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A boy does mathematical calculations in his head without using a calculator. People are calling him a genius. What good can this do for him in the real world?

In school we learn algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, etc. In the world, most of our transactions include basic arithmetic.

I don't need to know algebra to buy a loaf of bread or know calculus to withdrawal money from the ATM machine.

If I plan on building a space ship to take me to Mars, or a submarine that will go down to Atlantis, then maybe this math would come in handy.
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She buried her head in my right side and released her tears there, with her back facing the tyrant.

She is only four years old. When will you ever comprehend that? She is still developing her brain. Like any child she has feelings and emotions too. Were you a perfect obedient child at four years old and listened to every thing that mommy told you to do? Its obvious that perhaps she just does not care. Your frown and discontent with my daughter negates the entire atmosphere. You are creating an undesirable force. I think its better that you smile.
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I've already gone far beyond calling myself all kinds of disrespectful names.

Stop procrastinating I tell myself. Don't go to sleep until the job is done.

There is not one male or female parent who has reared children who can say, "they never felt like slamming their child against the wall or throwing them out the window like a frisbee."

If you are not a patient person, never have children.

I don't know how a three to five year old child could make us just want to blow up.

Is that what human combustion comes from?

People who just……BOOOOM!!!!!!**
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Move here move there. Sign this sign that.

I don't want to have to start all over again. Sacrifice all the things I have bought because I can't afford to ship it overseas. The thought of packing boxes and saying my goodbyes would be a plain dread. I could equate my life with the phoenix, who after reaching its full phased development only burns itself to start all over again.

Or I could equate myself to the nomadic tribe like people who are known to never stay in one place at one time. I don't enjoy the problematic traveling lifestyle.
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"I'm ordering pizza tonight," she said.

That's good, now I won't have to worry about what I will be eating after I get off work this evening, I thought.

When I got home all my in laws were in my house, which I don't mind, because I enjoy their company.

But I thought that it was very cold blooded that no one left me a slice of pizza. Not even a crumb or a piece of crust. I was offered two cold chicken wings.

Wow thanks a lot! I am sure that after I eat this I will be full.
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The fortress walls prevent you from seeing the inside. One man with an AK47 stood in front of the US Embassy. To the left was the British Embassy and to the right was the Australian embassy. I went to the middle one.

"Are you an American," they asked?

"No" I said, "but I have a passport."

They looked disappointed.

I guess the embassy did not feel threatened because I witnessed what I would call poor security. I didn't get patted down and could have easily had bombs strapped all around my body.

Inside, I encountered a bunch of phony people.
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Automatic, push button, remote control, synthetic, genetic, command your soul.

I say that my self discipline tactics are failing me compared to my prior skills. What has happened?

You can't do ten different things at one time despite your eagerness to do so.

I knew they were going to beat this white man up.

He was white in a Mexican bar calling the man who was dancing with the senorita "Pancho!"

"Hey Pancho!" he kept saying.

"Tu madre!" the Mexican responded.

Afterwards the white guy had a 2x4 in his back and about ten different boot prints in his side.
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Mixed nostalgia.

I'm feeling this intense fear and sensing an impeding darkness. I think I'm picking up on someone else's emotions and feelings which are not my own, but who could it possibly be?

Another thought that occurred was voodoo. What if someone is doing voodoo on me. I don't believe in voodoo but I'm a firm believer in the strange and unknown.

I gently force my extra sensory perception to operate. Okay let's see. Something in this home does not belong. Hmmm there is a dead lizard in the storage room. How did that get here? Better remove it.
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I don't want my entire December entries to be about this intense darkness and fear within that I've been experiencing but it seems that it has been my primary focus of discomfort. I can't pinpoint the reason behind the feelings.

Is someone I know going to die soon?

Is a plaque coming soon?

I really would like to know before it happens.

Is it part of some type of transformation since we are living in a time of change?

Everything in the universe is changing.

I know I don't have heart disease.

Call me a sensitive person. Im feeling something.
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Sufi Poet amongst the trees

Daffodils and dandelions,

Petal leaves of green.

Tis to be real dreams

And meditative states of mind

Busied by seclusion

Old childhood memories of boyhood

Imagination evolved into visualizations

Transformed soon to meet

The higher levels of being

Inhaled scents soon to be King.

He continued his pathed walk

From centuries ago

Rose in right hand

Emptiness in left

Consciousness all around.

Stanza Two

How to attain peace in fifteen minutes?

