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I went to the Middle East tonight via the web, the digital and the spiritual web. I could listen to music forever and never get tired of it. It expanses within and beyond consciousness, and yes music is Universal. It transcends logic and reason. There is no need to explain. Music explains itself in its own way. Musicians who become addicted to their instruments become musicians who are worth listening to. For me the best of all music is the music that naturally alters your mind, takes you far away to somewhere distant or very near like bamboo in wind.
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The one thing that makes anything efficient is its consistency. They do it everyday out of habit or self discipline. Ants are good at being ants because they do ant things everyday. They do what is in their nature. You never see an ant trying to be a butterfly or a cockroach.

What is it that we do everyday as individuals besides sleeping, and eating? Animals do the same.

What special skills do you have?

Do you exercise them or do you wait for some spook god to do your work for you?

How are you utilizing your mind power?
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To see the heart beat in its veins on a movie screen, hearing the constant thump of its beat like a loud pow wow Indian drum. See it again in 3D motion with psychedelic colors. The heart beats and beats non stop, sometimes fast and sometimes slow.

Will this go on forever the audience asked?

"Shhhh!"motioned the usher, who had a stern look on his face minus the grin.

It was quiet but the heart thumped in all emotions, and all the various tones of love and hate.

Spirals glistened for everyone to see and suddenly it just stopped.
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If the only purpose for human beings on the planet Earth is to get a good job, a house and a car, then the Universal Will for human beings must be warped.

I see how people work so hard in factories to produce goods for the producers who become rich off their sweat and low wages. If this is not capitalism I don't know what is.

People suffer for the lack of money and bills that must be paid on time to Dr. Who. People can barely afford to see a dentist or even a doctor.

The hijackers of Humanity.
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Try seeing life as a movie and yourself as the Director. You can change the scene in which you are living your day to day life by doing something different. You can change the way you talk and respond to people. You can choose to meet new characters and go to new places.

Life can be a movie because it's full of all the things we experience in life. You can say that movies imitate life. Except in life when you die, you really do die and when you hurt you really do hurt.

You can still have fun though.
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I sit here on the sixth story roof to take my break. It's very quiet here. The clouds are closer and the birds seem to sing more joyfully from this level.

In the stress cracks of this concrete pavement you can see miniature shrubs of green pushing forward; and ants wondering back and forth, which I examine with my magnifying glass.

These two objects will always remind me of my childhood no matter how old I am.

The winds will bring back my fondest memories and whisk me to my homeland, billions of miles away.

I treasure this precious moment.
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If a being from another planet came to Earth and asked you about your Solar System what could you tell him?

What is the closest planet to the Sun?

Does Mercury have any moons?

What if he asked you about Earth? Could you easily name the deserts, volcanoes and land masses on this planet?

What if he asked you about yourself?

How does the process of digestion work? How does your body eliminate waste? How many bones are in your body? How does your brain function?

The majority of us would look like idiots who knew nothing with available knowledge.
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I look at her as she sleeps, soon to turn five and regret that I have not had the opportunity to spend quality time with her.

Quality time is wholesome and is something that you never forget.

The times I spend with her are only brief moments of criticizing her art work in a positive way, having small talks about her day and the monsters in her dreams.

Children dream of monsters because of these crazy movies from Hollywood and fairytale story books.

Don't be afraid of the monsters I tell her. If they bother you, simply fight them off.
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"Gong Xi Fa Cai,"is Chinese for Happy New Year. Today is a New Year for the Chinese. Now we are living in the year of the rooster according to their calendar. They close down all their shops for up to one week so that the entire city looks like a ghost town. Very quiet in the streets and inside of the buildings.

New Years is supposed to be a time for festivity. But it wasn't so festive for the Chinese man who blew his face off while examining a firecracker to see if the fuse was still lit.

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1 Muharram 1426

Today is another New Year according to the Arab calendar which is a lunar calendar.

Did anyone know that lunar calendars are more accurate than the Gregorian calendar based off the Sun cycle versus the moon cycles?

The most accurate calendar that I know of is the Mayan calendar, based on the 13 month cycle versus your usual 12. And how could the Indians possibly be savages when they had a calendar before the Europeans came to their land.

They possessed accurate details of astronomy, mathematics, knew when Venus would be rising and built great monumental structures.
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One single truth is more powerful than 1000 organized falsehoods.

