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Some people have the big misconception that if a person meditates that he/ she must be Buddhist. If people did their research they would learn that other prophets meditated. There was Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w), Prophet Isa (s.a.w), and various yogis from India and ascetics in the Himalayas who also meditated. The goal of meditation should not be looked at as a task or a means to attain something. If you try meditating, you can experience how much peace it brings to your state of being. The difficult task is to bring the meditative mind in meditation to your daily doings.
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I never knew the word or what "Sanhedrin" meant until I had read an Islamic article containing the word. I looked it up online and was surprised to learn that it dealt with the high clerics and priests in Judaism.

There is a conspiracy out there that Jews control the world. But it is said, that they are Jews posing as Jews, but in truth are not. Kind of like a wolf in sheep clothing or somebody like Jim Jones claiming he was a prophet, but led all of his followers to death. Some things should be looked at microscopically.
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A copper stoned light that shined only on one human being because it was only one human being who was aware out of millions. No billions it was that walked in the dark shadows. They say the light hurts their eyes and burns their skin. They hated the one that basked in the copper light, but no one bothered to talk to him. Their hate was without sensible cause. The root of their hatred was jealousy and fear of the unknown. Meanwhile the one who basked in the bronze light, setting of the sun, grew in power reversing his age.
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Life is like a soap opera full of drama. So bored at my job this Sunday. But what exactly is boredom? Is it the absence of an experience that we desire versus the one we are actually experiencing? We can't imagine ourselves not doing nothing. Its hard for us to sit at a table without television or some music playing, or some type of distraction. In fact, some may dread the thought of pure silence. Maybe in the mountains. Even when there, people feel like they need to bring their stereo along. Boredom should be dissected on the operating table.
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See the strength of these branches, and soft pedaled flowers perform throughout the day like hawks wings in flexibility.
This rock man who is the hero of the mountain, celebrated by the herbs that nourish him.
Through his samurai budho eyes and the smoky scenery of the sea walks his imagination like a leopard perceptively seen by the wild crow like birds in the trees scattering madly and wildly like the ink of India over thousands of white pages.
And whose philosophy nourishes the Lion and its mane, the Shaman who knows it and chants it within sacred eternal beats.
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When I observe smokers, they seem to be smoking their problems away, when in actuality their problems are not dissolving with each puff of the menacing poisoned tobacco.

They will have more problems in a few years when they are diagnosed with lung cancer or tumors in the breast.

Inhale, exhale the Surgeon Generals warning, you still have not altered your consciousness.

You would be much better off smoking some green herbs. You would smoke alot less of it. Maybe for once in your life you would probably think about things mundane and things not so mundane.
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Nice rain.

Just one more day to go I say to myself and I will be off for a day.

I'm sitting in the lobby on the ground floor of a 42 story building. I suddenly look up and on the second and third level are all these fully opened, different colored umbrellas lining the windows. I felt like I was in a dream.

This is a Zen moment of me being aware of a rare moment or seeing something for the first time.

Enlightment is right before our eyes. All we need to do is lift up the blinds.
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I ate some pasta that was prepared for me, not all that great. Ive tasted better pasta than this in the past. But since I was so hungry, I ate it. About an hour or 2 hours later I felt like throwing up. Nothing came out. I drank some 7- Up which is the remedy for most upset stomachs. I mixed the 7-Up with some Florida Tropicana orange juice. I still feel the same. Luckily I have Friday off so I don't have to call in at my job to tell them. I hope this isn't food poisoning again.
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Today I went to Holland Village. I never been there before. The area looks alot different from other areas I've been here in South East Asia. From what I saw, it seemed like one of those uppedy yuppy rich white neighborhoods. Everything was clean, and everything looked so expensive.

I see classes advertised for learning French. How many people speak French in South East Asia? Most of the times I see classes advertised for Mandarin or a class in learning Japanese, Thai, Tagalog or Korean. But a class in French was like in left field to me. Parle vous Francais?
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I had strong intentions on calling off today. I have been having stomach discomfort since this past Thursday from the pasta I believe. But I stopped by my job to get my pay yesterday. I am sure they will think I am lying if I call in to tell them I'm not feeling well.

It seems most companies are like this. When the employee calls off from the job the boss thinks you are lying. Its almost as though you have to prove you are sick.

Bring your vomit in a bag, your diarrhea, yellow and green mucous for evidence.
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"What did I take away from you," the prisoner asked. "Write it down."

The psychologist wrote freedom.

