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Wrapped snug in copper gold of warmth, while cold calculative breezes blew through the air.

Witnessing the sky growing darker and knowing without a doubt that it would rain.


Was the loud thunderous roar.

A brief moment of silence, and like a sudden burst of applause from an audience, the rain came down in a celebrative way.

Meanwhile, I nursed on the remainder of my coffee with sweet milk, raisins and medjoul dates and looked up new words in the dictionary, waited for more arrivals, enjoyed the silence that silence brings and seeing the art students speak in Tagalog.
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My shift was 3pm until 11pm. My relief called me at 9pm asking me if I could work her 11pm to 7am shift. My off day was tomorrow and she must have been crazy to think I would be so willing to work a 16 hour shift.

"Please," she pleaded. "I'm so sick. My body is so hot."

I began to wonder what was the real story and sensed that she was trying to pull a wool blanket over my eyes, but I wasn't falling for it.

She eventually came in and I could tell that she was pissed off.
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It's a small island full of history, but not much is spoken about it. Cuba has been made to look like this sinister place because they didn't bow down to the demands to another government who felt it was superior.

As a result of not bowing down, Cuba has suffered sanctions for years, yet the people still survive.

Free medical care, regardless if you have insurance or not, unlike some of the so called developed countries that will let you die if you can't afford the medical expenses.

Recently ancient ruins have been found in the ocean near to Cuba.
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He was a poor man from the city, while she was a poor woman from the village. He knew that she was poor because he could see her panties hanging on bamboo sticks in the hot Asian sun, full of holes in them.

What woman can tolerate holes in her panties?

He knew that her salary as a domestic worker was not high but wondered how she managed to buy a cd radio player, but didn't manage to replace her raggedly torn panties.

He wondered what life was like in the village.

Was it more easy going like people said?
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I am 100% convinced that nothing in this world is as it appears on all levels of mind, including the material and physical world.

I am more than certain that their are people among us whom we see everyday who are not people at all. I mean this in a literal sense.

Phantoms who look human but possess no spirit or humanistic attributes and throw off weird vibes.

Like the one I saw who I dared not look into the eyes, because I didn't want to see what I saw high up in the mountains years ago with evil eyes.
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I opened my kitchen cabinet and saw that some roaches were trying to expand their horizons. I put an end to their dreams by spraying some Shieldtox Odourless Roach Insect Killer on their bodies. I came back to the murder scene minutes later and realized that they must be in agonizing pain by the way their bodies were squirming and twitching.

For a momnet I felt sorry for them and asked myself what would Buddha do if he had roaches in his monastery since living creatures were not to be killed.

In my sight they were pests infested with diseases.
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Ever notice how in almost every religion where a prophet came; after his death the religions changed slightly or dramatically.

When Buddha came he never asked anyone to worship him but you can find statues of him, which are worshipped all around the world.

When Jesus came he also never asked anyone to worship him, but to simply follow. After his death, the religion was called Christianity which by the way, Christ was only a title of Jesus and not his actual name.

After the death of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) a split in Islam began as to who is Caliph.
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I am not a drivers license, social security number, or an identity card. I noticed how the system sees people more as a number than a human being, like some one waiting in line for their number to be called rather than their name.

Take a number.

I am not a number

I know that there is more to life than my job, my family, thoughts, goals and personal aspirations.

Sometimes it is good to just sit in one place, quiet the mind and to listen.

In that deep silence you would soon realize that the statement is very true.
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Her name was Adi and she was going back to Israel where she belonged. In the meantime she found a guy who she could share a taxi with who was also going to the airport like she was.

Later on before the taxi came she discovered that he was from Germany. I wondered how her trip would go since I'm sure most Israeli Jews probably hated Germans and associated them with the holocaust.

Meanwhile I'm sure he stigmatized her as the pathetic Jew or the Zionist who were controlling the world. It seemed that Adi was looking for an argument.
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Transformation-a transferring or being transformed, to change the form or outward appearance, to change the condition, nature, or function of, convert, to change the personality or character implies a change either in external form or inner nature.

The theory that all this is real collapses once I realize that what I perceive is not necessarily the real thing.

Being organized means that you know exactly what you're going to do and how.

In the way and path of the mystic there is no efforts or attempts at trying to be mystical or to attain that which already is mystical.
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What most women wanted was a simple hug, kiss, rose, or some sentiment that acted as an expression or gesture that they were indeed loved and cared about.

Sex was more of a secondary issue and not of prime importance to them.

They needed to be kindled in the same manner that you kindle or build a fire from scratch.

