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Based on my meditation at the park this morning I was able to learn several things which proved to me that you don't learn everything from a book.

It is good to focus on your self and to be self centered. Don't let people tell you that you are so self centered.

There is a difference between being self centered and being selfish, conceited, and arrogant.

When I say self centered I'm speaking from an awareness aspect.

Focusing on yourself means not caring what others think about you and living your life in accordance to what you believe is right.
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The line outside of Whole Foods was absolutely ridiculous and there was no way I was going to stand in that line for anything.

I had to laugh once I got to Staples because they had these arrows that indicated one way direction aisle. It reminded me of driving on the street somewhere. I personally thought that it was absolutely ridiculous.

While I did not see directional arrows at the King Soopers down the street, I did see it at the Yahudi Market along with all of the sheeple wearing their masks like a bunch of frightened gullible little lambs.
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It is better to focus on love, because it casts out fear and all kinds of other negative energies.

If you want to be secure from the energy sucking vampires, all you have to do is emanate love because the energy vampires hate love.

I could not believe that David Icke was banned from You Tube because You Tube are a bunch of cunts who have no tolerance for truth that exposes the wicked and evil bastards who think they are on top of the world and who think that their diabolical plan for humanity is going to actually work.
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I had overheard mouse face girl conversation at work, talking about people who had talked about their ancestors who were in slavery and how because of that they're in the condition that they are in.

She said that was the past and that we're Americanized today and that stuff does not matter anymore.

It took everything within me to not say anything about it.

Her fiancé is Black and probably not red pilled at all.

I don't know how anyone would want to marry someone like her fat booty above the waist chunky peanut butter ass and Pillsbury Doughboy stomach.
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While waiting for the bus I was listening to a semen retention lecture and learned something about semen and sperm that I never knew before; in reference to how sperm develops and how it is reabsorbed into your body.

When I finished listening to the lecture, I really realized how powerful the practice of semen retention really is.

In my opinion the practice of semen retention was way more powerful than any used up smelly vagina rammed by a bunch of guys.

As a man your seed is worth something and in most cases, most women do not deserve it.
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I want to get back into drawing again.

Spending at least just fifteen minutes per day towards drawing something would be considered sufficient to get you started again, especially if you're one of those persons who say that you don't have the time or that you do not know what to draw.

I have always wanted to know how to draw people better than what I currently draw so why not make that your subject.

When I say drawing people this includes faces and the body and those difficult parts of the body such as the hands and the feet.
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I was waiting for the bus this morning to go home and there was some fat lady who got on the bus before me. As I got on the bus she turned around and looked at me and said, 'you are not wearing a mask.'

I am not dumb and I think I know what I have on my face.

As I got off the bus I had turned around and looked at her and said, 'you are not wearing a hijab.'

I know it sounds kind of dumb, but it was my touché way of pointing out the obvious.
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As I went out this morning to the supermarket and seeing people wear their face masks when the air is fresh and clean I had wondered how can they breathe in all that precious prana baby.

My question for this morning is that if death is inevitable for all of us why are we so afraid of death?

How did I get side tracked with my morning goals that I had planned?

I got side tracked because I was so busy trying to find out what had happened to my missing package said to be delivered at my front door.
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Seeing the majority of the sheeple wearing their face masks made me realize that I am not living the same reality as them and in a sense we were both on completely different wavelengths and aspects of reality.

While I was at the bus stop I was approached by some young girl whose face looked like she got ran through by a bunch of guys.

I was actually doing my Quran recitations at the bus stop and minding my own business when she approached me.

She was looking for directions as to which bus she should take to get downtown.
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If you really start thinking with a Universal mindset then you begin to realize that when you help others you are actually helping yourself.

When you save a person are you saving that person because you hope that they will give you something in return?

No, you're saving that person because you see that they need help and that if you don't help them they are going to die.

You don't have to know someone in order to do something that will help them if you are thinking about how we are all in this together collectively as human beings.
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I managed to do a nice workout at the job. I consider myself lucky and fortunate that I can utilize their gym because all of the gyms are still closed.

How can I start some kind of routine at the job, to minimize having to workout at home?

It doesn't hurt to workout at the gym and the home however.

I must reemphasize to myself that the benefits of working out are numerous and it should be on any man's list of things that he does as a man.