"Wrong," said the prisoner, "think again."

Finally the psychologist wrote illusions.

This was in the movie Instinct, which had so much truth to it.

What are you in control of? The dial to your radio station, the on and off switch to your lights? Are you afraid to lose control and striving to attain it? We all want to feel in control and fit into societies perfect little niche which is actually imperfect. The majority of us fear being ourselves and becoming emptiness.
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You have gastric and wind the doctor said. You probably ate some dirty food and I doubt it was from the pasta. He gave me an injection in my left shoulder. How I hate needles and people who use them.

Given 4 different medications. My job said I could not leave even with my Doctor's excuse, so I slept in the break room for most of the day. I felt like a hostage. The point of me being at the job was pointless since all I was doing was sleeping. All I wanted to do was go home and rest.
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Sometimes I feel like the character Kane in the Kung Fu series or like the character Clint Eastwood played in High Plains Drifter. Both were travelers who entered unknown towns where for no reason at all, you had a few people who did not like them.

When I go about my ways, I do so peacefully, but it seems that there are a few people out there who sense the peace I experience and try to disrupt it.

It may be dirty looks, making indirect jokes in foreign languages, kicking my back seat on the bus.

Where is my gun?
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If I get to my bus stop fast enough after work, I can take the double deck bus home which is not crowded at all. If I miss the double deck bus then I have to catch the single floored bus which is crowded and then I have to stand up.

I don't know why I feel so awkward standing up on the crowded bus. I often feel that I am the main attraction being stared at like I am some circus freak or something from another planet with antennas in my head, 6 fingers, 3 eyes and green face.
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What happened on my birthday today? I made early love, ate at Indonesian restaurant, after eating I felt like I could barely move. Watched Spider Man 2 which was better than part 1. Received shirt from my wife, recital of the entire Quran in Arabic on cd from my wife's twin sister.

Placed blessed olive oil on my body, meditated before I slept and dreamt about the Red Sea and reading Egyptian hieroglyphics which were not like the hieroglyphics studied by Egyptologist. My sister wished me a Happy Birthday via the internet. Mom and dad probably forgot all about it.
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How can two people who do not know each other possibly make love? The concept of love being distorted. Some say love is sex with another person. But many times people have sex and never see each other again.

Does a man who has sex with a prostitute love her? Or is he just fulfilling an urge and lower desire? How could he possibly love her after she has given up her body so willingly to so many men for a few measly dollars?

Love is more equaled to the gardener who waters his flowers every morning/ keeps bugs out.
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All of our most desired dreams and genius ideas and wonderful thoughts are useless without the right efforts and right actions to back them.

We can sit and think about banana splits all day long. Thinking alone will not produce a banana split. We have to get up, walk to the grocery store, purchase the bananas, ice cream, cherries, etcetera.

Without action we should just forget about all of our thoughts, ideas and dreams.

Within the midst of clouds, forever wavering to the trembling yellow rose who sways to a dance of samba and the song that the winds play.
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To memorize a verse or a prose and recite it more than just poetically.

Playing a sacred tune to a sacred beat.

Some things just cannot be forgotten, no matter how hard you try you can not stop the plant sprouts from bursting through the cracks in the sidewalk.

Life is determined, with a strong will power, sometimes even stronger than hulk sized muscular men whose veins even form muscles.

Somehow a few of us manage to escape through the walls of illusion and for the first time see the other side of the world that appeared to be absent.
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As usual I was the last one awake. I watched them as they slept and pondered and said that when we sleep we are the most unconscious and closest to death. This is how I look when I am sleeping. It is at these points in our lives when we exist in other worlds. The dream world.

Is it possible to sleep and be conscious of ourselves sleeping? According to some yogis, the answer is yes. Is it possible to not need sleep in our lives? I have read about people who have sleeping disorders and cannot sleep at all.
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They thought they were so important with their fancy suits, special memberships and privileges in private clubs and social gatherings, their own offices on the top floors of hi-rise buildings, reserved parking for their expensive cars, dinner at fancy restaurants, and they thought they were better than the starving man who asked them for spare change to buy a bowl of vegetable rice.

They thought they were intelligent while all along the borders of mountains jungles and deserts, revolutionaries were plotting their destruction.

They would cut their throats at their drunken parties, while they snorted and injected their illusions.
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We are like samurai warriors the way we work here. Sometimes under the hot sun in open fields, enduring long excruciating hours.

Working for our lord who is not worthy of lordship, but we are working for our rice bowls and our thatched roofs above our heads.

