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I sat and observed the second hand ticking on my watch. If this is what mankind calls time then mankind must be not only lost, but he must also be out of his mind. A watch is a mechanical instrument.

It was not some machine that made me. Now mankind thinks like a machine and a robot. Input, output, program humanity to do its bidding like a machine or a computer.

The minds of humanity bogged down, forced to believe in technology and the mechanical clock and tricked into disbelieving in the Inner Self, Creation, other Worlds, Self Empowerment/ Independence.
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Today is a public holiday. At least in the Asian region. I asked Mr. Wong what was Vesak day. All he could tell me was that it was the day of Enlightment. After doing my own research I learned that Vesak day marks the birth date of Buddha's birth, his enlightment and his death. May the peace and blessings be upon him.

I saw this gigantic dark brown butterfly with bits of white on its wings. It was so big that it almost flapped its wings like a bird.

In one part of the sky; full moon, thunder and lightning.
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For many of us, we entrap ourselves because of our fears, no matter how big or how small. Sometimes it's the fear of the consequences of actions that we take or do not take.

I don't know if I should tell her that I love her, or even ask her her name because she might laugh at me or reject me.

This is a petty and imagined fear.

I am afraid to fast for 40 days and 40 nights because, I might die in the process.

I'd rather die trying than laying on my side thinking about it.

How heroic!
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Fasted all day long drinking water only voluntarily. Fasting teaches the one who fasts many facets. Self discipline, self control, what it's like to really starve. There is also benefits for the sacrifices taken. Your consciousness is slightly shifted, your perception is more clearer and you begin to resonate with your true inner self. You also think about your favorite foods as well, which is your imagination or gimmie mind testing your strength and will power. How I pass the time? Try to stay focused, read a foreign dictionary, type, scribe hanzi characters, try to understand what my daughter says.
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I broke my fast thanking Allah for the food he provides. I thought to myself, what if I had no food to break my fast with?

There is a cat that I spoke of in the past. There is nothing gentle about this cat at all. As much as I love cats, this one gives me the chills. It does not trust humans. It should not be surprising since most of his tail is completely gone. And the way this cat looked at me today………if looks could kill, I would be dead already. I have to be very cautious.
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Made salmon sandwiches today. I find it difficult to find basic vegetables out here sometimes. Like green onions. Easy to find Chinese food and Asian spices.

My cell phone died Saturday night because I forgot to charge it. By the time I wake up its 11am. The job wanted to know what happened. I told them I had some technical difficulties, but that I was at the job in spirit. As though I really love my job…..

Could you see a dog trying to be a cat or a cat trying to be a bird? Humans are like this sometimes.
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They come in with their suits and ties with prune faces; lips perched like canary birds, and their noses in the air like they came down from heaven. The women come in their high heels shaking their raggedy asses like they were divine goddesses, while they smelled like tuna fish sandwiches covered in cheap perfume.

I traveled by train to the far east side of this island after work, to purchase some special glasses. The kind you can look into the Sun with. I'm looking forward to the Venus Transit.

Most people I talked to about it could care less.
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I gave my daughter a kiss while she was sleeping. I never know when my death will come. Before I exit the front door she says "wait daddy!" and kisses me on both cheeks, just like in France or the Middle East. That really made my day. Seeing Venus will complete it.

Viewed Venus several times throughout the day with the sun viewer I purchased for $3.50. I started feeling a bit dizzy later on; got real drowsy on the bus, on my way home.

I began to see this mystery behind the rotation of the planets around the Sun.
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True time can be seen in the motions of life. The movements of a trail of ants, a hawk soaring over the canyons, the beating heart of a man, the tides of the Pacific Ocean, or the planets and stars rotating in space.

If we study life with an open and conscious mind it can be clearly seen that this life is based off of a Higher Intelligence. The mathematics some of us operate on is only of a low degree.

True science would be beneficial for humanity and the planet that we live on. Every invention is not advancement
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We will never be happy for as long as we continue to strive for vain accomplishments, empty dreams, and material possessions, until we strive for that which is buried deep down inside;

"The true authentic self."

It has no title, no ultimate goal of its own, and has no self importance. It is called the true Self, content with the Universal Self within, and the Universe without.

Many say when will I find my true love, not realizing they hardly love themselves."

