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The past was just a dream, even if it was just a minute ago.

The future was a vision unfulfilled and yet to happen.

Only now was real and everything that was in the now.

It's hard to believe that six years of her life has passed from this day, as I can clearly remember when she was born inside of a gigantic tub of water. She is an underwater baby.

If doctors truly understood the birth process they would encourage underwater births.

Children are always happy to open their gifts on their birthdays which become less as we age.
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The maid was off for the day and who knows where.

Everyone else were in Jurong Park celebrating a birthday.

I had the entire home to myself and I sat at the table to write and soak in the silence and the solitude.

I had dejavu of the time I was single before and always went home to the silence.

Sometimes it was lonely, but it was also peaceful too. Obligations were less, and the freedom of options were in abundance.

So how does it feel not to be single anymore?

How about two sides of the fence and uncertainty.
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The weakness of a taxi driver is telling him where you want to go and he does not know how to get there.

I think in London, the prerequisite of a taxi driver is that he must know every nook and cranny of the streets, alleyways, highways and anywhere a car can drive.

They were two lesbians checking out.

At least they appeared to be, because one seemed to be the butch and the other the passive submissive female.

"Here are some Dutch magazines for other Dutch people who might like to read them," she said.

I took them home.
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Has anyone heard of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion?

If you read this book, maybe you would understand why there is conflict in the Middle East and why many Americans are angry with their own Government.

Many would not be suprised to learn that all the presidents were either puppets or belong to a secret society that dictates the destiny of the people which does not favor their interests or go in accord with at least the basic principles of the so called Constitution.

So within the government is another government which is hidden in the darkness.
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You can not respond to anger with anger or foolishness with foolishness. Someone has to be the opposite.

Is it possible to put out a fire by adding fire to fire?

So when the angry man comes, the wise man remains cool as water and with complete control of himself, and the angry man becomes angrier and goes out of control like a wild fire because the cool and calm man does not react to the angry man the way the angry man wants the wise man to respond.

In the end, all that remains is steam and black ashes......
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It was like the movie The Birds in the Alfred Hitchock movie.

I was waiting for my bus at the bus stop and across the street I saw a crow swoop down on this man wearing bifocals.

The man looked horrified and completely defenseless.

It seemed like all the crows in the trees were laughing at him and found it as hilarious as I did.

I had a theory that the crows attack tourists or people who look pathetic and weak.

Then I saw them attack this man smoking a cigarette who thought he was really somebody.

Crows thought otherwise.
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That for the mystic, he also realizes that the feelings and emotions he experiences are not quote on quote his emotions and feelings, but a state or manifestation of certain vibrations and energy and in addition to feelings and emotions, they were constantly changing and not consistent.

Then the mystic realizes on a personal level that the legs he walks with are not his legs and the clothes he wears are not his clothes, and the money he earns is not his money.

In fact nothing belongs to him, not even his own self, sense in essence he is selfless.
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When going to work, there was really no need to fear your manager or any of your supervisors because of the thought "if I don't act pleasant towards them, or if I don't shuffle and scuffle for them or do the right dance, they will fire me from my job under the notion that my performance is not so up to par."

There was no need to fear them since they were not Gods and they themselves carried their imperfections.

You want me to smile for what?

So that you'll feel secure in your self importance and high salary job?
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"The enemy of my enemy is my friend," he said in the movie Predator versus Alien. The quote sounded like a Sun Tzu quote from The Art of War.

A pyramid underground and how did it get there?

The story about how the Aztecs provided human sacrifices in exchange for knowledge on building structures. I still don't believe that the Aztecs literally cut out the hearts of human beings, unless they were involved in some kind of rituals that were dark in nature.

The underground pyramid was like a gigantic puzzle which moved every ten minutes. Mystique
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The notes of a writer becomes his story. A good writer makes good judgements based on the truths of his perceptions at any given time. There is always something to write about.

Here I am at the bus stop waiting for the bus. Waiting for the bus is almost like waiting for death, because we never know when the bus will come. Have you ever waited for a bus that never showed up, or your own father?

We were living in a cruel world, because no one bothered to stand up for the old lady whose wrinkles spelled upmost disgust.
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I pushed the call button from the 7th floor to go to the ground floor but abruptly decided to take the stairs down.

