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Stayed up past midnight to see an Indian drama of Ramayana performed in Indonesian. After seeing parts of it, I picked up the Bhagvad Gita and the Sri Isopanisad. I read a few pages of the introduction to the Sri Isopanisad.

No one can say that only one book is the one and only book needed for humanity. Truth is truth no matter the source.

There is so much knowledge out there, that it is nearly impossible to learn it all in one life time. It's a waste of time to live on Earth if we don't want to learn.
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The Sri Isopanisad states the following: "The greatest danger of life is the danger of gliding down again into the evolution cycle of birth and death among the 8,400,000 species."

The book does not give a list of the 8,400,000 species, but as human beings with free will and more intelligence capability than animals and insects, then our chances of liberating our minds and souls are greater.

Some people say their minds are already liberated but they are attached to everything available on Earth.

According to this book, in reincarnation some may not come back as human, but something else.
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What could possibly be more important than the Supreme Being since He created all of us and creation?

Sometimes I find it hard to believe that I was once a mere sperm drop, and that I was so small, that not even the naked eye could see me.

I swam with millions of other sperm who had the potential to become a human being. Fortunately I was the 1 that made it to the Egg within that womb of triple darkness of which I survived. All the others died off. I transformed and was brought forth.

Look at me now.
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02:15 am Will someone call an exorcist? My daughter woke up at this time and threw up 3 times before she reached the toilet. She looked like a four year old lost in space. Then she threw up again in our bed around 3 am, not funny at all. She threw up some more at 7:15, 07:45 and slightly before 09:55.

She made me busy the entire day providing maid and pampering services for her. The contents of the vomit looked like rice particles. I learned later on that it was her school who fed her rice.

Get well soon.
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I was born in the Nile Canal
and this city containing so many nights
Illumined iridescent golden colored mystic lights.
Tis this heart that beats so slow,
with memories that makes it glow.
Far back into some time,
only this present moment can truly be mine.
These ancient shadows trekkers past
covering distances near and vast.
I walk don't talk and see into the eyes
past the mask and past the lies.
What's underneath so frightened and hidden;
long lost children stilled and written,
in books that are long forgotten,
collecting dust,
where human beings no longer trust
the Mysteries.
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I went to Orchard Street and Scotts Road. I hate going down here, because there is so many tourists. I've always hated tourists because they turn places into something else. They turn the sacred into unsacred.

I once read that when you go to the Pyramids of Giza, you can find coca cola cans scattered around.

Some idiot decided to go 4x4 driving over some of the ancient drawings in the deserts of Peru.

Tourists make the stars on Hollywood Boulevard seem like they were made of diamonds imbedded with pearls and gold.

The Native American Indians keep things sacred.
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It was a "too good to be true," thrill that lasted for only a few days. All the cable channels I thought I had are now non existent. Star Hub the cable company gave me the impression I had these channels.

It was cheese on a mouse trap. A worm on a fish hook

Want a free sample of cheese cake sir?

Ummm this is good.

Want some more? Okay, then pay for it.

Ohhhhh! I knew there had to be some catch.

Air and oxygen our only free commodity.

Pay to eat/ drink.

Pay to live.

Pray for survival.
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Who was it that called me at 0500 hours in the morning?

I was dreaming a dream I had where I played a part in the Matrix. I was telling friends of mine that I did not recognize, about my parts in it. Then my phone rang.

Ring………… Ring………. Ring……..

I didn't answer it and no one left a message. Now I wonder if I would have picked up the phone, would I be having a conversation with Morpheus or would it have been one of the agents.

Maybe my body would have turned green and metamorphosized on to Zion.
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Today the Republic of Singapore celebrated its 39th anniversary of Independence. But independence from who? Before that who did they depend on?

I always find it interesting in history on how countries gained their independence.

How did the Israelis take Palestine and call it Israel? Was that right?

Europeans who were loyal to the King in England later rebelled and decided to call themselves Americans. But before this they killed scores of Native Tribes to that land.

What can we say about a people whose land had been taken away? Are they still a Nation? What is left to celebrate?
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One can say that people are most human, humanistic, and humanitarian when they are behind closed doors inside of their own homes.

The moment we step outdoors we become hostile and unnatural.

What are you looking at?

I hate you!

I'll kill you, I wish you were dead.

Move off the road asshole!

On the flipside of this we act other than ourselves.

Oh!, I better act nice and docile in front of the boss even though I hate him.

I better act civil in public.