Inhalation of intoxicants, overeating, over drinking poisonous drinks, self hatred for not doing this accomplishment or that other……….
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People look at super heroes and see them as just some figures in comic books. Some people fail to realize that at one time and even now, that their was human beings who had god like or extraordinary powers. Unlike today, where it is machine against machine and who has the most powerful gun; in the ancient past it was about who had the most powerful mind. Instead of mind over matter, it was mind over mind. How do you know? Believe me, I know. You will just have to eat the biscuits provided for you. There is alot more.
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"I would like to know the secrets of the Universe and ancient mysteries," some people say.

But what are their motivations behind the yearning? Is it for productive or destructive reasons?

Besides the question; the answer is that you as an individual possess the basic root of all creation. Most have given it a title called Love. Without this, secrets of these Mysteries would never be revealed to one whose heart is corrupted with evil and injustice.

The loving process begins with self first. Then there are the levels of Love. Self love, love for family, life, then……..

Unconditional Love
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Are you ready for your journey today?


I never get satisfied about traveling until I reach my destination. Who knows if this is one of the planes that crashes into the ocean. Take a cab, check in luggage, go through customs and immigration, stamp this, stamp that, go to your star gate and wait, read, look around, stare, judge, make assumptions, plane is boarding, business class first, because they paid more for their ticket. Rows 1 through 19 and those with children may board now. Take off, this is your captain speaking, these are the safety procedures. Any questions?
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Its day time now. We could barely see anything in the night as the taxi drove us from the airport to Langkawi Mutiara. We saw a herd of oxen in the middle of the road.

Today we all go to the beach. My daughter loves the water so much which is probably due to her water birth. As I waded in the ocean, I saw a white object floating in the water slowly and smoothly like an underwater submarine. Upon closer examination I realized that I was only a few feet away from a beautiful jelly fish. Be very careful.
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Seeing life forms that you have never seen before strongly puts your mind in a different mode. At least for me it does. This island is full of various butterflies, birds and plant species. Today we mainly collected sea shells. I began to think about the subterranean life in the ocean and how we give it little thought since the majority of us do not see it on a day to day basis. I thought about the life of the ancient people, and how much more peaceful and harmonious life was without the machines and technology that we have today.
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Walked on a bunch of stones shaped in the form of a figure 8. They are designed for a traditional massage, which is supposed to effect the physiological areas within the body.

I didn't understand why people would go on vacation to get into a swimming pool, when there was a beautiful ocean right in front of their faces.. It goes to show how people have become like compartments at a post office, rats in a maze, ants in an antfarm.

The worst part about most vacations is having to go back to the job you have loved to hate.
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I could not find the will power to go to my job today. The real sure sign that I am not happy with what I am doing to make money and a so called living. Everyone has their ideas of what and how they should live their lives. Alot of these ideas require money and funds.

There is a lion trapped in a cage, how will he get out?

On the bright side of the moon the great fact about human beings is that every individual has the seed of potential to accomplish anything that they truly desire and envision.
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At my job feeling very peaceful and different. I feel like an observer in a dream looking at everything, but not participating. I see with my Eye how people are living out their fake lives that is no where near to being down to Earth. The Natives were right about everything the whole entire time.

What has happened to the souls and spirits of human beings? Has it been stuffed in a box like tissue paper? Has it been wrapped in plastic and put on a shelf to collect dust? Has it been buried so deep, only to embrace death?
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An uneventful day. Nothing spectacular besides the truth of the real faces of co workers revealed. Back Stabbers. Adults who never grew up and still have a highschool mentality.

On the other side of my leaf, the possibility of new love. Or should I say two loves in one; a virgin maiden, with the perfect face that would look good on the advertisement for California sundried raisins. Jauanita Bonita if you will. Much cannot be certain solely from a glance. The eyes catch each other for a moment, and it seems like a brief psychic connection. Do I know you?
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Between two worlds. Waking and Dreaming

Power lies in discerning the two. Which one is more real?

The one free from ideas, conceptions and preconceived notions of verbal words passed down from one generation to another?

Or, the one shaped by time, over worked machines ready to break down, and false doctrines and beliefs preached by false guides who turn poisoned herbs into pure honey?

With sledge hammer he broke the barrier that held him down for so long. The System It was like a canary in a cage not realizing that the door was open all along. Just realize.
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Some people can know things and not know how they know it. It is not the type of knowing that you get from reading a book, or the knowing you get from a degree or the type of knowing that is passed on verbally from one person to the next.

