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In this movie 'The Passion Recut' directed by Mel Gibson has me wondering if the last hours of Jesus death was so brutal as it was shown.

People say that Jesus (peace be upon him), died for our sins, but the Bible says that he rised from his grave in three days.

If that's true, how could he have died for our sins and why is the world still sinning?

The Glorious Quran states that Jesus or Isa did not die on the cross nor did he die, but that people only perceived that he had died but really didn't.
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Be in tuned and aware of every single motion that takes place around you.

The movements that people make as they walk, or run, the movements that animals make such as dogs, cats birds and then the insects.

Be aware of the movements of leaves and even inanimate objects, the movements of yourself, and then through all this motion including vehicles and planes, see that everything in motion is just one single entity where no object is different from the other but a gigantic organism with different functions.

See yourself integrated in this movement and realize the meaning of oneness.i
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Have you ever thought about listening to your inner voice intently, which we can hear speak to us on a day to day basis, but how often we neglect it?

It's amazing how we as human beings can have two forces living within us. One force wants us to achieve our purpose of living, while another force within us wants us to feed sense pleasures and get involved with everything that is not productive for our good.

Don't steal.'s okay.

Would you want someone to steal from you.

Just once won't hurt.

Once is one time to many.
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My children do not need to be immunized.

But the health officials say that everyone should be immunized.

I don't care what they say.

How long do health officials live to be?

I see obese nurses, doctors that smoke and drink alcohol too, but the surgeon general states that we should not smoke because it's harmful to our health.


But back to these immunizations.

Do you remember when the health officials went to Africa and said we need to immunize you against diseases, but were injecting them with AIDS instead?

Do you know the side effects of the immunizations?
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They said that Colombus discovered America, but they blotted out the entire history of those who came before Columbus. The proof is in the ancient scripts and artifacts.

The were telling us his story not the entire true story.

They didn't talk about the trans Atlantic trade before slavery, where Africans traded and conversed with the aboriginal Indians before Columbus came.

I want to know why all the secrecy.

Why does history or certain historians leave out important pieces of information that could liberate some people once they knew the real truth as to their origins?

No more pathetic lies.
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"Don't think," I told myself as I walked down Yio Chiu Chang street.

If you can for a moment, imagine the mind as a beautiful butterfly, and thinking and thoughts like a spider web so that the moment you think, bam! your'e stuck, trying to struggle free.

Your mind has become entangled because of your thinking about this and about that, not realizing the moment you are in.

Living in the present moment does not require thinking or your 1,001 thoughts, the present moment only requires pure awareness.

Being aware does not require thinking.

Awareness is the observer outside/ in.....
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I think I love her.

Love is not a thought or something that you think about.

Love is certain and casts no shadows of doubt.

Love is not an emotion, like sadness or temporary happiness.

True love is eternal and everlasting. In one sense love could be attributed to being a mysterious force, because it can't be described in depth with words. You have to experience it yourself.

The beauty of love is its limitless levels and dimensions that can be attained.

The purest love being the love of the Creator and His ways and modes of creation and Cosmos.
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The dentist's assistant had a good way of twisting their words when they said my root canal would cost $500.00 and made it seem that that included a crown as well.

"Ok now the root canal is completed and you need to decide if you want a bridge or a crown," said the dentist.

How much is a bridge?

"$1000+ dollars," he said.

I was sure I almost choked on the price mentioned.

If I had the money I would definitely get a bridge.

Now you know why your parents always told you to brush your teeth.

Now its costly.
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How could I make the mistake of posting a Visa card as a Mastercard?

And why did I forget to have 2 guests fill out the registration form when they purchased their International Youth Hostel cards?

I had to hear it from my supervisor.

Yeah yeah yeah, just get it over with.

Yes I made a mistake, but don't make things seem like the world has ended.

People have a tendency to exaggerate things to the extreme by making something appear what it is not.

Pump and flex egoticism and these pompous airs of pride whose weight is absolutely weightless.
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Stop pussy footing around and be a man.

Are you a man or a mouse?

Is it possible for a coward to become a warrior over night?

Or would some military training be required, to get the whimp out of the man?

You need to be toughened up sweetheart the General said, the battle cat who had been in many battles before both physically and psychologically.

Meanwhile the pessimistic man knew his will had weakened and doubted he ever had one and his nerves of steel were nothing but mush; hardened potatoes turned into soft yams, soft as a pussywillow.
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Tremors were felt in the Agean Sea which is right off the coast of Thailand.

