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I dug several travel brochures out of a shopping cart basket that was destined for the recycling bin. I was intrigued by the many travel destinations that Emirate Airlines had to offer, Oh how I want to go to these places and so many more. I don't want to wait until I am old to finally realize these destinations.

Where will I get the money being such a poor man financially and monetarily wise?

Rob a bank and wind up like all the heroes who always die before they make it to paradise. A good guy in wolfs clothing plotting.
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After making love and falling into a deep sleep,
gently awakened around 4 am in the morning
by soft thunder sounds,
I could see flashes of light on my closed eye lids from the light and after this as in a sudden applause rain came down pouring like it does in the Amazon rain forest. This put me into a deeper sleep and I had really wished I didn't have to go to work today.

22 hours later I watch a documentary on traveling to Morocco and fall asleep on the program going into another deep sleep again.
Dreaming sweetly.....
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I should not allow my thoughts of the future or thoughts of my past affect my present moment.

"But what if,- is a phrase often used by people all over the world. The phrase alone already denotes doubt. But what if I don't make it?

Having doubt in your own ability to do something signifies failure from the beginning.

I want to master the higher aspects of my being but look how fake I act around certain people.

Being fake takes me completely out of my character.

I don't want to step on delicate toes so I act so fake.
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I walked down the sidewalk and noticed my mind trying to make sense out of the things I was seeing. The grass grows like this because of x, y, and z.

We must stay constantly aware of our thoughts I said to myself; but observing our thought process is not as easy as it seems because the Mind is easily distracted.

So as a man thinketh so is he. A wise poor man will think himself out of poverty. A foolish poor man will only make himself more miserable by his thoughts.

Thoughts are subtle forms of energy and powerful.
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Man made things like computers, automobiles, missiles, bridges, buildings, et cetera as a result of his thoughts Nothing comes into existence without being a thought first.

But something superior than man made such things as stars, planets ,moons, plant life, chemical elements, insects, et cetera.

If a man's thoughts were powerful enough, maybe he could produce a living organism, but that would take a knowledge far superior than any school institution on this planet.

If the Supreme Mind is the only true reality, then shouldn't we try to reunite with where we came from? The Mind of Supreme Intelligent Thoughts.
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If there was no such thing as God, then woman would be the next thing to worship; especially Black African Asiactic women.

You can compare Earth and the woman in many ways. They both bear seeds which produce something they both nourish and feed.

But I think the Earth would be the first to worship and then the woman if there was no such thing as God.

People come from the woman, men awe and do all kinds of things for a woman.

Some women make grown men cry making them crouch on the earth in fetus position begging mercifully.
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I sensed people looking at me rather strangely as I was staring up into the heavens with a book in my hand.

I was trying to confirm for my own self assurance that I had properly charted out Ursula Major and the Big Bear constellation.

My neck started hurting after awhile and the view wasn't completely visible because of the tree leaves blocking my view. I was surrounded by mostly hi rise apartment complexes.

People will always think the worst of what a person is doing. So in my case I was a peeping tom instead of the humble stargazer.
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Best of friends usually have the same interests, likes, dislikes and so on. People will like you according to how you act, and if you don't act according to their expectations then you are disliked.

It's almost like a movie. If it's good you'll stay and watch, if not you'll just get up and walk away.

I was staring at the stars again tonight with bird watching binoculars. I could hear people say, "what in the world are you looking at? What an idiot!"

I suddenly realized that if people didn't find stars interesting, then they had lost their humanity.
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Its true that we should respect our elders and that we can learn alot from them.

I see this one old man sitting down like many old men I've seen before and old women.

They sit and just watch, rehearsing in their minds how things used to be when they were growing up and how fast things are changing now. Along with this rehearsal they wonder what this world will be like after they die and if there really is an after life or a heaven and hell.

Some say they fucked up their lives and others?

Lived it well.
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Why doesn't God answer my prayers people say? I pray so hard and get no results.

Maybe what you are praying for is not meant for you. Maybe He wants you to discover something in yourself that you do not know exists.

But then the question goes, is man master of his own destiny?

But before a man can speak of determining his destiny can he master simple things such as doing routine exercises, eating good healthy foods, speaking words of truth, treating people and life forms with the highest and sensitive respect.

If he can't, "how to master destiny-?
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Does man have a destiny or not?

If he does, how many fulfill their destinies before they die?

