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It was already New Years in Australia before it reached Singapore. When I called my sister in Los Angeles at 11am Singapore time it was still New Years Eve in Los Angeles at 6pm.

Being in Southeast Asia, I'm able to bring in New Years before New York does.

The day feels new, expectations are high and I think I will be resigning from my present job this week to make a new beginning.

It's okay to have resolutions for the year, but make sure you know how you're going to achieve it from A through Z. Happy New Year!
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I typed up my resignation letter at the internet cafe and then I sms'ed my employer informing him that I was submitting my 1 week notice.

He stated that I was supposed to give a one month notice instead of 7 days.

When I informed him of a former employee who gave a 7 day notice of resignation he said that it was hearsay.

When I joined this company I never signed any papers or a contract. He could easily say I don't work for his company, except that I have witnessess.

I feel like walking off this job.

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I called off from work and stated to my employer that I won't be able to work today and he said why.

I told him that I threw up on the bus on my way to work and got off to go back home.

The truth is that I really was sick with minor flu like symptoms.

My visit to the clinic cost me $54.00. I thought the lady said $24.00.

The doctor issued me 4 different pills to take which I thought was very unnecessary for just a sore throat, sneezing, and a slight headache.

How about nature's healing?
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Many people assosciate power with the man who has huge muscles but can't touch his two hands behind his back.

Some associate power with their accumulated wealth or their supplies of arms and assorted weapons.

True power is in the unseen. That which you do not see, such as love, mercy, compassion, humbleness.

True power is being able to exercise self control over your lower desires and appetites.

True power is in discipline and self mastery.

Imagine having a vibe so positively strong that it would bring about changes in your immediate environment and people who are within your vecinity.
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My employer lied to me.

When I told him I was giving a 7 day notice of my resignation he said it was supposed to be 30. I happened to find a contract I never signed which stated that I must give a 7 day resignation notice. I made a copy of this and showed him and he became a death mute.

Now that I think of it, I never signed a contract when I started to work with this company. The reason why I had the contract was because I had to verify with immigration that I was working.
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It seems that most jobs I've ever been to, that eventhough I may have been what was called 'trained', it was never ever thorough. In the end I would have to train myself regarding all the details. Eventually and in the log run I would find myself being the one who would train new employees.

It's funny how some employers don't think a person should get extra pay for training employees.

Most companies don't have a training format and training is usually based on the persons unique style and eccentric character, not on a step by step by step basis.
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I can't believe that I lost my hand phone on the bus. I woke up to my hand phone alarm this morning, but by the time I got off the bus it was gone. I called my hand phone and someone had already turned it off.

I doubt my hand phone will be returned, and all those articles in the newspapers about honest Singaporeans who returned peoples' lost valuable items amounts to a mound of hog wash when you compare this percentage to the majority of lost items actually returned. These instances are only random acts of kindness.

Forget hope....
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Rain, rain, rain and more rain. It has rained all day long and the Sun never came out of the clouds today.

I walked out into the rain during my lunch break and returned to work with soaking wet socks. This is because I have cracks on the bottom of my worn out shoes, so the water goes into my shoes like water goes into a tea pot. For the rest of the day I would wear my shoes bare footed which would make my feet smell so bad that even skunks would be jealous.

Showering is on my list.
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Yesterday was my last work day but today I cleaned out the rest of my belongings from my locker. I never said goodbye to anyone because I assumed that everyone already knew I was leaving the company. Plus I didn't want to be interrogated as to what will I do now, what company I'm going to, what are my work hours and benefits and so on. So I left the company like 'Silence of the Lambs.' I know its not the end of the world and I'm sure I'll run into my colleagues again since this island is so small.
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Today I learned how to go online via handphone. Before today, I never knew how. But I have been told that going online via the handphone is very expensive. If this is true how can going online via the handphone be a convience. Wouldn't it be more convient to just use your home computer or a laptop?

Today marks the day that the Prophet Ibrahim (s.a.w)was instructed to sacrifice his son, but was later stopped by an angel and was told to sacrifice a ram instead.

Allah would never have us kill when law says thou shall not kill.
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I was watching National Geographic where this Taiwanese man from Taiwan was keeping cockroaches as pets and breeding them in aquarium type cages and said how we should embrace the cockroach because they are harmless and graceful.

I wondered what drug he was taking. He never said how cockroaches are disease carriers and how filthy and disgusting they really are.

