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The thought had dawned on me as I paid attention to the simple mundane tasks that I was doing in the moment which was washing the dishes.

I told myself that in each moment including the moments that are said not to be that interesting are the ones that you need to pay the most attention to.

I also stated that in the spirit of ichigyo zammai it is good to pay attention to each single task that you perform with the insight deep within knowing that at some point you’ll reach those mystical states that you once experienced before.
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I had thought to myself in relation to being a king inside of his castle. Being a king is one of the archetypes that is good to reflect on to develop a king mindset.

I had thought of an argument that I was having with some woman and the words that came out of my mouth were that the castle does not make me, I make the castle.

Ultimately it is the person behind the design or the plan that has the ultimate power.

Every person has the power and capability to bring things about in life that they want.
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Today I learned how to know the best time to put your cooked soup into the fridge or the freezer.

The best time to know, is when it reaches forty degrees Fahrenheit and the best way to know when it is at forty degrees Fahrenheit is to get yourself a cooking thermometer.

Luckily for me, I had one from one of my science chemistry sets. According to the temperatures the soup is currently at one hundred forty degrees Fahrenheit.

I am currently doctoring the soup back to life after I saw this white filmy like substance floating on the top.
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I was almost late for work last. Thank God that I wasn’t and that He blessed me to make it through the night and to see another day and to be able to breathe the breath that I have.

I realize my lack of practice of memento mori, as memento mori is supposed to be that one catalyst that pushes me forward in life and makes me want to take possession of those precious moments that I may never be able to replace again.

Too often we think that we have forever to live and that it won’t be today.
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I find myself getting back into the ropes of things and relearning the knots that I had once memorized.

This time around I am really excited about the ropes and tying the knots because soon I will not have to use mannequins that are not flexible at the elbows, and not flexible at the knees.

Could you imagine if a woman was not flexible at her knees?

I cannot, as that would be terrible.

I had a few things that dawned on me of which included on how waves of knowledge and wisdom sometimes comes in the most unsuspecting ways.
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In my old days when I used to be a salesman, I never had problems approaching attractive women or women in general.

I was never shy about rather they would like me or not because I was more concerned with selling the products that I had for sell.

What if I came up with the same salesman mindset except instead of selling a product, I would become the product instead.

I am not saying become a gigolo, I am saying sale yourself in the sense of establishing relationships and convincing the potential submissive that she is making a good choice.
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One mindset that you need to have in regards to approaching any woman that you are attracted to is to eradicate the 'what will people think of me mentality when approaching women.'

This thought in truth really holds no real support or foundation because what you think people might be thinking, it is possible that they could be thinking something entirely different.

In addition to this, when people are having conversations on the bus, in public, or on a plane, how often do you try to listen to their conversations and get all the details of what they're talking about?
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Sometimes the most difficult thing for any human being to do in life is to remove the mask, and I'm not talking about the physical sheeple obey mask that we wear in the public streets or inside of public buildings, but the mask that we wear which makes up our persona.

On a higher level we represent the archetypes that we identify the most with, and on other levels within our psyche.

At the end of the story we all have a story to tell and oftentimes, that which seemed like the end was actually the beginning of another story.
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After getting off the bus I would see this young attractive female standing on the corner waiting for the green light.

I knew I had to say something.

Buenas Tardes! I said.

Buenas Tardes! she responded with a nice smile.

I asked her if she spoke Spanish and she said no.

I then asked her what she had planned for the day.

Of course it would have been wrong to say that maybe later on we could have a coffee, watch Netflix movies together at my cozy apartment; later listen to slow dancing music, and indulge in full body massages.
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I had to stop my 20 minute meditation at 16 minutes because while I was meditating I was feeling this weird flash.

It was so bad that I got into the kneeling position like I've done in the past when I thought I was going to die.

I could feel my self sweating and assumed that what I needed was some water but the glass next to me was empty.

Once I did finally manage to get up I poured myself some water into the glass and while drinking it had wondered if this was a Kundalini experience or not.
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I have managed to push the living room stuff around to make way for the contractors to do our windows, in addition to spreading various sheets on the floor.

My bed is a bit heavier than what I thought. I have contemplated moving it by removing the mattress first so that the bed frame is lighter.

