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I noticed how our own thoughts and expectations can actually thwart us from achieving our goals leading to things like laziness, procrastination, and idleness. Too much thinking and not enough action.

Despite our goals or plans which may not be very difficult, can easily be put off, by saying things like I'll just do it tomorrow, or after this movie goes off, after my favorite song comes on the radio and so on.

All that is really needed is just a little effort which could be as simple as making a phone call or walking to the nearest post office.
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I had not heard from my sister in ages so when she called and said she had bad news that my grandfather had died I didn't know what to say.

I didn't cry, eventhough I love my grandfather, but when she said he died, I just couldn't beleive it.

I think it's better to say that he moved on. Just like my grandmother and great grandmother.

I find myself asking the question how will you react when your mom or dad dies?

I simply won't believe.

In my mind, death is a transformation, a process or journey to another dimension.
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My definition of a dimension had always been on the many episodes I'd seen on the Twighlight Zone, where you are basically in a reality unlike any reality you've conceived of.

In the dictionary a dimension is just a mere line.

Two dimensions are two parallel lines.

Three dimensions takes on more concrete form and the fourth dimension was referred to what was called Time.

So what about the fifth, sixth, and seventh dimension? They didn't say.

But what I was wondering was if these definitions were in artistic architectural terms or dimensions of reality.

I seek elsewhere for information.
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You hear about people who commit suicide or talk about commiting suicide, and it no longer astonishes me when people say, "humans have become lower than animals," (even lower than insects).

How is it that a cockroach will flee for its life when it knows that its life is in danger?

A moth will frantically flee from the bird who seeks to eat him.

How is it that animals and insects have a will and desire to live, but humans who posess consciousness and intelligence seek death?

Have you ever heard of an animal that intentionally tried to kill itself?
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I was watching National Geographic's documentary on prisons of the meanest. In one cut they show how the prison yard went from a peaceful atmosphere to a straight out race riot in matters of seconds.

What I was focused on, was on how the prisoners were fighting. It was nothing like the Kung Fu movies I have seen, where all the moves are so perfectly sequenced and executed. Nor was it nothing like Neo in the Matrix fighting his battle with the so called agents.

Here in the prison was the real fight scene.

Is Kung Fu not practical today?
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When I came home tonight I felt like I was in a dream. It was that dream feeling where all the streets are quiet and hardly no one is around. When I looked to my left I saw two Chinese ladies and I wanted to walk up to them in the manner I would just as though I was in an actual dream.

I continued walking scanning my immediate surroundings asking myself what else would I do if I was dreaming?

It rained today and it fit perfectly with the galactic signature blue storm.

There is something about the Dreamspell.
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Yes, a revolution is in fact needed, but not a revolution where guns are involved and bloodshed is shed.

No...what was needed was a revolution of the mind and its thinking processes and a revolution of culture from the ways of the mainstream.

No one needs more recuturalization more than the so called Americans whose culture has become selfish egotistic endeavors, where the focus is more on I and less on we.

People will laugh at you if you still live with your parents at a certain age, but if you live in a village it's considered acceptable.
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I realized while in a state of semi deep meditation that the true essence of meditation was about detachment, because attachment is the main cause of our blindness to true and direct perception.

A perception that is innocent and unbiased.

This meant not associating with sound as we have come to interpret it. In other words, don't focus attention on it, nor on the I that our ego associates with what we call the self or my self.

I had to even disassociate myself from the feeling I felt in my chest known to some as the constant beating heart.
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People talk about how they want power and the ability to be like a master, but can't even break simple habits like smoking cigarettes, over indulgence in alcohol and drug abuse, over eating and speaking falsely with the tongue.

If you can't master the lower levels, how can you possibly master the higher ones?


Sleep shouldn't be something we seek, especially when we are not sleepy. We shouldn't get into the habit of telling ourselves that we should sleep at certain times, especially when our mind says, I'm not sleepy.

Use that time to read or do something productive.
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The Sun was rising and I was walking towards Suntech City when suddenly a demon goblin attempted to attack me, but was intercepted by an angellic Aztech warrior who carried the demon away to the lowest level of hell.

I suffered slight damage to my energetic expansive aura which the demon goblin took a bite of.

I would later need to go to the Pyramid of the Sun to replenish my loss of energetic plumed feathers.