After doing my workout, I definitely felt strong and super masculine.
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My thoughts on the shield and sword concept had came about as I was thinking about police officers and their riot gear.

If you think about the shield as far as origins are concerned we can go back to medieval times.

As a child I was always intrigued about the knights during those times, but even more intrigued to learn about the Moors.

When I thought about the shield I also thought about the sword.

Can you actually purchase a shield nowadays?

I would like to hold a real shield and sword to get an ideal what it is like.
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'Give me liberty or give me death!' This quote was said by Patrick Henry.

This country was practically built off of revolution when the British started to become tyrants in the land.

Don't give me 5G, give me 5D, the fifth dimension that the ancients talked about where we enter into another world on a much higher dimension and on a much higher frequency.

The book, Miracle Of The Immune System has to be the most perfect book to get around the time that we are dealing with this erroneous virus while feeding us all kinds of made up lies.
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I did not go out to skateboard until around 03:00 ante meridiem and skated around thirty five to forty minutes.

I was mainly practicing in the parking lot area. I learned a new trick on the parking block where you ollie to tail, pivot on the back truck, and turn off to the direction that you want to turn.

I was very excited to see that I could ollie over the torn up chair outside of the Chinese restaurant. I ollied over it while it laid down on the side and also while it was standing up, like a professional.
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As I took a dump on the toilet today I had to ask myself the question, "Is taking a dump really better than sex?"

It was a question I had to ask myself based on a respected elder who told me that once years ago.

As I released my bowels I could feel this energy going up my spine and causing this tingling sensation in my brain that felt so good that I almost had to agree with his statement as crazy as that might sound.

I felt that I was experiencing everything that is talked about in Kundalini Yoga.
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I hear people say, 'as men we don't hunt anymore because we can just go to the store to buy food, and we don't have to fight with our neighbors because we can just call the police.'

What happens when there isn't a store that you can go to in order to buy food, and what happens when the police are obsolete?

Where would that leave you?

I would never want to see things come to that conclusion, but as men we should meditate on the aspects of manhood we think are lost and realize it's still in our DNA.
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While at the park I suddenly had the urgency to urinate, it was so bad to the point that I thought I was going to have to go behind a building somewhere to do so. Luckily Whole Foods was nearby.

They have a mandatory mask policy now where you have to wear a mask.

I asked the one fat overweight woman working at a store that represents health, when did this policy start and she said 'the government said so!' in an authoritarian like voice as though she was getting paid to represent them.

'You mean Uncle Sam?' I asked.
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I reflected on my childhood and the mindset that I had as a dreamer with a vivid imagination.

'When you start taking care of yourself you start feeling better, you start looking better, and you start to attract better, it all starts with you.' ~Law of Presence....

As I went on my morning walk, I started to do my dream exercise with the hands and telling myself that I was dreaming.

Every time you go into a store or any other place you should tell yourself that you are dreaming and then look for signs around you that confirms this.
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Now it's mandatory to wear a mask in the supermarkets where before it was not mandatory.

What suddenly changed?

Absolutely nothing.....

I went in the store with my Spiderman mask on as though I was just having a nice walk in the park.

The people loved it.

If I had one wish, and could click my boots together the way Dorothy clicked her high heels together in the Wizard of Oz, my wish would be that people would wake up, stop following the mainstream narrative, and stop being afraid.

That's actually more than one wish but you get the point.
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We're divorced now but 17 May would have been our anniversary.

I dreamed about her this morning. She was wearing a long white button up shirt past her waist and wearing white panties. She was bent over doing something and the next thing I remember is walking up behind her and squeezing on her butt and started to embrace her and kiss on her neck.

As I try to interpret the dream, I realized that it may have represented my sexual desires despite me practicing semen retention and purposefully avoiding female companionship.

The white colors symbolized purity in my opinion.
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When I told myself to develop an abundance mindset, this was based on me imagining money falling from my ceiling along with gold coins.

Having this sort of mindset is on a monetary level but instead of just thinking of dollar bills and gold coins I could also think in terms of diamonds, platinum, rubies, and other gems or jewels that are considered precious.

