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Otw Ota uncooked raw fish will defintely give you severe stomach pains. It could also lead to a case of salmonella. When buying from food street vendors you have to tread with caution,

Meanwhile , it still seems like April. April went by like a freight train. Summer will come like a slow burning herb joint.

When you are on vacation or having fun, time slips quickly through your hands like the sand in the hour glass. When you are at your job, time moves like a snail with salt on its soft skin burning under a new magnifying glass.
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It's amazing what cleaning and organizing can do in your home.Its almost as though you can breathe more deeply. Im a firm beleiver in Feng Shui. I came across old musical casettes I recorded years ago. Brought back some old memories. Then I watched camcorder videos of my daughter in her younger years.before she could crawl or walk. She swears up and down that the baby on the video is not her. Found plenty of books I bought but never read. Where do you find the time in a world consumed by mechanical time and the death clock?
05/03 Direct Link
First my daughter gets a tempature at 38.6 celcius. I leave my job early to take care of her. I attempt to send off my 100 words for the past 3 days and lo and behold, it appears my computer has been infected by an unknown virus. Why didnt McCafee catch it? My computer states that all my programs are empty. Looks like I have to go to an internet cafe now. That sucks. I hope that the person who f**ked my computer up dies a terrible death. I hope the death is slow and painful. I have no remorse.
05/04 Direct Link
A beautiful mysterious yellow moon floating on a black cloud on a clear night. I received a phone call from planet Venus at 7:30 while working. "Im sorry I cant talk now" I told her, she wanted to know if I received the gifts.

Further revelation reveals that some strange script is running on my computer. Looks like I might have to send my hard drive to the hospital.

Could not sleep at all last night. Dreamed that every single computer was infected. Not a single command could be executed, no matter what was done. That could be a reality.
05/05 Direct Link
I saw death driving in a midnight blue volkswagon van wearing a pair of spectacles. It thundered so loud that everyone shook and dropped everything they were holding. Death smiled and drove calmly away. The rain came down heavily after that, there was no way to stay away. I drank my cup of coffee wondering if I would be able to find an internet cafe.

If I were a hacker I would hack back at the hacker who destroyed my computer. Maybe I could hire a hacker like a hired assassin. Dont get mad get even. I want sweet revenge.
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I dont know, but it seems as though for the month of May, Death is the main feature. I keep thinking and contemplating about it. I see death carrying 7 heads stringed together over his shoulder like a light nap sack.

I heard this old man on the bus talking to somebody else saying, you cannot know your past or your future. He kept saying it like it was his personal mantra. I wanted to say shut up old man! Do you remember your childhood and adoloscent days? Thats your past. The goals that you strive for is your future.
05/07 Direct Link
First day at the internet cafe. I never liked them. The person next to you side glancing to see what you write, what websites you visit, and maybe try to get your password for your e-mail.

For almost the entire month of April UFO's were spotted in various cities of Iran. I wonder why it wasnt on the regular news?

Bush finally apologizes for the atrocities done to the Iraqi prisoners. Hey, I thought the troops were over there to liberate the Iraqi people. I never saw the Iraqi people crying and pleading to be liberated. We want Saddam back.
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An old wise man once told me "you know taking a s**t is better than sex." I thought the comment was a bit off, but in some cases it is true. Its the ahhh feeling and the moments that sometimes you feel that you have reached Enlightment the easy way. But taking a s**t is not equivalent to a strenuous workout. Sorry......

Children are already born magical until adults, teachers, etc kill the magic they posess within. This should be considered as a crime against humanity. Some of us are wise enough to revive it while others remain as goblins.
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If you sit and study nature long enough it becomes clearly evident that there is an Intelligence greater than us, that is behind it. I watched the flight patterns of birds and insects and realized that the UFO's fly in these same patterns. Sometimes in formation like birds going south, sometimes scattered like sparrows, or hovering motionless in one spot like a hummingbird. The bird was mankinds inspiration for building the aeroplane; but he still cant imitate the movement and motions of the UFO's also known as baby planes among a nation of Five percenters. May Allah bless their journeys.
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Its okay for the Mind to float out into space, but try to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground. To grasp the concept, just study the redwoods that are more than 500 years old. As long as we see me and them, we will never be able to reach the higher states of Mind. Learning to See the flower equal to the butterfly and the human being equal to the ant is a state that cannot be described with words. Become a root and see how deep it goes down within. You may begin to realize something new.
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He told the rich man, " how could you possibly be a true Master if you have never been a servant? Furthermore, before you can become a Master you must come out of your animal state and learn how to control your lower desires. Thus, strive to be a man first, and then focus on self mastery. The rich man was pissed off. He thought he could buy some formula to make him a Master over night. He didnt want to work on self control, learning how to be silent, giving up alcohol and strange women. He suffered in his greed.
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First he heard the sounds of her high heels. So he glanced and saw her legs. He looked further up and saw her thighs which was partly covered by her mini dress. He wondered what color panties she was wearing and saw his hands touch her inner thighs and slide slowly upward towards her pleasure zone. She looked at him sternly as to say what are you looking at It became obvious that she was the root of his lust to begin with. If she didnt want him looking at her in that manner, she should have covered herself up.
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What is it about unoforms that make us so submissive and obedient? We respect the one in the suit and the uniform. If a bum told us to exit the building because there was a bomb in the building, most would not take him seriously. If it was someone in uniform we would run downstairs as fast as we could. Is the uniform something imbedded in the deep recesses of our psyche? What if everyone on Earth had to wear some type of uniform to distinguish who they were. That would definitely put the fashion industry out of business. Pose.....
05/14 Direct Link
LSA Shell (Export Version) and NT Authority System, yep it was positively confirmed that my PC was infected by the sasserworm. Java script, Oracle, HTML, C++, blah, blah, blah. Computer language should be classified under foreign languages.