I would enjoy the views of various plant species on each level and this nostalgic wind blowing.

Once I got to the bottom I saw the biggest rat of my life casually trotting pillar to pillar as though he was looking for something it dropped.

In a tree above me was a black crow curiously looking who probably lacked the skills to catch a rat on his own without the help of his comrades and stratagem ways.
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I walked up and down Orchard Road today where some charity organization had kids lined up on both sides of the street asking if I'd like to give a donation. So I pretended like I didn't speak English and said je non parle pas anglais. That stopped them immediately from asking any further questions.

Another response was "no tengo dinero." I was already prepared to say je non parle pas Francais.

I shifted my perception on how I looked at people without judgement and everyone suddenly seemed to be strange organisms on the verge of floating upwards into outer space.
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Before you involved yourself sexually with the woman who was not your wife or the man who was not your husband, maybe you should think of the consequences.

What if you are caught in the act with the person whom you claimed your love or if you were seen in the public by your spouse with this other person being intimate. There is no way you could deny it in the end.

Will your spouse forgive you?

What if you don't get caught, but the person you had an affair with becomes obsessed with you and begins a fatal attraction.
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I started reading this book I checked out recently from the Orchard library called The Hieoroglyphs Handbook Teach Yourself Ancient Egyptian. It was good read material for my night journey to work via the bus.

What I did not know was that the interpretation of the glyphs is not the actual way the ancient Egyptians spoke. In fact, according to the author, no one will ever know how they sounded when they spoke.

So a bunch of Egyptologist got together and decided that each glyph would represent a certain sound.

I began to wonder about the Aztec and Mayan hieroglyphics.
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"What's wrong with having more than one child?" I asked her. "Both of your sisters just had their second child; they should be an example to you."

"Yeah, but they were accidents," she said.

There is no such thing as an accident. Is life ever an accident? I've heard the story so many times before about babies who were accidents.

How would you feel if your parents said, " were an accident," as though a predetermined life could be avoided.

My parents said they planned to have me;....but who really decides?

Who Creates, gives Life, and gives death....?
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I managed to find free time last night while doing the night shift so I went to the 100 word website to check out the entries of some of the writers entries for March. I printed out the entire month of Mateo B, lunapark, Akonolinga, ekm, dear, silly mischief, and John Skaife because I never get the chance to sit in front of a computer for long periods of time just to read entries. I didn't realize that this month is my 2cnd year now since I first started my 100 word entries on this website.

Someting to think about.
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Life in general and the life in this world should not be taken so seriously to the point that there is no room for jokes or time for humour.

I hear people who say life is hard man, or life is a struggle. It really depends on how you look at it.

Some people will say that life is love or that life is bliss. It could be all these things or none at all.

On a deeper aspect, this life could be a mere dream which is full of our ideals, imaginations and make believe fantasies of what is.....
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Where before tradition and culture were looked upon with great esteem; if you talk about tradition in the so called modern age, people will just scoff at you.

For instance, to cook in pots and pans using raw ingredients from scratch is considered more traditional than going to Burger Kill to eat a meal that has been sitting in the freezer.

Or how about wearing a samurai outfit versus a business suit in Japan? The samurai armor is considered more traditional since the suit has only been known for a few hundred years more or less.

Bare foot versus shoes.
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I went to a stall to buy some fish briyani, which is basically fish with wild rice, curry and pickled cucumbers.

The stall clearly stated it was Muslim food but the lady in the kitchen was sporting a red dot on her forehead that looked more like a cancerous scab.

Then there was another lady outside the kitchen sitting in a chair cutting vegetables with a white stripe across her forehead that looked like scotch tape.

I felt a bit uncomfortable that they were preparing my food because for one they were not Muslim and two, they looked very suspicious.
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What exactly is a spy?

For as long as we have had war on Earth we have had spies.

Could you consider the definition of spying as possibly being watched by someone or under surveillance and not be conscious you are being watched?

A spy gathers informaton the way a hunter studies its prey mainly looking for weaknessess.

Did the spy ever consider that eventhough he was spying with out the other persons knowledge that he himself was also being watched and spied on?

In the same way the government spies on the people, they too are being closely watched.
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I made a copy of the New York subway system to get an idea on how it runs. The closest I've been to New York is Washington D.C.

