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If we could live our everyday lives the way we move about in our dreams, we could learn how to be happier people.

In our dreams our consciousness is more clear and our bodies are lighter because we are not carrying things or mentally holding on to our possessions.

Our hearts are more open and we are more curious. Every object seems to represent some symbol or meaning.

We realize that when things go wrong in our dreams there is always a way out.

In our dreams we are not afraid to venture out into unknown territory or unknown planets.
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"Turn over on your back,"she said "we will start from the front.-

I really hated the idea of paying for my massage, but if she is a professional then I hoped I would get my moneys worth.

She was in her 40's, but very strong with her massage techniques. As I received my massage I had some memories of my past. I began to think that pain in our body was due to past wounds in our life that have never healed. Massaging our bodies helps to release our past pains and inner blockages within our complex meridian system.
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The Achievement and Dimensions of Love

For some, love has its limits. Some will love fancy cars and wealth more than they love their own families. Some will love drugs more than they love their spouse. Some will equate love as being a pure sex act and nothing more or buying a dozen roses on Saint Valentines Day.

But how can a person love others and express love if he or she does not love themselves.

Many people will love their children and their family members, while an exceptional few will love unconditionally without favoritism, prejudiceness, or all the isms.
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I have always given credit to people who are fluently bilingual in two different languages. But people who speak three more languages fluently have gained my esteem.

Learning a new language is not difficult if you start from the basics such as learning the alphabet first and then small words second like "yes,""maybe,""no,"and so on.

Then learn basic phrases like "I don't speak Swahili,"or "please don't rob me in French."

They say that once you learn a second language the third one is easier and the next become even easier because you have attained multilingual skills.
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Scientist have broken down most of our material world into its minute components and have informed us what the various components are composed of and their countless continuous chitter chatter about what they claim to know.

But what has mystified them most is the life force, mainly because they have not been able to dissect the life force under a microscope and tell us what the components of the life consist of besides the oxygen we breathe in and the carbon dioxide we breathe out.

But where does the life force go when we die Mr. Scientist?

"We're not sure"!!!
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I went to the hospital in Little India to see my sister in laws daughter that was born at 1859. I saw the rows of babies in tanks wondering where were their mothers, and what did life have in store for their futures.

Seeing these babies brought me memories of when I witnessed my first live birth on New Years by my sister.

Delivering life is a miracle. My second live birth I witnesses was my daughter who was born under water. That was the most magnificent birth Id ever seen, being that most babies are born today very modern.
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How long has symbols held a powerful impact on the minds of human beings?

How can one symbol have so many meanings and interpretations?

But what is even more amazing is how we have given sounds to alphabets.

Alphabets in truth are merely symbols which we have given meaning.

A few people got together and agreed that "A"would have a certain sound and written as such and such.

Later alphabets were put together as a whole forming what we call today words and languages.

So now a language can be either spoken written or transferred as transferable telepathic messages.
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All in the news, people are making it seem so tragic that the Pope of Rome died as though the Pope was granted eternal life or knew the secrets of immortality.

The Pope was a man just like my grandfather is a man and my great grandfather was a man.

Death does not play favoritisms or leaves no one off his list.

Death would never say "oh this is the Pope I better leave him alone, because many people adore him and consider him special.-

I know some people are happy he died because they said he was The Beast.
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Each day we wake up we should have at least one item on our list that we are looking forward to do or something to accomplish.

We shouldn't look at life with enmity and dread. If we feel so miserable about the life we are living we should ask ourselves the reason why.

Birds sing cheerfully in the morning even when it rains. The Sun always shines when it rises, and the stars always shine during the night.

One should learn how to be patient with the life process and not expect things to happen all at once like abracadabra.
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It's true!

One thing women will tell most men is that they do not listen.

What does this mean?

Does it mean that men are not intuitive or that they are losing their sense of hearing? Men should listen. But not just to the voice of a woman, but to that whispering voice within him.

For some, their may be more than one voice. One voice telling us to do good things, and another voice telling us to get down and dirty.

On a higher level our listening should be, to the silence within, minus the commanding whispering voice sounds.
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I was reading the storybook Kokopelli and the Butterfly that she had got for her fifth birthday and found the story interesting as well, as I read it.