If he truly felt this way about cockroaches,then why did he have them inside of aquariums? Why didn't he just let them loose in his house like a cat or a dog, since they were so graceful?

Good questions....
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Have you ever noticed the feeling when you complete something?

I call it the accomplishment sense. It's that feeling of satisfaction and fulfilling somethng we've wanted to complete or an assignment assigned or requested by someone else.

It's the feeling you get after reading a good book, after making love, after taking an exam, cleaning the house you've wanted to clean for so long, the feeling of relieving yourself on the toilet of internal waste, after finishing a painting and so on.

This feeling of accomplishment is what gives us the inner drive to accomplish. Lazy people do not apply.
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I was walking to the bus stop and saw some German guy look at me like he was possessed by the devil. Then again, maybe he was the devil.

What reason did he look at me with such despisement?

Did he think he was better than me because he was wearing designer shoes or assumed he had more money than me?

Despite all this nonsense I knew that he was the one having a probleum and not me.

How can someone start their morning off with so much hatred?

Maybe his wife wasn't satisfying him at home or his girlfriend.
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If you can recall your dreams clearly, you will be able to see that it has three qualities of time. It is either about the past, something involving your life now, or some event involving the future.

Everything that will ever happen has already happened.

De ja vu is actually something we already dreamed, either remembered or not remembered.

There is already a part of our mind that knows our entire future, the time and the land we will die in.

A person who is psychic is simply a person who has tapped into that aspect of the knowing mind.
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I held her small fragile hands as we walked along the Eastcoast's sandy beach for the first time. I admired the shells in the sand and felt compelled to pick them out the sand and take them home with me. But just as I thought that, another more compelling voice said, "why not just leave the sea shells where they are so that other people can also admire them."

With that being said, I felt a great sense of the Zen statement "perfect non attachment.

In fact, all things should be left just as they are, in its true essence.
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When Indians native to North America said that they coud speak to the plants and animals, they were scoffed at as lunatics.

But today you see people talking to their dogs, cats and birds just like their children. Whose the lunatic now?

Maybe they got the natives statement all wrong.

Animals may not speak verbal words, but more of a telepathic type language.

You can't assume that animals are stupid, plants aren't conscious, stars are just a ball of fire, and planets are only composed of lifeless rock.

Our entire Universe is a living breathing alive and cosmically conscious Universe.
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I was talking about beings from other planets and other worlds, and just as I uttered this, all the power went out.

Oh! So might say.

I don't see extraterrestials as something to be feared like we see in Hollywood's science fiction movies, but I found it odd that the power went out when I spoke on the subject.

We were not having heavy winds or a thunder storm, and when I looked out the window, everyone else's power was still on.

Am I saying that the extraterrestials were responsible, or that it was some kind of sign?
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Have you ever thought of the possibility that people who you thought were human could possibly be someone from another planet or another dimension? If this were true, I'm sure the being would not reveal himself or herself as to who they were or where they were really from. Even if they did admit where they were from, most people would blow them off as a psychopath or playing a practical joke.

Only a skeptic or someone who was gullible would believe their statement. But the state that our planet is in, I wouldn't be suprised of the needed visitations.
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Some of us are still prisoners eventhough we may not be handcuffed or locked in an iron bar cage.

We are prisoners to the lives we believe in and the lies we tell ourselves on a daily basis about who we really are.

In order to be truly free, then we must be honest with ourselves and the world that we live in.

This may mean admitting to oursleves what we are not or have been led to believe about ourselves.

It may mean questioning everything you've ever learned down to the last alphabet.

We shouln't be afraid to reexamine.
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As the crimes of humanity increased, so does the technollogy to catch the crimminals.

I heard of a case where a man was convicted 60 years later of a murder he commited, because 60 years ago DNA technollogy was not available.

But even with all the technollogy of the crime labs, it seems that the crimminals are one step ahead, because now the intelligent crimminals are using technollogy as well.

But one has to ask who is the real crimminal. It has been proven that even law enforcement has ranks of corruption.

Either way it goes, crime just doesn't pay.
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The night always abounds with mystery, especially in the wee hours of the night when most people are asleep in the dream world.

I observe people as they sleep while being completely oblivious to the fact that I am watching them.

How would you feel if you woke up and someone was standing at your bed staring at you? Wouldn't you feel violated?

It's hard to believe that we sleep oblivious to our outer environment but live in an inner world of dreams.

