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I've just finished doing sunnah Zuhr and then Zuhr and have never felt better. It was definitely a boost to my mood in comparison to how I was feeling before that in addition to a positive video that was sent by this one Muslim sister.

Right before salat I had managed to consider three different frame modes and had asked myself if I could alternate them or not where they coincide together and the answer to that is I would not have to do anything at all because everything is connected in one way or another within our Cosmic Universe.
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Rent is due tomorrow and all I can tell you is 'I will not have the rent money and will probably get one of those eviction notices that says to pay or quit.'

It must be known that what you do on a day to day basis or don't do is your overall frame.

The beauty of the frame is that you can make changes and adjustments to what you do not like until you are able to eventually see yourself as you truly are without all of the masks that we tend to wear in public and at home.
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Skateboarding this morning helped me get more of the deeper aggression out of me as I landed tricks, fell down, tried again, and ate it rather hard a few times.

I may have sprained my right elbow a little bit and my left outer ankle. I tell myself that it is nothing serious; at least for now.

I know it may sound crazy but experiencing the brutal pain and seeing how I managed to roll out of some of my falls I began to ask myself, 'are you really afraid of falling or is it all inside of your mind.'
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I went through my martial arts books and had that slight feeling that some of the authors of these books were not genuine or authentic.

I did find interest in the diagrams and reading off the names of bones and certain muscles of which I am assuming were special pressure and striking points.

I told myself once before that I would like to learn the names of the bones by heart as well as the muscles for anatomical purposes which would not only help me with my art, but it would also help me with my martial arts studies too.
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I feel that it is rather awkward getting familiar with someone you don't know based on their title and status.

This is Jim our plumber, Jack does maintenance, and that over there is Jackie, she handles all noise complaints, and I'm the owner of this dump site.

We really do our best to keep this place up to its par. That is why our motto is out with the mice and roaches, and in with the bamboozled tenants who pay for a place built in the seventies which is cool, but it's not worth the price that they are paying.
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Twenty four hours is the root to the start of any routine that you are trying to make as a daily part of your life.

Twenty four hours, or a day, or an ideal can be equated to a seed.

It is the actions that produces the roots.

We say 24 hours in reference to mechanical time which is said to equal a day, but if you really look at time, a day is not twenty four hours, because you can't have a day or twenty four hours without a night as well, unless you are living somewhere like Alaska.
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You should never feel bad or feel like you are wasting time if you are doing something that you are passionate about.

In my case I was going through all of my one thousand daily word journals to produce my one hundred words which I call the Zen process.

The whole process of finally producing your one hundred words a day require choosing, editing, cutting, pasting, and being content about the posting.

You are never wasting time doing what you love, so keep doing more of it and don't give up and don't care about recognition, or dying dollar bills.
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I ask myself to skate or not to skate, even if it is just thirty minutes.

The reason why I ask myself this is because I still have other things that I would like to accomplish, such as tidying up my room, completing the readings of my journal entries, and to complete my one thousand words for today.

Why not take care of those things first and then decide on rather or not you will skateboard or not, because if you skateboard now, you'll still be unhappy when you come home seeing the place the way that it presently is.
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In my meditation I found my self thinking about poise of mind on a Yoga and contemplative scale and had also thought about how this form of mind could be another form of frame.

I'd like to have a peaceful frame of mind filled with deep soulful Universal Cosmic love.

"Time is the greatest of all warriors, what it doesn't destroy, it alters beyond recognition, time tears down everything, we brace our backs against the void, desperate to hold on to the past, to our ghosts, to ourselves."

This poem phrase was recited in the movie series called Altered Carbon.
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It was nice to see a somewhat full moon as I walked out into the night.

I thought about my connection to the moon and how the moon was once a part of the Earth centuries before I was born.

As I sat in meditation I had came up with some hilarious thoughts to where I was laughing in my meditation.

I was being sarcastic about the jokes while stating that the original comedies were the ones which imitated and impersonated life to the point that it was hilarious because it was somewhat exaggerated more than what it really was.
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Speaking of birds, there is another bird that I want to know the name of. It's not an Oriole. It kind of looked like a dark eyed Junco.