Once everything is done with the windows, I intend to move my bed in a different direction and move my bookshelves.

I’m really looking forward to finally being a bachelor and being able to redecorate and redesign this place how I would like it.
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Just as little girls love stories, women never stop loving them when they get older.

Look at all of the romance novels that they purchase per year and their viewership of soap operas.

Who does not like a real good story?

A real good story is what makes movies so great.

It turns out that the model dream girl didn't get on the bus this morning.

Before I reached the bus stop, and before I was even on the bus I could feel my heart pounding away.

I now understand the meaning of feel the fear and do it anyways.
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I was such a fool
but a fool no more
here grows
wisdom's hairs.

After contemplating what it would be like to have my first threesome and desiring to write the French word for it I found myself getting educated.

Trio was the French translation for threesome but whatever happened to ménage à trois?

Ménage à trois is based on three people living under the same roof with threesomes going on, in addition to having a romantic relationship and not just a one night stand kind of thing.

If you want a one night stand, definitely go for the trio.
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I had finally got the [Chinese Medicine] balls to approach that one chick like I said, who was supposed to be this model dream girl, and being a sweet little ballerina wearing a tutu dress.

I have no ideal what I did wrong when she just looked at me like I was some pathetic loser. In some ways I was for even making an attempt to communicate with her.

The one thing that surprised me the most was that I did not have an emotional reaction behind it and I didn't feel like it was the end of the world.
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I am a natural man, who is a man on this planet called Asia or Earth, who breathes in the air and the oxygen of this Earth and lives in its atmosphere.

I am also a man of this universe in which I live and of which I benefit from the rays of the sun and the glowing moons at night.

I take pleasure in striving to improve my awareness skills in all of my sense and to be in tuned to that which is natural and to that which is cosmic, universal, and mystical.

I am at oneness.

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I continually tell myself I want to get a stethoscope and never go about actually paying the mula that is necessary to have it delivered.

Why would I want to get a stethoscope?

Why does anyone like to play the drums?

Why is the sky orange with smoke?

Why is the grass green?

Listening to the heart is not just listening to the heart as the heart continues to beat like a sacred drum.

I finally decided to put the blanket back over the window again.

I just couldn't stand the idea that someone could see me through the blinds.
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The word of today is machismo, and not masochist.

I learned the correct word after making a mistake in my spelling when I had wrote the word machoism, the suggested spelling was masochism which is completely different.

After reading about machismo and the caballero origins it struck me when it mentioned how knights treated their women rather kindly and with daintiness.

The women of today want that same treatment without the proper manners that go with being a woman or a so called lady.

Don't expect to be treated like a queen if you are acting like a vagabond peasant.
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I would be faced with another problem based on certain colleagues propping their feet on top of the desk and tables.

I shouldn't have to explain the reasons why you shouldn't prop your feet on the table unless you have a doctor's excuse.

Besides it not being professional, people need to remember as they walk outside in their shoes they're stepping in numerous disgusting stuff such as urine, ordure known as shit, spit, and all kinds of bacteria.

You want to put your feet on the desk where people eat their food and have their drinks?

That is absolutely disgusting.
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After seeing that I lost over 12 pounds which is completely opposite from what I’m trying to do, I believe that I need to start introducing a daily intake of meat, egg, and protein shakes in order to gain back the 12 pounds and then working on gaining more weight after that.

Am I not eating the way I should?

So I had made my first protein shake which was a combination of grapefruit juice and two raw eggs. It was not the greatest of tastes, but knowing that I was getting some protein was all that mattered to me.
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Be bold to express yourself through your voice.

I was thinking about how I needed to reprogram the program that was instilled in me as a child by my evil and wicked auntie and how she would say lower your voice you are not in the jungles, or lower your voice you are not in the fields, and many other instances where eventually I started to just be this quiet kid who didn't talk too much because I was just too damn loud.

Now I have to reprogram myself to start doing the opposite of what I was constantly told.
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Too often a woman is asked what she wants in a man and she starts off with these impossible demands.

He must be tall, dark, handsome, have two fancy cars, make six figures, a dream house on the beach, single, with no children, and then she wonders why she's single.

How often are men asked what they want?