Oh, the checks are not here yet. You will have to come back at 4pm.

I dont have time to waste. I wont be back at 4, I have other things to attend to.

Jumuah was good at the Sultan Mosque. Perfume filled the air, while holy men and holy women walked about. There is not much time left to decide your future.
05/15 Direct Link
Its true, its confirmed that death is the feature for May. A friend, mentor, teacher and beloved that my mother beheld died on the 3rd of May. I knew him, his picture on a photo, his body a buried memory. How acquainted are we with death? Have we embraced it, or are we terribly frightened by it? Either way, it will pay us a visit some day or night, unexpecting or expecting, letting go peacefully, soaring away like a leaf from FALL, or violently like an angry earthquake. We hope it greets us with a smile, not with gritted teeth.
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The brown butterfly with wings aprinkled with bits of green, fluttered in the Garden here and there reminding me to encase the one that had died in a crystal frame. It clung to a wall made of marble and metamorphomized into nothingness.

I had learned the Chinese Character for completion which became encased in my heart and mind for eternity.

Some dry flower petals blew on the ground like in an old Western.

I was feeling mystical all over again. I ate an apple about the size of a volleyball. Suddenly my consciousness was expanding. I was experiencing super consciousness.
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Alley cat, stray cat, southeast Asian cat, or whatever kind of cat you want to call it. I know it definitely has no home. Our eyes have met on several occasions. Animals do talk despite what the Scientist say. This cat has been through thick and thin, through fire and steel. This is one bad ass cat. The kind of cat that gives out orders, or does them on his own. I plan on buying some cat food for him and maybe some milk. Make friends, form an alliance and maybe get scratched, bitten, and psychologically traumatized for trying. Meow.
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Is this Love or confusion? Jimi Hendrix is definitely one of my favorite Poets. Its a damn shame that the paramedics did not know what they were doing. Doctors are also one of the leading causes of Death. Sorry doctor, I'll just do my own surgery.

I have this spontaneous hacking cough. It sounds like one of those coughs you hear after someone takes a strong hit off some organic Indo ganja.

There is a lady at my job that has a face like a pitbull. Everytime I see her I just want to say so badly you f#$%&*g b#$@h.
05/19 Direct Link
When I woke up this morning I felt like someone had kicked me in my balls. I went to my job and people said I may have had an urinal infection. The doctor said otherwise due to the fact that the diagnostic signs for an urinal infection or any infection was not there. More than likely it was a sprain. Probably from doing all that Wu Shu Kung Fu. I need to give it a rest for awhile.

When I got home I was greeted by a lizard that ran to the kitchen. There is nothing like wildlife at home.
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The imbecile who infected my computer and thousands of other computers was some 18 year old jerk off living in Germany. Now that the authorities have caught him, I hope that they cane him to death. I can rest in peace now that I have solved existing probleums with my PC and the sasser worm. I had 55 viruses infecting my computer. Install for yourself 3 firewalls, 2 anti virus software programs, along with some spyware and anti hacker software. Start learning your new foreign language.

Hes travelled the world and speaks 7 different languages. Smooth operator smooooooooth operator. -Sade
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I have 10 fingers but I am only typing with one finger on each hand. I bought a Typing is Easy program in 2003, and barely today tried it out. Ill give myself a couple of months with it. By the end of 2 months I should be able to type faster than Bush's secretary.