By keeping pace

Not rushing the currents

Balancing the unbalanced clouds

Being careful not to step on ants

Or the cracks in the ground.
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College degrees on recycled paper come to my mind again. More graduates are realizing that having a bachelors or masters degree does not promise the jobs that the advertisements say they do. The only thing a degree says is yeah yeah, so and so took this course of study at this particular school and here's the paper to prove it because we say so. But many graduates are just as dumb before they received their degree and after.

Their are real masters in the world past and present who never had a degree from college institutions or some presumed professor.
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"Mahaba ni tongo" is Key Swahili for, "Love is blind."

"L'habit ne fait pas le moine,"
is French for "its not the clothing that makes a true monk."

"Regardless of whether there are such things as heaven and hell it is preferable to do good deeds,"
is an Ethiopian proverb.

"Sinchi wisayoj kusi songöyoj," is Quechua for "a strong stomach makes a happy heart."

"Ukuzala ukuze lula amathambo,"
is Zulu for "to have children is to strengthen your bones."

"Walk in harmony within the Navajo universe being aware of who you are,"
is of course an ancient Navajo Indian proverb.
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As the winds blew and as I stopped thinking I said this is all a dream. To say that the waking world is really a dream is not a lie. The dream world and the awake world is really not too different.

The only difference is that in the waking world we restrict ourselves more to what we can and cannot do.

In the dream world there is no established government rules to obey, opinions or beliefs.

When we sleep and dream the waking world no longer exists.

When awake the dream world ceases to exist because we aren't participating.
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Involving oneself with the field of the occult is like skating on very thin ice.

If you mention the word occult to most people the first thing that comes to their mind is black magic.

Occult mysteries and powers date all the way back to Egypt and possibly before that.

To the ancients the mysterious was quite natural compared to today's obscurities.

Occult-of or pertaining to any system claiming use or knowledge of secret or supernatural powers or agencies. 2. Beyond ordinary knowledge or understanding 3.Secret, disclosed or communicated only to the initiated 4. hidden from view, unseen
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Since children are brought into this world knowing nothing, they must be taught by parents,then teachers and various institutes. After they have received all these teachings they have to filter for themselves, on what is useful and what does not make sense.

As adults we have to reexamine what we have accepted as truth. How do we know good ones morals from bad ones some people say.

Is it okay if I spit in your face steal your car beat your wife and pawn your jewelry?

Common sense will answer this question but some people don't even have that.
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Ah! La señorita es aquí y thres más esperando en el carro. Everyone bien aquí. Introduce yourself to the señorita. She looks a bit different from the photographs we saw of her but who cares, we know its her.

There goes my privacy to. Now I will withdraw more in my room, browsing through books, turning the radio station, learning seven different languages, or seeking refuge in my computer room to learn about all the things that come to mind that interest me. After that I can look at the stacks of unread newspapers destined to be recycled and reused.
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Is it that everything must have a name? Does knowing the name of something make us so knowledgeable?

Buildings have names as though they were entities. Isn't an address sufficient? There isn't one street without a name.

A name for every river and mountain.

Who gets the privilege of naming things and having it accepted by the entire world?

This planet will be called Mars because I said so. Accept it, write it down, and put it in all the science books.

Human beings are classified put into subgroups and so on.

How about not having a name at all?.
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Buying lingerie for your wife or girlfriend can be quite embarrassing when you are in the panty shop by yourself. At least for me.

I always make it clear that I'm looking for something for my wife. I want them to know up front that I'm not some freak or pervert.

Can I help you sir?

Yes I was wondering how this would look on my wife. Do you think you could try this on for me madam?

That would be a bold pickup line that could come with a right hand slap or a giggle and a brief chuckle.
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Tales of power and true power is nothing like the definition in most peoples minds.

The definition of being this brute force crushing, destructive or an abundance of wealth.

No, I don't think so.

Power's force and definition?…….

Power is as simple as the dust from the moths flapping wings, harmonious entrancement of a sunset, or the voices of a thousand children on an all open playground.

It can be as silent as the cats footsteps or the clicking sounds of several cicadas in the deep jungles of Peru, or a contemplative walk down a path in the mountains.
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I contemplated on Earth and how it was before there were paved roads, railroad tracks, skyscrapers and factories of death emitting vapors.

I thought of Earth when 1000 year old trees were in abundance, oxygen was 100% organic and water did not need to be boiled in order to be drank.

I asked Earth if she remembered these times, and the times when she and the Moon were completely one with its craters and all.

I asked if she remembered when there was a planet in our present asteroid belt and when my ancestors walked upon her face humbly.

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The leader who leads is distinguished from all of the rest. Perhaps he has a different marking on his uniform, or maybe it is the way that he glows, or his light is manifested.

However the case may be the person is worthy of being a leader. Not because of some bush politics or cheating at the ballots.