I came up with a list of 30 today that were rather reasonable demands outside of just having sex which is a given and non negotiable.

My other wants included knows how to cook, nice personality, submissive, open minded, creative, and understanding.
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A few words on affirmations and to those who do not believe that affirmations really work.

Affirmations do not work because you have already stated they do not work without seeing for yourself first.

If you believe you can't do something, chances are you won't be able to do it.

However if you change your mindset and vibrate your frequencies to the can, then it can be done.

Imagine if Thomas Edison [who got it from Nikola Tesla] said, I can't go on when rediscovering the light bulb.

I say rediscover because the ancients had light a long time ago.
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Embracing the sexual being involves realizing that you are indeed sexual by nature.

Cidney Lopper was right when she said, 'girls just want to have fun!'

Well you know, guys just want to have fun too.

My idea of having fun was to go out to approach and meet new people, and to have fun by being real and authentic.

But let's be real, I would not be looking to meet new people but more like meet new women instead, because after all, you can't meet women while staying cooped up in your room and looking outside of your windows.
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Suddenly there was some voice about accepting all of yourself; meaning the good, the bad, and the ugly.

I had thought about Peterson's statement on being that dangerous man.

Then suddenly I was drawn to the Sephirot Tiphareth which signifies beauty in the Kabbalah.

Beauty is not in your appearance, but beauty is in accepting every aspect of who you are and not afraid to express that which you are regardless to what people say or think.

There is no use worrying about tomorrow when you have this moment right here right now in the present moment as you read.
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As I ate portions of the half chicken while at le travail, I had this primal aspect of me start to come out.

I think that the primal aspect that is labelled as an animal is not an animal at all but just a part of who man is in general.

Why should we try to differentiate things so much and put them in all kinds of categories when in the end we all come from the same source?

Try to figure out how to reflect that source through yourself and spread that beauty in every direction that you can.
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It turns out that your presumed model dream girl turned out to be a temperamental bitch who was having some real personal issues and real personal problems in her life.

She raised the red flag on my 1st approach, maybe next time she will be raising a pistol.

I did my olay like the matador that I am and allowed her to go her own way into the distance.

Ironically she sat behind me a few days later, I personally didn't give a fudge.

Perhaps she wanted me to try again, to show she was a reformed good girl now.
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I am glad that I did not answer the phone.

She left a voicemail with a sob story about how she does not have the $84 that she promised me, even after bargaining with me to make two payments to pay it off.

I will give her an option to labor for it at $14.00 per hour which is $2.00 above the minimum wage.

That means that she would have to labor for six hours

If she was not willing to labor for it then I would hold her accountable for it and never help her with her startup business.
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When it comes to frame control, my definition of frame control would be someone who has self control over themselves.

Forget 50 Shades of Grey and think in terms of 50 Shades of Black.

I know that black is not a color or is it?

So far I have managed to find over 105 colors that has black associated with it.

My version of 50 Shades of Black isn't the goofy version that you can find on Netflix but a more serious version that is more serious than 50 shades of Grey.

Also note, gray has more than 50 shades.
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As I looked at my body and acknowledged that I was a older than what I was in my twenties, and seeing how I could tell just a bit how some of that age has settled in I told myself that I should be very accepting of the process of aging while experiencing the transformational process, and the metamorphosis that takes place, until eventually to the unknown state called death.

I really can't say that when you die then that's it and that nothing happens with your spirit or your soul.

Deep in my heart I know the journey continues.
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I believe a huge portion of my time was spent watching more of Queen's Gambit today. I don't know if I was falling more for the movie because it was dealing with chess or the main actress because she was a redhead and I have this thing for redheads.

Until this day I still cannot explain as to why I am attracted to red heads and it seems that my life from childhood has involved a redhead in one way or another.

Believe it or not, I lost my virginity to a red head when I was in high school.
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Today is Halloween but, everyday is now Halloween, since we literally have to wear a mask everyday now just to buy a pack of bubble gum.

For me personally, Halloween always is the eve of National November Writing Month.

I know my story is going to be mainly about BDSM, but I do not have a plot or characters.

No plot, no problem, just write like you have never written before and make stuff up along the way if you have to.

No writer has ever written a novel on their first try without having to revise, rewrite, and edit.