Scientist want the proof and evidence that the paranormal world or the supernatural world exists, as though you could put supernatural on a plate and dissect it or under a microscope and examine it. Supernatural is called supernatural because it is beyond what is natural.
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The one thing I notice about pregnant women is that they always seem to have a glow in their face. When giving birth, that's another story.

I can sit in a coffee shop and listen to jazz from sunrise to sundown and beyond. I just realized that they don't have any jazz stations out here in South East Asia. That alone takes the oo out of cool. They play jazz cd's at this Starbucks on Saturday mornings. There is nothing hip here at all with the jazz scene. Maybe in Japan, but not here. What a wonderful world. Yeah Right!
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I studied the ants; they moved about back and forth in single file line. The ants in South East Asia are different from the ants in the United Snakes. There must be dozens of different species of ants all around the world. As I continued watching, I suddenly saw myself in the colony of the ants and the ants in me. A merging of Mind. A brotherhood and sisterhood of unified and universal purpose, not for the sake of self, but for the Whole. In this sense, one ant was the Source, the All, like One raindrop was the Ocean.
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In having awe or reverence for a thing or object in one sense, it has become deified. People make deities out of cars, money, animals, etcetera. Ahhhhh that is a beautiful rose. It would be better to have awe in the One who created the rose and in the One who created all things.

All things we see on Earth came from the earth. Various materials were combined from the Earth to make cars, buildings, etcetera, due to someone's idea.

We give power to that which we fear. The more we fear the more powerless we become. Look deep within.
05/25 Direct Link
Life is really strange. One day you seem to know the answers to life, and your purpose in life, and the next day you are asking yourself the same questions. What am I doing here?

This city, this country, this planet in this Universe. Often times we think we should be some place else besides the place we are presently in.

In these moments of being unsure is a lesson to be learned. Why do we think we should be someplace else? What are your feelings in that moment? Are you happy; are you sad, or none of the above?
05/26 Direct Link
So angry that I feel like choking a goat, breaking car windows with a baseball bat, and breaking at least one arm. Keep pushing the wrong keys on a computer and it could malfunction. Suddenly put your car in reverse while driving 70km on the highway will mess up the engine. People are similar too. Now I understand employee rage.

Then the Princess of the Sea smiled at me and dispelled all of the anger in me completely. Thus the magical charms of a woman and how they can be the ebb and flow of the tides in our destinies.
05/27 Direct Link
Poor people learn how to be happy with very little. Rich people always want more and are never happy; no matter how many things they want and obtain.

When it seems that your life is unraveling into ruins and that there is no direction, do what Buddha, wise men, sages, and the Prophets did. Simply sit in one spot, meditate by looking within, emptying the mind of all words, conceptions, ideas, principles, et cetera and simply Be. To be is to not be. No being, no titles no names for yourself. Existence only without existence. True emptiness comes without effort.
05/28 Direct Link
I was reading an article in one of my favorite Islamic newspapers and was able to learn for the first time about the Venus transit which happens only every "250" years. The next viewing will be on 8 June 2004, don't miss it. I went online to read more about it and saw an animation view of the Venus transit that happened in 1882 via actual negatives from photos taken back then. Little thought is given on a majority scale about the body of the Universe and its movements. Why are the planets aligning? Did you read about Mercury's transit?
05/29 Direct Link
Just as seeds are put into the Earth to produce plants, flowers herbs, vegetables, and trees, so to are the thoughts of human beings. A good thought will cancel out a bad one. Stars Suns and Extraterrestrial Beings were a result of powerful thoughts. Nothing in creation came about without first being a thought. Buildings, automobiles, computers, and the Pyramids of Giza came as a thought first. If you can really see that your thoughts are seeds; then we would be better off striving to think more correctly. Red roses, bumble bees, Pluto, and Mars were the results of thoughts.
05/30 Direct Link
Where off days are not really off days. Off from what? The heart still beats, the body still yearns and so on and so on..

Please sew on these patches for the Supreme Cosmic General's space suit. He will be blasting out into space soon. Way past the moon and Neil Armstrong's fake footprints. Past Mercury and Pluto into some unheard of unexplored galaxy.

On spaceship 2012, prepare for an alignment. The Truth of the Mayan prophecies. When the Sun makes love to the Milky Way and gives birth to new life forms and changes the faces of humanity forever.
05/31 Direct Link
I can establish the will to break down mortar
Walk through walls
With stand the excruciating heat of fire
Walk on water like Issa
And levitate in the air like a yogi
Talk to the lions of Judah
And send my spirit out into space
Its all in the Mind of Man
If he so desires it
And wishes to gain self control
Of his Mind and his destiny

Destiny towards the divine mind, whose goal once attained is worth more than gold, all the jewels of the Earth. Whoso desires it, and is willing to suffer.

Divinity is Bliss