Their were two groups who were heading to Bangkok, so they were warned and given a print out of the newscast.

"Oh God, what's going on," they asked?

Well don't ask me, I'm not an earthquake specialist, but we don't need another tsunami in this region now do we?

Maybe the first one was not devastating enough or maybe humans just are'nt getting the message no matter how many different ways they come.

Either were just plain stupid or completely lost as to our origins.
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What in the hell is Swiss German?

Does German have a dialect?

She said she knew one work in Swiss German and it was kookikashi. I don't know if the spelling is correct, but it means cabinet.

Later I talked to this girl who was from Switzerland and she said that in Switzerland, French, Itallian and German is spoken.

Well whoopeey dee doo...

Is it the mountains or the language that makes Switzerland so special?

Maybe it's the chocolate or the alcohol or the fine women with unshaved legs and peach fuzz mustaches.

Or maybe it's just me ranting on.
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Men think of sex every five minutes I heard it said by a woman.

Women on the other hand are puritans and rarely think about sex nor do they have the time to think of such naughty things.

And my name is Richard Nixon.

Dorothy is going to take me home.

I beg to differ by the way women dress and the magazines they read which are full of sex tips and how to do it in the bedroom, the romance novels they read, soap operas they watch, and pleasure instruments they hide in their closets really makes me wonder.
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Also known as Magnetic Resonance Imaging and formerly known as Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

The term nuclear has been universally dropped because of the taboo that most associate with nuclear, such as the after effects of Chernobyl, the atom bomb, and the bomb that dropped on Hiroshima and the threat of nuclear war and nuclear arms and so on.

MRI's can be used to detect brain tumors and the status of tissues and organs in a living biological organism.

No known side effects are known to exist from MRI's....

You just have to take chances....
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This is me.

This is who I am.

Maybe for that moment, you are what you believe you are.

But looking back ten years ago in your life, you realize you are not the same.

So maybe this aspect you call me is an ever changing and evolving process until the real me is realized.

The thoughts you had at ten are not the same when you're 20.

What was fun then maybe isn't fun now.

Maybe the hairstyle you liked yesterday you don't like today and so on.

And as you grow older, so does your ideas on life.
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If you're not sleepy, then don't force yourself to go to sleep just because everyone else is.

If you're not hungry, don't force yourself to eat just because obese nutritionist say we must eat three times per day and have snacks in between these meals.

Now I must decide on rather to cancel my dentist appointment so I can pay for my MRI or cancel my MRI so I can pay for my dentist appointment.

No one wants to lose a tooth nor does anyone want anything to be wrong inside of their body and not know about it....

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Sex is sacred.

At least it should be between the two people who say they love each other.

As long as we have pornography and scantily dressed women in public and men who support the women in these situations, we will never have a moralistic society.

As long as the women continue to strip naked and show their bodies to the world, and put their selves in such degrading circumstances willingly, they will never be respected.

So the cycle continues.

Mini skirts are hot, but the women who wear them don't like to be whistled at, and demand upmost respect.
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Journal number 24-

I've counted all my journals and realized that now I'm on Journal number 24.

It's the accumulation of all my journals experiences since the 90's.

This does not include the countless journals I burned regretfully in the late 80's in a barbecue pit at a public park.

Roach Project:

You can rid your home of all roaches.

Once you discover where they are coming from in general, simply spray those areas once a week.

Get into the cracks and crevices as well.

Don't leave food out at night or in the trashcan, its an invitation to feasting.
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All that time the maid was sitting in the dark, she could of ironed my pants for me at least.

Now I'm running late to work.

What do we pay you for?

To sit in the dark?

The young youthful Thai students who checked in were very warm hearted and spoke very little English, but they were well behaved and disciplined unlike some adults I've encountered in my life.

The people who belonged to society were the groups of people who were in an agreement with each other.

On the other hand, the eccentrics were the ones outside the circle.
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No drugs are required to realize what the essence of mysticalness is.

In simple terms it is just pure common awareness.

Awareness of the sounds of cars driving down Hougang Avenue 9 and the buses stopping at the bus stops.

The sound of water dripping in your toilet, and the beat down fan that is so loud in your room that you say you will change.

The awareness of the numbness in your leg, your sore shoulders from carrying heavy bags, the feeling on your face that says I need a shave, the motion of your pen spreading blue ink.
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I considered what I would have to do if I wanted to start my own company.

Finding a building and how much rent I would have to pay.

How many computers and office supplies I would have to buy.

The purchase of a Visa/ Mastercard machine for sales.