Start off small and build your way up until the fire or flame in the woman becomes passionate burning with desire.

It was important to appreciate their spiritual side as well, because a woman without spirit is not a woman.
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The purpose of tarot cards are not necessarily for the purpose of fortune telling or oracles, but could be used as a method to train the mind to think more in symbollic ways as a means to gain access to the psychic world.

I looked up the definition of oracle and found this definition.

A person who delivers authoritative and usually influential pronouncements.
-any utterance regarded as authoritative
-unquestionable, wise, or infallible
-it can also relate to the unexplained, concealed, hidden, arcane, enigmatic, deep, cryptic, mysterious, and puzzling.

Reminds me of the rubix cube or the very famous Zen koans.
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Free housing, free water and utilities, free clothing and free medical care. This is how the world should exist, but we have been imprisoned by men with materialistic ideas that is not based on spirituality or belief in a higher power.

And I'm sorry, gangsters nor money makes the world go round.

The Earth does not need money to rotate on its axis.

Bring the dream world to the so called real world we live in and interconnect the two.

Somehow we have been led to believe that what is real is what we can touch and unreal can't see.
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That every breath we take and each heart beat counts for something. It's up to us to make it something more real.

As children, every child has the ability to draw.

As an artist myself, I ask the simple question, how can adults say they can't draw, when as children they made countless drawings and paintings they probably can't even remember.

Saying I can't draw is like saying I can't breathe.

Meanwhile I trace my roots to Africa, but soon realize that animals were here before humans. It's in every ancient creation story.

I'm trying to find my original planet.
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You don't need a spaceship to travel deep into space. All you need to do is close your eyes and look within.

On a higher level your astral body acts as a vessel that can travel anywhere in time or space.

Why does magick work? I'm talking about good wholesome positive magick and not the evil and deceptive kind.

Mainly because of three things. Thoughts, visualizations and the imagination are very real, just like when you dream and sometimes think it's real.

But what you think, is true, and not some hocus pocus side freak show.

Realize this simple truth.
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Every day there is a lesson or lessons to be learned in your individualistic day to day lives. Thus the reason why Earth is called a big school.

In life we will learn things that no professor of any university could ever teach us.

Think about the many star systems in our galaxy that we have no knowledge of.

The essence and capacity of Allah (GOD) is more than just a word or a description.

We only say GOD to speak of the Supreme Being, but the word alone is not enough to go into depth as to His Greatness.
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They had just arrived from the International Changi Airport and were checking in at o3:00 mechanical time in the morning. Their passports stated they were Deutsche from Germany, but they looked more Lebanese. I couldn't help but to look at how hairy her sisters arms were. I was trying my best to not make it obvious that I was looking.

Is that considered sexy in Germany?

A woman with hairy arms?

I was contemplating the month of June 6th coming soon and how it will be written as 06/06/06. 666 the mark of the beast. The end of evil rulership.
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He was checking out the hotel and going to India as his next destination. He was from Canada. He stated he was working on a book and I thought that maybe he was an editor, but he proudly stated that he was an author.

"I'm going to India to do my research on Hinduism. I study all religions," he said.

Well good for you I thought in my head. Would you like a cookie with some milk.

I don't know if I was supposed to be impressed or not.

In India, I'm sure he'll get a real good Hinduism experience
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I'm trying to avoid unecessary talk in my life and using words or sounds that don't make sense.

Words like uh hugh, mmmmm, yeah, here you go and saying thank you when there is no need or reason to say it.

They say the correct response to thank you is you are welcome.

Welcome to what?

Welcome to humiliate me, welcome to take advantage of me or welcome to come into my home?

Or does it mean, you are appreciated or a guest of my accomodation?

I kind of like saying "it's not a probleum, and your thanking is unecessary.
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I know that she was from Mexico, because I saw her passport. When I asked her what part of Mexico she said Guadalajara.

"I've been to Guadalajara too," I told her.

What part?

I didn't know there was a part to Guadalajara.

It's like saying I've been to Watts and someone says what part of Watts...?

Once I started thinking about it, I realized that I didn't remember the hotel I stayed in while in Guadalajara, or the street, or any buses I had took.

There is still parts of Mexico I desire to visit which is full of history.
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Wisdom is knowing that there is more to know than what we presently know.

All worlds are connected in one way or another, including human beings.

With the discovery of the DNA within the human being, it seems that there is more to our DNA than biologist and scientists suggest.

Recently or for peraphs some time now, DNA has been tied to the I-Ching which is full of its perplexities and puzzling philosophies as to its origins, but despite this, it really does work so it is said.