The leader is chosen because he is qualified, his character is in tact and he possesses noble attributes. He is a role model for humanity. He stands up for those who are afraid to stand and speaks for those who fear speaking.
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I don't want to live the rest of my life hoping and dreaming about my wants and desires. Then in my old age regret I never did the things I really wanted. I've met too many suffering people in old age who harbor deep regrets for not taking actions in their lives. If only I could have done this and that. But as long as you are living its not too late to accomplish what you will. Just don't wait until the last minute.

Live!!!! I want to live life and really be happy about what I am doing eternally.
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We ride this space ship everyday traveling at 10371/3 miles per hour making its elliptical rotation around the Sun on a yearly basis.

We call this Spaceship Earth.

There are more than a few crew members on this ship who are not maintaining it properly. I begin to wonder how they even got on this ship to begin with.

Who is the captain of this ship? Someone needs to let him know, who these crew members are and lock them up. They will eventually sabotage the rest of humanity and cause our utter destruction.

Everybody better be on guard now.
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Scientist already admit that they do not know the full scope and function of DNA. Only recently they have learned about the genome.

The scientist will never know the full scope of DNA because they are only focusing on its physical aspects and neglecting the spiritual and cosmic aspects of DNA.

It's a transmitter and receiver telecast from different Galaxies and Star Systems on what is going on in our Universe and what should be known.

On another level time capsules waiting to go off from within to release transformative energies as we enter into fourth and fifth dimensional realities.
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I am a poet of peoples faces sketched in time scribbled in space.

Where chances of possibilities pass before me

Mirrored images of time trapped

Encased traveling to forever bubbled galaxies

Posted in place

Stance of etched stars and a billion languages

Carried by a race of One

Civilization on the back of one camel named rephrase.

Isolation was his destiny

Surviving was the trick

No longer just a melody

Or the blind leading the blind with a blind walking stick.

Lead me through this darkness,

I see a light in the near distance.

Just keep on walking towards illumination.
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It was more than nine points registered on the Richter scale in Aceh, Indonesia causing tsunamis in the Andaman Sea causing devastation and death in a matter of seconds in Sri Lanka, Thailand, India and Malaysia.

Here I am so close to the region and I was spared from death. At least for today.

Many people were just relaxing sipping coffee, chatting, taking it easy and suddenly a gigantic wave came like Hawaii five O. Drowning some crushing others, pushing cars and buses out of its path like hot wheels from Mattel. Hotels were flooded out like old sunken ships
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I waited more than 72 hours for your love my heart wiltered and wept.

It was what love was made of.

Colors of sorrowful gray mixed with fading pink spreaded upon the canvas stretched across my chest and rib cage bones.

No matter anyhow, since you are bleeding and unfit for receiving.

Blossoms will still blossom and doves will continue to coo and I will still hold on to the beauty that nature has to offer.

Another woman will be waiting for me in secret, no need for you to know, since this man has too much love to hold.
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It finally dawned on me that the dark feelings I felt in my heart in the early entries this month were connected to what happen in the Aceh earthquake. It was a premonition of an impending doom that was bound to strike.

Recent news has stated that thousands of dead bodies are still floating in the water because rescue operations are limited.

I can see fish floating in water, but dead bodies are unimaginable.

They showed live footage of dead babies, children, women and men. If this is not another sign of end times I do not know what is.
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Instead of thinking about how to make another dollar people need to think more about survival.

What do you do when all the fast food restaurants are closed, the grocery stores are looted, and the U.S dollar is not even worth one penny?

What do you do after a major catastrophe, where the only thing you own is the clothes on your back?

I consider myself fortunate that I have not fell victim to the forces of nature that can very easily create beauty as well as destruction.

I will try to donate what I can to the least fortunate.
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One cannot gain if one cannot give. And who is the best at giving?

Red Cross, Salvation Army, the U.N. or the Creator at our time of joining with that EGG in the womb?

We have evolved.

I'm sure we don't think the same way we did in the 1930's or the 1960's.

The things we are faced with today are not the same things that generations before us had to face. But it seems we are evolving more towards our own destruction.

The beast has gone out of control.

Who will be the warrior to cut off Leviathan's head?
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We are essentially in the present moment all the things we have done and thought since our birth until now.

Two black butterflies circle in spirals as in a ritualistic dance.

Continuous sounds of thunder sound off as though seven cannons had been fired off simultaneously.

It's the end of another year. Many did not make it to see 2005, while many will.

Mind sets.
New changes.

To be stronger.

More useful.
Deeper contemplations.

Stick to your gun if you have one.

The revolution will not be televised.

Serene infinity.