Some of us are more samurai in spirit than others and follow the Bushido way, while others would not know what samurai or bushido was, even if you explained it to them.

If you give some people a little bit of power they become drunk with it and abuse it just like alcohol
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"Do you like rap music," some people ask me.

"It all depends," I respond. What is being said in the lyrics? Are they talking about pimping women and referring to them as bitches and whores? Are they talking about robbing the liquor store and your next door neighbor, drinking alcohol and losing their minds to the forces of darkness? Then "no" I don't like rap.

Are they talking about empowering the poor, enlightening the masses, ceasing the drug violence, murder and destruction of self? Are they talking about the real criminals in high places? I will listen to this rap.
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I watch the skateboarders from out the window as I have done many times before. However today was different. I went down there where they were and asked if I could borrow one of their skateboards. I let them hold my handphone in case they thought I would run off or something. It has been years since I last skateboarded. High School was my most perceptive memories. I see how rusty I was, not landing most of my moves. But their skateboards were not the type I liked.

Skinny, loose on both ends, and hardly a tail. I'm leaving now.
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It was sad how they beheaded the Korean in the manner that they did. Especially after he gave his anti Amerikkka speech aired live on Al Jazeera television.

Saddam Hussein says we don't have nuclear capability and we are not producing weapons of mass destruction. Amerikkka destroys and bombs Iraq.

Mr. Kim admits in North Korea we have nuclear capacity and nuclear war heads. Amerikkka says, lets negotiate.

What in hell kind of diplomacy is this. Don't call it democracy, call it demon crazy.

What is the difference? Iraq has oil, North Korea does not.

George Bush had a grudge.
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I think of all the available resources on Planet Earth and the great expansiveness of this Universe and ask myself the question, why are people starving every day in different parts of the world. I see birds and even ants that manage to find food everyday to nourish and replenish themselves. How can a country like the United Snakes have hungry people when tons of food is thrown in the trash everyday while in addition to this statistic the United Snakes somehow manages to send large sums of food to other countries while neglecting their very own citizens? What's happening?
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I can say I believe in the law of karma. What goes around comes around. Do good and you receive good. Do bad and you are paid back just the same in one way or another. However, I'm still skeptical about reincarnation. That once a person dies, they come back in a form depending on the type of life they lived. So I guess if they beat their wives they will become a dog in the next life and if they are users of drugs maybe they will come back as lab rats to experiment on or an alien abductee.
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I watched this movie called Shadow Men until 12 midnight. It was about the so called Men in Black. They're normally reported by people who have had contact with UFO's in one way or another or actual contact with the extraterrestrial him or herself.

The movie was funny to me because they kept coming back to life and when they bled it was like milk. The expert in the movie said they were cross breeds, half human and half extraterrestrial. They had bug like eyes which was the reason why they always wore sunglasses.

I wear my sunglasses at night.
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Being a leader in any field or endeavor is no easy task.

We have this new guy at my job who says he is going to be a supervisor. I took one look at him and wanted to say "have a seat son, because you're not qualified."

Besides this, if he wants to be a supervisor he would need to come to work on time, and he would need to stop complaining to all the other co workers on how tired he was. Lastly if you see everybody standing up don't sit down moron.

Another episode of Alfred Hitchock presents.
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You are in my dream.

Every face I see, every tree, every bird is in my dream.

Each Sun and Star and Moon I see is really all a dream.

Since I will die one day or one night and suddenly awaken as if from a dream, I soon begin to understand why things should not be taken seriously, why wealth and the material world should not be the object of attainment.

Illusion; she wears her veil so well. I thought she was so real until I removed the bandages from my eyes and realized that everything was not separate.
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It is the matter and concerns of our heart that we should really strive for in our lives. I believe that the majority of us are not living the lives that we said when we were in the 6th grade. We constantly hear the inner voice in our heads and the yearnings of our hearts that tells us to follow the paths we should be on which would lead to our fulfillment and happiness in our lives, if we would only strive and try to live it. Some of us will die never realizing what our life potential was. Saddening.
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We got cable installed just yesterday after 4 pm. I don't know if this was a good thing or a bad thing knowing how easily television can take away so much of our time. I have a French channel and an Indonesian channel and a few Discovery channels, Cinemax, CNN, HBO, BBC World, a Hindi and a Tamil station and some sports channels which I rarely watch. I can't leave out the children's cartoon network and our regular viewing stations. It's been a long time since I last saw or had cable television. I just hope I'm not too distracted.