What kind of license would I need and approval from the powers that be?

The purchase of a time clock and the process of choosing my employees.

How much would I pay them?

Outlining a company rule book and rather or not my employees would have health insurance, paid vacationa or benefits.
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English is one single language, but it is spoken differently by different people.

I checked out this phrasebook called USA phrasebook and another one called British phrasebook.

The British say their English is correct and the Americans say ours is correct.

If you put a British, an American, and an Australian in the same room to hold a conversation you would see that they all speak differently and use different words that refer to the same thing.

Is this the beauty of language or is it pure chaos and confusion?

Climate effects a persons speech and enviromental circumstances.

Ooga Booga
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I'm learning how to do the night audit, and it requires so many steps that my note pad ran out of pages. It's mostly all about paper work.

The drunks on the 6th floor had nothing better to do than throw H2O down on the people who were talking below on the patio located on the 2cnd floor.

Before the sunrised, one devil broke the hostel lobby lamp and had to pay while their taxi waited for them outside to take them to Changi Airport.

Once I got off work I felt like I was in a genuine dream world.
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Should I cut off my right leg to end the severe numbness?

Tell me what's wrong doctor....

A spiritual response stated that I needed to go on a long fast.

Fasting is one of the best healing remedies available to man for those who are willing to endure the discipline and will power involved.

What I am not?

I'm making a long list of what I am not until I can't think anymore.

Then and only then do I realize what I am which is absolutely nothing.

Not a title, an organism, a member of the Republic or a Universe.
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Thanks for just blabbing your inspirational downpour of jargon which was purely undesired.

Because of you, I never managed to read one page of my book while I sat on the bus.

Eeeeek! A mouse! she screamed.

I couln't tell if it was a rat or a mouse, but she was nearly on the table in fear, just like in the cartoons.

I ordered fish soup at the Cameron restaurant which is not an African restaurant like I thought.

Cameroon and Cameron are spelled differently.

Anyways the coffee was nasty and 80 cents of my pocket change was drastically wasted.
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Should I make March my last entry I pondered?

My opportunities to use the internet seem to be less and lesser.

The shopping mall is a perfect training ground for me, because I hate it so much.

It's just not the crowds that bother me, but seeing through the fictitious masks does and what their assumptions are of me and mine of theirs.

It's a training ground for me because I can learn why I have certain mind states and how I can come out of them to reach higher levels.

Webster told me that ideas and ideals are different.
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Shift changes in the office with the filled void of our Marketing and Sales Department. Now Sales and Marketing will take the Hostel Manager's desk, the Hostel Manager will move to the Finance Department desk and the Finance Department head will take the desk that the former Director took who is now gone, but still oversees the hostel.

Accounts is the only one who didn't have to move.

Now that the energy has shifted, I'm looking for changes to happen now.

In the Sikh religion is the revered Guru Nanak to Gobind Singh, the Adi Granth and the Dabistani Mazahib.
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Cut a key card for me on the third floor, I was instructed by the finance department, not knowing that auditors were checking in.

I thoguht they only wanted to view the room like they normally do when they want to show a room off.

Later I was scolded about it, because no matter who they are, they must register regardless to who or what.

We could lose our inn keeper license or I could lose my job.

Okay now that I'm clear on that, let's move on. You don't have to spread the news to Timbuktu and to Antartica.
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I flagged the cab driver down and told him where I wanted to go.

"Which way do you want me to go," he asked?

The fastest way possible I said.

But when I said the fastest way possible, I didn't mean that he drive slower than an old lady and move his head side to side while listening to his Mr. Roger in the Neighborhood cd. "It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, oh could you be mine, could you be mine.

Mr. Rogers is dead now, and maybe the taxi driver should have been to, slower than a snail.
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When I walked to the kitchen, two black birds flew out the window. Or were they magpies?

I was told that if a black bird flies into your home it means that someone in your family or close to you will die soon.

So if two black birds fly into your home does that mean two people will die or that a couple will divorce soon?

I must admit it is rare for birds to fly into your home from the wild, because birds are generally cautious about getting anywhere near to human beings.

Were living in a parrallel universe.
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I am definitely no saint or holy man and I would be quick to admit that I am a sinner despite my efforts to practice righteousness in a wicked society.

If temptation were a person it would be a woman in all her seducive and seductive ways.

Passion and lust are like this uncontrollable fire.

At first you think you have the fire under control until gasoline is thrown in and lo and behold you are suddenly enraptured by the flame, being led to who knows where and what and in the end you are left feeling guilty and remorseful.