If you see how this world is designed (with most things based off technology and money as its source), there is no way a man can fulfill his destiny or potential without being sidetracked by the materialistic theories of this world.

As long as we have greedy and selfish men in power within the systems of government, humanity will continue to suffer and devolve.

Our world in 2005 should be much further advanced than it presently is.

Who is fulfilling their destinies?
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Two candles, two flames producing a warm luminosity upon the walls, casting shadows of two lovers in love.

Lips upon lips and other sensual zones within and without the body.

Do you think other people can see?

The candles are so bright. I don't know....

One candle and the second candle was blown out. The light cast disappeared, but the warmth did not.

You are so forceful and aggressive.

Its called passion.

The neighbors thought they were going to be treated to an X rated shadow puppet show from the candles flames.

But I am sorry, this moment is sacred.
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Of what purpose is one living if he does not know who he is?

It's the problem with today's society. Lost with no hope, on dope, can't cope with the basic facts of reality or the basic laws of life.

But what is worse than this is not having a culture, religion or way of harmonious living, and no direct connective links to your ancestors.

Not having this is equivalent to not having bread or water.

Because what use is it to have the good things of life without knowing who you really and truly are.

Who are you grasshopper!?
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We discovered that she had written down our names to send to her father to do some magic on us. Or her father knew some one who knew how to do magic with just our names alone. She wanted us to be subservient to her and duped to unconsciousness until even we ourselves would not realize we were under her spell.

Anytime you overpower someone's will without their permission, you are practicing black magic and going against universal laws.

The United Snakes Government is also practicing black magic on the people using subtle and subliminal messages while many are unaware.
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To truly live in the moment one must bring him self down to the most intrinsic and minute details that surround him. Cracks in the windows sill, the baby spider looking for food, the sounds of the various birds chirping in the trees, your own self breathing, the tension in your shoulder, your stomach rising and falling, the air con on your ears, the shadow under your hand while you are writing, your eye moving from side to side and each time you blink, the itch in your stitch, the taste in your tongue, the squirrels in the tree and.......
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I have calculated that it takes a man approximately 15 minutes to take 100 breaths and 1000 breaths in meditation will take you to the mindless gate.

In my opinion Aikido is the best military art, which includes nature and the universe as part of its philosophical and practical way of life as a human being.

Another subject worth studying but not practicing is black magic. Its success relies on those who believe in its rituals, practices and paganistic gods.

But where there is bad, somewhere else there is good, and good always conquers over evil.

History has proven this.
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It is important to relax. It is the natural state of a human being to be in a state of relaxation and calmness in physical and spiritual composure.

The benefits of relaxation bring about greater self awareness of ourselves and others. When we are not relaxed, we miss out on many details of life.

Relaxation is equivalent to a flowing waterfall, while a person in a state of non relaxation is equivalent to a television in black and white with bad reception.

Is it just a coincidence that we are fed so much violence in cinema, television, and children's cartoons?
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When we think of our past we are actually reliving it. We are taking ourselves back in time with our mind as a time machine.

When we think about our future for that moment in time, we are living in the future as well as planting seeds to create it. It should be no wonder why some of our lives are miserable due to our thoughts.

When we think of the present moment, we are truly living. It's only the present moment that we can fully control.

We have power in the present moment to choose, act, discern, and decide.
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I asked myself the reflective question what can I do to be more in tune and in harmony with nature and the Universe. The answer is simply tune in and harmonize with Self first and the rest will happen on its own.

Meanwhile in the secret chambers I reflected on magic and the various types of magic that exist and the dangers of getting involved with it.

People tend to want more after getting just a little and to become corrupted from seeing opportunity even at the cost of another persons weakness.

Preying on weakness like mad hungry vicious parasites.
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Six stepping rules for schizophrenics and normal people.

Thou shall not step on lines or cracks on the ground.
Thou shall not step on flower petals or leaves that have fallen to the ground.
Thou shall not step on ants walking in single file line or wandering ants looking for food for their colony.
Thou shall not step on snails who are trying so desperately to get to the other side.
Thou shall not step on roaches outside of your home unless you are absolutely terrified of them and fear the possibility of being mugged.
Thou shall walk humbly always.
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No one was willing to give up their seats on the bus for the old Chinese woman whose legs were shaking and trembling for standing up so long on the bus.

Is this the essence of life?

The weak suffer and only the strong survive?

Or maybe if she was wise, she would speak up and say, "excuse me young man, would you mind giving your seat up for an old lady like me whose legs are so weak."

