask the question regarding love and what it is. If you have to ask what it is, then it's more than likely not going to get the correct answer.

It's a 4 lettered word.

It's when you have butterflies in your chest or when you can't think of anything elese but the one you love.

Love simply is.....
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Wild Wild West Mystics

He wears scruffly beard. It's a stare down show down. Who can stare who down without turning his head away.

Or who would speak the first challenging word.

You got a probleum?

What are you looking at?

What's up?

Or who would be the one who didn't talk at all and drew his gun and blasted caps into the starer til he could stare no more.

Or who would get punched in the mouth for merely looking, or pushed to the ground.

Wild wild west mystics, where lions roar, and breathes fire ready to throw down.
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It was my birthday and didn't come to me as a big suprise that no one barely called to wish me happy birthday, eventhough I had sent them birthday cards wishing them happy birthday's.

But who cares anyway?

We come to a point in our lives to where presents, praises, and cakes are no longer expected and we could care less if our birthday's were remembered or not. At least that's how I feel about it. To where even my birthday is just a day like any other day.

Rainbows aren't going to manifest for me or stars all twinkly.
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Because of the capture of two Israeli soldiers, Israel retaliated by bombing Lebanon which has killed more civillians than the capturers.

It's already enough atrocities going on in the Gaza; but to spread conflict to Lebanon that could spark an out of control fire in the Middle East, which could spell the final war of the world. You know the one called Armagaddeon?

If signs of the end can be seen in nature, then it is very evident all over the world with volcanoes erupting, floods, earthquakes, pestilence in diverse places, wars among nations and rumours of wars to come....
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The Indonesian Christian Choir group was leaving at 0500 in the morning and were expecting at least some toast with coffee, but there was no sugar.

The fat man kept asking me where was the sugar and what options he had to prepare their coffee.

In the end he wound up borrowing the sugar from a restaurant near by. But he must have been blind to not see the big box next to his locker labelled sugar.

If it was a snake, it would have bit him.

You see how you did all that panicking for no reason at all.
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I have this theory that traits like laziness and procrastination is nothing more than a disease. And like most diseases, there is always a cure somewhere, somehow.

Laziness is something that needs to be overcome, because it tends to weigh us down, draining us of all desire, sucking the life force away from us.

Procrastination makes us careless to the point that we don't give a damn about consequences or our inactions to what should be accomplished.

In other words; who cares if I lose my job or I'm evicted from my home and wind up on the city streets?
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Now the fat man could not find the key to the kitchen and he feared that one of the bartenders had took the key to the kitchen home.

The fat man had another early breakfast to prepare and he didn't know what he was going to give them.

In the end he had no choice but to serve them Netscafe, which was one of those coffees where you just add hot water and mix it.

Their breakfast would be two slices of bread with nothing on it.

Now that is the way to start your day.

Good indigestive acid burn.
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To write a book and to write music has its similarities.

Both could be read over and over again, and both require paper and a writing instrument, like pencil or pen and so on.

Both could put an effect on the mind and the spirit.

Personally thinking I think more skill is needed when it comes to writing music because in music some math is involved.

Duration of tones and how long they should be sustained, rather the next note should be a high note or a low note or no note at all.

How long should the pause be?
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I chose a path that has proven to me to be full of slippery slopes and obstacles that seem unsurmountable. I see myself going into a descending spiral that I'm struggling to break free from; but the more I try, the more difficult it seems.

Maybe I should forget about the path and try a new one.

History proves that you will never get anywhere by giving up.

I could rest for a while to gather my strength and try again.

That's all we can do.

Try and try again, hopefully learning from our mistakes each time along the way.
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It is almost impossible for us to retrace all of our steps in reverse to the point of our very birth. Some of us can't even remember what we did yesterday or last week.

The most we remember about our lives comes in fragments, bits and pieces.

Where does all of our memory of what we did in the past go?

How come we don't recall all the parts of our life when we were five and below this age?