Maybe we should all become actors, because we are so good at playing parts.
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I can't believe that within one day, some asshole stole my black sandals that I had intended to wear after I got off work. Talk about dirty and scandalous. It really angered me deep within.

No wonder why people are so cautious; and the saying, " Trust no one"

It's the petty crimes that should be dealt with harshly.

People talk about corruption. Corruption begins with individuals. Once you get a group of these corrupted individuals together then you have organized crime and I'm not just talking about the mafia. I'm talking about corruption in high places made to look clean.
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The worst kind of person is the one who smiles at you and says good morning to you in your face, but behind your back talks about you like a dog.

You would think that once men reached the age of maturity that they would act as men. But I'm beginning to see that age is just a number. We still have grown men who need fathers and a good ass whipping.

In Saudi Arabia they have a law where if you steal, you get 1 hand chopped off. That's a good law. Maybe the thief will return my sandals.
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Today at the Al Falah Mosque the Imam spoke on a subject that rung a bell of remembrance in my mind. He stated how the Religion of Islam is a product of peace and produces peace. But he said that with all the violence that we see and read everyday in the newspapers; peace seems unimaginable. Lastly he said peace is only possible if there is justice. That's when the protest chant came in my head when thousands of Asiactic Black men and women chanted "no justice no peace," when Rodney King was nearly beat to death by police officers.
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We all know that death is inevitable.

I asked my self the question, "if today was my last day to live, would I do anything different"?

The answer was yes.

For most people I think the answer is the same.

So what are we waiting for? For death to really strike us to make us change, or will it just be to late.

Remember the saying, " live each day as though it were your last." And I add to this quotation "because it might be truly your last."

Thinking seriously about it puts chills in my body and fear sensations.
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I do not even remember what happened on this day. I find that my 100 word entries are not as consistent compared to when I first started. Sometimes I say to hell with this 100 word crap. Besides, how many people are really reading our entries anyways? But just because no one e-mails us to say, "hey man I read your entries," does not mean no one is reading them. What keeps me writing is the fact that I take pleasure in writing about whatever I want to write about. A free channel to express thoughts, ideas, discoveries, et cetera.
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Real power is not being rich and having vaults full of gold and diamonds. Real power is not being able to lift up a boulder and throw it off some mountain, nor is it the ability to drop some bomb on a defenseless village in a poor run down country side.

True power resides in one single element we rarely take notice of. It's called awareness in the present moment.

What are you doing right now?

Are you aware of your breath, the sounds outside of your window, your thoughts?

How does your body feel?

Are you calm and relaxed?
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"I don't have enough time." We say this often. Then the question of sleep came to mind. How many hours do we spend sleeping? Out of all those hours, could we sacrifice 1 or 2 hours of that sleep to do something we really have wanted to do?

But why do we and even animals sleep? Can sleep be mastered to where we don't need it anymore, or could survive off of less of it?

I saw a movie about a man who could not sleep so he read books all night long. He became a superb intelligent human being.
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Is it possible for a person who was considered normal to suddenly become insane?

I know about a man who was studying to become a lawyer due to pressure from his family, and one day he just snapped. Now he lives on the streets of Holly Weird.

People who don't know how to handle stress are bound to lose it. Stress causes gray hairs, anxiety, and countless various ailments. Stress can cause a chemical imbalance in our brains causing us to become psychotics and eventually patients in the Cuckoo Nest.

Some have overdosed on logic and lost their conscious minds.
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No matter what one does to try to cover up the Truth, the Truth will always manifest itself no matter what. Sometimes when it does reveal itself, it comes as a shock to some people who are in their comfortable unchanging minds.

So the shock of the hour is when Truth reveals itself in its many forms causing confusion in the masses while the Rockefellers giggle and laugh. But as people begin to know the Truth and recognize it, there is laughter no more.

Question: Why is it that when truth is revealed alot of people still don't accept it?
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Even after we move on from broken and shattered relationships, parts of that person will remain with us forever, especially if you have children.

We will always have memories of the person that we say we have X'ed out of our lives.

We will remember the best times we had together, the times we laughed, the times we cried, the many celebrations, the times we held hands, the first time we French kissed, the first time we fucked and which ones were the best out of them all.

Sometimes we will remember the arguments we had and the fights too.
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Nowadays you will rarely hear of a woman being referred to as a Goddess. Just turn on MTV, or your local television station.

Some women glee and smile when the pimp says, "come here bitch." Then you have rap groups who refer to women as " I got all my hoes on my jock."