I've always wanted to go to New York but in my mind I would never want to live there.

"But how do you know if you've never been there before," some people ask.

Some places don't require a visit for you to know if you want to live there or not. I'm not really a city person whatever that means.

There has to be a balance between the urban life and serene.
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The big things are the small things we miss everyday when it is right in front of our face.

The parable of having eyes and not being able to see is crystal clear to me.

How could she ask me for a pen when it was clearly in a pen stand in front of her.

How come the maid never noticed the cobwebs that had been in the bathroom for weeks?

How long did it take you to realize that the cashiers name was on your receipt and that you were overcharged or the unknown ingredients in your shampoo.
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Understand the unconscious and how to intepret the language that is unspoken.

Body language is an example. As people we sometimes do things unconsciously which is the expressions of our deepest thoughts and desires.

Even the Universe and the nature of life has an unconscious.

But to say unconscious does not mean not conscious.

The unconscious is more of a deep state of consciousness that is still and unmoving.

It is self conscious of consciousness and only consciousness which is something that is so deep in meaning that it cannot be described.

Meaning becomes pointless and you become metaphorically engrossed.
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Cooking is a science and an art.

When cooking its not just about measuring ingredients and throwing everything in a pot.

Having intuition and knowing the right time to add a spice, how long to boil beans, or bake a fish is also an element of cooking.

Let's not forget mood.

Never make a cook angry when cooking your food or your spouse, unless you want the energy of anger and negativity going into your body.

If you are angry it's best not to cook until you calm down.

It would not be illogical to meditate before the cooking process.
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"Put on this gown, night cap and ear plugs," she said.

I was finally going for my MRI. The process would last 15 to 20 minutes and my lumbrar spine would be analyzed.

When I went through the tunnel I felt like I was going to the future.

I was told not to move an inch while having my MRI done and I wondered if that meant I couldn't blink my eyes or even breathe. I'm almost certain that my hands and my feet twitched a few times.

I had the urge to scream and to move my body violently.
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O Mystical night.
A mystical night.
A mystical flowery night.

He said.....

A cat pounced on some fluttering creature desperately struggling to get away and shrieking with a shriek never heard before.

What is it?

What is it?

It's a bat.

All man!

All man!

This is deep.
Give me some literature or novels by good authors who write about the mysteries that I'm experiencing, or I'll just write them on my own.




Said the frogs as I walked through the park in silence full of the chirps of crickets
falling leaves
and dark clouds of serenity.
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When you look at Truth it never flinches. It just stares at you dead on, like an eye that never blinks.

The mystic never feels intimidated by the man who is extravagantly dressed or wealthy he is in material and wealth while being empty in the brain of true living.

And what is true living?

"What is it to live like an ant, or a bird, or a sea horse in the Carribean Sea?" he responded.

What is it to be a mystic?

"It's two's on my pillow, bring me back that cold river water to bathe with," he said.
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Before the archer releases his arrow or the sniper pulls his index finger on the trigger, he unleashes a relentless focus analogous to a laser beam or analagous to the powerful energy of the Sun harnessed through a small magnifying glass.

This is not to say that murder or weapons are needed to accomplish our goals, but that with the right concentrated effort, we could accomplish all of our goals.

We can build our power of focus by accomplishing the small goals first, like washing the pile of dishes in the sink, cleaning our rooms and taking out the trash.
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No one introduces themselves by their last names first then their first name as James Bond did in his movies.

So I find myself laughing throughout the movie because I finally realized what Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me and Goldmember was really about.

The unrealistic life of James Bond to begin with and all the women he ever slept with.


If anybody ever wished to live like James Bond and thought that the life was possible needs to wake up to reality.

Which is smelling the coffee, raising children, going to the zoo and skateboarding.
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I regret that I missed the "Cubism" art presentation that was displayed at the Singapore Art Museum.

Sadly he pondered and walked away slowly, looking at the sidewalk with his mind full of imagined paintings.

It is a waste of energy to fake smile because for me smiling requires a lot of effort.

It was pointless to speak unnecessarily, since speaking also required effort and there is no effort made without an expenditure of energy.

So make all your actions count if you want them to be worth something.

No it's not a Sunday, or a day, or a night.