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It's not that a birthday or a holiday or even New Years that makes a day special. It's what you do with your day that makes it significant or insignificant.

Today was just like any Saturday to me, except I thought about how far I've come in life thus far, and where am Eye going.

Promises were made and promises were broken. Hurting some and hurting others. I'm a wounded man seeking inner healings.

No need for pitiful stories in this column. Nobody wants to hear it. After all it's New Years.

But New Years does not refresh all things
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To listen with such intensity to the point of being able to imitate voices, accents, pronunciations and sounds.

I said this as I heard her speak Tamil on her cell phone, as I watched the news in Malay, and as the wife scolded her husband in Mandarin.

Listening even deeper to your own inner thoughts and inquiries.

Listening still even deeper for the tranquil silence, even in the midst of a noisy city with its cars, buses, jumbo jets and motorcycles passing by.

The Universe may be silent, but if you listen deep enough you can hear a humming vibration.
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Grandeur green valleys settled on by white cranes scattered like origami figures placed delicately upon the landscape. Their flight so majestic upon landing. After they take off, to where do they travel?

Being in a place we've never been before or seeing something we've never seen for the first time, is enough to awaken our senses to realize there is more to this world than we can imagine.

I took my daughter to her first day of school for kindergarten. I don't remember clearly my first day of kindergarten but there is no feeling like seeing your child's first day.
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Even when we set goals for ourselves it is very easy to become distracted in today's world.

Tell me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the world more peaceful without television, nightclubs, radios, commercial advertisements for the better brand, and the better mouthwash?

With all of today's distractions, it seems we have less time on our shoulder.

When we find ourselves with a lot of time we do all we can to become distracted.

Valuable lessons could be learned by simply sitting down, closing ones eyes and listening within. We'd be mesmerized what our inner voice is trying to tell us.
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It rained early and most of the morning. My socks get wet whenever it rains because I have a few cracks at the bottom of my shoe.

The man who does things makes many mistakes, but he never makes the biggest mistake of all-doing nothing.

This was a quote by Thomas Jefferson, and there is nothing spectacular about Mr. Jefferson besides his face being on the twenty dollar bill and his face carved on some mountain.

I like the quote but I think Jefferson stole it and claimed as his own just like Columbus claimed America as his own.
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People will agree that the prophets in history were of course men. They even agree that angels were also men, but divine men sent by God for various purposes.

The song by Joan Osbourne titled "One Of Us- she says in one of her lyrics, "what if God were one of us.-

People don't believe this part, but their books are full of descriptions of God being a man.

He talks and will judge man face to face. Spirits are immaterial and do not have physical form or vocal chords to talk. God also walks and eats in the scriptures.
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How can you possibly know where you are going when you have no knowledge of who you are?

If you cut something off from its source, it's not going to function properly.

I read about the many lies the U.S. spread about Cuba and how Cuba still suffers under purposeless sanctions.

I read about the death of Gary Webb who was behind spreading the truth behind the CIA's involvement in introducing crack cocaine into black inner city neighborhoods.

I read about how the U.S. dollar is losing more and more value.

I see how America can be the modern Babylon.
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I reflected on racism and all the ism's classified under it. It was my theory that racism should be classified as a mental disease and recorded in a medical journal.

Racism is a disease of the mind and causes a persons perception to be distorted. Racism isn't just having prejudicial thoughts about a person because of their skin color, but it can also be because of a person's culture and the distorted views a person may have about that person's culture that causes them to prejudge.

Classifying Africans and the Red Man of the Americas as savages was really wrong.
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It's not the children in the world that are a problem, but the deranged adults who lead them.

Columbus discovered America and thought it was India, so he called the people on that land Indians. They never called themselves Indians nor Native American Indians either, but the name has been stuck on them until this day. America was not called America before Columbus discovered it.

Africanus the explorer discovered Africa and called it Africa after his name and named the people Africans. They never called themselves this nor did they call the continent Africa.

So what was it called before?
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It was something I did not want to see, but my Eye was revealing it all, and I started to get a headache in my left temple.

I was seeing evil all around me. The people I was seeing did not seem like people at all. I was seeing and sensing their evil vibes, their evil thoughts, and their evil intentions.

I saw the so called businessman who was married. I wondered how many women he would sleep with this year.

Why did all these people come to the company's party when I know they didn't want to be there?
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It seems that the richer a person is financially the more stingier he becomes.

You say you are rich but won't even buy a cup of coffee for your employees.

You cry about parking fees at two dollars and ten cents.