I went to H Mart today which is an Asian Market that to my surprise required you to wear a face mask. No one seemed to take a strong liking to my menacing looking Samurai mask.
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Past 2 am and I find myself ordering a long sword and a short sword. I can't help but to think of the famous swordsman Miyamoto Musashi who is known to have fought with two swords and never lost a dual.

This morning I pulled out the Laws of Human Nature and browsed through it. I realize that the reason I have hesitated to read it is because I thought it was written in the same manner that The Art of Seduction, was written, where it explains seduction through various stories instead of getting to the point of the matter.
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Once I left the park after reading the last pages of the Holy Quran, I would stop at the Yahudi Market for lemons, mint leaves, shallot, pumpkin pie, yogurt, and some dates.

I initially could not find the mint leaves, but the cashier had went to find some for me, which I was very appreciative of him for doing that.

The mint leaves are for a Moroccan salad I plan to make to go with the Tandoori chicken. Two recipes I've never tried.

It's hard to believe that it is the end of Ramadhan after fasting for the entire month.
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I had quite an spiritual experience this morning of which I would like to talk about that I found to be profound, but before doing so I would have to talk about this ocean dream I had.

In the dream I think I was at some kind of pier like structure as I remember the walkway way being like that of a pier and I remember seeing lots of water in the area.

I remember seeing this ocean that was dark in color but had sparkles of white in them as though it was reflecting off of some celestial object.
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Love transcends time and space as true genuine love comes from within when you truly love your true genuine self and not your ego, or your given name, or your title, or your physicality, in this created physical Universe or faDhaa.

Love is the most powerful medicine, and love of self is the most powerful of them all, as it gives you the ability to heal yourself and eventually heal others.

The beauty behind the power of patience is knowing that you'll eventually get to where you're trying to get. Since you know that, take your sweet turtle mystic time.
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I found some time to start playing with my balls again. I'm laughing to myself because you are probably thinking that I am talking about my genitals but when I say playing with my balls, I am talking about the Baoding balls that are said to promote good circulation and excellent health.

I decided to use it on my hand that I felt like I had fractured from street skateboarding the other day and to my surprise I felt like my healing was starting to work faster than what I had initially thought.

Now I can at least still type.
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I decided to go out this morning to do some reading which was mainly based on my desire for some sunshine as I didn't go out at all yesterday as I recuperate from my falls that I had while out street skateboarding.

I enjoyed reading by the waterfall but had to wait awhile to get my usual spot because some old lady was sitting there yapping her gums on her cellphone about who knows what.

While waiting for her to leave I did some breathing exercises with the mala beads which put me into a calmer and deeper mystical state.
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Despite people saying that the government is trying to censor us, I personally think that in some cases we tend to censor ourselves, especially when we meet those situations where we want to speak up but hesitate.

The guy cuts in front of you in front of the line but instead of saying something about it, you let the guy purchase the items he had while holding a grudge about it.

Maybe you overheard something that just does not settle well with you, but instead of addressing it, you just let them continue talking about the subject without speaking up.
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I did not go outdoors to go to the grocery store despite me needing some groceries. I made myself content with the lemon baked chicken, broccoli and cauliflower sprinkled with salt and some egg to sap up the remaining sauce that was made from the lemon juice combined with the olive oil.

I wound up watching some movie on Netflix about some unknown hit man who was at the top of the Sinaloa cartel.

So far it seems like I am seeing more battles than actual hits. Who'd ever think it would take an army to deal with a cartel.
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I have received the good news that I do not need to come in tonight because of the protesters.

While that sounds good on one end, I do know that my check will be effected slightly because of it as well.

In the meantime I figured that I could catch up on my one hundred word entries and that I could do my raw writing run.

My question has been briefly answered when I looked up if women were sexually aroused in their 40's and from what I read briefly from various posts, it seems that they are rather active.
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Have no fear!

The Supreme Mack Daddy is here!

I came up with the Supreme Mack Daddy sarcastic and hilarious ideal as I was walking downstairs to check the mailbox and help someone with their bags that were left by the Lyft driver.

I was wearing a pair of brown slip on dress shoes, dark brown adidas sweat pants with sky blue stripes on the side, a beige long sleeve button up shirt with tiny graphic paper square designs on them, my groovy sunglasses, unshaven face, and wool like wooly the wolf growing on my head.

Can you dig it?