I received a few lessons about these demons and how they work so deceptively, making false promises and casting evil suggestions into our hearts.
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Write with full and raw freedom, I said to myself because I realized that when I write in my journals (which is very different from my 100 words a day) that I hold back.

Why do I hold back I asked myself?

The biggest fear is that someone else will read it, which in a sense would be a sort of violation.

It would be like an uninvited guest who intrudes into your home taking what he wants out your refrigerator.

Thinking more deeply about the fear I realized that this would cripple my creativity if I didn't overcome it.
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What is the significance to the planet Pluto corresponding to the Black man in the hells of North Amerikkka?

Consider the fact that for a long time that the existence of Pluto was not known among astronomers until around the 1930's when a strange man appeared and made an announcement on the fourth of July and then disappeared.

For a long time the entire world did not know that the Black man and woman were suffering and persecuted under the yokes of slavery.

At the same time, just as Pluto was at one time lost so to was their history.
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The planets seek the Sun for its evolvement and even depend on the Sun for its survival of the many species of plant, animal and other life forms that it produces.

You have never heard of the Sun revolving around a planet except during the times when Newton supposingly discovered gravity when gravity was already existing.

The woman in similitude also represents the planets in her feminine nature, while the man tends to be more representative of the Sun as his role in leadership, kingship, ruler, and roles as genuine Prophets and Messengers of Supreme Beings, including his inner capacity.
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I finally managed to watch X-Men The Last Stand for free. Don't ask me how. It was a movie worth watching, because in this story, sometimes the hero does die; so that made it more realistic.

I couldn't believe that some people actually cried, like when Jean killed the professor because her powers took over her. In the end Wolverine made the most difficult decision he ever had to make and that was to kill the one that he loved and had feelings for. Mystique lost all of her powers after being shot with what was called the mutant cure
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While riding the bus I looked out the window and saw a bumper sticker on someone's car that said, "STOP THE KILLING, STOP ANIMAL ABUSE."

Does putting a bumper sticker on your car with a slogan change anything?


If a person who sees that bumper sticker anywhere, will he finally say to himself; hey, I better stop doing drugs?

How about protesting?

Did protesting ever stop the war in Vietnam?

The only thing protesting seems to cause is a stir in the media, pepper spray and metal baton beatings.

People can't just remain in silence.
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"Do you want the rest of these epok epok?" she asked. "because I couldn't finish the rest."

"What kind is it?," I enquired.

Oh it's potato.


I decided to take them home to warm up later after I got off my 3-11pm shift.

Once I got home I put them into the miniature sized toaster oven and took a small bite. It tasted a bit funny and I realized it was sardine instead of potato.

I began to feel skeptical and wondered if she did some fishy business to my epok epok like put some menstrual cycled blood inside.
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I have never heard of a dead end tunnel.

There is always a light at the end of the tunnel and if there is an end to a tunnel, I guess you can no longer call it a tunnel.

As I walked through the dark tunnel, I realized that it represented transformation.

The darkness symbolized death and the light at the end of the tunnel symbolized a new beginning.

In this case there was no such thing as death as we understood it as something coming to an end, but was more of a process that led to something else.
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In the distance within the confines of our flat, I could hear someone beautifully playing classical music on the piano.

No one wakes up and starts playing Mozart without learning the basics.

Learning the basics could be quite boring as you learn the basic scales and chords, because learning these scales do not really play out music, they just play out sounds.

Do, Re, Mi, Fa, De, Lo, and so on.

The genius is the one who can combine these sounds and make what we call music.

And in the world of music, there is all kinds; including countless instruments.
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I watched Duh.....Vinci Code. I mean the Da Vinci Code in the theatre nodding throughout the movie to almost pure boredom while also restraining myself from peeing on myself due to a bladder full of water, and in case I missed an important part of the movie.

Most people say the book was better than the movie.

To make a long story short, this movie was basically about the biggest kept secret by the church and the Pope of Rome from its followers.

Jesus was an ordinary man leading a prophetic life and had a wife named Mary Magdalene.
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Paths are the small roads that lead to destinations and places.

A path does not have to be a physical road. It could be spiritual or on any dimensional level.

Some paths lead to dead ends and are not worth the time to be traversed. While others are wired with booby traps and time bombs, which are the paths to death.

The path to death is however inevitable, as we must all encounter it in some point in our lives.

Some paths lead to self destruction and can't do us any benefit on any level.