Im 100% certain that my Native Indian Brothers had prophets and holy men during the times when Mother Earth had not been raped and was still a virgin.

I read the description of how beautiful the Earth was then. Unpolluted air and water, various plant and animal life species that no longer exist today. I realized that Earth at that time must have been a beautiful paradise.

Who can restore our planet?
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I was going to listen to a cd but then something told me not to listen to the cd but to listen to myself and the sounds of my surroundings.

So I took a shower and as I showered a voice said "everything you ever want or need is already inside of you."

I responded to the voice by saying this is true.

Earlier on my way to my bus stop home I saw this cute school girl who looked at me and had "I am available,- written all over her face and, "give me your number and I'll call.-
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There is a saying that you can tell alot about a person by looking at a person's photograph. This is why some people don't like their photographs to be taken.

I looked at her passport photo and her green card. Who she is, is not important.

But as I looked at her photo I sensed something a bit unknown in her eyes. I tried to look into the eyes but only could see some deep maybe dark secret.

In person she appears kind and I rarely ever get physical eye contact with her.

I don't know what's inside her mind.
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While sitting down inside of the shopping mall I saw an extraterrestrial rushing out of the shopping mall in a human disguise. It was wearing a woman's wig, blue jeans and a light blue long sleeve shirt and some extremely large sunglasses.

What gave the disguise away was the way that the alien walked which was not human at all. The structure of the body was definitely not human at all.

I could sense that the alien was reading my thoughts and walked awkwardly faster and disappeared on the main highway, where all the traffic was moving.

ET phoned home.
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Most toys made for children aren't made to educate them in any kind of way.

Most toys are made for profit regardless to its effects made on children. Give another hand to the capitalist and the manufacturers who work for them.

If toys were made so that children could learn and play at the same time the world would possess more intelligence and less foolishness. The same goes for cartoons.

Animation is a great avenue for communication for children, but do cartoons have to be so violent.

Cartoons could be used to teach children knowledge instead of teaching them violence.
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They have boasted at the invention of the automobile and airplane as a great advancement for man in means of faster and so called convenient transportation, but they failed to acknowledge the damage that their machines of steel have done to the environment on Earth.

So what they have called an advancement is really no advancement at all.

The fumes emit toxins harmful to humans, plant life, and animals; the oil used for the engines has found its way into once beautiful oceans which now threaten much of our marine life, the ozone layer is depleting.

Is this really advancement?
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"The world is evil and wicked,"I hear some people say, and that the world is corrupt.

I say, "no my friend its not the world that is evil and corrupt it is the people who live in those world that makes it that way."

Why are some countries more safer to live in than others?

It's because of people that environments are made the way that they are. People produce environments; environments do no produce people, but can have an effect on their well being.

If I knew an organization was corrupt I would never want a leadership position.
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They strut in their business suits and fancy cars working in the corporate world, with their noses held high up in the air as though they are untouchable. They know so much about their jobs, the latest stock exchange and graduated from a pristine university. They have these things but know very little about life or its basic principles. They are usually atheist and see themselves as their own providers and that no calamity can touch them, not even death.

How sadly they are mistaken when truth slaps them so hard that they spin back wards into another time zone.
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Prostitutes are looked down upon by most societies, except for the men who pay for their services and the pimps who profit from them.

No one ever asks a prostitute why she is a prostitute.

I saw a beautiful prostitute who could have been a Queen, but was selling the sacredness of her body instead.

I asked her why and she said to pay for her college tuition because the government wouldn't help. Talk about desperate measures.

Others might be poor, little education, have family or no family at all, and down in the streets.

Here comes pimp daddy's rescue..
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I felt like I had just landed my spaceship from another planet, on some back road somewhere and got on the bus. People were looking at me, like I had one eye, six fingers and a tiny small mouth.

Then while sitting down, I was writing some African alphabets inside of my exercise book and people started looking at me like I was some kind of voodoo priest conjuring up a spell of some sort.

But it's been like this for ages, when people come into contact with anything African they say its weird, strange, and not of this world.
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I know for a fact that we are being programmed daily just like a computer is programmed, because I caught myself with just a little bit of awareness, making presumptuous interpretations regarding the environment in which I was walking in.