Was this a lesson for her and others, how selfish and uncaring people are becoming.

Young school children enjoyed their seats.
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I was so deep in sleep that I couldn't hear my alarm clock going off. The question to ask ourselves is where exactly does our consciousness go when we sleep?

Because for the most part we are mainly unconscious during our period of sleeping.

But when we dream and have dreams, exactly where are these dreams taking place?

For those of us who are conscious in our dreams, sometimes we cant discern if we are dreaming or not. It's as though our consciousness is in the dream world, and were living in it just like in our every day world.
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What is the source of thinking something or the source of thoughts?

How do you possess thought and how do you know if a thought is your thought or not?

Is thought a vibration or a frequency?

If we eliminate all our thoughts will we transcend to a higher level or become like mindless zombies?

Is it true that if we eliminate all of our thoughts that we will once and for all free our minds and reach the Divine Cosmic Consciousness that all humanity should be striving for?

Is it really true that our suffering is due to thoughts?
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In order for me to be more aware of my dreams while sleeping I need to be more aware of this dream while I am awake.

It is quite possible to do in the waking world what we do in the dream world.

Our biggest mistakes is making discernments between the two and classifying what is real and not real.

The waking world is also a dream, because it is not permanent. Things will eventually die and expire at some point in time. Even stars eventually die and so to will our Sun eventually.

The question is what happens next.?
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I have heard some people say that before you die your whole life flashes before you. Something like watching a movie but in reverse, ending to beginning.

But who has experienced that and lived to tell about it? When you die they say you see bright loving welcoming light. I've heard about this on many occasions, but no one has said what happens after seeing the Light. Obviously it wasn't time for them to go yet.

I've heard a theory that this light is a portal or a dimension to another world or to a different planet depending on You.
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I walked out my front door this morning before the sun rised, like I do most mornings and the moon nearly kissed me in the face.

It was mysteriously beautiful hanging below the skyline, leveling with the rooftops of the hi rise flats. It was as though I was seeing the moon in a 3D movie theater up close and personal. I had no time or film to take a photograph, so I have to keep the memory etched in my brain. I wanted to get a chair and just watch this beautiful moon, like watching a very good movie.
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How well do you know your wife, I asked myself? Because it seems that our wives and women in general tend to know more about us than we know about ourselves.

I've noticed that women see differently than men. Women tend to pay attention to details.

They look at your shoes to see if they are shined or not, raggedy or torn. They see how you react or act around other people, facial gestures you make in different situations and so on. Did you brush your teeth, does your breath stink, the type of cologne you wear, your wedding ring........
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I wondered if she was really like a black widow spider. The female will allow the male to mate with her, but she does not guarantee that she will not kill him after the session is over with.

Is she a black magic woman like Santana sings in his song?

Does she have a spell on me, like my ally has proclaimed?

Do I have any proof to prove that she is using black magic?

What could she possibly want from me?

Could I be strong enough to evade her crafty traps, and mischievous smiles and suspiciously flirtatious mischievous eyes?
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I watched this mime as he juggled five or more balls at one time. The precision which he juggled the balls were astonishing. I began to think about the time he put into practicing his skills and the dedications of his discipline to his craft.

The formation the balls made as they went into the air made me think about mathematics and how beautiful mathematics was.

Mathematics wasn't just about numbers or our boring teacher that taught it. We as individuals were made and created through mathematical formations, shapes, inner craftiwork by one of the finest Architects in our Universe.
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You can learn anything that you set your mind to. Just as you learned the alphabets of your language and how to speak and read, so can you also learn anything else.

The key to remember is that Mind is above matter. If you embrace the Supreme Mind you can master anything.

You can master your appetite, unwanted thoughts, overcome your fears, put your hands in fire and not be burnt or levitate above ground.

Eventhough we have natural laws like gravity does not mean we cant transcend them. Once we transcend a natural law it's always called a miracle.
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I translated my own words into Indonesian regarding giving me a massage.

Can you give me a massage?

Bisa anda memberi saya pijat?

Don't tell big sister you gave me a massage.

Tak memberitahukan kakak anda beri saya pijat.

I can pay you for the massage.

Saya bisa bayaran anda untuk pijat.

My spouse read these words and assumed I had asked some strange woman for a massage which is not true.

Just because I write some words does not mean I'm talking to a strange woman.

I also write bad words in French, Spanish and several other languages too.