Now I understand the parable that the rich man would never see paradise until the camel passed through the eye of a sewing needle.

The rich man forgets that he came into this world with nothing and he will leave this world with nothing.

So what is wrong with him, that he can't share his wealth with other people?
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Everyone wants control and false assuming power; to have people worshipping at their feet and to kiss their smelly stinky butts.

Would you like anything else with that sir/ madam?

Shining apples.

If these people became kings or rulers we would be better off committing suicide, but we have them already.

The moment you see other people as lesser than you then you have already began to psychologically damage your brain cells which will be doomed to be short circuited and then you'd be just another madman like Hitler and many other mad deranged insane lunatics out roaming the streets.
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Before a child learns the spoken language it learns how to read the facial expressions first.

It's the unspoken language that actually speaks but in a different way.

Dark gray clouds will tell us its going to rain. We don't need a weather man for that.

Seeing a wave higher that a two story house will tell us that its time to leave the beach and fast.

Then there is that language that cannot be explained. It's when we know something, but don't know how we know it.

A relative has passed away but no one has told us this.
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Legend has it regarding an old Black Kung Fu master who lives in one of the biggest parks in the Black and Latino neighborhood.

He has long natty dreadlocks and a long sifu beard. Some think that he is an uneducated bum.

Many people don't know that he is a master monk of several King Fu styles. Styles like the praying mantis, crouching tiger, and invincible dragon are just some of the styles.

Children have seen him meditating in the trees, break glass with his bare hands, levitate above ground for several minutes and walk across the neighborhood's park lake.
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If your heart is not pure the mysteries will not reveal their secrets to you.

A modest woman will not lay in the bed with just any man.

Evil men think they can gain secrets of the Universe using tricknollogy methods, and by forceful methods. The results of these methods bounce back on them like an Australian aborigine boomerang; tracking them down, placing rings around their necks choking them to near death.

Meanwhile the holy ones in hidden and unhidden places keep the secrets among themselves and guard them.

Those who know, don't tell and those who tell don't know.
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The Taj Mahal looks like a great mosque, but it is actually a burial dedication to Shah Jahan's wife Arjumand Banu Bagam. He had this constructed after his beloved wife passed away.

I pondered, "what greater love than this could be expressed to ones beloved?"A simple burial was not enough. There is no doubt that this man truly loved her, because who would spend wealth on something they did not love. But the story behind their love while they were living, in my eyes was true romance.

Not like the trashy .99 romance novels you read concerning unreal lives.
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It seems that the future of Black people, Native Indians, Latinos and people in general was very promising during the 1960's, until the Government stepped into the picture and ruined what could have been a masterpiece.

You had hippies singing about peace and love; Black people talking about Self Empowerment and Black Unity.

It was a fruitful time for revolution with justifiable causes. People were opening their eyes to things going on.

Then leaders of the revolution were slowly killed and assassinated one by one in the same unceremonious way that the wild buffaloes were killed by the passing train.
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Coyote dreams panting in the sunset,

spread my wings hawk style,

gliding into the pale tangerine sky,

soaring higher, and higher still,

still in this mind,

dream mind,

travel on this bus,

backseat view,

no Jews in South East Asia,

How I miss seeing afros, and ghettoes of Kingston on convenient rays

I see how the winds blow through the trees, tickling these leaves as they laugh in high pitched harmonious sounds, as the sun sets.

These magical moments of time, an opportunity to step into the other side.

Don't tell me what you saw, don't speak of the Mystery.
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I don't remember my age when asked.

I wonder how did eighteen years pass so fast with my little brother when the last thing I remember was holding him as a baby and burping him.

Where did all my years go, when I feel like I was just born yesterday?

People who have died seem to be still living and those who are alive seem so dead in a world that is constantly changing from one moment to the next.

Time is fucking our minds while we lose track of history not knowing what is what and who is who.
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There is no material or monetary value that can add up to human companionship.

Children love toys, but no matter how many toys you buy them, they still want love and companionship.

Just because a man buys a woman a fur coat does not mean he loves her if he is not willing to spend time with her.

In a time of crisis, or grief, people want consolation from people; not from a dollar bill or a brand new car.

Money cant talk, and money does not make the world go around.

Love is possible with at least two people.
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I woke up and stared at my dream catcher I received on my 29th birthday 3 years ago and realized that the matrix was known before the movie and before Neo was ever born.

The natives have known about the matrix for centuries, but they did not call it the matrix.