Are the days lost, where the woman is seen as sacred?

In ancient civilizations the woman has always been held with high esteem. Women give birth to us. But women are responsible in reflecting a Goddess if they want to be respected as one. Mothers of Civilization.
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One does not have to be struck by lightning or hit over the head with a baseball bat in order to gain access to his or her psychic powers.

Being psychic should be seen as a natural state of being, just like drinking water is natural.

Our capacity goes beyond just the 5 senses which we strive everyday to gratify.

Being able to read between the lines of a persons word and sentences, body language, and posture, and the eyes are just some simple examples of developing our psychic abilities.

Learning how not to judge a person helps as well.
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Should I call it "Ben the Rat Returns," or what? I saw the shadow from my right corner eye and when I looked into the empty suite, sure enough it was a rat. A big rat. Some have told me that this rat came from the Suki Thai restaurant on the 2cnd floor.

Some of the Chinese cleaners caught the rat in a net. My Chinese colleague kept saying they were going to barbecue the rat. I took him seriously, by the way he kept saying it, it sounded like he had barbecued rat before.

Just don't offer me any.
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The most powerful force in the Universe is Love. Without love, nothing in creation would exist. Love is the root cause for all existence.

An artist paints because he loves painting and the satisfaction it brings.

The gardener rears his garden because he loves his plants and to see them grow.

It's better to love someone than to hate them.

Hate does us no good because it causes division. Division causes differences and differences lead to war.

A tribe that loves its members will produce a prosperous community.

One cannot say he loves if he does not love himself first.
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For as long as the Earth continues to rotate around our Sun and I continue to be granted another day to live, I shall be eternally grateful.

If I live to see my hairs turn gray, I hope that I am in good health, sound mind and good eyesight.

I don't want to lose control of my bodily functions to where I have to wear a diaper, and have somebody wipe my butt. Id rather die before that happens.

In my old age, I see myself tending a Japanese Garden, having lots of grandchildren, reading more books; with latte cappuccinos.
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I don't know why I always feel embarrassed when it comes to buying condoms, especially when most of the people at check out stands are women. I always get weird and different looks all the time. The people in line behind me look in awe and disbelief.

I have never seen anybody buying condoms when I stand in line. I wonder why.

Some women snicker and smile, I never know what's going on in their minds.

Personally I hate wearing condoms.

It's like a gigantic rubber band stretched over your most sensitive part.

I want to feel the cosmic nectar.
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I want lots of children, like how you read about all the children that Abraham and Methuselah had in the scriptures.

So and so begat so and so and so on.

I want to leave behind a legacy for the world, so that when I die I can die peacefully knowing that my seeds will continue on after me.

But how to take care of so many children?

These days are not like the days of old, where you could pick your food out of gardens freely, build a home without a license, and make your own clothes from scratch.
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Government, Politics, and how they dictate the lives of citizens.

You have differences of opinions of which you can or cannot express depending on what country you are in. Voting seems useless if you wind up getting the same old leaders who eventually fuck you over with their lies, false promises and expensive campaigns. I will do this for you if you vote for me. Once in their office, you can almost hear them say, "suckers!!"

The real good leaders are either killed or locked up in prison, or silenced by means of the Puppet Media Broadcasting Lie Television stations.
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Time is only perfect if we are living our lives in the present moment.

We can not relive the past so there is no use in saying "if only I would have done x y and z things would have been different now." What's done is done.

We can't live tomorrow while breathing today. So it's no use in fretting on what will come in the next hour, the next day, or the next week. Where we are now is for a reason. We have power to make changes in the Now, not in some other time that doesn't exist.
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When a baby is born it is not conscious of the fact that he has a face of his own, even with the aid of a mirror. Therefore the child sees every person and every object as himself. Everything he sees is him.

This is true seeing and what the Buddhist calls the Zen Mind.

So in actuality our true strivings in the true sense is to strive for the minds we had as babies. But at the same time keeping our conscious minds, as to knowing not to touch fire unless we are Masters, and not to steal cookies.
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Just stop what you are doing.

Have a seat.

Sit down

Look around you.

Listen to the sounds surrounding you.

Now look carefully.

Couldn't this be all just a dream, like the dreams in your sleep?

How do you know that you are not sleeping now somewhere else waiting to wake up from the longest dream of your life?

Will you cry if you learn that your entire life you lived was all an illusion, and that all your aspirations were pointless and for no thing or purpose?

We live for the moment and nothing else but Eternal Emptiness.