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I'm sorry sir, but due to confidential reasons I can not tell you if this patient is in the hospital or not.

I know the patient is there because I spoke to the father.

I can't reveal to you any information regarding the patient, unless you know exactly where she is.

It's not information I want about the patient, I only want to speak to her.

I suddenly had the impression that they had her in a secluded padded room in a stray jacket under 24 hour observation and that they were injecting her with all kinds of psychotic drugs.
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These last few days I've been seeing the same black cat every evening on my way home after work. It's always walking through this parking lot towards the bushes.

Everytime I see the cat I think of the famous superstition that people talk about. If a black cat is walking in front of you, then don't cross its path.

Out of all cats, why the black cat?

Why not a white cat or a siamese cat?

What about people who keep black cats as pets? Does that mean bad luck will come to their home.

Should black cats be killed?
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You say this particular person is ugly because of their outer appearance. The way they dress, or physical structure of their body and so on, but you can't see beyond their skin to see deeper into their heart and soul. Proving this only reflects how superficial you really are.

I know some very attractive women who I wouldn't want to give not one moment of my time.

Women who think they are so beautiful, but posess a heart like a poisonous capsule, who think the world revolves around their smelly feet, that their breath don't stink, nor does their funk.
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I'm getting an impression.

What kind of an impression?

A feeling with an unseen substance.

An invisible finger print with a premonition code that my heart managed to decipher.


I told you that you don't just read with your two physical eyes, brain, and your vocal chords.

Words and letters are not the only possible symbols to be read.

The leaves communicated to moi with their intrinsic veins, I swear that the wind whispered in my ear and that the Sun sent a galactic message to my heart.

The mountains spoke to my mind and the stars communicated harmoniously.
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For a moment, take your mind out to sea where you are on a boat and where there is no visible land sites, and all that you are surrounded with is a vastness of water and masses of stars you would never see if you were in the city.

You are mesmerized by this eerie silence that is only broken by the sounds of water tapping your boat and maybe a few creaks as it rocks this way or that.

At that moment, I'm sure that life would no longer be a question, but more of a deep profound mystery.
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Now the US Government is talking about securing its borders in the name of home security. But who is home security really for and who does it benefit?

They want to make a wall along the border of Mexico just like in Jerusaleum.

Who knows what results that would bring.?

On top of this, they want to make it a law to make it illegal to talk to illegal immigrants.

Makes me wonder sometimes, who are the individuals who come up with these laws to begin with?

I'm sure that they are sick and demented in the head.

Seriously speaking.
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I am the brightest in the sky before the sun rises and the first to be seen after the sun sets, who am I?

Venus of course. Also known as the morning star and the evening star, but Venus is not a star, it is a planet.

So why do some people call it a star?

Because it appears to shine like one. It is closer to the Sun than Earth.

It is even said that Venus is inhabited by beings called Venusians who are on a higher plane than what we are.

What do you think?

Your'e being watched.
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My name is Professor Don Emmerson from the Stamford University in California and I was wondering if you would have any rooms available around August for around 17 students including myself.

Well,....our manager is not here today, but you could leave a message and she'll get back with you.

There has to be something you can do, I am a professor, and I'm leaving Singapore today, thousands of miles away and I don't know when I will come here again.

He kept saying he was a professor, like being a professor was something to be awed about and dreamed.
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Upon the death of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him), the community became divided because there was a dispute about who should succeed him in leading the community.

One group said that Ali should lead the community since he was the prophet's cousin and had family ties with the Prophet, while others believed Abu Bakr should be the Caliph and leader of the community since he was viewed as more capable of leading the Islamic community and was a fond and dear close companion of Prophet Muhammad, may the peace and the blessings be upon him for ever.
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What if there was no such thing as God or belief in God.

It seems that if this was true, that all creation in life would be pointless without meaning. More than likely, the woman would be worshipped as a goddess or some rock or some tree, because it seems that it is in human nature to always worship something.

The percentage of atheist in the world is very small in comparison to the amount of people who believe in a power that is greater than them.

But bring an atheist close to death and he'll call out to something.
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Today's quote....

"Abandon all wants and desires, even the most cherished desires."

I plus want plus this equals suffering. Especially to want and not being able to have it exactly at the moment we desire it.

Man has proven to be impatient when his wants and desires are not met.

But even when the object is attained, we become happy with it and pleased for the moment, but soon become bored of it and seek the next so called thing that we think will bring us happiness and pleasure.

The cycle repeats itself like a product inside of a factory.
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At first I heard loud explosions and initially thought that Singapore was being invaded and that a war had started, but it turned out to be firecrackers.

Minutes later I heard music and when I looked out the kitchen window on the 7th floor, I saw large floats in bright multicolored lights which awed my imagination.

What is it about color that makes us so attracted?

Peraphs, what we are most fascinated with, is already inside of us. A mere reflection of our inner self.

It never occurs to us that what we awe at comes from us and thus.....
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I once saw Mars through a telescope in my astronomy class and in various astronomy magazines and internet websites, but I have never seen Mars up close with my physical eyes.

With that thought, I asked myself, how do I know that Mars is not a mere hologram. A projected image.

In fact, how do I even know if the world I live in is a mere hologram or illusion which has become so ingrained in my mind that I can no longer discern truth from untruth.

The entire population has been fed lies from all the way to kindergarden.
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If you really think about it, there is no difference between the world of material and the unseen world of thoughts. And why do you say this? Think about it......What are material things consisted of?

Before anything comes into existence, there has to be a thought or an idea first, then the steps to action are merely secondary. This also goes for such things as stars, trees, and living organisms as well.

Man as we know man did not create these things, but we do know that someone or some Being had a thought before these things were created.
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Our life is similiar to a ship with sails in the middle of the ocean seeking its destiny or destinations.