By the way, the full name of the black magpie is black billed magpie, and the sparrows that you normally see throughout the city and the mountains are called house sparrows and not just sparrows.

And those black birds that you have seen all of your life are not called black birds but Brewers black birds; as a crow could also be a black bird except it is called an American crow.
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I put away the stacked dishes, soaked the rest of the scattered dishes around the kitchen, and cleared the table that I have repeatedly asked her to do.

Eventually I went out to skateboard. To make a long story short, my board got ran over by a car today. I think it happened for a good reasons, because if that car did not run my board over I would of still been out there skateboarding the concrete jungles.

Throughout the rest of the day, I mainly spent my time watching more of Altered Carbon. The movie series is definitely scientific.
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I managed to watch several movies which included the final episode of Altered Carbon which had a very profound scene when Kovacs or Tak had basically self sacrificed himself in order to kill one of the elders that was inside of him.

I know it sounds weird but it is just one of those movies that you would have to watch to understand.

I watched another movie called Freaks where there was these people who had special powers and were considered the outcasts in society to where they had to be in hiding or risk being incarcerated or even killed.
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I enjoyed my rest this morning, walked to the supermarket after nine this morning to get some refills on water, and my peach scones which were the last two scones left out of all the other flavors.

I thought that white man was very rude when he saw that I was trying to get into the same pastry section that he had just picked some pastry out of.

He shut the door real quick as though he did not see me.

Later on I said, he did not have to be polite or civil if he did not want to.
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I pray to God that it was not a recluse spider trickling down the comforter in front of me.

I immediately took everything off of the bed, and placed them on the kitchen floor, shaking each piece of fabric to see if anything would fall from it.

Spiders can be very stealthy.

If I am bit while I am sleeping, at least I can kind of know what the bites will start to look like if the spider bites are from a recluse spider.

After that, perhaps I will gain spider man abilities and become the next real spider man.
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I learned a bunch of words that had the philo and phile root in them which comes from Latin.

Learning these new words was my word porn for the day. I got a real hard on and orgasm from learning new words that I never knew before.

It appears that overnight cleaning services has been cancelled.

In my opinion it's somewhat of a good thing because I will not have to hide from her anymore.

I can have peace of mind while at work now and not have to worry about her looking for me; claiming her love for me.
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On my way to the bus stop I saw that one diner had on their advertising board, closed until April 6.

Do not tell me it's because of the Corona virus I said.

As I got downtown I would see other similar signs in other restaurant windows and doors and one said we will not open until they resolve this issue, referring to the COVID-19.

Once I get to work I find out that the Mayor ordered the closures and all I can think of is how much people will start panicking as though no one is overcoming the virus.
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The number one reason why it's not good to be down, depressed, full of fear, and negative energy is simply because it lowers your immune system, your vibrations, and your frequencies.

I forgot about the fact that I cannot just go outside to go skateboarding because the skateboard was ran over by a car.

Now it will be necessary to reassemble the new board with trucks, wheels, bearings, and bolts, of which after reassembling, it will take some time to get used to riding the board just as it takes time to get used to driving a brand new car.
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I went to the Yahudi Market first as it seems that this time around the shelves are more decently stocked and people were not going Gung Ho crazy inside.

I could tell that everyone was trying to put on the 'everything is calm' face, but inside of their head they were saying Corona Virus! It's getting real!

I mainly got the ingredients for the Mediterranean soup that I had planned to cook, but had doubts that I would do any cooking today.

I also got a few other staple foods like chips and noodles in case I get the munchies.
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While on my bus ride home I looked at the Mediterranean lentil soup recipe and decided that I would cook it in a crockpot.

Before I did any cooking I would have to clear the counter first, the table, wash the dishes, and put away the dry dishes. Then I would do mise en place.

11:04 I completed the preparation of the Mediterranean lentil soup.

All that needs to be done is for the ingredients to cook all the way through.

I decided to add the carrots and the celery as suggested, though it is not listed on the recipe.
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There is great power in ichigyo zammai.

While in the kitchen as I looked at the kitchen counter I questioned myself as to how was I going to clear all the clutter off.

I knew that the answer to that question was by doing one thing at a time.