Just as I watch people sleep, I'm sure I'm being watched by something that I can't see.
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I've been trying this alert relaxation program where you go to sleep in an alert state but relaxed. The idea is to stay alert enough so that you will be in an alert state once you start dreaming.

When you are alert in your dreams and know that you are dreaming, this is called lucid dreaming.

And what do you do while lucid dreaming?

All the things you would never dream of doing in the so called waking world. You can fly, talk to complete strangers with confidence, turn a spoon into a flower, or turn into a mystical lion.
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While out, and about, the bottom foot sole of my right sandal started coming apart, so I bought some super glue at 7-11.

But I didn't do any shoe repairs until after I left the library. I know it looked tacky repairing my shoes in the public, but their wasn't so many people around. Besides how many of the onlookers were willing to buy me a new pair of shoes? So I could really care less.

Super glue has turned out to be my poor mans survival element to spend money I really did not have. I am financially poor.
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I painted my daughters' room a moon yellow and later will add a light violet as a complement color for another section of the wall.

While painting I listened to some old school Santana. The music brought me flash back memories of a Spanish wedding I attended, to do security at.

I was my own contractor and asked by my Aztec sister to do security at her wedding.

Further beyond this, I had memories of the neighborhoods I grew up in, schools I attended, girlfriends, girls I turned down and later regretted and the list went on.

Singapore is different.
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In terms of our world and Universe, I would say that it is more of a symbollic interpretation at its essential roots versus being a translation of words.

I reflected on how the Egyptians communicated using symbols called hieroglyphics. The Mayans and Aztecs also used glyphs or symbols to communicate their language.

The only language in use that I can think of that uses symbollic symbols to communicate today is Chinese and Japanese. Each written symbol called a character.

Returning to our Universe, for a moment try not seeing the Sun as a word, but what it symbollically may reveal.
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You will only put the effort into whatever you are doing depending on how much thought you put into it. For instance, you will never take something like prayer seriously if you don't see it as bearing any effects.

However, if you viewed prayer as an act that was sacred and put significance on every word, sound, and movement made during prayers, then your prayer would definitly bear greater effects compared to the person who sees prayer as a few body movements and mumbling words.

You are what you think.

Your thoughts are ingraved into your brain turning into habits.
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If you ever cut an onion, besides it making you cry, onions are full of layers of skins. As people we are also like onions. Each layer represents an aspect of ourselves that we have accepted as being our true selves when in fact it is not. I call it layers of artificialty.

If we were to analyze each layer of these artificial aspects of ourselves and eliminate the false characteristics, we would come closer to realizing our true aspects of being and with each removed layer move closer to self realization and Enlightment.

We would come to know Truth.
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Rap music is almost equivalent to the 'Voice' that speaks for Black people and the conditions of life they are in and why they are living the way that they do.

Other people dance to the music but don't even know what the lyrics are about or about the suffering and pain of Black people.

Rather rap is positive or negative, it still gives you a different perspective of consciousness.

The real rappers were back in the 60's and the 70's called the Last Poets and were scene as a threat by the F.B.I.

They were rapping about real life.
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It is amazing how our technollogy has advanced to where we can tell how a mummy died centuries ago before our time.

The Tibetan mummy....

"Who was he?" they said.

Oh!, he was a monk in some strange meditation posture that is considered dangerous if not done properly but can bring supernatural powers if performed correctly.

By the way, did you know that China discovered America in 1421 versus Columbus discovery in 1426?

Kung Fu originally began in India, except it wasn't called Kung Fu.

Have you ever thought of getting your home Feng Shuied without being shammed by Shamlock?
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In the movie Sphere one of the specialist starring Samuel Jackson is reading a book called '20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.' It happens to be the title of an actual book and movie and not just a stage prop.

I only managed to see 1/4 of the movie. It's a group of people who are living on this gigantic submarine, and survive solely on what the ocean has to offer. In other words, they don't have to depend on other societies and governments of the world and live real independent lives that most people only dream of.

Independence is freedom.
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If you ever wanted more time to read the library books you checked out, or bought from the store, or to pursue your interests in learning a foreign language, all you need to do is sacrifice your television.

You can throw it over your balcony if you want, but make sure there isn't any people below.

Who would like a tv or a piano to fall on top of their head?

It's not that television is evil, but all the nonsense bullshit that is on it.

If you were to filter out all the programs, most wouldn't be worth watching.