Some of us reach our destination while others continue roaming the sea aimlessly not knowing if they should go here or go there.

It is the confusion that Hendrix sung about.

If you knew that the world and everything in it was a mere electrical impulse or a vibration, including yourself, would you continue to strive for the things of this world knowing that it was just a vibration, wave length, particle or small tiny atoms and molecules constantly moving.
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Even if you do belong to a particular faith, it wouldn't hurt to know the basic principles of other religions.

For me on a personal level, I feel that I have no rights to debate about someones' religion I don't know anything about or assume things about someones' religion from what I've seen in the media, and the newspapers full of lies.

No....I investigate and inquire on my own.

Once I know about a persons' faith and religion then I can make me comments and judgements based off their books.

I have verified that Hinduism is a polytheist religion.
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Television is a key element used as a tool to keep the masses asleep as to what they should really be pursuing.

Television is used to feed on the desires and cravings of the people, sometimes without them realizing it.

Commercials are highly suggestive and put the ideas in our mind that our lives can not continue on if we don't use this product or buy this fragant perfume or wear these shoes or visit these particular restaurants.

Since we are led to believe something that is not true, then that means we are being lied to on all levels.
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I was on time to work, but I had to change my clothes and thought I'd make a cup of instant coffee before I went to the front desk. Once I got there my supervisor asked me if I started at 08:00 since it was 07:15.

No, I said.

So why are you taking your sweet little time and when he said that he gave me a look which I called his pussy face look.

I wanted to say because time is sweet. I also wnated to say a bunch of other things too.

Next time I'll be on time.
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"Turn away from your worries and leave everything to destiny."

I read this inside of a book on quotes from Sufi patriarchs.

In a sense, it is useless to worry about things, especially things we have absolutely no control of.

Worry causes stress and stress leads to other ailments, like tension, headaches, and even insanity if the stress level is high enough.

Sometimes the things we worry about turns out to be things that were not even worth worrying about.

This morning as I walked up the hill, I smelled the musty Indian man who passed me by.

Mustingly musty.
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Never assume he said.

You will remember this for the rest of your life. Assume meant 'ass of you and me,' which is exactly what I do when I or we assume things.

Like the two caucasian girls who told me their room numbers, but when I printed out their breakfast receipts the name belonged to a Chinese man, and caucasians don't have names like Chung, or Chan and so on.

Minutes later the manager wanted to know why the Chinese man paid for his breakfast when the room was inclusive of breakfast.

They gave me the wrong room number.
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While sitting in meditation, I realized that the mind and the body were indeed like a wild monkey.

My body protested at the state of having to be still for several minutes and my mind complained that a mind without thoughts was not a mind at all.

It was as thought they were individuals who had a voice of their own.

To them, having to be still for just a few minutes was like unbearable torture.

But through the entire ordeal, both the mind and the body knew its potential to be still and the capability to be completely mastered.
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I'm in the need of oiling the rust of at least four languages I've learned in school for at least one semester or more.

Where did all the memory go in regards to the many words I memorized and the many tests that I have taken.

They say use it or lose it. It's obvious that I haven't been consistent in the languages that I studied.

I've heard a few teachers say, if you want to really learn a language, then you have to go where it's spoken the most.

In this case, you have no choice but to learn.
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It is impossible to separate yourself from the present moment no matter how hard you try or what state of mind you may be in. Nor can you seperate yourself from the people whom you see everyday since we are as a species interrelated in one way or another.

So instead of trying to escape from where you may be, you should try to embrace the moment in which you are living, rather it be at work, on the bus, the train, or the supermarket.

You are no different from the Universe that you awe at or the unborn child.
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To have character is to have refinement.

The more we strive to better ourselves and make ourselves more human the more noble and splendid our character becomes.

While those who give no consideration to their selves or others, they take away from the beauty of character until they can no longer be classified as being humane, but beastly and demonic.

As we strive to feed our spirit, mind and soul versus feeding our stomachs with food, the more we begin to see this truth regarding character where some people are classified as having good morals while others have no conscience.
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They were two group leaders who were communicating together in a language that almost sounded like they were singing or reciting poetry. I'm not sure if it was Thai, Tagalog, or a language from Cambodia.

I wonder why everyone does not speak just one language.

Is it because we as a people have had different experiences in life and lived under different circumstances?

But even if we did speak just one language as a whole would that add any benefit to our evolvement or take it away.

Isn't the mixture and interaction with cultures what makes us what we are?
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Even shit can contain wisdom if you ponder upon a few of its attributes.

For starters it is the unwanted material that the body does not need. By analyxing it you could tell whats going on in your body. If you were poisoned, scientist could look under a microscope and tell you what you were poisoned with. You could tell if you had worms in your body or if the diet that you are on is a healthy diet or not, or if you are consuming to much of a harmful element, or if your sysytem needs to be detoxified.
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If you want to truly love your spouse, have love for your children and love towards others in this Galaxy, then you must have love for your self first.

And how will you love yourself if you don't even know who you are? Some deep soul searching might be another aspect of your path and journey to love and loving.

The essence of Love is limitless and has no boundaries. Even the love that a mother has for her child is just one level of love, because in love their are higher states than this.

Dwelve into its mystic ocean.
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I watched the movie 'Fearless' starring Jet Li which was a rather superb movie. What I liked most about it was in the fact on how man can still change his ways to make himself a better person.

He does not have to suffer with the blindfolds of illusion and the blindfolds of deception.

Truth can be fully realized if you really want to know.

Sometimes something tragic has to happen before they realize the error of their ways or before they realize the truth.

The truth can never be hidden, no matter how deep you try to bury it.