The power of one thing at a time can come through many different channels, from the way that you breathe, down to completing one task that you may be working such as sorting through paperwork.

If you can do one thing, then you can definitely do just one more additional thing.
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I decided to walk home once I saw how long it was going to take for the bus to arrive at the stop that I was at.

Is it really worth standing in one spot for twenty minutes for a ride when you could walk instead and probably get home way sooner than you normally would?

I didn't mind walking home, but I didn't like the fact that I had to walk certain ways when I came to wet ground because of the small crack in the bottom of my shoe which tends to cause my socks to get wet.
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After meditating I did some push ups and then started to organize the kitchen.

I did some dumbbell curls afterwards and told myself that when I exercise I should focus on one exercise at a time, so that if I'm doing curls then do curls first before moving on to the next exercise.

I calculated that doing three sets is a good start to start off with before moving on to the next exercise.

If you feel you need to do more sets you could always come back to that exercise if you feel that you need to do more.
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09:04 Just finished assembling the new board by taking the trucks and wheels from the board that was ran over.

I oiled the bearings with some WD40, and then washed my hands.

As walked into the room, I witnessed the last remnants of light from the incense stick as it grew brighter than what it initially was.

Cannabis Sativa makes obeisance to water because Cannabis Sativa needs water in order to survive while water does not need Cannabis Sativa.

It could be the same in my case to where I didn't need the Cannabis Sativa but definitely needed the water.
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Watching a documentary about North Korea was not on my to do list or my agenda for the day but I was so curious to know about North Korea and just had to watch it.

As I watched, I had to say that the way North Koreans are living is beyond dictatorship. They do not know anything about the outside world.

I just cannot believe how blinded they are. They think Kim Jong-un in North Korea is their enlightened hero.

You should see how the poor people were living, swimming in dirty rivers and lakes like it was spring water.
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I thought I was one of the first of a few people standing in front of the store until the manager came out of the store one minute before opening stating the line was around the corner of the store. The security guy saw me there and never said a damn word.

As I walked back home a lot of women were out, mostly walking their dog; some were just out walking looking all alone and depressed.

I had the cure for their depression, it was just a matter of rather or not they were willing to take the medicine.
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23:06 I just came off of the cold balcony wearing my sweater. The streets are completely empty except for one guy on his cell phone walking up the street.

Maybe he just got off work. There is not a sign of him being harassed or stopped with a shot gun to his head asking him for his papers like during the times of the Gestapo.

Are we being advised to be in doors before dark to make us oblivious as to what's happening up in the sky.

Is the day any different from the night as said COVID-19 is concerned?
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I had to be completely knocked out, for me to think that it was evening, when in truth it was past midnight when I awoke.

I don't know what gave me the idea, and assumed that perhaps it was the bright light coming through the window from the streets.

I still don't know what my schedule is at the job and I'm thinking of going in at my normal time if no one doesn't bother to tell me what the schedule is.

I could also do a no call no show and state I wasn't informed about my new schedule.
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Should I watch a movie or You Tube videos, read a book, work on my filing project, tidy my room, meditate, make an omelet, work on the grid squares, pay my bills, or lay down and stare at the ceiling wondering what I should do.

I don't know what it is, nor can I explain it, but I've been having this feeling like something is amiss.

I don't know if it is because of the sudden changes in life as I knew it, or if it has something to do with me as an individual and where I am going.
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Time is not money, and time has never been connected to money because if time and money were connected then money would have been here from the beginning of time if you can say such a thing.

Perhaps time began when we started to make calendars and later gigantic grandfather clocks, down to digital watches.

What was time before it was given the name of time?

This brings me back to the ideals and concepts regarding the path where nothing has a name.

At the end of the day, time is what you choose and decide to do with it.
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After hearing this one skateboarder pass by my window outside, I had debated on rather or not I should go out and skateboard as well. The only thing that was stopping me was mainly based on how tired I was feeling after working 12 hours and only getting 2 hours of sleep after coming off of an 8 hour shift.

I went back and forth with my ex this morning about her claiming that we were on a 24 hour lockdown. We have a curfew that is set at 17:00 but definitely not 24 hours like Italy and currently California.