Everything I was saying was something I was either told in school, television or somebody else.

Rarely are our thoughts genuinely our own because we allow people to think for us without asking questions or doing our own investigative research.

So to free our minds we have to delete the programs and reaffirm what is and what is not.

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Have you ever met someone once, who left a lasting impression on you? You will probably never forget this person. You can say it's due to their character.

I've been looking at people all day today asking myself the questions what kind of character does this person have. I saw that some people had characters not even worth talking about. They had characters like animals and had a lack of morals.

What makes people stand out from the rest of the crowd?

How does one evolve his character?

One simple way is to change your mode of thinking and actions.
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There is more to life children than riding bicycles, roller blades, and hoolaing the hoola hoop.

There is much that your government could teach and show you, but he prefers to keep alot of useful and resourceful knowledge hidden and available for only a few.

The real government is suppressed.

Its your political activist, locked in prisons, gunned down on the streets or extradited from the countries they were born in.

It's your great spiritual leaders who are silenced, and ridiculed in the media, or lied on.

It's your warriors struck with three strike laws rendering them incapable of defending.
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While on duty at work I spent most of my day reading the Kama Sutra scriptures. I didn't know that the subject of Kama Sutra is so extensive, that it covers volumes of books. You would never be able to fit it all into one book.

The book goes into details about the different types of touches, the different types of ways to kiss the lips, the different types of ways to touch the breasts, and the different ways to insert the rod of inspiration.

I also didn't know that Bali was a demon that tricked his way into power.
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This issue about being psychic should not be viewed as something that is far fetched. If one understood the concept of how a radio or television receives and transmits, then anyone could tap into their psychic power.

But being psychic is not some phenomenon; it is as natural as seeing with the eyes or hearing with our ears.

The key to tapping into our psychic abilities is by making ourselves receptive and open to any impressions that may come.

The difficulty lies in not letting our personal egotistical judgmental mind get into the way. The mind that condemns, ridicules, etc.
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"It's been a long time since I've known your name,"she said. "What is your name?"

I told her and asked for her name. We always say hi to each other but don't know each others names. She is on the heavy D and the boys' side and has a big booty, but she has a nice personality.

I've noticed how fat women seem to be very jolly and fun like people and sometimes delicately in their ways while some skinny women tend to be some real bitches.

Excusez mois franÃÆ'§ais, mais toute la vÃÆ'©ritÃÆ'© et rien que la vÃÆ'©ritÃÆ'©.
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We work with people everyday for those of us who have jobs. These people we work with we call our co-workers or colleagues. But outside of our jobs we know absolutely nothing about the people we work with.

We don't know what kind of lives they live outside of the working world. We don't know if they have hobbies, aspirations for their future and so on unless of course we ask.

But a lot of times people don't want you knowing about their personal business and sometimes asking, is like your're intruding or you're some private investigator, FBI, or CIA.
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She would like to possibly live in California.

I've been there long enough to know what its like.

Its nothing like what you see in the movies which in many cases is over exaggerated.

Going to California does not guarantee you'll be successful or you'll be a movie star in Hollywood.

Do you know how many people who wanted to be movie stars were rejected?

"Sorry kid, hit the road, you don't have the face were looking for and all the butt kissing in the world isn't going to get you a leading role with Bruce Willis or Samuel Jackson-.
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Making love in the early morning hours during the sunrise has its ways of making you feel good throughout the day and about yourself. Making love boosts your self esteem.

You have to be real, and truthful with yourself for what you are.

This means living with your mistakes and faults, but leaving the back door open for correction to come in and amend them.

If we have regrets about our past deeds but truly remorseful about them, then we should just let them go instead of holding on to them, allowing our past to torture our present eternal moments.
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I am turning off the television which is telling us his vision. He is the one in advertisements, commercials, movies etc, telling us what car we should drive, what TV dinner foods we should eat, how we should dress, what cigarettes to smoke, what alcoholic beverages to drink and that this is the best way to live.

Now I am tuning in to the Universal Intelligence Channel. On channel UIC there are broadcasts coming to Earth; from various Planets and other Star Systems through our major network called Sun. There is a multidimensional Cosmic Universal lingua franca in transmission NOW......