This knowing is from the beyond and its known but not known. Sounds like another Zen paradoxical Zen proverb.

It has been some time now and I am not sure what I am becoming. As the Universe changes we change too willing or unwilling. We can try to tune in.
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This generation of U.S. leaders has conjured up a false notion of "America-Supreme," according to Dr. Ronald Walters, professor of Political Science at the University of Maryland.

According to this false philosophy, "everybody will lay down (their arms) and throw roses" and not rocket-propelled grenades at arriving U.S. military personnel, said Dr. Walters. "I don't know where in the world that came from, but it is a misreading of the humanity of other people in the grossest sense."

Even the citizens of America are becoming more and more angry with their government. Sounds like a revolution. Read online.
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Is it possible that the strength of a person is in their hair?

Does that mean that a person with no hair is weak?

I was reading 2 articles about 2 different men who did not cut their hair for over 30 to 40 years.

" I let my hair grow because I get sick every time I cut it said one man." The other man was an ascetic living in the Himalayas. His hair was the length about 3 basketball players standing on top of each other.

The Rastafarians do not cut their hair because of scriptures in the bible.
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Artificial intelligence is the word that came to my mind. I began to think about how our world is becoming the thoughts and thinking of the people.

Artificial plants, contacts to change your eye color, breast implants, cloned embryos and animals, non authentic medicine, imitation fruits and vegetables made to taste like real fruits, fake leather, fake sun rays to get a tan, dyes to dye the hair, fake hair extensions.

Its almost as though natural beauty is looked down upon. People hate themselves so much that they try to change things about themselves that is in truth naturally natural.
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I don't under estimate the power of sound. Sound is a vibration. Everything in our Universe has a vibration at which it vibrates. A rock vibrates at a different frequency than what a flower would vibrate.

There are some enchanted monks who chant in temples and beyond and masses of people fail to realize how sounds can create and destroy.

It is said that an angel will blow a trumphet and mountains would crumble. I could see hi- rise buildings representing mountains as well.

Ever notice how much more beautiful a song may sound if spoken in a different language?
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I could never get enough of your love.

What does that mean? Could a person ever say to another, "you are to loving" or "you are too kind?"

Some consider a person strange or weird if he acts with kindness, love and compassion. This fact only shows how out of touch they are with their true natures.

In the world we live in today; hate, fear, anger and self hatred seems to be the rule of the day. Another reason why you shouldn't be a follower of the masses. Try thinking for your self. Love isn't a 4 lettered word.
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A long time ago I wanted to learn Sanskrit so that I could read the Bhagvad Gita and speak to Indian people, until I learned that Sanskrit is only used for scriptures now and not as a spoken language. Just like Ge'ez is used for scriptures only in Ethiopia. Sanskrit is the mother of all Indian languages, while Ge'ez is the mother of Amharic, Tigrinya, Oromo and Somali.

I stayed up past midnight last night watching Tamil and Hindi movies. The beauty of foreign film is that you never know how the end will end, unlike Western films; so predictable.
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First they lied about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction, and Saddam Hussein having links to the Al Qaida. Then they said we need to liberate the Iraqi people. The expense of liberation came at the cost of hundreds of innocent men, women and childrens lives lost; cities destroyed from dropped bombs, stolen artifacts from thousands of years ago, etc. Now that everything is fxxxed up they say, now we hand over the power to you. Bombs blow up every day, foreign soldiers still occupy the land, all Bush wants is another election. Is this his idea of true liberation?
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Most people think of success as something that is monetary or material gain. Rarely do you hear anyone speak of spiritual and inner success within. Besides, who cares right? So it becomes no wonder why even rich people with all their wealth and property are still not happy. You hear about rich people who have drinking problems, drug abuse, and even suicide attempts. Why? You get a new car and you are happy. But then that happiness fades away. You want something newer now. Temporary happiness could not possibly be real. I want eternal happiness that is enjoyed each moment.
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Whoever said that there was order in Chaos? I think I read in a library book somewhere that was talking about the I Ching and something else that I do not remember that even though something may look chaotic if you look closely enough you can find order in Chaos and a pattern. So I wondered what kind of pattern lies in a disorganized room or a disorganized group of people who are destined to destruction. What kind of pattern lies in war. Maybe that it repeats itself over and over and that many lives our lost in the process.