It was realized that all things are a part of each other no matter how small or how great. We are all connected to an invisible web and at the center of this web is the Creator of which we also are a part. All things must coexist together.
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"She said the first thing desired to be kissed were the lips. The lips so full and so tender. And the twin sister of the lips was the vagina. Enveloping and warm all welcoming like open arms. It was where all life came from and where all life wished to return. My pussy,"she said.

On the contrary it is not the penis that is so desired being representative of a big toe or a long piece of seaweed as strange as that may seem, so in quotes, " the penis is not on top of the list of ultimate desires.
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Nevertheless she is one fine sexy fox.

She puts my soul and heart on fire.

I melt like gold into the melting pot all over her.

Her hair glows like the Sun and her eyes invite me to cool spring waters,

her body envelopes me like a warm comforting blanket, transporting me into her milky way galaxy,

legs and arms spread out like branched trees reaching,

reaching for ecstasy in all eternity in this here precious mind and time.

Breathe in breathe out, ahhhh!

Serenity in this landscape,

calling it bliss,

all that is good,

shines brightly within my heart.
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Stay away from them when they are on their cycles. Them meaning women because they can be some real; b...i...t...c...h...e...s..., for those who don't know how to spell.

Sometimes you may wonder if they are possessed by Satan himself or a demon that not even the Pope of Rome could exorcise.

He's a demon too.

Its like going to a cat saying, "here kitty kitty, here kitty, and suddenly without warning, RRRAAAAAGGGGHHHHH the cat lunges at you biting off your ear like Mike Tyson and ripping your shirt to shreds.

That's the woman's menstruation.
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I read in different foreign language books where they state, "don't worry if you are not pronouncing the words correctly when you visit the countries where the language is spoken. The natives will be more than happy to help you.-

I guess the authors of these books haven't traveled much. The truth of the matter is that in the end, pronunciation is everything. Especially with languages like French and Chinese.

See how the natives react when you don't pronounce something correctly. See how the wrinkles form in their forehead and the total disgust in their face in not understanding you.
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I prefer a simpler life even more simpler than the one I am living.

With my present job, I have very little time to spend with my family. No time to walk in the park or listen to the larks. Only brief moments to witness the sunset on my way back home.

But I this home?

Concrete slab pavements, no soft earth beneath my soles.

Walls on every corner, with no views of the trees or the gentle caress of winds.

And a slab of ceiling above me with no view of the stars, or the Milky Way.
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"You are supposed to look at me. Don't you think I'm sexy, don't you think I'm beautiful?"she protested.

First of all I responded, " I don't want to be the idea that you have of me being towards you. Secondly what is beauty? What do you call beautiful? Is it the way you wear your make up and the clothes you wear? Is beauty your pretty face while your heart remains corruptible, full of deceit, poison and lies, and your thoughts reside on every man who might have some money and a nice car? Is that beautiful?-

I think not.
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What was once Persia is today's modern Iran. Even though history paints some pretty pictures of Persia in regards to its arts, culture, and poems in Farsi, others are trying to paint an ugly picture and spread diabolical lies of Iran today.

Iran has nuclear arms, they say. And so what if they do. China and Korea also has nuclear arms to, but will they, the so called liberators go to China and Korea to liberate the people.

Come on, enough with the Bu....Sh...., and even if Iran does have nuclear arms so what. Other countries have them too.
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Initially I intended on fasting today, but found that I became succumbed to a tall latte, halal banana muffins, raisins, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds which really filled me up.

Later in the evening I was over powered by steamed rice with vegetables and curry chicken.

Throughout the entire day I found myself thinking about the Milky Way Galaxy, and wondering about that conspicuous day around 2012 when the Sun aligns with the Milky Way unlocking our inner doors.

Some will probably want to keep their doors shut rather than manifesting what lies hidden behind them.

The truth finally known.
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The question was asked, "so what was life like for man before religion?-

My answer was that there was no need for religion because man was living in harmony with one another and with nature. It was known that their must be a balance in nature for all life to coexist in harmony.

My dad said you don't see pigeons flying to churches, or crows flying to synagogues, so it is realized that it is the animals who are now more in harmony with nature and man on a large scale has lost that intimate harmony that he once had.
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A person's religion is their way of life, beliefs, and practices. Its not just a denomination like Hinduism or Buddhism. A person's religion becomes what he believes and the principles he practices.

In this case, the prostitute has a religion of spread your legs and make money.

The couch potato has a religion of sit on your ass all day long and watch television.

Even the atheist has a religion because he has a set ideology of beliefs.

In this case we must be careful in all things, because this becomes our religion too. Our thoughts, likes, dislikes, et cetera.