Organized falsehood would be bound to be more successful than disorganized truth. Look at the mafia and the corrupted agencies of the Government as an example.

I used to wonder what the Fire from within was about and what it meant. Was it just a mere metaphor?

It's a fact comrades.

Anyone could feel it if they were willing to do one thing.

Stop eating.

Don't eat for three days.

You are only permitted to drink tea with a bit of lemon juice or honey.

But try with water only.
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Actinium, aluminum, americium, antimony, argon, arsenic, astatine, barium, berkelium, beryllium, bismuth, boron, bromine, cadmium, calcium, californium, carbon, cerium, cesium, chlorine, chromium, cobalt, copper, curium, dysprosium, einsteinium, erbium, europium, fermium, fluorine, francium, gadolinium, gallium, germanium, gold, hafnium, helium, holmium, hydrogen, indium, iodine, iridium, iron, krypton, lanthanum, lawrencium, lead, lithium, lutetium, magnesium, manganese, mendelevium, mercury, molybdenum, neodymium, neon, neptunium, nickel, niobium, nitrogen, nobelium, osmium, oxygen, palladium, phosphorus, platinum, plutonium, polonium, potassium, praseodymium, promethium, protactinium, radium, radon, rhenium, rhodium, rubidium, ruthenium, samarium, scandium, selenium, silicon, silver, sodium, strontium, sulfur, tantalum, technetium, tellurium, terbium, thallium, thorium, thulium, tin, titanium, tungsten, uranium, vanadium et cetera.
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On Mars I'm sure that Martians on one part of Mars do not differentiate from the Martians on the other side of the same planet.

On Earth it's much different. Instead of naming ourselves after the planet we have named ourselves according to imaginary lines on the globe called boundaries.

So you have Americans, Mexicans, Egyptians, Swedish, Russians ad infinitum.

What a way to cause divisions.

If there is any truth in Chinese astrology then my four year old is definitely a dragon, because she is full of so much energy and zeal for life and has a sparkling imagination.
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So who is Saint Valentine and is he really a saint? And why do some people wait 365 days before they decide to show their love and affection?

If Valentines Day is supposed to be a day where one shows his or her love and affection for each other, then everyday should be Valentines Day.

Who is this chubby fellow wearing huggies diapers going around town to shoot people in the butt with his arrows?

Isn't that painful?

Who is the designer behind the heart shapes?

According to anatomical illustrations our heart looks very different from the Saint Valentines cards.
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Our senior control manager stated over the air waves that after work we had a meeting. That's the last thing anyone wanted to hear because his speeches are dull enough to put anyone to sleep.

He claims that he is a Buddhist, but he must be a part time Buddhist by the way he chooses every cuss word in the slang dictionary.

Remember what Buddha says in regards to right speech?

Once he finished his lecture he asked if there was any questions.

There was dead silence afterwards, (this is where the name Silence of the Lambs came from.)

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It is the delicate instrument in your mouth called the tongue that has the mighty power to influence and persuade. People are affected by words because of the meaning that they attach to them.

You are such a wonderful and kind person.

These words are music to our ears, but who wants to hear someone tell them, I wish you were never born ,you are good for nothing and never will be anything.

Worst than this, who wants someone to speak ill words behind their back while pretending to be your friend at the same time.

Guard your instrumental tongue.
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While I am in the changing room getting ready to leave my laborious job, here comes my Chinese colleague bickering about how the company gave him nothing for the Chinese New Year, how the boss eats our wages that is supposed to be paid to us and so on. He talked until his face turned red and I was quite sure that his head was going to explode. I got tired of hearing his frustrations. I wanted to tell him so bad, "don't talk about it be about it. Don't get mad get even, the power is in your hands.-
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Today's journey took me through Esplanade Park to view Botero's sculpture works. Botero is from Columbia, so for me hearing of anything Spanish in South East Asia is very humorous.

There is alot of people out here who never heard of a taco or a burrito.

Botero's works are based on fat sized men and women in various poses.

I found myself to embarrassed to take photos, as all the sculptures are in black bronze in the nude.

I didn't want people thinking I was some crazy nutcase.

I have yet to see his paintings at the Singapore Art Museum.
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When someone has worked and earned their wages, you don't hold their wages back under any circumstances. You don't make up excuses why you can't pay your employee.