A toss of the coins, a few oracle readings and voila!

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When I took the MRT train and read the sign that said THIS CAMERA IS MONITORED BY CCTV CAMERA FOR YOUR SAFETY, I knew it was all a bunch of bull shit.

Four things I was thinking about getting today.

A guitar, soccer ball, easel, and a bird.

A guitar to learn how to play, and tune it properly for my own amusement.

A soccer ball because I had that strong urge for physical exercise where a lot of kicking is involved.

An easel so that I could start oil painting again.

A bird that would eventually learn to talk.
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The advanced spiritual civilization is far more superior than the civillization advanced in technollogy.

Our technollogy of today proves the statement.

I watched a documentary on the humboldt squid, the octopus and the cuttle fish which is similiar to an octopus and a fish.

"There is very little that we know about the humboldt squids," the scientists said. They appear and suddenly disappear sometimes for years.

Regarding the deep sea, I have several theories.

One is that if you went deep enough you would find an underwater city with people who may possibly look like us from an ancient civillization.
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The amazing sense of smell can spark some of the deepest emotons in our beings and memories.

Like the cookies that grandma used to bake, or the coffee mom used to brew in the morning before she went off to work.

The smell of jasmine always reminds me of the hot summer nights in Gardena when I was just a little boy.

The smell of firewood reminds me of the family gatherings high in the Angeles Crest mountains which offered a magnificant view of all the stars in the Milky Way up close.

Sometimes I feel like a sacred wolf.
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People are like books, because with the right discernment they can be read.

Sometimes it does not take much. You can start with what comes out a persons mouth and if their actions match their words.

For instance, someone who claims to know so much about a subject but when questioned becomes uneasy.

Another way is facial expressions. Sometimes the face can speak a thousand words like a potrait, rather a person is sincere, sad, angry and let's not forget the eyes.

If you could learn to look into a persons eyes without flinching you could possibly read the soul.
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"A child does not learn by the spoken language," said Piaget, "but by symbols first.

Somehow as we got older, we were cut off from this symbollic world and only fully experience it when we dream.

You don't want to read my journals and the personal truths contained in them which may reveal things that might make you think differently about me.

But I'm sure that if people spoke openly about things that were deep in their minds considered secret, that people who were close to them would have different views about them as well.

Truth can be rather strange.
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Mr. Y has lost a lot of my respect but who cares.

Mr. Y's job is the night maintenance man slash security.

He locks the door to the entrance of the roof top and claims that he patrols all the floors. After this he puts up the signs that say PLEASE SHOW YOUR KEYCARD, which he is supposed to check.

Then he goes straight to the kitchen and back to his office where in a few minutes time I can hear him snoring. He does this for the entire shift and has the audacity to complain about his unfair pay.
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I stayed up the entire night unlike the sleeping giant. Mr. Y puts up a very convincing performance to everyone as though he stayed up the entire night. You're not fooling anyone but yourself son.

As I walked down Middle Road I transformed into a magical coyote, the so called trickster. The trickster who tricks you into doing something good rather than bad.

If something makes your heart happy, then you should continue doing it.

If you can learn how to listen and commune with your heart you would be on the path to happiness.

Make religion your inner heart.
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We are a pleasure desire seeking people on a day to day basis.

When we are not pursuing our desires we are thinking about what to pursue next; rather it be our next meal, our next hit of cannabis, or our next personal self gratification.

It is quite difficult to be desireless and to deny the desires that the senses ask of us.

Some say we become less human when we deny our senses as though the mind and body cannot survive without sense pleasures.

In reality what we sense with our senses are mere fields of energy and vibrations.
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Culture which is similiar to being a society, except that in culture its beliefs and practices are more distinct.

Culture is an agreement between men and women with similiar interests or concepts with one another.

Our dress code will be deer skin wrapped around our waist with olive leaves wrapped around our heads and we must walk barefooted.

In culture, everything is given meaning.

We wear the olive leaves to represent holiness of our tribe, deer skin around our waist to symbolize manhood and walk barefooted to symbolize our innocence.


Agree! said the men in unison.

Culture is personal.
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I noticed how our own thoughts and expectations can actually thwart us from achieving our goals, leading to things like laziness, procrastination, and idleness. Too much thinking and not enough action.

Despite our goals or plans which may not be very difficult can easily be put off by saying things like, I'll just do it tomorrow, or after this movie goes off, after my favorite song comes on the radio and so on.

When all that is needed is just a little effort which could be as simple as making a phone call or walking to the nearest post office.