What path are you on?
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I finally got my business up and running but it's not bringing me any income.

So what are you then?

In layman terms, I am a word stripper.


Yeah, basically I strip away the words to all things that were given a title including myself. So now I no longer have a name.

The world is becoming stranger and stranger everyday.

After awhile, when there is no more words to strip I enter into this silence and deep melancholy of serene peace of mind.

All the clutter in my mind melts away like butter, drifting off into the sea.
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In the story of the ant and the grasshopper, where the grasshopper played his fiddle all summer long while the ant worked to prepare for the upcoming winter; I see myself.

I think I procrastinate too much.

My thoughts are like the ant, but my actions are more like the grasshopper.

This is not to say that I am a lazy bum. It's just that time as we know it is so consumed, with so many things that need to be done and demands that need to be met.

Most of our decisions are made on someone else's absurd dictations.
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"Lagi Penunggang Motor Maut Di Jalan Raya" was the headline in the Berita Minggu newspaper in Malay.

But you didn't have to know Malay to know that the title was talking about a motorcycle accident, because they showed a picture of a man covered with a white sheet which had splashes of blood stained on it.

The motorcycle helmet was sprawled out near to his head which was covered and you could see his right arm visibly sticking out from under the sheet with his right palm facing the heavens as though he was making one more request to Allah.
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When I first heard about the plot to destroy the highest building in the US I thought it was just a joke until I saw the news on Channel News Asia and read about it in the Straits Times.

They called the individuals who were supposingly involved in the plot, home grown terroists. Just like Timothy McVeigh and millions of angry Americans with their corrupt government.

I always thought the Empire State Building was the tallest building in the world.

What is the tallest building in the world?

Is it the Petrona Towers in Malaysia?

What's next on news headlines?
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Most people become great or well recognized because of one thing and one thing only. They dedicated their time and their energy to one thing, one subject and became consumed by it. It was their passion and source of inspiration. Their subject was their life.

So you have people like Morehei Ueshiba who developed Aikido because his aspiration was for the martial arts just as Bruce Lee's aspiration was for Kung Fu.

Jimi Hendrix was one of the greatest guitar players that ever lived in time.

If he was alive today, who knows what level he would have been on.
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Take the time to look around said the teacher to the blind wanderers.

How does media shape culture based on their ideals and concepts and on how they can make money off the ones who beleive in their ideals?

It's mainly through advertisements, of which we are bombarded with on a daily basis.

The package of coffee I had, had a picture of a red cup on the front, of which my daughter stated I must get that red cup as though my coffee would not be complete with out it.

These are the type of projections were bombarded with everyday.
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What has the great lessons in history proven to us regarding civillizations?

That evil and wicked civillizations are destroyed in the end.

Why must technollogy come to an end today?

I know that my phones are tapped and my conversations monitored.

My email is looked at before I even log on.

My daily movements monitored by out of space satellites, my school records on file and that for all I know, I could be followed.

And the books I check out from the library and purchase at bookstores is documented.

This is clearly an invasion of privacy and basic rights.
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I had a bead in my seed
and sunflowers in my beard.
I held the Sun with the palm of my hand
and the moon beamed
in my being.
Solitude and harmonious harmony,
threads that realized no needs,
and thus true peace of mind was attained.

I asked myself that besides what I knew, what I had seen or what I heard, what did I really want out of life.

The final answer was absolutely nothing.

Not even to turn into a bird and soar off to a far distant land, or to travel the world, or to be enlightened.
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You could hear all the sounds from Mother Earth all at one time.

Sounds such as human voices, radio stations and transmissions, sounds of congested traffic, planes leaving the airport and so on.

At first Earth was this big planet, but as You moved away from the blue and green color, it became smaller and smaller, and quieter until you no longer heard the sounds.

Until you had passed Pluto and stars you never saw in your life before and galaxies never documented.

The peace and silent atmosphere brought such melancholy that you knew there was nothing to worry about.
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Roach Problems How To Know If You Have Them

It's the title of a book I'm thinking about writing.

Some of the chapters will include, you know you have roach problems when you come home at night and see them all over the place in your kitchen, or that after spraying them and seeing them die; witnessing that they seem to reincarnate because they look like the same ones you killed just the night before.

You know you have a roach problem when you begin to wonder if Creep Show is based on a true story.

Each kill multiplies them.