Maybe the employee will find an excuse to cut your throat, or rob you when you least expect it to recompense his unpaid wages.

You cannot forget that your employees also have lives to live outside of the job, have families that need to be fed and bills that have to be paid.

So next time, dirty old bastard make sure your employees are paid on time unless you're looking for payback.
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Why do we hear all the negative and violent things that happen on the news all the time?

Why do we rarely hear about positive events in the world?
When something strange happens in our universe why isn't any coverage made about it?

Sometimes if we are lucky we can find a small tiny print article regarding a star that blew up millions of light years away.

Why did this star blow up and emit the light that it did?

They don't want us to ask these types of questions.

Just keep watching your soap operas and partying every night.
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I do not feel like waving to anybody.

I do not feel like saying good morning.

I do not feel like smiling.

I do not feel like laughing at any jokes.

I do not feel like eating anything.

I do not feel like reading today's newspaper.

I do not feel like doing anyone any favors.

I do not feel like being nice to you.

I do not feel like socializing.

So please leave me alone in peace.

I feel like I'm dying and that if I were in a boat that I would swoon at the end of the ocean.
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It's sad that some people on the planet have to literally starve. I read an article about some virgin women from Vietnam who worked in a factory and were only fed one meal a day. People see eating one meal a day as something that is harsh. The truth of the matter is that in long term benefits, you would be better off with one meal a day.

People eat everyday, all times of the day, and have no control over their appetites, or their stomachs muscles.

In a time of crisis they would be easy to manipulate and control.
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We strengthen our egos with these false images that we have of ourselves, which we hold to be the ultimate reality.

We are so enwrapped in these false images we have of ourselves, that we can no longer discern our true self from our false self.

Watch how someone reacts when you tell them they are nothing. They will try to fight with you or disprove your argument.

But they forget that before they were sperm they were nothing.

We were born into this world with nothing and will leave this world with absolutely nothing, returning to the fertile Earth.
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He was not Chinese, but I over heard him speaking Chinese with a Chinese man.

"So you speak Chinese,"I asked him.

"Oh I know a few words,"he responded.

People who say this usually try to be humble, but I noticed that he was having a fluent conversation.

"I can count from one to 1000 in Hokkien,"he continued.

That's quite impressive, but what inspired you to learn to count one to 1000 in Hokkien, and why Hokkien?

Why not Mandarin or Cantonese?

I finished my second cup of coffee and was feeling extremely caffeinated.

Time to go home.
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I went to the Singapore Art Museum to see Botero's paintings. All of his paintings are based on fat women and men in grotesque voluptuous postures.

What makes his art unique is the paintings of fat women in the nude. What's unique about this? Most artists choose women who are slender in size. I noticed that all the fat women in his paintings look like the same person and I wondered if it was an actual model or not. Maybe it was his wife. My favorite painting was the fat woman who was sitting on a bull in the sea.
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From the first day of our conception when we begin to learn our first spoken language, we learn it by constantly hearing it spoken over and over again. We don't learn the grammar rules or even the writing skills needed to write it down on paper; (at least not in the beginning.)

When we are babies our parents don't sit us down and tell us "this is a verb son, verbs describe actions or something taking place. This one right here is a pronoun and denotes a person like he, she, it, mine, yours. Are you getting this down son?-
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He came as a Master in disguise peddling fine silks from the East, door to door in the poor downtrodden ghettoes of Detroit, Michigan in the early 1930's, and was born in 1877.

You can believe it or not.

He has power hidden in His hands but He made Himself appear as though He was just an ordinary man. But there was nothing ordinary about Him.

He has the ability to tune in to a persons mind, weigh the planets, control the forces of nature, speaks and writes more than eleven languages, communicates with the animals, and builds the Mothership.
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Sometimes we have to pay dearly for the mistakes we make in life.

It costs more money to remove a tattoo than it does to get a tattoo to begin with.

It's all done with a laser. The ink breaks up in the skin and absorbs into the body. Can't you get poisoned like that? Isn't it almost as though you're simply drinking India ink?

Our bodies are not designed to absorb inorganic material, and I'm sorry, but ink is not a beverage drink you can buy at the store.

So what are they saying, "that the body absorbs ink?-