Only a few people claim to remember when they were in the womb.

This calls for some serious deep meditation.
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We were drifting apart like two separate icebergs going in the opposite direction. Only one person was conscious of it, while the other person had no idea and wouldn't know even if you had told them in elementary terms.

I often wonder what are the statistics of a successful marriage when the marriage is the second time for one person but has children and the other person is married for the first time and never had children.

I guess it's a case to case basis.

But for those who desire to know, be aware that being married is not easy.
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I had to attend this mandatory class which was geared towards the service industry and for what reason?

Because people from the IMF and so called top banks and bankers would be visiting this region to hold their conference and our main job in the meantime is fake smile and pretend like we enjoy these people so much, kiss their ass and hope they return again to receive more of our kiss ass treatment.

In the end who benefits?

The government of course.

All we would get is a pat on the back and more how to kiss ass classess.
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She does not know how to apologize, even when she knows she is wrong. She would have to have a nervous breakdown before she ever apologized.

In war I know it's always good to have an ally on our side.

I wondered if bitchiness was one of her allies because she seemed to be most at peace when it was on her side.

I advised her many times to read, Passport to a Successful Marriage but you know how stubborn women can be at times.

So stubborn that their stubborness would put a dent in a twenty ton freight train.
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Don't be suprised if what you do on your PC at work is being monitored.

Like this morning when home girl from the account department asked me for the storeroom key and then she interjected her comments saying "Oh, I was told to warn you about your game activity on the internet because it's interfering with your work".

"What games," I asked her?

She couldn't answer me.

She better be damn sure with what she was accusing me of.

I know of other staff members who play games on the computer but I don't hear you saying anything to them.
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If everyone in your neighbourhood knocked on your door and said you were stupid, would you believe them?

This is the reason behind saying it does not matter what people think.

What matters is what you think. I was thinking about this while sitting on the toilet.

It can be amazing how our thoughts come when we least expect them to. They have the tendency to sneak up on us.

Maybe the serpent in the Garden of Eden was actually referring to a thought that had occurred in Adam and Eve's mind, rather than a devil in tight red pantyhose.
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He said that he was my brother and that he was giving me all his accumulated furniture, because he was moving and was tired of seeing seagulls everyday.

I saw a group of Black Asiactics playing ice hockey, whose eyes were like stone, cold as ice.

There was no Sun because the forecast was low.

Clouds could not be seen and it seemed like everything was in black, white and greys, like on television in the 50's.

Later on I remember seeing a micrurus fulvius fulvius and it had lost part of its tail.

Then after this, I woke up.
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Giving our children immunization shots willingly because a few so called health professionals said we should is due to our ignorance and acceptance of the status quoa.

I'm sure we wouldn't willingly take rat poison or inject ourselves with poisonous snake venom if it was said to prolong our lives.

Or would we?

Since we don't question the real purpose of immunizations we have no idea what's in all these medical termed definitions of diseases like rubella, whooping cough, measles and plenty of unnamed others. The health professionals freely add mercury, toxic lead, and all kinds of experimental poisonous toxins.
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I still can not stop thinking about what the world would be like without music.

No drums or drum beats, no classical music, reggae, or rock and roll. No oldies or goodies, or no musical instruments.

But to a person who was born in a forest or mountainous region, this wouldn't mean anything at all.

Even if this was so, the Universe still plays a music of its own.

The sing songs of birds in the morning is music, so is the sounds of the wind blowing through the leaves of the trees and your own heart beat plays drums.
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I was sleep for the most part of the day, being that I worked the night shift last night.

I was expecting our computer to be delivered today but instead of delivering a computer, the delivery man only delivered the modem.

What the hell am I supposed to do with a modem and no computer?

"Just sign here," the man said.

"Isn't there supposed to be a computer that comes with this?" I asked him.

That does not come until later he said rushingly.

I could tell he was in a big hurry, but when is later?

Next 2 weeks!!!?